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1.  Berkshire Census Page From Betty Judge and Les Curwood

2.  Calendar of Berkshire Wills - 1508 to 1858

3.  Miscellaneous References to Berkshire Wills

Take a look at the Wiltshire page for some Marriage Licence Bonds transcribed by the
Wiltshire Family History Society with Oxfordshire and Berkshire connections.   4. The Hearth Tax for the County of Berks 1663/64 SOG Ref BK/G12 Page 43 STRAINGE, Edward, Sutton Courtney, 1663 Nov 16
Page 52 STRANGE, Richard, Ardington, 1663 Jun 2, Cleared by Act of 1   5. Directories 1844 Pigot's (a very thin one so much abridged)SOG Ref BK/D 1844 Abingdon: Clergy: Rev William Alder STRANGE, Abbey Chemists & Druggists: Charles STRANGE, Market Place Wine & Spirit Merchants: Francis STRANGE, Market Place 1861 Berkshire Gazetteer
JAMES STRANGE : GROCER at 30 Thames Street, Windsor Berks   6. Berks Poll Books 1727 Abingdon : Joseph STRAINGE Abode: Charney Voted; F (Charles Lord Viscount FANE of the
kingdom of Ireland) Haney: William STRANGE Abode: Church Haney Voted: F (as above)
1768 30/31 Mar & 1 Apr (covered all the Hundreds) 
SOG Ref BK/P1768
Adam STRANGE, freeholder, abode & freehold Long Wittenham, freehold messuage occupied by
self (Possibly the Adam son of Adam STRANGE and Elizabeth WOLLUS(?), bap Long Wittenham?) William STRANGE, abode Oxford, freehold East Hanney, land occupier William HERMAN   7. Criminal Registers (PRO Kew) 1805 HO 27/1 STRANGE Robert; Alias:; County: BRK; When Tried: Lent assizes; Crime: larceny in a dwelling house; Sentence: not guilty   1814 HO 27/10 STRANGE Ambrose; ounty: BRK; When Tried: Lent assizes;
Crime: larceny; Sentence: 1m   8. The Parishes of Berkshire   Abingdon Abingdon Registration District GRO Index of Births:
1837S 'male'
1838M Eliza Ann STRANGE
1838S Amos STRANGE
1838S James STRANGE
1840J John STRANGE
1841J Eliza STRANGE
1841J Martha STRANGE
1842M George STRANGE
1842J Laura STRANGE
1842S Cresswell STRANGE
1844M Martha STRANGE
1844S Lawrence Augustine STRANGE
1844S Susanna STRANGE
1844S Susanna Reeves (?) STRANGE (entry squeezed in)
1845M Alfred STRANGE
1846J Charles STRANGE
1846J Francis STRANGE
1847S Sarah Ann STRANGE
1848S George STRANGE
1849D David STRANGE
1850M Frances Adelaide STRANGE
1850M Israel STRANGE
1851M Kate STRANGE
1854M Cicely Owen STRANGE
1855M Sarah STRANGE
1855J Isaac STRANGE
1855D Sarah Ann STRANGE
1861D Mark STRANGE
1861D Mary Ann STRANGE
1861S Henry STRANGE
1861S Llewellyn Kimber STRANGE
1861D Henry Charles STRANGE
1862J Frederick James Thomas STRANGE
1863M John Thomas STRANGE
1863J William STRANGE
1863S George STRANGE
1863S William STRANGE
1864J Frank STRANGE
1865J Jesse STRANGE
1865J Samuel STRANGE
1865D 'male' STRANGE
1866M Charlotte STRANGE
1866D Caleb G STRANGE
1867D Mary Luisa (as written) STRANGE
1868D Frederick STRANGE
1870S Rose STRANGE
1870D James Thomas STRANGE
1870D Joseph STRANGE
1872J Christopher STRANGE
1872J Walter George STRANGE

1893S Alice May STRANGE 1893S Amos STRANGE   GRO Index of Marriages 1875S Mary Ann STRANGE m (James Henry PERRY or James SADLER) 1877D Ben STRANGE m (Eliza HART or Sarah Ann HASTINGS)
  GRO Index of Deaths 1841S William Jubb STRANGE
1841D Benjamin STRANGE   See GLS, Stow on the Wold 1861 Census for Strays   A record found by Betty Judge said: "SHIPPON OXON Wm. STRAINGER died 3 July 1731" However, Shippon is an Ecclesiastical District and its parish is Abingdon St Helen on
the NW side of Abingdon.
Abingdon - St Helen's
(C 1538-1632, 1641-1656, 1660-1666, 1671-1680, 1685-1839;
 M 1538-1580, 1583-1632, 1641-1642, 1646-1666, 1675-1679, 1682-1844;
 B 1538-1628, 1640-1666, 1671-1678, 1682-1837)
1672 Sep 19 Maria/Mary  dau of William and Elizabeth STRANGE
1672 Nov 22 Mary        dau          "
1677 Jul 31 Adam, son of Robert & Mary
1677/8   03 Mar Katherine, dau William & Elizabeth
1717 Dec 17 Richard,    son  of Richard & Mary STRANGE
1720/21 Jan 08 Joseph,  son          "
1738/9 Feb  02 Joseph,  son          "
1740 Oct 02 Donas/Denis dau          "
1742 Apr 04 Mary,       dau          "
1743 Jan 08 William,    son          "
1743 Jan 08 Ann,        dau          "
1745 Jul 18 John,       son          "
1747/8 Jun  17 Ann      dau          "
1749 Sep 10 John        son          "
1752 Feb 02 William     son          "
1763 Nov 20 Thomas son of Joseph Pope begotten on the body of Denise STRANGE
            See 1764 Burial of son of Denise STRANGE
1766 Dec 14 Edward Webb son of Edward Webb begotten on the body of Denise STRANGE
            (I wonder what surname Edward used when he married?)
1769 Oct 01 Benjamin Clement, son Benjamin & Hannah
1820 Jan 20 Francis STRANGE b1819 Aug 15 s of William & Ann, Wine merchant
1821 Mar 18 Ann, James STRANGE (b.o.b.) & Lucy Kilby
1821 Aug 08 Ann STRANGE, William & Ann, Wine merchant
1831 Sep 25 Alfred STRANGE b1831 Aug 24
1835 Nov 28 Paul STRANGE, William & Mary Ann, Wine merchant
1837 Jan 22 James STRANGE b23 March 1836
1840 Nov 22 George Strainge b1840 Sep 21 George & Maria Sarah, Boar Street, Tinplate worker
1841 Jul 16 Eliza STRANGE b1849 May 31 William Allder & Mary Eliz., Roysses Sch., Clerk
1842 Mar 18 George STRANGE b1842 Feb 05 James (b.o.b) & Mary Low, Boar Street, Labourer
1842 May 24 Laura STRANGE b1842 Apr 06 Francis & Kate, High Street, Wine merchant
1841 Aug 21 Charles STRANGE b1842 Jul 28 George & Maria, Boar Street, Tinplate worker
1842 Nov 21 Cresswell STRANGE b1842 Sep 09 William Allder & Mary Eliz.,
            Roysees Sch., Clerk
1844 Feb 04 Martha STRANGE b1844 Jan 05 James & Rachel, Stert St., Labourer
1844 Oct 31 Lawrence Augustine STRANGE b1844 Jun 28 William Allder & Mary Eliz.,
            Roysees Sch., Clerk
1845 Feb 14 Susanna Reeves,  Francis & Kate, High Street, Wine merchant
1846 Jan 14 Vincent William, William Allder & Mary Eliz., Roysees Sch., Clerk (See below)
1846 Jul 12 Charles Strainge b1946 Jun 14 William & Mary, Lyford-Berks, Labourer
1846 Jul 19 Ben STRANGE b1846 May 11 James & Rachel, Wootton-Berks, Labourer
1846 Aug 18 Francis STRANGE, Francis & Kate, High Street, Wine merchant
1848 May 14 James Thomas Strainge b1848 Apr 16 William & Mary, Union Workhouse 
            (From Kingston), Labourer
            (Possibly 1901 Census SWINDON Wilts. James STRANGE, 52
            Railway Carriage Lifter b Abingdon Berks
1848 Nov 30 Henry Thomas STRANGE b1848 May 27 Francis & Kate, High Street,
            Brandy merchant
1850 May 08 Frances Adelomide STRANGE b1850 Jan 13 William Allder & Mary Eliz.,
            Roysees Sch., Clerk
1852 Jan 15 Kate STRANGE b1852 Jan 20 Francis & Kate, Stert Street, Wine/spirit merchant
1856 Oct 02 Cicely Owen STRANGE b1853 Dec 11 Francis East St/High Street, Wine merchant,
            mentions Laura (sister)
Re Vincent William STRANGE b 1846 - Grandfather of Dave STRANGE and related to Paul STRANGE.
Vincent married in Australia in 1881 but returned to England, at some time moved to Pewsey,
Wiltshire, where his child, Rowland Gabriel STRANGE, Dave's father, was born in 1894.
1588 Aug 05 Robert CRAYER & Ales STRAUNGE
1594 Jul 28 Joan STRANGE m Henry GODALLE
1654 May 15 Margaret STRANGE, m Jno. Lamboule of Frilford
1657 Jun 11 Annis STRANGE (of Hanney) m William ADAMS (of Hanney)
1668 Oct 15 Robert STRAING m Ann WILLMOTT (Bishops Transcripts.)
            From Jayne Evans  in Jan 2005
These people are part of my family and I live within 12 miles of Cholsey where
my Grandmother's family are recorded back to 1546 without even knowing of the
family history before moving here! 1672 Jan 14 William STRANGE m Elizabeth BODDSON          " 1685 Dec 23 John STRAINGE m Anne CHAMPION                " 1692 Mar 28 Mary Straing (of Shippon) m Robert HUTT (of Shippon) 1722 Mar 27 Charles Rawlins & Elizabeth Straing 1735 Oct 28 Richard Straing & Mary Spindler 1735 Jan 19 Thomas Bowler, yeoman of Appleton, & Ann Straing of Buckland 1742 May 13 Richard STRAINGE m Mary WILKINS sp, botp(Bishops Transcripts.) 1744 Jun 27 John STRAINGE labourer of Cholsey m Maria BONET/BENNET of Stanlake 1768 Jan 07 Benjamin STRANGE m Dynah BURNETT botp 1768 Jan 10 Denise STRANGE married Wm. Whole (or Whale),both of St Helens 1768 Jan 10 Denise STRANGE m Wm. WHALES, botp 1722 Mar 27 Elizabeth Strainge (of Buckland) m Charles RAWLINS 1735 Jan 19 Ann Straing (of Buckland) m Thomas BOWLER (of Appleton) 1735 Oct 28 Richard Strainge (of Shippon) m Mary SPINDLER 1741 May 13 Richard Straing (butcher) m Mary WILKINS 1744 Jun 27 John Strainge (of Cholsey) m Maria BENNETT (of Standlake) Jean Williams said, "He was my 5th great grandfather. I am descended from him via Joseph, born 1763, Joseph born 1796, Charles born 1826 and Jane born 1850 who was my great grandma. Of course, he might not have been born in Berkshire but I wish I could find him! 1768 Feb 07 Benjamin Strainge m Hannah BENNETT Lic 1768 Jan 10 Dennis Strainge m William WHALE widower Lic 1812 May 07 William STRANGE m Christian Ann TOMKINS Lic 1836 Jul 02 William Alder STRANGE of Liverpool m Mary Elizabeth DAVIS Lic (witnesses: Gabriel Davis, Eliza M. Davis, Eliza Swann) 1840 Jan 13 Henry STRANGE m Ann GOLDING 1842 Mar 21 James STRANGE m Rachel LOW 1852 Dec 05 Henry Strainge m Emma EMBLIN 1865 Feb 12 Eliza STRANGE m James SADLER 1877 Dec 01 Ben STRANGE m Sarah Ann HASTINGS 1884 Feb 03 Florence Elena STRANGE m Garibaldi LLOYD (printer) at St Michael's d of Eliza (illig.) Spring Road 1880 Feb 01 Mary Ann STRANGE m Henry SAUNDERS 1891 Aug 01 Elizabeth STRANGE m Albert PHIPPS 1893 Jul 08 Frederick STRANGE m Maggie HARWOOD 1899 May 13 Joseph STRANGE m Harriet Elizabeth HARRIS 1907 Jun 13 Hettie Elizabeth STRANGE m William LOOKER 1918 Mar 26 Elizabeth May STRANGE m Frederick Leonard TUBB 1919 Aug 16 Daisey STRANGE m Arthur Sidney SCOTT No more through to 1941   Burials: 1545 Jul 05 Thomas STRANGE 1552 Oct 02 Thomas STRANGE, son of James 1601 Apr 21 Gabriel 1672 Oct 10 Maria/Mary, daughter of William & Elizabeth STRANGE 1694 May 21 Mary, wife of Robert 1734 Apr 05 John, bachelor 1721 Jul 15 Richard 1740 Nov 17 Mary wife of Richard STRANGE 1744 Aug 02 daughter of Richard 1745 Aug 02 daughter of Richard STRANGE 1745 Aug 03 daughter of Richard 1746 Oct 08 child of Richard 1748 Dec 27 daughter of Richard STRANGE 1764 Mar 04 son of Denis STRANGE d smallpox 1766 Feb 23 Mary STRANGE, wife of Richard, bailiff 1795 Feb 2-15 Benjamin STRANGE, butcher 1795 Jul 24 Richard STRANGE (from New Hospital) 1803 May 03 Catherine STRANGE, spinster (at Little Wittenham) (Possibly born 1764 d Adam & Rose at Long Wittenham) 1812 Feb 11 Mary STRANGE (from New Hospital) 1818 Mar 22 Hanna STRANGE (age 83) 1821 Apr 01 Ann STRANGE, (d James & Lucy KILBY) 1812 Apr 01 Ann STRANGE, infant 1821 Apr 01 Ann STRANGE, (age 29) 1822 Jan 08 Ann STRANGE, infant (d of Wm & Ann) 1841 Nov 12 Benjamin STRANGE, Christ's Hospital (age 74) 1842 Mar 15 James STRANGE, Low Boar Street, infant 1842 Mar 18 Eliza STRANGE, Free School, infant 1855 Apr 26 Francis STRANGE, Stert Street (age 36) 1869 Nov 22 Alice STRANGE, W St Helens Street, infant 1869 Nov 22 Frederick STRANGE, W St Helens Street, (age 2) 1877 Jan 19 Charles STRANGE, W St Helens, infant 1877 Apr 07 Lydia STRANGE, Union Workhouse, (age 68) 1882 Sep 15 William STRANGE, Union Workhouse (age 81) 1890 graveyard closed   Abingdon - St Nicholas From Betty Judge Baptisms 1813 Jun 23 William Alder son of Wm & Christena Ann STRANGE (Also IGI batch P 018881) 1814 Sep 09 Harriett daughter of Wm.& Christine Ann STRANGE of Abbey Gate 1815 Sep 09 ditto per IGI (note difference in year) 1816 Jul 04 Charles son of William & Christin Ann STRANGE 1872 Oct 20 Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Ann STRANGE 1851 Jan 20 Kate daughter of Francis STRANGE and Kate Batholomew 1853 Dec 13 Cicely Owen dau of Francis STRANGE and Kate Batholomew   Marriages 1538 Oct 13 John Dixie married Margaret STRAINGE St Nicholas Church,batch no M 018881 1825 May 07 Elizabeth STRANGE sp m Richard HALL after banns (Church Records) Witnesses Henry WILKINS & Ann STRANGE (also on IGI batch no M018882) 1839 May 18 George STRANGE m Maria BENNETT 1864 Jul 07 Mary Elizabeth STRANGE m John TAYLOR 1868 Apr 16 Caroline Ann STRANGE m William MUTRE Shepherd   Born 1844 July 1, Susannah daughter of Francis STRANGE and Kate Batholomew, of St Nicholas   From: Ed.Hanson@alumni.tufts.edu Two of the daughters of Francis STRANGE, wine merchant, appear in the marriage registers of South Hinksey, Oxon; Cicely Owen STRANGE and Laura STRANGE; a third daughter is in the marriage register for St Aldate's Oxford.   Abingdon - Lower Meeting House - Ock Street (From the IGI) Children of James STRANGE and Eliza Ann (nee ROBERTS) See Steventon for marriage: 1831 Sep 25 Alfred son of James STRANGE and Eliza Ann (Batch no C035731) 1837 Jan 22 James son of James STRANGE & Eliza Ann (Batch no C035731)   Abingdon - Miscellaneous The Universal British Directory of Trade Commerce & Manufacture. 1793-1798
Benjamine STRANGE   Butcher & Innkeeper of Blue Bear
Here is a link received from a Tony Davis: 
Here is the will of Elizabeth Davis 1787-1861, she bequests to her grandchildren Strange.  
Click here to go straight to the will.  
Here is the bit that will tell you if you will be interested:  "Elizabeth 1787-1861, widow of William Davis (1772-1822)  "This is the Last Will
and Testament of me Elizabeth Davis of Abingdon in the County of Berks., widow. I give and devise unto My son James Morris Davis his
heirs and assigns for ever, all those my cottages or Tenements with the garden orchard and appurtenances thereunto adjoining situate
and being at Thrupp in the parish of Radley in the said County of Berks. I give and bequeath unto Mary Strange, Caroline Strange,
Creswell Strange, Lawrence Strange, Vincent Strange and Fanny Strange, the six children of my late Daughter Mary Elizabeth Strange,

