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From: Betty Judge

In the Oct 2001 issue of Family History monthly, (no 73) there is an article on The Battle of Agincourt in 1415. At the end there are pages re The Invasion of France and the Battle of Agincourt, a list of Combatants under Henry V.

This list of participants in the battle is based on three surviving documents, All the names contained within these sources have been combined and arranged alphabetically. Although this list is extensive is does not include all those who fought on the English side, particularly those of less noble birth. It is worth noting that these documents are partly written in Latin, and some experience of palaegraphy is needed to decipher them. The sources used in compiling this list were: "The Names of the Dukes, Earls, Barons Knights, Esquires, Servitors, and others that were with the excellent Prince King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt. "

(Harleian MS. 782,marked M.1.at the College of Arms); "The Retinue of King Henry V in his First Voyage (British Museum. Sloane MS.6400. Rymers Foedra); The remaining names can be found in the "List of Persons" in the Calendar of Norman Rolls. There are also further records which repeat and expand upon the information printed here in the PRO. Muster rolls were taken both in Southampton and in Harfleur; Southampton Muster Roll (PRO E 101/51/2) Harfleur Muster Roll (PRO E 101/48/19).

The Agincourt Honor Roll.
Rouland Armestraunge.
William de Strange
Ebull Straunge
Hamond Straunge
Leouard Straunge.

From Susan McVicar at smcvicar@bluffhead.com
Daniel Strang (or L'Estrange, or Streing), born ca. 1650 in Giens, France, and eventually settled in Rye, NY (my
hometown) was my 6th great grandfather. I am trying to ascertain whether Daniel Strang somehow can be related to the Lestrange's of England or Wales, or whether this branch of the Strang name is strictly tied to France. I know that some believe his father may have actually been Roger Lestrange, though Daniel's father's name is shown in various places as Henry D'Estrang, and his grandfather as Jean D'Estreng, both of France (actually his father Henry was born in Luxembourg). I can't take Daniel's line any farther back than 1598 (Jean D'Estreng's approximate birthdate). I'm very curious as to whether Daniel could be actually descended from Sir Fulk le Strange (born ca. 1267), as John Mayer had suggested. Thank you for any information that you may have (See USA page for more recent genealogy).