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Michael John Strange - 1947 to ....

My wife pointed out that I whilst have spent a good deal of this weekend trying to catch up with incorporating the contents of the a backlog of E-mail messages into our STRANGE website I still haven't put my own family history on there in any detail at all.

I do hope to have the time to write up my own family history as some of it makes quite fascinating reading; meanwhile here are some of the more juicy bits whilst I get on with the collection of everyone else's STRANGE families!

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire  is the most significant parish for the history of my own family with John STRANGE c1749-1809 coming most probably from Long Wittenham, Berkshire, where there is evidence that his ancestors were for about 100 years.  

His first marriage was in Caversham but that was short-lived, his wife, Jane DORMER, died in childbed.  John later came to Henley and won the contract to build the new workhouse in 1790/91; now a Grade II listed building.  The Contract for this job (which was worth 1600); and its associated Bond are held in the Oxfordshire Archives References C IV 11/2 F36 and F37.

John must have stayed around Caversham as this was where one of his sons, John STRANGE 1778-1845, was baptized. He also was to be a builder and owned a brick kiln at Comp Farm.  He died leaving an estate of 800; his fourth wife Sarah MULCOCK) survived him, Mary Ann COPELAND, Mary GOODALL and Amy HANCOCK didn't!

A son, William Copeland STRANGE 1805-1875 (my great, great, grandfather), got up to all sorts of mischief including a bankruptcy (The Times, June 25, 1856; pg.6; Issue 22403; col A; Official Appointments and Notices - From the London Gazette of Tuesday, June 24. Lord Chamberlain's Office, May 31. Bankrupts - William Copeland Strange, Henley-on-Thames, Bricklayer, July 8, at half-past 1 o'clock, August 6, at 1, at the Bankrupts' Court: solicitors, Messrs. Surr and Gribble, Abchurch-lane; official assignee, Mr.Stansfeld).  There is a family story from a cousin in Canada, Arthur STRANGE, that William went bankrupt because he was not paid for work he carried out on Reading Jail

William was later to be made an officer of the Local Board, Surveyor, Collector of Rates and Inspector of Nuisances; he was found to have misappropriated the rates and was sacked. William met his maker in the hospital of the workhouse his grandfather had built (and he had modified the cess pits there himself).  

It was in this very workhouse that my great grandfather, James STRANGE, was to be found in 1881 with his mother and two sets of twin sisters.    ....... more anon.

If anybody else would like to write up their family story I would be delighted to add it to the website. www.yourtotalevent.com and a one-name study mail list at: www.yahoogroups.com/group/STRANGE_thename


Here is an outline of my pedigree as far as I have worked it through to date;
I shall add dates and places in due course:

                                                                                  /-Richard STRANGE
| \-Elizabeth (Unknown)
| \-Elizabeth WOLLUS(?)
| \- Hannah (Unknown)
/-William Copeland STRANGE
| \-Mary Ann COPELAND
                        /-James STRANGE
| | /-William POCOCK
| \-Elizabeth POCOCK
| \-Elizabeth (Unknown)
                 /-James Alfred STRANGE
| | /-Joseph SMALL
| | /-Alfred SMALL
| \-Ellen SMALL
| | /-Joseph SITCh
| \-Eliza SITCH
| \-Mary Ann (Unknown)
         /-James Leslie Copeland STRANGE
| | /-Joseph WHITE
| | /-George WHITE
| | | \-Ann HALL
| | /-David WHITE
| | | | /-Stephen HENSON
| | | \-Sarah Ann HENSON
| | | \- (Unknown)
         |       \-Ada WHITE
| | /-Matthew FROST
| | /-Shelton FROST
| | | \- (Unknown)
| | /-Stephen FROST
| | | \-Rebeckah (Unknown)
| \-Hannah Jane FROST
| | /-David CRASHLEY
| | /-Davaid CRASHLEY
| | | \-Jane BULL
| | /-John ROSS
| \-Hannah ROSS
| \-Sarah (Unknown)
Michael John STRANGE
| /-Joseph GOODMAN
| /-Joseph GOODMAN
| | \-Mary (Unknown)
| /-Joseph Rapson GOODMAN
| | \-Mary (Unknown)
| /-Joseph Edwin Charles GOODMAN
| | | /-Joseph GOODMAN
| | | /-William GOODMAN
| | | | \-Elizabeth LAITY
| | \-Elizabeth Grace Williams GOODMAN
| | \-Grace WILLIAMS
         | /-Thomas Valentine GOODMAN
| | | /-John CUMING
| | | /-Thomas Morris CUMING
| | | | | /-Thomas MORRIS
| | | | \-Betsey MORRIS
| | | | \-Elizabeth (Unknown)
| | \-Bessie Hayes CUMING
| | \-Elizabeth HAYES
\-Beryl Alice Dorothy GOODMAN
| /-Henry NICHOLLS
| | \-Clementine Francis HANDLEY
| /-John (Francis) NICHOLLS
| | \-Elizabeth PLANT
| /-William LLOYD
| /-George LLOYD
| | \-Elizabeth
\-Emma Elizabeth LLOYD
| /-Samuel HOGG
\-Emma HOGG