From: Paul STRANGE
My research in Berkshire began in Abingdon when the following ancestors moved to the town
from Finsbury, Middlesex. They lived in Abingdon between 1812 and 1860, but had almost all
left the town by 1870.  William STRANGE (1786-1851) a wine merchant married three times
all Berkshire brides):
Christian Ann TOMKINS (1) 1812
Ann WAITE (2) 1818
Mary BARTHOLOMEW (3) 1834
Surviving children:
1 William Alder STRANGE (1813-1874) Head master, Abingdon School
2 Francis STRANGE ( 1819-1855) Wine merchant, Abingdon
3 Paul STRANGE (1835-1895?) Chemist, Walworth London
Frances STRANGE (1798-?) married Ebenezer COPELAND 1825 Coal Merchant, Abingdon
Known surviving children:
Ebenezer STRANGE COPELAND b 1837
James STRANGE (1801-?) Bank clerk, then wine merchant married Eliza ROBERTS
(Steventon - 1830)
Known surviving children
Martha STRANGE b 1841 (See Norfolk, Pulham St Mary, 1871 Census)
Others that may be connected to this family (1851 census)
Alfred STRANGE age 13 scholar
Helen Augusta STRANGE age 25 governess (b Sutton Courtenay, Berks)
Herewith the family:
William STRANGE (Wine Merchant from Abingdon) m Ann TOMKINS (d 10.12.1821)
at St Helier Church 7.5.1812 (1841 Census - living in High Street - aged 50)
William Alder STRANGE b 1813, d 1874
Francis STRANGE b 15.8.1819, d 26.4.1855
Ann STRANGE b 8.8.1821, d In infancy
Francis STRANGE (above) m Kate BARTHOLOMEW
(1841 Census - living in High Street; 1851 Census living at Stern Street
Laura STRANGE b  6.4.1842
Susanah STRANGE b 1.7.1844
Francis STRANGE b 29.5.1846
Henry STRANGE b 25.5.1848, d 7.1.1916
Kate STRANGE b 20.1.1851, d 1937
Cecily STRANGE b 11.12.1853
Henry STRANGE (above) moved to East London m Eleanour CORBETT b 21.2.1859, d 16.2.1922
Henry James STRANGE b 26.3.1880, d 26.6.1955
Francis William STRANGE b 27.5.1882, d 5.1.1964
Arthur Gabriel STRANGE b 28.6.1884, d 2.9.1944
Eleanour Mary STRANGE b 17.10.1886, d 6.4.1934
Vincent Bartholomew STRANGE b 2.6.1889, d 19.7.1890
Jessie Bartholomew STRANGE b 1891, d 5.4.1984
Percy Corbett STRANGE b 8.2.1894, d 4.77.1977
Fred Owen STRANGE b 25.9.1895, d 25.4.1977
Kate Coronation STRANGE b 15.5.1902 d 15.5.1902
Percy Corbett STRANGE (above) married Ethel Elizabeth CARPENTER (b 25.4.1895, d 5.1.1929)
James Albert Corbett STRANGE b 5.5.1923, k 28.12.1944
Peter Henry STRANGE b 27.4.1927 m Joyce Whiteley ANDERSON
Also from:Paul STRANGE
There is a Copeland family in Abingdon which married into my STRANGE family, but the first
marriage I have a record of is 1825 (Ebenezer Copeland married Frances STRANGE).
Paul was enquiring as to the heritage of William Copeland STRANGE my GGGF (1805-1875,Henley)
From Fred Waite  Taken from the Oxford Journal 1818 Mar 14
Marriage. St. George's Bloomsbury, London. Wm. STRANGE, Wine Merchant to Ann WAITE,
daughter of late J. WAITE of Abingdon.
Banns read at Aldermaston Church between John Thomas STRANGE bach. of Aldermaston,
son of Wm Jeffreys and Sophia STRANGE, and Margaret Alice LEAKE of the Parish
of Harmsworth,Yorks, sp, on 11th; 18th; and 25th of April 1880
For information, from Aldermaston Church records, Rates:
Wm STRANGE rent from owner H D H Burr, East Meadow; Upper Grand;Aldermaston Meadow;
Paddock Lane; Lady M; Orchard Meadow; Small Life held;Lane day life held; Coppice;
Pightly; Groves Life held, Lane day life held. Butlers 4 acres; Butlers 3 acres;
Rough ground,Little Mead ;Aires 3 acres; Round Pightle, Rough ground; Coppice Close,
Coppice Ground,Nortons left held; total 52 pounds 2shillings and one pence.
G.E.V.44 pounds 18s.11d. tithe deducted 11 1s 11d.  Total 33 17s.0d.
From Marg Keable
See Pulham St Mary, Norfolk, 1871 census for Abingdon stray
Martha STRANGE, unmarried, aged 29
From Patrick STRANGE 10 May 2002 - Subject: Aldermaston STRANGE's
Here are some details on the children born to William Jefferys STRANGE
and Sophia Draper, married at Theale 14 Oct 1840
Arthur STRANGE married Elizabeth Mary Annie Duckett 3rd Dec 1879
John Thomas STRANGE married Margaret Alice LEAK, 1880
** William Draper STRANGE married Matilda Shackell, ???
Alice STRANGE married Sir Harry Dutton Colt, ???
Ann  STRANGE married Daniel May, ???
Sophia STRANGE married William Keep, ???
I assume that all of the above were born at Aldermaston
** John Thomas STRANGE married Margaret Alice LEAK in 1880 and had the following children
Arthur Percival STRANGE, Francis Gerald STRANGE, Margaret Rose STRANGE*, John STRANGE,
Olivia Mary STRANGE, Alice Beatrice, STRANGE Elizabeth and Violet STRANGE
Margaret Rose married Alick Stoke of Baughurst in 1909. Her gravestone, is recorded by
Helen STRANGE in Aldermaston Churchyard
Under "Marriage Licence Bonds transcribed by the Wiltshire Family History Society"
21 May 1763 Henry STRANGE = Elizabeth Lovegrove. This I am sure is the Henry who is
William Jefferys STRANGE's grandfather, Elizabeth Lovegrove was his first wife and
they produced William and Sophia (later Draper). Henry's second marriage to Ann Gibson
resulted in Thomas (1780), William Jefferys father.


Liz Beard said in May 2005
My Gr Gr Grandmother was Cecily Owen Strange, her mother, being Kate Bartholomew. Information handed down through the family says Kate was actually Caroline (known as Kate) and she married William Bartholomew who was MFH (master of foxhounds) at Chieveley Manor, Berkshire and her parents were William & Mary Owen (who's pictures we have) but I have found nothing to correspond with this, Kate's father in IGI is Joseph Bartholomew but this being the case where does the name Owen come from; except her sisters married 'Owens'?

Marg Keable replied, you are related to a number of us on the list  including me. Cicely Owen Strange was the daughter of Francis Strange.  William of Abingdon and his brother, James and sister Frances were living in Abingdon.  William had the 3 children. Francis married Kate Bartholomew (Francis was the son of William of Abingdon and brother to William Alder Strange.)  Francis Strange came from Finsbury, he was a wealthy cooper.  He was the son of Francis Strange of Southwold and prior to that South Elmham in Suffolk.  From there, the Strange family go back to the 1600s.  William of Abingdon had 2 previous wives; the first was Christian Tomkins.  Their only surviving child was William Alder Strange. He married for a second time to Ann Waite and their only surviving child was a Francis who took over Dad's wine business.  His third wife produced a son,Francis, who also married a Bartholomew.  There are two Francis Strange's at Abingdon and both were wine merchants but they were uncle and nephew.


From London Metropolitan Archives:
Shepperton, Manor of
Catalogue Ref. ACC/0650 - COURT ROLLS
FILE - Power of Attorney - ref.  ACC/0650/012  - date: 1819
To surrender copyhold premises held of the Manor of Shepperton (including messuage, garden and close adjoining the Parsonage House, tenement and garden near the house formerly of John Tucker; meadow called the Eyotts; closes in Statbury, meadow called Sissouths; tenement and 6 acres formerly called Robert Bucklands; Knightshaw Sharps; Coats; Clarks; Ainscombs, etc. to the use of Daniel Field of Garford, Berks, and William Strange of Abingdon, Berks, for securing 1,000 and interest.


1909 Oct 24th; 31st; and Nov 7th' Banns read at Aldermaston Church for
Alick Stoke of Baughurst and MARGARET ROSE STRANGE
1838 Aug 27 Henry Draper Married ANN STRANGE
From Helen STRANGE 8 Feb 2000 - On A gravestone in Aldermaston Churchyard
"In loving memory of MARGARET ROSE STOKE nee STRANGE 1883-1981
widow of Capt. Alick Stoke R.N."
See the family debate under Tilehurst ......
Appleford - St Peter and St Paul
From Ed Hanson
(C 1563-1835, M 1567-1837, B 1564-1985)
1852 Oct 05 Sidney Frederick STRANGE, age 22 (born c1830)
1852 Oct 13 Thomas STRANGE, age 63 (born c1789)
From Betty Judge
1618 Oct 28 John STRANGE m Sarah CHARLTON
(Church record also on Sutton Courtney Church records same date)
1851 Census for Sutton Courtenay Berks Book vol 4:2 H 0107/1688 Sutton Courtney
sub dist Abingdon Folio 636, Appleford, Sutton Courtney Berks
Thomas STRANGE        53
Madison Orpin STRANGE 19
(C 1570-1839, M 1570-1839, B 1569-1839)
none by the name STRANGE/Strainge
(C 1607-1974, M 1607-1974, B 1607-1974)
1660 Apr 21 Henry STRANGE, son Richard & Elizabeth
1712 Jul 27 Sarah STRANGE, dau William & Elizabeth
1901 Dec 08 Francis Ronald STRANGE, son of Elizabeth
1680 Oct 14 William Burton & Elizabeth STRANGE
1706 Dec 02 William STRANGE & Martha Wibling
1719/20 Feb 25 William STRANGE & Anne Stephens of Compton
1802 Jun 28 Ambrose STRANGE of East Hendred & Frances Robinson of East Hendred,
            (witnesses: Joseph Robinson, Willider Alder)
(Betty Judge says he was the son of Ambrose of East Lockinge who married Mary Money,
they moved to Sutton Courtney, BRK)   Burials: 1676 Apr 30 Richard STRANGE 1701 Sep 28 Henery STRANGE, labourer or traveller 1719 Jun 13 Martha STRANGE, wife of William 1739 Apr 25 William STRANGE 1759 Jun 24 Ann STRANGE, wid: William   Ashbury From Betty Judge Burials: 1708 Mar 03 Mary Sara STRANGE   Baptisms: 1762 Apr 25 Joseph STRANGE son of Mary STRANGE (also IGI batch no. P 01048)   Aston Tirrold - St Michael Church From Betty Judge, "When we were at Aston Tirrold village, and looking over the gravestones in Aston Upthorpe Church., there were some cottages opposite that had been converted into a house, the owner told us the cottages had been lived in by STRANGEs, and that earlier this year, there were other people from Australia searching the churchyard for STRANGEs. I wonder who that can be?"   Later (April 2004), from Linda Shoebridge "Betty Judge has just "discovered" me! Her husband Stan
is 2nd cousin to my late father, Frederick Charles STRANGE. The family originated in Aston Tirrold,
Also being researched with Blewbury by Mike Strange [not the website owner]
See Wales page for a number of "strays" in the 1901 Census.
(C 1607-1995; M 1607-1995; B 1607-1994)
1818 Dec 27 William STRANGE,          son William & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer
1821 Apr 08 Joseph STRANGE,           son William & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer
            married Alice JARVIS here 1852, family here starting 1851, living Jan 1905 
1823 Aug 10 Rachel STRANGE, dau William & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1827 Apr 29 Bernard STRANGE, son William & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1830 Aug 01 Simeon STRANGE, son William & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1842 Apr 10 William STRANGE, illegit, son of Rachel STRANGE, spinster 1842 Dec 18 Anne STRANGE, dau William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1845 Jun 22 Joseph STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer (buried 1846 Apr 04) 1847 Aug 01 Joseph STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold 1849 Jul 08 Simeon STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer (buried 1851 Feb 22) 1851 Aug 24 Simeon STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer (buried 1859 Apr 25) 1852 Nov 07 James STRANGE, son Bernard & Ann, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1853 Oct 02 Frederic STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer (buried 1854 Mar 02) 1854 Jun 04 Louisa STRANGE, dau Barny & Ann, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1854 Jul 30 Abner STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1855 Mar 11 Charles STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1855 May 06 Kezia STRANGE, dau Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1856 Dec 25 Frederic James STRANGE, son William & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1857 Feb 20 Emma STRANGE, dau Barney & Ann, Aston Tirrold, labourer (possibly buried 1857 Feb 25) 1857 Feb 22 Emma STRANGE, dau Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer (possibly buried 1857 Feb 25) 1857 Jun 14 George STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer (Possibly 1901 Census Crowmarsh Giffard George STRANGE 45 Shepherd, b Aston Tirrold Berks) 1858 May 23 Frederic STRANGE, son Bernard & Ann, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1859 Jan 30 Mary Ann STRANGE, dau Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1860 May 27 Henry STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1860 Dec 23 Albert STRANGE, son Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1863 Apr 19 Mary STRANGE, dau Bernard & Ann, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1863 May 24 Sarah Jane STRANGE, dau Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1863 Oct 18 Fanny STRANGE, dau Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1864 Feb 21 Charles STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1865 Apr 25 Edwyn STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer (Possibly 1901 Census Shinfield East, Berks,
Edwin STRANGE 36 Shepherd on Farm b Aston/Wallingford. (Aston Tirrold) Joseph STRANGE 80 b Aston/Wallingford. (Aston Tirrold Berks) 1866 Apr 01 Sarah STRANGE, dau Simeon & Susan (JARVIS), Aston Tirrold, labourer
Married John AMOS (Linda Shoebridge) 1868 Feb 09 Thomas STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1868 Mar 29 Kate STRANGE, dau Joseph & Alice, Uphill Farm, labourer 1869 Jan 31 William John STRANGE, son Simeon & Susan, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1870 Jun 05 Ernest Edward STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1871 Jul 30 Frank STRANGE, son Joseph & Alice, Aston Tirrold, labourer (Possibly 1901 Census South Stoke Oxon Frank STRANGE 29 Shepherd b Aston Tirrold Berks) 1872 Mar 31 Arthur Victor STRANGE, son Joseph & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1872 Dec 29 Caleb STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1873 Mar 30 Albert Edward STRANGE, son of Joseph & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1874 Apr 26 Frederick George STRANGE, son of Joseph & Martha, Aston Tirrold, labourer (Possibly 1901 Census SLOUGH Bucks Frederick STRANGE 27 Platerer GWR b Aston Tirrold Berks) 1975 May 16 Ada Edith STRANGE, dau Joseph & Maria, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1875 Jul 25 Walter STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1879 Feb 16 Sidney STRANGE, son Alfred & Sarah, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1881 Jan 30 Frederick James STRANGE, son Frederick & Mary, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1882 Oct 01 Edwyn STRANGE, son Frederick & Mary, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1885 Jan 25 Beatrice STRANGE, 8y, dau Joseph & Martha, Aston Tirrold, mechanic 1885 Jan 25 Rose STRANGE, 4y, dau Joseph & Martha, Aston Tirrold, mechanic 1885 Mar 29 Louisa STRANGE, dau Frederick & Mary, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1886 Aug 29 Arthur Edwyn STRANGE, son Edwin & Lydia, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1887 Jul 31 Florence Emma STRANGE, dau Frederick & Mary, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1888 Jul 29 George Frederick STRANGE, son of Edwyn & Lydia, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1893 Aug 27 Rebecca STRANGE, dau Frederick & Mary, Aston Upthorpe, labourer 1893 Aug 27 Albert Bernard STRANGE, son Frederick & Mary, Aston Upthorpe, labourer 1905 Jan 15 Eirene May STRANGE, dau Frederick & Jessie, Aston Tirrold, driver 1908 Dec 25 Ivor Sidney STRANGE, son Sidney & Ellen, Aston Tirrold, dealer 1931 Sep 20 Frederick Sidney Thomas STRANGE, son Frederick Thomas & Elizabeth Ellen, Aston Tirrold, fruiterer, 1935 Nov 10 Anthony Alfred Frank STRANGE, son Frederick Thomas & Elizabeth Helen, Aston Tirrold, labourer 1937 May 02 Michael David STRANGE, son of Frederick Thomas & Elizabeth Ellen, Aston Tirrold, general labourer   Marriages: 1839 Oct 14 William STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of William STRANGE, lab m by banns, Martha Jervis, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Thomas Jervis, lab (witnesses: Avery Dearlove, Hannah Hazel) 1846 Oct 13 Benjamin Pratt, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of  Amos Pratt, lab m by banns, Rachel STRANGE, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau William STRANGE, lab witnesses: Joseph STRANGE, Sarah Edney) 1852 Jul 18 Bernard STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of William STRANGE, lab, m by banns, Ann North, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau James North, gamekeeper (witnesses: Joseph STRANGE, Alice Jervis) 1852 Sep 29 Joseph STRANGE, 26, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of William STRANGE, lab m Alice Jarvis, 26, dau William Jarvis, lab (witnesses: Charles Child, Susan Jarvis) 1854 Jun 04 Simeon STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of William STRANGE, lab, m Susan Jervis, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau William Jervis, lab (witnesses: Charles Childs, Martha Barefield) 1863 Sep 29 Alfred STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son William STRANGE, lab m Sarah Heath, spinster, servant, Aldworth, dau William Heath, lab (witnesses: Thomas STRANGE, Maria Jones) 1864 Mar 12 Thomas STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son William STRANGE, lab m Mary Colin, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau James Colin, lab 1868 Feb 0 Joseph Jones, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son James Jones, lab m by banns, Ann STRANGE, widow, Aston Tirrold, dau Robert North, keeper (witnesses: Noah Ebsworth, Marie Jones) 1873 Aug 31 Henry Jones, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son George Jones, lab m Ann STRANGE, spinster, servant, Kilburn (London), dau William STRANGE, lab (witnesses: Abner STRANGE, Sarah Dearlove)   From Betty Judge 1878 Aug 12  Alfred Charles LEWINGTON (bap 28 Dec 1856 Aston Tirrold,) m Marie BAREFIELD wid (d of James JONES (lab).  Witnesses. George LEWINGTON & Fanny STRANGE. 1878 Dec 21 George LEWINGTON, 25,(bap 19 June 1853 Aston Tirrold, bach, lab (or shepherd) Aston Tirrold, son of William LEWINGTON, lab, m Mary Ann STRANGE, 20, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Simeon, lab, and Susan (nee JARVIS) STRANGE, (witnesses: Albert STRANGE, Emma STRANGE) (children : (1) Geo. Simeon LEWINGTON bap 26 Oct 1879 Aston Tirrold, died 1906 aged 26; (2) Albert Wm LEWINGTON bap 19 March 1882 Aston Tirrold; (3) Hubert LEWINGTON bap 28 June 1885. Carter. m Alice Parsons of Easthampstead, d of John Parsons, postman, 3 Oct 1908 Aston Tirrold St Michael's Church. (wit Rosa Parsons & Arthur Parsons.)   1880 Nov 07 Frederick STRANGE, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son Barny STRANGE, lab m Mary Barr, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau James Barr, lab 1881 Oct 29 Benjamin Jones, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of John Jones, lab m Fanny STRANGE, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Simeon STRANGE, lab (witnesses: William Fulbrook, Emma STRANGE) 1885 Nov 21 Edwin STRANGE, 20, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son of Joseph STRANGE, shepherd m Lydia Page, full age, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Charles Page, labourer (witnesses: W J STRANGE, K STRANGE) 1886 Nov 22 John Edward Amos, full age, bach, butcher, Nottingham, son John Amos, clothier, m Sarah STRANGE, 20, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Simeon STRANGE, lab (witnesses: Elizabeth Jackson, W J STRANGE) 1890 Apr 26 Frank STRANGE, 19, bach, lab, Aston Tirrold, son Joseph STRANGE, shepherd m Annie Webb, full age, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Thomas Webb, carter (witnesses: Mary Jane Webb, J Welch) 1891 Aug 01 Ernest Edward STRANGE, full age, bach, porter GWR, Cardiff, s Alfred, sawyer m Eliza Neal, 20, spinster, Aston Upthorpe, dau Jonathan Neal, labr (witnesses: William Neal, Fanny Elizabeth Neal) 1894 May 14 Albert Edward Webb, bach, lab, Blewbury, son William Webb, lab m Mary STRANGE, spinster, Aston Tirrold, dau Bernard STRANGE, lab (witnesses: Albert Jones, Ada Vashti Jones) 1928 Aug 18 Thomas Henry Gibbs, 23, bach, police constable, Penge, son Alfred Henry Gibbs, checker on GWR, m by banns, Irene May STRANGE, 23, spinster, dom. service, Aston Tirrold, dau Frederick Abner STRANGE, fruiterer   Burials: 1841 Oct 23 Sarah STRANGE, 60, Aston Tirrold 1846 Apr 04 Joseph STRANGE, 10m, Aston Tirrold 1851 Feb 22 Simeon STRANGE, 1y9m, Aston Tirrold 1854 Mar 02 Frederick STRANGE, 6m, Aston Tirrold 1859 Feb 25 Emma STRANGE, 6w, Aston Tirrold 1859 Apr 25 Simeon STRANGE, 7, Aston Tirrold 1863 Nov 22 Bernard STRANGE, 35, Aston Tirrold 1864 Feb 04 Jane STRANGE, 9m, Aston Tirrold 1864 Feb 14 William STRANGE, 75, Aston Tirrold 1865 May 02 Lucy STRANGE, 11m, Aston Upthorpe 1866 Jan 04 Thomas STRANGE, 26, Aston Upthorpe 1882 Jan 20 Joseph STRANGE, 34, Chelsea Hospital 1884 Jul 13 Alice STRANGE, 54, Fairmile Cotts. 1884 Dec 26 Ada Edith STRANGE, 9, Aston Tirrold 1886 Sep 28 Martha STRANGE, 38, widow, Aston Tirrold 1900 Jan 28 Susan STRANGE, 69, Aston Tirrold 1900 Nov 26 Rose STRANGE, 20y, Aston Tirrold 1907 Jan 01 Joseph STRANGE, 86, workhouse 1908 Feb 16 Simeon STRANGE, 78, workhouse 1930 Sep 13 James STRANGE, 80, Wallingford 1952 Apr 15 Frederick Thomas STRANGE, 46, Aston Tirrold 1985 Nov 09 Elizabeth Ellen STRANGE, 77, Long Wittenham, d 4 Nov 1985, ashes   Aston Tirrold - United Reform Church (B 1734-1870, 1908-1909) None by name STRANGE/Strainge   From Mike STRANGE (not the webmaster but another one!) My interests are in the Aston Tirrold area of Berkshire In the 1871 census Anne Jones is stated as being the widow of Bernard STRANGE. She has a son named Frederick. In 1881 Frederick is living with Joseph Jones and has a wife named Mary and a son named Frederick ( no mention of Anne, so presumably she died). In Nov 1880 Frederick STRANGE, son of Barny (sic) married Jane Barr, could Barny be Bernard, Anne's first husband? Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Betty Judge replied: You were querying Bernard STRANGE and his wife Ann, this is what I have found: Bernard is an ancestor of my husband, and I have checked all Church records etc. Bernard STRANGE ( also known as Barney) b 1827 Aston Tirrold, died 1863 Aston Tirrold, married Ann North daughter of James North (Gamekeeper) at St Michael's Church Aston Tirrold, witnesses Joseph STRANGE & Alice Jarvis children: James b 1852 AT, Louisa b 1854 AT, Emma b 1857 AT, died 1857 AT, Frederick b 1858 AT, married Mary Barr 1880**, Mary b 1863 AT, m Albert Webb.   Ann STRANGE widow married Joseph Jones (a neighbour) of Aston Tirrold 1868 witnesses Noah Ebsworth and Marie Jones.   1871 Census Aston Tirrold Berks living Lower End of Aston Tirrold village. Joseph Jones H M 38 A/L b Aston Tirrold Ann " W M 44 b Aston Upthorpe Allen " S 2 b Aston Tirrold Fred STRANGE SinL 12 A/L " (son in law should have read stepson) James " " 18 " " " Mary " DinL 7 scholar Aston Tirrold (daughter in law meant step daughter)   1901 Census Enborne/Sandleford Fred STRANGE 40 Cattleman on Farm b Aston Tirrold *** Mary " 40 " Edwin " 18 Carter on Farm " Louisa " 16 Scholar " Rebecca " 12 " " Albert " 9 " " Ellen " 6 " b Aston Upthorpe   STRANGE S attending School in Aston Tirrold from 1881 - 1952 Frederick STRANGE son Daniel STRANGE (Foreman) bn 9 Feb 1874, 7 Oct 1881-5 Jan 1887 Sidney STRANGE son Alfred STRANGE (sawyer) bn c1876, 14 March 1881-1887 (no attendance 1884) Beatrice STRANGE dau Martha STRANGE wid bn 13 Feb 1882, 3 Jan 1887-2 Feb 1891 Rose STRANGE dau Martha STRANGE wid. bn 23 May 1881, Feb 1884-1891 Frederick Abner STRANGE son Alfred STRANGE Lab. bn 26 March 1881. 1890-2 Dec 1892 Louisa STRANGE dau Fred STRANGE lab. bn 1 Dec 1884, 18 April 1887-29 March 1895. Edwyn STRANGE son Fred STRANGE lab. bn 27 Aug 1882, 10 Feb 1885-1894. David STRANGE son Thomas STRANGE farmer, bn 7 March 1937, 14 April 1942, Went to Didcot Sen boys school 29 July 1948. Christina STRANGE dau of Thomsa STRANGE farmer bn 16 Feb 1939, 16 Jan 1952-????   From Betty Judge Confirmation services held for the Parishioners of St Michael's & All Saints Churches: March 8th 1854, The Congregation of St Michael's & All Saints Churches of Aston Tirrold, Berks attended the South Moreton Church Berks. where confirmations of: William STRANGE aged 35 of Aston Tirrold and Simeon STRANGE aged 23, of Aston Tirrold took place. (both Stan's rellies)   In 1860, in the Parish Church of Blewbury, with the congregation of Hagbourne & South Moreton, the Congregation of St Michael's & All Saints Churches of Aston Tirrold Berks where the confirmation of: William STRANGE aged 77 of Aston Tirrold took place. (Stan' ancestor}   16 March 1869 (Lent) at St Michael's Church Aston Tirrold Church Berks, the following confirmations took place: James STRANGE aged 16 of Aston Tirrold Abner STRANGE aged 14 " " Louisa STRANGE aged 14   9 March 1875 (Thursday) at Hagbourne Church, Berks, the congregation of St Michael's & All Saint Church, Aston Tirrold, in attendance Frederic STRANGE single 18 was confirmed. (works for Mr. Benjamin Slade, Thorpe Farm, Aston Tirrold,Berks.)   Avington (BTs 1699-1723; CMB 1725-1812; M 1756-1812, 1813-1834; BTs CMB 1813-1835) None by name STRANGE/Strainge   Barkham (C 1538-1732; M 1542-1732; B 1539-1732) None by the name STRANGE/Strainge    Basildon (C 1538-1667; M 1538-1667; B 1538-1665)
None by the name of STRANGE/Strainge   From Betty Judge: From IGI Marriage 1753 Oct 2nd. Jane STRANGE married Wm Illsley. at Basildon Church. Batch no. M 018312
Marriage In the Parish Church 
1885 Oct 24 Henry STRANGE 24 bach, shepherd, son Joseph & Alice (nee Jarvis) STRANGE,
            shepherd from Aston Tirrold, m Emma Margaret HICKS aged 20, dau of George 
            & Eliza (nee Merritt)HICKS, lab, after banns.
            Witnesses: George HICKS and Alice Champion. (Stan Judge's Grandparents.)
They had issue:
1886 Henry Joseph STRANGE, Basildon, died 10 Mar 1918, Mesopotamia
1888 Leonard George STRANGE, Basildon, died 01 Dec 1917, Cambria, France
09 Dec 1897 Hilda Rose STRANGE, Frilsham Farm, Frilsham, Berks, died 04 Jan 1973;
she married George Lionel JUDGE 06 Nov 1920, Coventry
Church Records of Baughurst Church.
1909, Oct.24, Oct.31;& Nov.7th. Banns for Margaret Rose STRANGE Baughurst
(No marriage recorded at Baughurst Church)
(C1850-1989, M1850-1989, B1850-1989)
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
Bear Wood
None by name of STRANGE/Strainge
Beenham - St Mary Church 
National Burial Index:
1867 Nov 02 Kate STRANGE 24
Berinsfield - St Mary & St Berin
1666-1851 M 1668-1835 B 1668-1859 
1709 Aug 22 William STRANGE of Farmingdon & Ann Weston of Fyfield
1725 Dec 27 William Collins & Judith STRANGE, both of Hanney, m by license
1744 May 21 John Withers of Stanlake, Oxon, & Sarah STRANGE of Appleton
1747 May 03 Adam STRANGE & Rose Burton, both of Wittenham (there is a suggestion that Adam
            was from East Hagbourne)
(C 1551-1730; M 1538-1730; B 1538-1812)
None by the name STRANGE/Strainge
Bisham - (CMB, 1560-1812)
1759 May 20 James Lunn, son of Ann STRANGE & James Lunn the reputed father
1768 Feb 18 Mary, dau of Ann STRANGE & Benjamin Webb the reputed father
1768 Mar 20 Sarah, dau William & Mary STRANGE
1772 Jan 07 Richard, son of Ann STRANGE, single woman
1775 Jun 18 William Bone, bachelor, & Ann STRANGE, spinster, botp, by banns, 
1789 Mar 08 Thomas Hewse, bachelor, & Ann STRANGE, spinster, botp, by banns
1772 Dec 08 Sarah STRANGE
1782 Feb 07 William STRANGE, infant
1786 Jun 22 Mary STRANGE
Blewbury - St Michael Church - (C 1588-1995, M 1588-1994, B 1588-1994)
1685 Oct 08 Mary STRANGE, dau John & Mary
1687 Jun 14 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau John & Marie
1687 Oct 27 John Strang, son of Bartholomew & Marie
1825 (or 52?) Mar 07 Martha Cordy Strong dau of Julias & Hannah Strong , Miller
1829 Jun 11 Joseph Strong illegitimate son of Mary Ann Strong of Blewbury 
1897 Feb 21 Alice and Ellen STRANGE, dau's of Frederick, labourer, & Mary, Blewbury
1928 Jun 10 Ronald Sidney STRANGE, son of Ronald Duncan, postmaster,
            & Emily, Blewbury, b 21 Jan 1928
1937 May 23 Kenrick STRANGE, son of Harold, bricklayer, & Frances, b 16 March 1937
1992 Jul 19 Elizabeth Frances STRANGE, b 22 March 1992 dau of Stephen John Valenti,
            HGV driver, & Margaret Jane STRANGE,
1731 Dec 23 Richard Strainge & Ann Goodale,
1845 Sep 01 Leah STRANGE, of Wallingford, dau of Thomas STRANGE, labourer,
            m. Joseph Corderoy, labourer, Blewbury, son of Joseph Corderoy, farmer,
            (witnesses: Robert Bartholomew, Elizabeth Hornblow)
1887 Nov 02 Frederick Webb, 25, labourer, son of William Webb, labourer,
            m. Lucy STRANGE, 21, dau of George STRANGE, labourer,
            (witnesses: George Webb, Elisa Webb)
1892 Feb 10 Fred Street, 26, labourer, son of James Street, labourer,
            m. Emily STRANGE, 19, dau George STRANGE, labourer
           (witnesses: Abraham Street, Lucy Webb), m. 10 Feb 1892
1689 Jul 13 Mary STRANGE, wife of John
1929 Mar 21 John STRANGE, age 66, Blewbury
1851 Census Berks. Vol 6 H 0107/1689 Hendred sub dist of Wantage/ Folio 596 Blewbury
Martha Strong, 75
Bourton St James, Berkshire  (after 1974 Oxfordshire)
C 1860-1985, M 1860-1988, Bns 1899-1973, B 1898-1986)
None by the name STRANGE/Strainge
Boxford - St Andrew Church
National Burial Index:
1803 Nov 16 John STRANGE
1783 May 07 Mary STRANGE
1784 May 17 Phoebe STRANGE
IGI Marriages
1858 Sep 29 Elizabeth Hester STRANGE married John Harris
1566 Sep 02 John STRAUNGE married Elizabeth Fray. batch no. Mo17891
(Children below)
IGI Baptisms
1566 Dec31. Richard STRANGE son John STRAUNGE & Elizabeth batch no. C 017892
1573 Sep 30 Joane STRANGE   dau John STRANGE         " " "
1569 Oct 28 Agnes STRANGE   dau John STRANGE         " " "
GRO Index - Bradfield RO
1859M a male STRANGE vol 2c page 336
1859D Alice M STRANGE " 2c " 229
1860S Norah Louise STRANGE vol 2c page 292
1886D Alice Beatrice STRANGE vol 2c page 330
1886D Henry Joseph STRANGE vol2c page 314 **
1888J Leonard George STRANGE vol2c page 317 **
1890S Alice STRANGE vol 2c page 305 **
1893S Herbert James STRANGE vol 2c page 331 **
** Uncles and Aunt of Stanley Judge
1871S Sophia STRANGE vol 2c page 615
1874J Ann STRANGE vol 2c page 605
1841D Elizabeth STRANGE vol V1 page 105
1851 Census 
Bradfield Berks, Beenham Hill, Berks Living with their mother Anne Matilda STRANGE at Beenham Hill Berks: Frederick Wm STRANGE 8 b Sulhampstead Louisa Elizabeth STRANGE 4 "   Bray (CMB 1653-1837) None by the name STRANGE/Strainge   Brightwell Records from the Church of St Agatha Banns 1823 Aug 29, Sept 5th & 12th. banns called for marriage between Ruth STRANGE and James Barr
Note the marriage appears to be 1824 below, but is one of these a transcription error?   From: Ed Hanson Subject: Brightwell (identified in Centre for Oxfordshire Studies as Brightwell cum Sotwell) (C 1564-1996; M 1607-1991; Bns 1754-1891; B 1607-1996)   Baptisms 1956 Oct 07 Christopher Charles STRANGE, son William Robert & Gladys Margaret, Slade End, nurseryman 1961 Jul 02 Deborah Ann STRANGE, dau John George & Patricia Mary, Lincoln, HM Forces; bn 10 Jan 1961 1984 Jul 15 Leanne Catherine STRANGE, dau Maxwell Francis & Patricia Anne, Brightwell, welder; bn 8 Feb 1984 1986 Apr 06 Shelley Elizabeth STRANGE, dau Maxwell Francis & Patricia Anne, Brightwell, welder; bn 20 Sept 1985 1984 Sep 04 Victoria Megan STRANGE, dau of David John & Carolyn Helen, Calcot, Berks, printer, b 4 May 1994   Marriages 1742 Sep 12 Richard Eggleton & Elizabeth STRANGE 1771 May 20 John Clifford of Winkfield & Catherine STRANGE of Brightwell by license (witnesses: Hannah Ridding, Thomas Ridding) 1765 Nov 19 Thomas Pert of Brightwell & Mary STRANGE of Brightwell,by banns (witnesses: Ann Hodges, Paul Higgins) 1824 Sep 13 James Barr & Ruth STRANGE, both of Brightwell, by banns (witnesses: John Allnatt, William Leaver)
From Peter Morgan: Ruth was born in Long Wittenham 1797 - see baptisms there.
The North Moreton census records show Ruth Barr from 1841 onwards. Her age is
slightly indecipherable in '41, but from then on her age consistently pitches
her at a birth of about 1797. Their children were born at North Moreton where
she was buried, the register quotes the date of burial as 7 Feb 1883, aged 86.
1959 Sep 19 John George STRANGE, 24, RAF, of Boston, Lincs, son of John Bert STRANGE (licensee, deceased), m Patricia Mary Tyler, 24, of Wallingford, dau of Percy Lewis Tyler (motor engineer)    Burials - St Bartholomew Church[says National Burial Index] 1795 Feb 10 Mary STRANGE, 84   Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Free Church   Brimpton (C 1678-1743, 1756-1770; M 1678-1734, 1756-1770; B 1678-1734, 1756-1770) None by the name STRANGE/Strainge   Buckland From Betty Judge (C 1691-1974, M 1693-1974, B 1678-1974)   Baptisms: Children of Richard and Mary (GRIFFIN) 1723 Sep 01 William STRANGE 1724 Jan 15 Mary STRANGE 1726 Sep 18 John STRANGE 1734 Feb 17 Ann STRANGE 1737 Aug 14 Sarah STRANGE 1743 Jun 25 Mary STRAINGE d of John STRAINGE & Margaret (WELLS who were married 1742 Feb 15 at Great Farringdon BRK)
Children Johnathan STRANGE and Mary (COCKHEAD) 1755 Jan 26 Betty STRANGE 1758 Feb 06 Richard STRANGE (dd) 1760 Oct 19 John (Jono) STRANGE 1766 Oct 26 Richard STRANGE   Children (illegitimate) baptised of Sarah STRANGE batch no, 017661 1771 Nov,03 Ann STRANGE 1781 Jun 24 Richard STRANGE 1782 Aug 24 John STRANGE   Children of Richard and Eleanor WESTBROOK Church. batch no. P017661 1793 Jan 13 Winifred STRANGE 1800 Jun 08 John STRANGE 1804 Nov 01 Mary Ann STRANGE 1944 Mar 12 Ernest William STRANGE, son of Henry Ernest, private RASC, and Irene Elizabeth   Marriages: 1714 Dec 26 Sarah STRAINGE m John BOLTER batch nos. M 017661 1722 Oct 08 Richard STRAINGE m Mary GRIFFIN batch no M 017661 1736 Oct 07 John STRAINGE m Sarah COVENTRY batch nos. M 017661 1748 Apr 24 Elizabeth STRAINGE married Thomas GILES batch nos. M 017661 1754 Apr 05 John STRANGE m Mary COCKHEAD batch no. M 017662 (witnesses: William Pinnock, Richard Peert) 1782 Aug 02 John STRANGE married Sarah STRANGE batch nos. M 017661 1782 Oct 07 Sarah STRANGE, single, m Thomas SIMPSON, widower, batch no M 017662 (witnesses: Wm Windows, Joseph Willmot) 1792 May 7 Richard STRANGE m Eleanor WESTBROOK batch no M 017662  1830 Sep 9 Thomas Herring, widower, & Mary Ann STRANGE, spinster (witnesses: W. W. Hughes, John Piggott)   Burials: 1711/2 Feb 06 Thomas STRANGE 1724 Sep 14 Mary STRANGE 1729 Jul 29 Thomas STRANGE 1741/2 Jan 19 Ann Strainge 1742 Dec 21 Mary Strainge 1752 Aug 30 Sarah STRANGE, widow 1756 May 31 Elizabeth STRANGE 1765 Sep 08 Jane STRANGE 1765 Sep 29 Richard STRANGE, infant 1769 Jun 25 Richard STRANGE 1813 Jan 17 John STRANGE, 86 1822 Aug 11 Mary STRANGE, widow, nearly 90 1842 Feb 12 Mary STRANGE, 41 1844 Feb 16 Eleanor STRANGE, 74 1844 Nov 03 John STRANGE, 45 1849 Aug 29 Richard STRANGE, Faringdon Workhouse, age 83   Bucklebury (C1538-1840; M1538-1837; B1539-1840) None by name of STRANGE/Strainge   Burghfield - St Mary Church Church Records Baptisms: Children of John STRANGE and Ann (PRYOR). batch no C017722 1602 Jul 11 Friswith STRANNGE bap (dtr) 1603 Feb 26 Elizabeth STRANNGE 1606 May 18 Agnes STRANGE 1608 Nov 06 Marie STRANGE 1611 Jun 16 Alse STRANGE (?? on IGI as bap at Buscot)   Children of Peter STRANGE and Elizabeth JENNINGS (married St Giles, Reading 1754 Feb 1) batch no. C017722 1754 Nov 04 Elizabeth STRANGE 1756 May 04 William STRANGE 1760 Aug 03 George STRANGE   Children of Henry STRANGE and Elizabeth LOVEGROVE (m 23 May 1763 Tilehurst) 1764 Aug 08 William, STRANGE (m at Tilehurst) 1766 Jun 29 Sophia STRANGE bap. m at Tilehurst.   Marriages: 1600 Nov 10 John STRANGE m Ann PRYOR batch no M 017722 1780 Oct l0 Elizabeth STRANGE m George PURVEUR batch no M 017721.   National Burial Index 1612 Jul 13 John STRANGE 1767 Nov 04 Elizabeth STRANGE 1769 Sep 20 Elizabeth STRANGE   Buscot 1809 Jul 22 Robert STRANGE married Ann Palmer   Challow, East Church Records Marriage: 1776 Jan 1 Mary STRANGE m Samuel FARIS   Charney Bassett (C 1617-1974, M 1619-1974, B 1619-1974) Baptisms: 1607 Dec 10 [1618? Elizabeth Strainge, dau., William 1623 Jul 25 Alse Strainge, dau. Thomas 1628 Jul 25 Thomas Strainge, son William 1634 sep 11 Margoret Strainge, dau William 1635 Mar 17 William Strainge, son William 1656 Jun 04 John STRANGE, son Thomas 1659 Nov 20 Elizabeth Strainge, dau Thomas 1662 Sep 29 Katharine Strainge, dau Thomas 1665 Oct 01 Marey Strainge, dau John 1668 Apr 30 Thomas Strainge, son John 1681 Jul 24 Judeth Strainge, dau John & Denis 1682/3 Jan 28 Joane Strainge, dau John 1686 Jan 19 John Strainge, son John & Denis 1688 Apr 01 Ann Strainge, dau John 1690 Apr 13 Elizebeth Strainge, dau John & Denis 1694 Oct 02 Dorothy Straing, dau John & Denis   Marriage: 1674 Oct 14 Robert Strainge of Abington, m Mary Ferrall of Wicke   Burials: 1674 Nov 21 Frances Strainge 1778 Jul 31 Thomas Straing, son of Joseph 1782 Jan 28 Elizabeth Straing, wife of Thomas   Monumental Inscriptions In Memory of Thomas STRANGE, who died July 2 1777 Aged 68 years   Chawley 1851 Census Berks book vol 4:2 H 0107/1688 Fyfield sub dist of Abingdon. Folio 434 Chawley William STRAINGE 50 folio 434 Mary "  52 " "   Chieveley (C 1813-1865; M 1813-1837; B 1813-1874) Baptism: 1841 Mar 17 Rose Emily STRANGE, dau William & Mary Ann (nee Batholomew), wine merchant, of Chieveley,late of Abingdon Marriage: 1834 Dec 04 William STRANGE, widower, St Helens Abingdon, & Mary Ann Bartholomew,spinster, by license, (witnesses: Joseph Bartholomew,[father], Kate Bartholomew) IGI Marriage: 1664 Jul 17 William STRAINGE m Margaret HARFORDSHERE batch no M021242   Chilton (C 1583-1949, M 1604-1974, B 1607-1995) Baptism: 1905 Dec 17 Florence Doris Ivey STRANGE, dau Harry & Kate, Chilton, groom   Marriage: 1835 Aug 09 Francis STRANGE, Grove, m Mary Ann Hall, by banns (witnesses: Stephen Boucher, Sarah Hall)   Cholsey (Link) See separate page from Betty Judge and these files of CM&B records and 1841-91 Census transcriptions from Liz Horner   Liz says, "Some of my info duplicates what you already have, some of it adds to it. My mother's family is descended from Jeremiah STRANGE, born 1820, son of Joseph & Harriot. The information is from Reading Record Office"   Liz also says: James STRANGE & Martha Warwick: married 1788 in Cholsey Thomas STRANGE & Dinah Walsh: married not 1894, but 1804 in Cholsey & Thomas, Richard, William, George & Mary are their children. Dinah d 1826.   The Joseph born 1796 to Joseph STRANGE and Martha Warwick is, I think, my ggggf.   There is mention of a couple, Joseph and Mary, who had Charlotte, b1814 and Francis b 1816 (who m Elizabeth of Pangbourne). I wonder if Joseph whom Harriot possibly previously m Mary, thus Francis could also be stepbrother to my gg gf Jeremiah, but I also have a record of another couple producing children at the same time, Joseph and Ann. This Joseph could have previously m Mary. You, however, have Francis down as son of Harriot, so this adds to the theory that this Joseph previously m Mary.   Charles and Maryann Lovegrove m in Cholsey 14.4.47 Jeremiah and Mary Watkins m in Wootton Bassett Wilts, 30.4.40. They had John b1840, George b1843, Joseph b1845, Harriet b1848, Ellen b1850, Joseph b1853, William b1855, Elizabeth b1858(my g gm) and Emily b1860. Prolific! James & Martha Read m 25.12.50 in Cholsey. James is, I think, Jeremiah's younger brother.
The Ann, daughter of George, baptised 6.6.41 had a mother called Marian.
See London for Cecil 'Richard' STRANGE, in 1891 in Finsbury/Shoreditch, Shortly after Chrissie Cox  said: I have Joseph STRANGE and Harriot who had several children including Edward who married for a
second time to Rachel Challis who was my cousin 3 times removed. Children of Joseph & Harriot: John (1819 - ) Jeremiah (1821 - ) m Mary ?? Robert (1822 - 1822) George (1824 - ) Eleanor (1828 - ) Eliza ( 1828 - ) James ( 1830 - ) m Martha READ 25 Dec 1850 Edward (1831 - 1865) m Eliza BLACKALL then married Rachel Challis (1842 - 1867)   From: Chrissie I have a dilemma. My cousin Rachel Challis married Edward STRANGE in Cholsey 21 May 1864. According to the parish register Edward was born in 1834 making him 30 when he married Rachel, but looking at the births the only Edward I can find around that time is the son of Joseph & Harriot c26 June 1831. Rachel was born in 1842 but at the time of marriage stated that she was 25 (another white lie!). As Edward was a widower is it feasible that they both lied about their ages to make the marriage more acceptable or is there another explanation?   Liz responds: It seems Edward is the son of Joseph & Harriot, and born 1831. His first daughter Kate is later to be found living with Harriot in the census 1871 (see Census attachment ). Edward also lowered his age when he married Eliza Blackall in 1856, said he was 23.  He wasn't the only one to falsify his age. In 1867 when Harriet, daughter of Edward's brother Jeremiah, was married she said she was 21, when she was only 20.    (Ed ... I was able to link cousins Chrissie and Liz Horner together and said it may be useful to look at Wallingford - St. Leonard's for a marriage of  Joseph Strenge of this parish & Harriet Francis of this parish, m by banns, 16 Jan 1816 (witnesses: Martha Strenge, Martha Francis, Matthew Champion))
  Clewer Marriages from IGI 1798 Oct 24 William STRANGE m Charlotte CROSSWELL 1808 Jul 11   Robert STRANGE m Phobe Anne BOULTER 1809 Oct 10 Thomas STRANGE m Ann WELLBELOVE (See baptisms at Sulhampstead Abbott) 1826 Jun 11  Elizabeth STRANGE m James TALMAGE  batch no M017674    Christening from the BVRI WIGGINTON, Caroline 25 Oct 1818 Father: John WIGGINTON, Mother: Ruth STRANGE Source: FHL Number 1279455 Dates: 1813-1836   Coleshill (C 1559-1980, M 1561-1689, 1696-1980, Bns 1755-1796, B 1559-1657, 1668-1979) None by the name of Strainge/STRANGE   Compton  (near Newbury) Marriage from IGI 1704 Apr 20 Martha STRANGE m Thos TOUNSEND batch no M 018331   Compton Beauchamp (C 1551-1993, M 1551-1754, 1813-1986, Bns 1754-1812, B 1643-1775, 1790-1994) Burials: 1818 Sep 02 Christopher STRANGE, of Knighton, age 82 1818 Dec 10 Sarah STRANGE of Knighton, age 85   Cookham (C1563-1655; M 1563-1635; B 1607-1659) None by name STRANGE/Strainge   Cookham - Holy Trinity Church Baptism from IGI 1771 Nov 3  Charles STRANGE son of William & Mary STRANGE batch no P 008651   Marriages from IGI 1788 Jun 17 William STRANGE married Mary CLISBY batch no M008651 1798 Sep 6  Robert STRANGE m Theadocia MOORE          "   National Burial Index 1844 Feb 08 Robert STRANGE 72 1832 Apr 20 Theodosia STRANGE 59   Coxwell, Little IGI marriage batch no M023631 1632 Apr 26 Margreat STRANGS m John FEWTERER 1632 Apr 26 Ambrose STRANGE m Mary MONEY (Date needs to be confirmed   Crowmarsh Gifford 1901 Census Crowmarsh Giffard Entire Berks George STRANGE 45 Shepherd, b Aston Tirrold Berks Sarah " 40 b Langton Wilts Mary " 20 Gen Dom Serv. b Compton Berks William " 16 Farm Carters lad b North Heath Berks Frederick " 14 Shepherd Lad b Easton Berks Lizzie " 5 b Compton Berks Walter " 2 b Hitcham Berks.   Culham - St Paul's   Cumnor It is both a parish and a village located 3 miles south west of Oxford. In 1951 it occupied 5962 acres and had a population of 1385. Cumnor Place has now entirely disappeared; it was the scene of the murder of Amy Robsart in 1560. She was the daughter of Sir John Robsart and wife of Robert Dudley, afterwards Earl of Leicester. At the time of her murder she was here under the charge of Anthony Forster, she met her death either by accident or foul play, by the latter according to common belief. She was discovered dead at the bottom of an old staircase (source Pears Cyclopaedia, 1965-66)

Overseers' Book.
(From www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/external/cumnor/documents/poor-law-out-relief-1842.htm) 
STRANGE James 3s 0d 7d

James STRANGE     age 51 Labourer
Elizabeth STRANGE age 50
Charles STRANGE   age 13
James STRANGE     age 10
Sarah STRANGE     age  8
(C 1559-1682, 1755-1761; M 1559-1682; B 1559-1681)
None by the name of STRANGE/Strainge - note the early end dates though. 

Christenings From the BVRI: [From Margaret:  All those christened in Cumnor are my husband's family. What we don't seem to be able to find is the birth of William (the father), nor his marriage to Sarah. He subsequently married Lydia we believe in either Wootton or Sunningwell but can find no record of that either.]

STRANGE, John 8 Jul 1764
Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah 
Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2552661 C160771
STRANGE, William 15 Dec 1765
Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah 
Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835, 2552740 C160771
STRANGE, Samuell 7 Apr 1768
Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah 
Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2552797 C160771
STRANGE, James 27 May 1770 Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2552863 C160771   STRANGE, Ann 11 Oct 1772 Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2552942 C160771
STRANGE, Benjamen 1 Jan 1775 Father: William STRANGE, Mother: Sarah Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2552974 C160771   STRANGE, Thomas 1 Dec 1776 Father: William STRANGE,Mother: Sarah Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2553724 C160771   STRANGE, James 15 Nov 1804 Father: Thomas STRANGE, Mother: Martha Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2553732 C160771   STRANGE, George 21 Apr 1805 Father: James STRANGE, Mother: Elizabeth Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2553796 C160771   STRANGE, Charles 25 Jun 1807 Father: James STRANGE, Mother: Elizabeth Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2553866 C160771   STRANGE, James 22 Jan 1810 Father: James STRANGE, Mother: Elizabeth Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2553962 C160771   STRANGE, Sally 14 Feb 1813 Father: James STRANGE, Mother: Elizabeth Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 2554517 C160771   STRANGE, Maria 29 Aug 1830 Mother: Sarah STRANGE Source: FHL Number 1279456 Dates: 1607-1835 546282 C017674   also see below from Betty Judge: Subject: some STRANGEs from Cumnor Oxon
I found this website http ://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/external/cumnor/families/STRANGE.htm

2673 STRANGE James b 1775... - d 10 Jan 1847 Cumnor m Elizabeth Curtis b 1771... -d 17 Dec 1822 Cumnor. married at Cumnor in 1799 Agricultural Lab. Living in Botley Pound. 1812: ill and on parish Relief; 1839 on relief Children: George 1805; Charles* 28 June 1807 Botley, - d17 Nov 1846; James# 1810 Botley; Sarah 1813

2674 STRANGE Charles* b 1807 Botley married Mary....b 1801.. -d Feb 26 1853 Cumnor. 1841: Ag. Lab. at Chawley.

2675 STRANGE James# b 1810 Botley. M Sarah....  In 1830, 1835: ill, on Parish Relief; 1841 Census; children William 1832; James 1835; John 1839

2676 STRANGE William. b 1801 Cumnor - dc 1876 Cumnor m (1) Mary Cotmore b 1798 Cumnor - d 1853 Cumnor. married at Cumnor on 17 Nov. 1823. witnesses John & Elizabeth Cotmore. Ag. Lab and later Shoemaker. 1871: had wooden leg;  married (2) Sophia 1819-1899 1830; "money made up 1 shilling" by OV. Lived at Chawley. 

Bishops Transcripts  and Parish Registers, (STRANG;STRANGE & STRONG)
1773 May 02 James STRONG (b 1745-1818) Married Martha Alder at Denchworth Church
Children of above parents bap at Denchworth Church. Berks
1773 Sep 26 Martha STRONG
1775 Mar.13 Sarah STRONG
1776 May 04 Charlotte STRONG
1778 Apr 25 James STRONGE. buried 12 Oct 1781
1781 Jan 21 Elizabeth STRONG
1785        Mary STRONG
1790 Apr 14 Sarah STRANGE baseborn daughter of Martha STRANGE
1803 Aug 21 James STRANGE baseborn daughter of Martha STRANGE
Baptism from IGI
1680 Sep 12 Willyam STRAINGE s of Richard & Ann STRAINGE. batch no P013531
Marriage from IGI
1561 Nov 07 John STRANGE m Jone HORNE batch no. M 013531
1707 Feb 19 Jane STRANGE m Stephen SLATTER      "
1785 Apr 10 Martha STRANG
1785 Jun 03 Mary STRANG
1818 Aug 24 James STRANG of Denchworth 73 yrs   Denford (C1832-1949) None by name of STRANGE/Strainge   Didcot (Oxfordshire from 1974) Didcot list of churches: All Saints Chapel of the Holy Cross Didcot Baptist Church Didcot Community Church Didcot Methodist Church English Martyrs Fleet Meadow Baptist Church St Peter's Church The King's Church, Didcot   (All Saints B 1562-1939, M 1562-1955, B 1562-1942) Baptisms: 1732 May 28 Frances STRANGE, dau Richard & Ann 1734 Apr 14 Ann STRANGE, dau Richard & Ann 1746/7 Mar 22 William STRANGE, son Richard & Jane 1749 Dec 31 Martha STRANGE, dau Richard & Jane 1752 Oct 01 Jane STRANGE, dau Richard & Jane 1755 Apr 13 Hannah STRANGE, dau Richard & Jane 1758 May 14 Sarah STRANGE, dau Richard & Jane 1885 Jun 07 Sydney James Dawson STRANGE, son of James & Hannah, Didcot, shoemaker 1928 Sep 16 Raymond James STRANGE, son Arthur William & Lilla Maud, Sheen Croft, butcher 1935 Nov 03 John STRANGE, son Arthur William & Leila Maud, Didcot, butcher, b 22 July 1935 1937 Dec 26 David STRANGE, son, " " " master butcher, b 17 Oct 1937   Marriages: 1927 Dec 26 Arthur William STRANGE, 26, butcher, Didcot, son James STRANGE, boot maker, & Leila Maud Ryman, 24, cashier, Didcot, dau Raymond Joseph Ryman, farmer, m by banns,(witnesses Raymond Joseph Ryman, Ellen Eliz. Ryman) 1951 May 04 Seth STRANGE, 64, widower, retired postman, Didcot, son James STRANGE (deceased) & Amy Edith May, 49, spinster, clerk, Didcot, dau Walter May (deceased), m by Lic., (witnesses: Vera S. Loveless, Gabriel E. Seary) 1955 Jun 29 Raymond James STRANGE, 26, farm worker, Didcot, son Arthur William STRANGE, farmer, & Violet Agnes Vines, 26, shorthand typist, Didcot, dau Frederick Ernest Vines, labourer, m by banns, 29 June 1955 (witnesses: F. E. Vines, R. STRANGE)   Marriage: 1772 Jan 4 John STRANGE of the parish of Hagbourne married Sarah Taylor after Banns at Didcot   Burials: 1758 Aug 13 Jane STRANGE 1758 Aug 31 Hannah STRANGE   Drayton Parish Register fiche 1806 Jun ?? MARY STRANGE married Francis Thompson botp   East Garston (C1554-1563, 1660-1812; M 1554-1562, 1669-1812; B 1554-1562, 1669-1812) Marriage: 1794 Apr 22 Tho. STRANGE of Shalbourne, Wilts m Srh. White, Lic. (witnesses: Wm Pettifer & Ant. Peaty) Burial: 1680 Oct 26 An STRANGE   East Hendred (C 1538-1974, M 1558-1974, B 1558-1728, 1746-1974) Baptisms: 1539/40 Jan 16 William STRANGE 1539/40 Jan 16 Jone STRANGE 1541 Jun 14 Agnes STRANGE 1560/1 Jan 22 John STRANGE 1672 Sep 29 James STRANGE, son Humph. 1827 May 24 Emma STRANGE dau Thomas & Emma STRANGE (Schoolmaster)   Marriages: 1560 Jun 05 Robert STRANGE married Alse Coxe (earliest identified ancestor of Stan Judge.
Here is the family file from Betty.
1561 Nov 16 Agnis STRANGE married John Nevell 1786 Feb 07 William STRANGE of St Thomas Oxford & Maria White otp, m by licence (witnesses: Joseph Shepherd, Thos. Shadwell)   Burials: James STRANGE, bur 14 Feb Elizabeth 15 [1573] William STRANGE, bur 4 June Elizabeth 26 [1584] Alse STRANGE, bur 9 June Elizabeth 26 [1584]   1841 Census, East Hendred
Henry STRANGE 20 Ag Lab   East Shefford (1603-1812, 1826-1829) None by name of STRANGE/Strainge   Faringdon (C 1589-1640, 1653-1964; M 1589-1640, 1653-1974, Bns 1754-1974; B 1589-1640, 1646-1962) Baptisms: 1816 Apr 18 George STRANGE, son of William & Charlotte, waggoner 1817 Jul 13 Marianne STRANGE, dau William & Charlotte, waggoner   Marriages: 1742/3 Feb 15 Jonathan STRANGE & Margaret Wells 1745 Jun 12 William STRANGE & Jane Shephard   Burials: 1818 Oct 10 Catherine STRANGE, 41 1818 Oct 31 Thomas STRANGE, 3 wks   Quaker Burials: 1693/4 Feb 09 Catherine STRANGE 1701 Apr 14 Thomas STRANGE 1713 Feb 24 Elizabeth STRANGE 1723 Jul 27 Elizabeth STRANGE   Births per IGI batch no C 018652 1654 March 22 Joseph STRANGE (no parents listed)   Marriages from GRO Index for Farringdon Reg District 1875?  Thomas STRANGE Vol 2c Page 68 1859S  Sarah STRANGE  Vol 2c Page 251   Fernham (after 1974 Oxfordshire) (CMB 1860-1988) None by the name STRANGE/Strainge   Fyfield (C 1605-1906, M 1605-1913, B 1605-1906) Marriages: 1781 Jun 19 William Strainge & Elizabeth Broad 1830 Nov 01 Joseph Horsley of Tubney & Hannah STRANGE (witnesses: Richard Horsley, Sarah Grainger)   Burial: 1738 Jan 07 Catherine Strainge   From Family Tree magazine Nov 2004 submitted by <joygraham@indenlea900.fsnet.co.uk>
William HORSLEY m Ann MAY 1774 Fyfield
Their son Joseph m Hannah STRANGE in Fyfield
Garston, East
Church Records
1730 Jan 03 John STRANGE m Elizabeth LOATH
1794 Apr 22 Thomas STRANGE m Sarah WHITE (also IGI batch no M 018971)
1851 Census BRK H107/1689 F48 Wantage sub dist Wantage
1861 Berkshire Gazetteer for Goring:
John Clark STRANGE sen. Miller at Goring with Gatehampton BRK
Great Coxwell
(C 1557-1978; M 1558-1978; B 1557-1978)
None by the name of STRANGE/Strainge
(C 1832-1978, M 1837-1985, B 1832-1924)
1855 Dec 12 Mary STRANGE of Grove, age 73yrs
1851 Census Berks H107/1689  F239 Wantage sub dist of Wantage
Hagbourne, East
See Besselsleigh for marriage of Adam STRA(I)NGE 1747
National Burial Index -  St Andrew Church
1693 Anna STRANGE
1714 John STRANGE
1731 Martha STRANGE
1736 Anne STRAINGE
1757 Robert STRAINGE
1758 Sarah STRANGE
1769 Richard STRANGE
1770 Jane STRANGE
Hampstead Marshall
(C1605-1608, 1614-1637, 1670, 1675-1837; M1605-1606, 1614-1637, 1676-1706, 1707-1837;
B 1605-1606, 1614-1637, 1670, 1675-1836
None by name of STRANGE/Strainge
Hanney - See West Hanney
Harwell, Berkshire
(C 1558-1952, M 1558-1962, B 1558-1943)
1594/5 William base-begotten son of Elizabeth Storye by Thomas STRANGE
1646 Oct 12 John Francis, m. Joan STRANGE
1947 Apr 05 William David STRANGE, 27, carpenter, Vauxhall Camp, Didcot, son of David,
            bricklayer, & Beryl Ivy Whiting, 27, civil servant, Townsend, dau Thomas,
            civil servant (retired), (Witnesses: T. Whiting, David STRANGE)
1851 Census Vol 6 H107/1689 F551 Hendred Sub dist of Wantage Berks
REBECCA  "   63
ELLEN    "   20
1861 Census
Harriet STRANGE S 18 Servant b Harwell BRK
Marriage from IGI batch no M 130001
1646 Oct 12 Joane STRANGE m John FRANCES
Hendred -See East and West 
1851 Census Berks H107/1689 F375 Illsley sub dist Wantage Berks
Henry (Harry) Edward STRANGE 27
  Hinksey, North (Now in Oxfordshire) (C 1607-1944, M 1607-150, Bns 1889-1973, B 1607-1985) Banns 1872 Mar 17, 24 & 31 William Jackson of South Hinksey & Cicely [Divan?] STRANGE otp   Marriages 1677 Oct 16 Richard Clarke & Mary STRANGE 1710 Nov 19 William STRANGE of Hanney, & Catherine Wise of Ensham 1795 May 25 Benjamin Lee, lodger, of St Peter in the East, Oxford, & Sarah STRANGE lodger of St Peter in the East, Oxford (witnesses: Wm. Barret, Martha Smith) 1796 Nov 10 William STRANGE of All Saints, Oxford, & Mary Jessett otp (witnesses: Hester Jessett, Richard Joyce)   Hinksey, South Marriages from the IGI: 1795 Mar 27 Hannah Maria STRANGE m Thomas Hooper Batch no M073202 1872 Oct 14 Laura STRANGE m Richard Swain Batch no M073202 1833 Jan 14 Sara STRANGE m Wm. Cripps. Batch no M 073202 1853 Dec 11 Cecily Owen STRANGE dau Francis & Kate STRANGE (baptised. 1872 April 01) m William Benjamin Jackson of South Hinksey batch no 7106129   Hinton Waldrist (C 1559-1974, M 1559-1974, Bns 1755-1906, B 1559-1974) Baptisms: 1737 Jul 24 Sarah STRANGE dau John & Sarah (see Buckland, BRK for marriage) 1738 Dec 06 John STRANGE son John & Sarah 1740 Feb 24 Dinah STRANGE dau John STRAINGE and Sarah 1742 Oct 31 John STRANGE son John & Sarah (married Mary GILES) 1745 Mar 03 Mary STRANGE dau John & Sarah 1750 Jul 08 Betty STRANGE dau John & Sarah 1754 Jul 07 Thomas STRANGE son John & Sarah) 1765 Jun 30 Thomas STRANGE son John and Mary (married 1764) 1807 Aug 02 William STRANGE son Francis & Elizabeth 1880 Oct 17 James Charles STRANGE son Arthur and Elizabeth Mary Ann, farmer   Marriages: 1764 Nov 08 John Strainge of Boxford, Berks, & Mary Giles (witnesses: John Bullock, Wm. Shury) 1778 Aug 03 John Tomalin & Dinah Strainge (witnesses: Wm. Bowles, Sarah Strainge) 1807 May 06 Francis STRANGE, Lyford, Berks, & Elizabeth Herring, by Lic (witnesses: Thomas Dewe, William Parker)   Burials: 1738/9 Feb 06 John Strainge, son John & Sarah 1749 Oct 27 Elizabeth Strainge, dau John & Sarah 1758 Apr 10 Thomas STRANGE, son John & Sarah 1759 Nov 04 Mary STRANGE, dau John & Sarah 1785 Jan 01 John STRANGE, Duxford 1800 Jan 13 Sarah STRANGE, widow 1820 Mar 28 Sarah STRANGE, 85 1834 Jan 12 Elizabeth STRANGE, 83   Hungerford From Betty Judge 1647 ??? ?? Bartholomew STRANGE m Lucie? 1875S Eliza STRANGE m Hungerford (District) GRO Index Ref: Vol 2c Page 581
From the Hungerford Union  Workhouse Births & Deaths 1866-1914 booklet
Isaac Strange died 8 Feb 1904 age 77 at Shalbourne Workhouse. Buried Shalbourne by
friends.  Isaac born 1827 Shalbourne, son of Milly Strange 60 wid on 1851 census Shalbourne.
Hurst (not listed by SOG?)
Marriage from IGI batch no M 023241
1763 Oct 17 John STRANGE m Elizabeth WHITE
Ilsley, East
1861 Census Berks. at Cholsey BRK
France W STRANGE Farmer & Stabling at Cholsey born East Illsley BRK
1891 Census. Living at East Ilsley BRK
James  STRANGE H M 32 Boot & Shoe maker Cholsey
Hannah   "     W M 30 Sutton Courtenay BRK
Ethel    "     D 8 North Hagbourne BRK
Sidney J "     S 6 Didcot BRK
Seth     "     S 4 East Illsley BRK
James    "     S 1m   " 
Illsley, West
Marriage from IGI
1642 Jul 15, Marthiam STRANGE m Jonah STRATTON batch no M 019752
Inkpen - St Michael's & All Angels
(C1607-1850; M1607-1837; B 1607-1860)
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
National Burial Index:
1986 Sep 09 Florence Ruby STRANGE 84 (born 6 Jun 1902)
(C 1829-1965)
1944 Oct 08 Philip Alan STRANGE, son Philliss Joan STRANGE, clerk, 17  Kennington Lane
Kingston Bagpuize
(C 1539-1880, M 1542-1884, B 1541-1880)
None by the name of STRANGE/Strainge
Kingston Lisle (with Fawler)
(C 1559-1894, M 1560-1964, Bns 1756-177?, B 1559-1713, 1714-1888)
1786 Oct 01 Elizabeth Haines, baseborn dau of Sarah Haines, father (--) STRANGE
1616 Oct 07 Thomas Johnson & Anne STRANGE
1814 Jul 12 William Strainge of Benson, Oxon, & Charlotte West otp
            (witnesses: Ann Humphries, Martha Wajers, Daniel Isles)
1851 Berkshire Name Index vol 2 Hungerford Folio 13
Living at Little Newcott, Kintbury BRK
Mary Ann STRANGE aged 41   1851 Census of Berks, Bucklebury, living at Basingcott William STRANGE H 71 Ag Lab b Kintbury Brk Rachael " W 69 b Ardington ??   Lambourn Church record Marriage: 1759 Feb 16 Moses STRONG m Sarah GROVE   Marriage from IGI batch no M023012 1574 Jan 13 Elin STRANGE m Gregerie HEARINGE
here is a reference to John Strange, his wife Agnes and son Edward in the 1573 will of
Thomas Waldron of Eastborn, Lambourn, Berks PCC will 10502
Letcombe Bassett
(C 1564-1989, M 1564-1979, B 1565-1989)
1663 Feb 11 Richard STRANGE & Elisabeth Bennett of Ardinton
Letcombe Regis
IGI Baptism:
1582 May 25 Thomas STRANGE of John STRANGE
1585 Dec 26 Dorithie STRANGE
1588 Nov 24 Margerett STRANGE of John STRANGE
1592 May 31 Richard STRANGE of John STRANGE
Little Wittenham - St Peter's
(C1539-1679 (with gaps), B1544-1674 (with gaps))
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
Lockinge, East
From Betty Judge
Church Records
1718 Aug 17 Mary STRANGE d of William & Catherine STRANGE  (marriage 1739)
Children of Ambrose STRANGE and Mary (MONEY)
1779 Aug 15 William STRANGE 
1781 Feb 11 Ambrose STRANGE (Ambrose Jnr m at Ardington)
1794 Oct 26 Henry STRANGE
1701 Feb 15   Eliza STRANGE m Abraham EAGLES batch no M018232
1739 Nov 15   Mary STRANGE m John ACRES batch no M01823
1778/9 Nov 02 Ambrose STRANGE married Mary Money
Long Wittenham - St Mary's
See separate page
(C 1559-1974, M 1559-1974 [lacking 1645-53, 1656-62], B 1559-1974 
[lacking 1648-53]
1575 Jun 18 William Straynge, son Thomas
1586/7 Feb 20 John Straunge m Margaret
1680 Aug 29   John STRANGE m Dennis Allen
1644/5 Feb 18 Joane, wife of Willeam Strang of Bagpuize
1686 Jan 10   John STRANGE, son John & Denis
1704 May 21   John STRANGE, Charney
1708 Jul 27   Dorothy Straing, Charney
1714 Nov 08   Denice STRANGE, Charney
1741 Jun 16   Thomas STRANGE, Charney
1743 May 29   Thomas STRANGE, Charney
IGI Marriages batch no M 018062
1665 Jan 07      John STRAINGE m Jane ALDER
(C 1600-1974; M 1573-1974, Bns 1765-1974, B 1587-1783, 1812-1974)
[for entries prior to 1845, see West Hanney]
1851 Oct 26      Eli STRANGE, son William & Mary, labourer
                 (probably another child to the family in the 1851 Census below)
1860 Apr 08      Charles Alfred William STRANGE, son Charles and Ann Jane,
                 40 Oliver St, Windsor Liverpool, gas lighter
1860 Apr 08      Robert Jones STRANGE, son Charles and Ann Jane,
                 40 Oliver St., Windsor Liverpool, gas lighter
1861 Oct 13      Henry Charles STRANGE, s John and Ann, labourer
1863 Aug 29      George Strainge, s John and Ann, labourer (buried Sep 25)
1863 Jul 03      Florence Elena STRANGE, dau Eliza, nurse, 3 yrs old this day
1872 Jun 09      Walter STRANGE, s John and Ann, labourer
1876 Dec 19      Alice STRANGE, dau William and Mary Jane, labourer
1853 Feb 13      Elizabeth STRANGE, 75
1863 Sep 25      George STRANGE, 3 months
1867 Jun 25      William STRANGE, 59
1872 Jul 06      Eli STRANGE, 20
1876 Aug 28      Augustus STRANGE, 2 yrs
1877 Jun 24      Ann STRANGE, Lyford Almshouses, 85
Reading Mercury 11 April 1818:
Whereas, I Francis STRANGE of Lyford in the county of Berks. labourer, having been convicted
before W. Wiseman Clark, Esq of stealing a quantity of wood, which was found in my possession
by Captain Holmes of Haney who caused me to be apprehended for the same, and after my
commitment was made I did violently assault and abuse the said Captain Holmes in Wantage
Market for which he was about to lodge a detainer against me, but on begging his pardon on
this public manner and paying the expense of this advertisement, he has consented to
withdraw proceedings against me.
The X of FRANCIS STRANGE Witness J Walker, Abingdon, Bradwell April 3 1818
1851 Census Berks H107/1688 F6&7 Fyfield sub dist Abingdon Berks Lyford
MARY       "      42   "
JOHN       "      16   "
ELIZA      "      13   "
WILLIAM    "      12   "
HARRIETT   "      10   "
CHARLES    "       8   "
JAMES THOS "       2   "
ANNE       "      60
ELIZABETH  "      74
(C 1658-1801, M 1658-1754, B 1658-1804)
None by the name of Strainge/STRANGE
Go to the Shalstone page, Buckinghamshire, for details of a family with connections here and
in other villages across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire
See also Reading St Lawrence 
Newbury - St Nicholas Church
National Burial Index:
1819 May 05 Maria STRANGE 3
1837 May 26 William STRANGE 5
1839 Nov 15 Sarah STRANGE 21
1841 Mar 27 Mary STRANGE 29
1865 Dec 14 William George STRANGE 1
1887 Jul 05 Daniel STRANGE 60
Children of John STRANGE and Ann (Phillips):
1846 Jun 14  John STRANGE son (possibly died)
1849 Aug 18  Ann STRANGE dau
1850 Sep 19  John STRANGE son
1852 Jan 15  Thomas STRANGE son
1855 Jun 29  James STRANGE son
1860 Feb 12  Elizabeth STRANGE dau
1748 William STRANGE born
1787 John STRANGE born
1851 Berkshire Name Index, Batholomew St, Newbury
F350 Primitive Methodist Chapel House, Batholomew St. Newbury Chapel Yard/Robesons Yard
John STRANGE  64
John STRANGE  38
Ann STRANGE   33
Sarah STRANGE  3
John STRANGE   1
F276 Market Place Newbury,Kings Arms Yard
Sidney STRANGE aged 19
1818 Jan 31, Ann STRANGE m John Peck bachr by Licence at Newbury Berks,
             (witnesses Thomas STRANGE and SUSANNAH STRANGE,) (sent by Barbara Lawrence)
From GRO Index, Newbury R O 
1855M Vol 2c Page 233 Elizabeth STRANGE
1859M Vol2c Page 228 Ellen STRANGE
IGI Baptism batch no C 018062
1575 Jun 18      William STRAYNGE son of Thomas STRAYNGE
1688 Aug 10 Margaret STRANGE married Adam Read
1841M Vol 2c Page 143 Mary STRANGE
Newton Road Cemetery
Burials, 1917-1979:
1945 Aug 17 Alfred Edward STRANGE, 17 Enborne Rd., Newbury, 77
New Windsor
(C1559-1837, M1559-1837, B1560-1837)
1667/68 Jan 26 Wm. STRANGE, s John
1746 Oct 09    Mary STRANGE, d William
1748 Apr 21    William STRANGE, s William
1750 Apr 21    Thomas STRANGE, s William
1752 Oct 22    Elizabeth STRANGE, d William
1754 Apr 10    John STRANGE, s William
1755 Dec 07    Ann STRANGE, d William
1802 Dec 19    Elizabeth, illig d of Elizabeth STRANGE
1808 Nov 13    Elizabeth STRANGE, d Robert and Phebe Ann
1824 Jun 06    George STRANGE, s George & Eliz., of Castle Inn, ostler
1691 Nov 18 Patrick STRANGE
1803 Jan 02 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau of Elizabeth
1835 Oct 28 Thomas STRANGE, Poor House
North Hinksey - See Hinksey
North Moreton (since 1974 Oxfordshire)
(C 1558-1996, M 1562-1996, B 1558-1996)
1933 Apr 30 John Anthony STRANGE, b 18 March 1933, son of Harold STRANGE & Frances Kilburn
               , North Moreton, builders labr.
From Peter Morgan: James Barr married Ruth STRANGE at Brightwell 1824 Ruth was born in
Long Wittenham 1797. The North Moreton census records show Ruth Barr from 1841 onwards.
Their children were born here and Ruth was buried here 7 Feb 1883, aged 86.   Padworth 1851 Berkshire name index F160 Thomas STRANGE age 70 Sarah STRANGE age 26   Peasemore (C 1762-1880, 1804-1855, M 1755-1876, B1805-1879) None by name STRANGE/Strainge   Pusey (C 1607-1874, M 1615-1877, B 1607-1877) Baptism: 1619 Sep 16 Richard STRANGE, son John, bp 16 Sept 1619   Marriages: 1615 Oct 05 John Strenge m Mary Tucker 1619/20 Jan 10 John STRANGE m Jone Gray   Burials: 1619 Sep 18 Richard STRANGE (christened 16 Sept) 1628/9 Mar 16 Jone wife of John STRANGE   Radley - St James the Great (not shown in SOG list) 1775 Dec 10 Richard STRANGE married Ann RIDGE   Reading - (Whole town or District - parishes follow) From GRO Index, Reading is the RO Births 1887J Edith Ellen STRANGE Vol 2c Page 340 1887D Olive Sarah STRANGE Vol 2c Page 345 1902D Nellie STRANGE Vol 2c Page 350   Marriages 1875S William STRANGE  Vol 2c Page 873 1890D Florence Ellen STRANGE  Vol 2c Page n/k   From the BVRI:

THOMAS, Eliza Jane Birth
Birth Date: 4 Feb 1837 Birthplace: Reading, Berk, Eng.
Recorded in: Dr. Williams Library for England and Wales
Father: William THOMAS, Mother: Sarah, Mother's Father: James STRANGE
Source: FHL Number 815933 Dates: 1837-1837 Note: 8893

Reading - St Giles
From Betty Judge from IGI (with Batch number)
1707 Jan 06   Elizabeth STRAINGE dau William & Elizabeth STRAINGE C 017642
1715 May 15 Thomas STRAINGE son " 1734 Apr 03 Elizabeth STRANGE dau of John & Elizabeth STRANGE Batch no P 017641
1738 Nov 22 Henry STRAING son " 1743 Mar 06 Mary STRANGE dau " 1746 Jul 13 Thomas STRANGE son " 1749 Apr 02 Edward STRANGE son " (big difference in dates, so may be different parents) 1756 Nov 26 James STRANGE son William & Elizabeth STRAINGE C 017642
1764 Aug 19 Mary STRANGE dau " 1776 Feb 4 Elizabeth STRANGE dau William & Winifred STRANGE P 017641
1778 Jan 25 Hannah STRANGE " 1779 May 24 William STRANGE son " 1743 Nov 18 William STRAINGE son Thomas & Jane STRAINGE P 017641 1754 Feb 24. Hannah STRANGE dau Francis & Elizabeth STRANGE P017641 1851 Mar 09 George John STRANGE son William Henry & Louisa STRANGE C 017643
  Marriages 1605 Mar 03 Robert STRANGE m Dennis Brighte 1724 Dec 12 Mary STRANGE m John Lovell Batch no, M 017464 1736 Feb 06 Elizabeth STRAINGE m Thomas Gray Batch no M 017641 1736 Apr 03 Ann STRANGE m John Welch. Batch no M 017641 1742 Dec 25 Thomas STRANGE m Jane Newberry-son Wm. bap 1743 Jan 18 St Giles 1754 Feb 02 Peter STRANGE married Elizabeth Jennings. Batch No P 017641 1851 Oct 19 Mary Ann STRANGE m William Grant batch number M 017645 1861 Oct 15 Helen Augusta STRANGE m Daniel Stone. " 1865 Jun 05 Sarah STRANGE m Albert Mattingley. Batch no M 017646 (Cert details below) 1870 Dec 15 Joseph STRANGE m Martha Grove . batch no. M 017646 1876 Mar 19 William STRANGE m Mary Ann Cole " 1885 Oct 12 Sarah STRANGE m William Keep. Batch no M017646 1888 Jan 15 Alice Maud STRANGE m Frederick Williams Lambden Batch.M017646 1890 Dec 25 George Edward STRANGE m Bertha Louisa Giles "   From: Dorothy Mattingley Marriage cert for: 1865 Jun 05 Albert Mattingley and Sarah STRANGE at the Parish Church of St Giles, Reading, Berks, lists her father as George Richard STRANGE, shoemaker. Albert's father is Francis Mattingley, shoemaker. Albert is also a shoemaker. (See Reading, St Mary for more family)   Reading - St Laurence
Marriage: 1852 Oct 02 Sarah STRANGE (from Medmenham) married William Tombs (Shoemaker) Blacksmith and
Tavern Keeper at the 'Rising Sun' in Twyford Berkshire in 1861 (a branch of the Hand-in- Hand
Friendly Society was run there). Both of West Street Reading (father William TOMBS; blacksmith;
b 1804 in Henley, Oxfordshire; died 1859; married Mary MONTAGUE) Witnesses: Joseph TOMBS
(Diane Foster said presumably the brother who was born 1831)and Mark WIGGINS.
From: Jennifer Tombs 21 Apr 1999 I have STRANGEs of Medmenham, Buckinghamshire in my tree including this Sarah STRANGE. Baptisms St James Roman Catholic Church,Reading per IGI with batch numbers 1813 Apr 19 Mary Ann STRANGE (or Knight or Night) daughter of James STRANGE and Ann (K)Night, Batch No. P015311 1813 Apr 19 George STRANGE son of John STRANGE (Batch no. P 015311)   Reading - St Mary the Virgin Church From Betty Judge Taken from Church Records Baptisms 1805 Nov 28 William STRANGE son of John & Hannah STRANGE Labourer of Hosiers Lane, Reading Berks 1810 Sep 02 George STRANGE " 1813 Apr 19 Maria STRANGE dau " 1816 Jun 10 William STRANGE " 1840 Nov 05 James George STRANGE son George & Elizabeth STRANGE, of Warren Place Reading, Shoemaker *** 1843 Oct 01 Sarah STRANGE dau George & Elizabeth STRANGE, of 21 Somerset Place Reading, Shoemaker *** 1846 Jan 04 George Richard STRANGE son " *** 1848 Aug 06 Mary Ann STRANGE dau " *** 1849 Mar 31 John STRANGE son of Charles & Ann STRANGE of Somerset Place, Reading Basket Makers. Baptised privately 1855 Dec 02 Henry STRANGE son " *** 1858 Aug 01 Maria STRANGE dau " ***
  Marriages 1733 Apr 16 John STRAINGE m Elizabeth King 1741 Jan 11 Sarah STRANGE m Edward Wilder. their son Austin Wilder born 1742 1768 Apr 14 Mary STRANGE m John Malpass 1807 Feb 02 Maria STRANGE m William Haydon 1816 Apr 01 George STRANGE m Mary Ann Evans 1835 Nov 30 Maria STRANGE m William Anett 1837 Feb 05 George STRANGE m Elizabeth Cooper (Dorothy Mattingley's ancestors)*** 1837 Jun 01 Sarah STRANGE m William Farmer   From: Dorothy Mattingley I have the birth certificates for: 1843 Aug 21 Sarah STRANGE dau of George STRANGE and Elizabeth formerly Cooper at St Mary, Reading, Berks  and her brother: 1845 Nov 17 George Richard STRANGE son of George STRANGE and Elizabeth formerly Cooper at St Mary, Reading, Berks    1891 census at St Mary, Reading, Battle, Grey Friars at 40 Somerset Place (page 6) George Richard STRANGE 45 yrs Lab, Reading Mary Ann STRANGE w 40 yrs, Reading Frederick STRANGE s 13 yrs, Lab., Reading William STRANGE s 11 yrs, scholar, Reading Alfred STRANGE s, 08 yrs, scholar, Reading Nelly STRANGE, d, 05 yrs, scholar, Reading Ernest STRANGE, s, 02 yrs, Reading Mary Clinch, visitor, 06 yrs scholar, Oxon, Henley   1891 census at St Mary, Reading, Berks (page 35) Sarah (STRANGE) and husband Albert Mattingley are at 52 Brook St W. St Mary Reading, Minster, with 5 children. (These are Dorothy's). (The two Beazley families on the same page are also hers.)   1891 Census Reading (St Mary;s) Berks RG12/991 6096102 Boarding with Henry Carter & Family
John STRANGE s 27 Iron/steel machinist. b Henley OXF An older brother of my 2nd GGF (James STRANGE); John was a boot maker's apprentice in 1881.   1891 Census Reading (St Mary's) RG 12/991 Living at 40 Somerset Place Reading Mary Ann STRANGE wid 40 b Reading Frederick " s 13 " William " s 11 " Alfred " s 8 " Nelly " s? 5 " Ernest " s 2 "   Living 42 Somerset Place Reading
Elizabeth STRANGE H wid 72 b Reading   Living at 28 Waylen Street,Reading Elizabeth STRANGE s 16 Gen.Dom.Servant b Reading   Sandhurst (C1579-1840, M 1579-1837; B 1579-1837) None by name STRANGE/Strainge   Shalbourne In 1881 Shalbourne was partly in Berks and partly in Wilts, the Berks part went to Wilts in 1895(ish). Parish records are at Wiltshire RO.   Looking for birth of Thomas STRANGE c1732 who married Hannah Beasley 1755 at Shalbourne, waford28@hotmail.com   Marriages: 1755 Apr 13 Thomas STRANGE m Hannah BEASLEY 1759 Apr 24 William STRANGE m Mary BEASLEY 1779 Jun 15 Sarah STRANGE m Henry WHITE 1782 Jul 29 Hannah STRANGE m John JANOWAY 1792 Aug 08 Elizabeth STRANGE m John BAKER   1851 Census (Bucklebury) BRK F140 Living at Shalbourne BRK Cornelius STRANGE H ? ? Eliza STRANGE w 23 b -ditto- William C STRANGE son 6 mths b -ditto + Daniel Bishop lodger 73 wid. pauper -ditto   F141 Working for Sarah Baker(Farmer) at Shalbourne BRK Daniel STRANGE S 19 A/L b "   Working on Prosperous Farm Shalbourne for Frederick Blandy (Farmer) Caroline STRANGE S.20 Servant b Shalbourne   Working for Elizabeth Cannon (wid.) Farmer & Living in Elizabeth STRANGE S 19 b Shalbourne   Folio Piece 137 Milly STRANGE H W 60 b Linkenholt Hants Isaac STRANGE s S 23 b Shalbourne David STRANGE s S 16 b " James STRANGE H M 55 A/L b. " Hannah STRANGE w M 56 b Welford BRK James STRANGE s S 21 A/L b Shalbourne Mary STRANGE d S 17 b "   1851 Census(Bucklebury) BRK Lodging at Hippercombe Hungerford BRK Thomas STRANGE lodger 24 S A/L b Shalbourne

From the Probate Calendar of Wills Keith Pitts (kpitts1162(at)aol(dot)com) identified
Administration of the Personal Estate of Martha Strange (wife of Daniel Strange) late of Shalbourne in the County of Wilts who died 13 October 1883 at Shalbourne was granted at Salisbury to the said Daniel Strange of Shalbourne, baker.  Daniel was his 4th great uncle.  Keith provide some of  his ancestral details are as follows and he also has marriage details and other family lines:

1  Thomas                 c1725
2  Thomas c1769
3  James 1795
4  Cornelius 1822 to 1867 (he was Daniel's brother)
5  Walter 1853
6  William Cornelius 1879 to 1951
7  William Bertie Strange 1902 to 1978  (Keith's grandfather)
Shellingford (Now in Oxfordshire) - Not to be confused with Shillingford
From Church Records from Betty Judge
1769 Apr 23 William STRANGE son of ??????
1665 Feb 26 Anne STRONG married Hugh Cowper 
1740 Apr 20 Francis STRANGE married Mary Day (Stan Judge's ancestors)
1776 Mar 02 Anne Strong
1725 Aug 16 John Strong of Shellingford ancient man in Stanford Register
1784 Oct 14 Charlotte Strong 17 buried 2 sep 1784 John Strong 42 Farmer
1854 Jun 19 Wm. Strong 89 of Wantage
1767 Feb 22 Charlotte Strong dau of John & Ann Strong
Shinfield, East
1901 Census Shinfield East, Berks
Edwin STRANGE  36 Shepherd on Farm b Aston/Wallingford. (Aston Tirrold)
Lydia    "     37 b Pusey Wilts 
Arthur   "     14 Rag boy on Farm b Aston/Wallingford (Aston Tirrold)
George   "     12   "         "               "
Alice    "      9   "         "               "
Joseph STRANGE 80 b Aston/Wallingford. (Aston Tirrold Berks)
(C1585-1836, M1566-1837; B1567-1850)
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
Shrivenham - St Andrew (now in Wiltshire)
Population in 1861 was 1,266; acreage 6,200 Baptisms:
SOG Shelf Mark BK/REG/87795/BK/R/103
Book 1 - 1700-1812 (gap 1741-44) - Nil STRANGE
Book 2 - 1813-1914
1821 Jun 24 Thomas s William and Mary, blacksmith, born May 05
1823 Mar 25 Joseph s William and Mary, blacksmith, born Feb 15
1824 Dec 25 George s William and Mary, blacksmith, born
1826 Oct 15 Charles s William and Mary, blacksmith
1828 Apr 23 Jenny d William and Mary, blacksmith (private)
1829 Apr 03 Hannah d William and Mary, blacksmith
1831 Apr 10 Henry Richard s William and Mary, blacksmith
1833 Mar 03 John s William and Mary, blacksmith
1834 Feb 16 Frederick John s William and Mary, blacksmith
1835 Apr 03 Martha d William and Mary, blacksmith
1838 Feb 23 Harriet d William and Mary, blacksmith
1842 Feb 12 Henry s William and Mary, blacksmith (private)
1848 Sep 24 Elizabeth d George and Sophia, blacksmith (Marston/Highworth)
1849 Dec 30 William Henry s George and Sophia, blacksmith
1851 Aug 31 Louisa d George and Sophia, blacksmith
1627 Dec -- Thomas STRANGE m Grace Webbe [day not noted]
1768 May 11 John STRANGE of Lechlade m Hannah Rowe, by Lic 
            (wits: Gilbert Woollard, Thomas Foard)
1850 Apr 27 Giles Cox of Bourton, labourer, 21, son William, labourer m Elizabeth STRANGE
            of Bourton, 22, servant, dau of James, labourer, m 27 April 1850
            (wits: Charles Adley, Jane STRANGE)
From: Chris Page
I enclose all the details I have on Elizabeth STRANGE, bar her father she's the only STRANGE
in my family tree ...at the moment!
Elizabeth STRANGE b c1827, Swindon area, Wiltshire of James STRANGE (mother not known)
Married 1850 Apr 27 to Giles COX at Shrivenham; children:
William James STRANGE ** 23 MAY 1848 Swindon, Wiltshire
Mary Jane COX 17 FEB 1858 Uxbridge Moor, MDX
Sarah Ann COX 25 AUG 1860 Hillingdon, MDX 
John COX bt.10 AUG 1864 Hillingdon, MDX
** Illegitimate - father unknown
Sonning was always in Berkshire but was a "Peculiar" of Dean of Salisbury.
1813 Dec 9 Elizabeth STRANGE to Samuel Toovey botp. Wit: Sarah T
South Moreton
(C 1599-1996, M 1599-1996, B 1599-1994)
1927 Nov 13 Nita Audrey STRANGE, b1927 Oct 6, d James & Rose, South Moreton,police constable
(C 1572-1865; M 1609-1812; B 1569-1808)
None by the name STRANGE/Strainge
Speen - St Mary the Virgin Church
National Burial Index:
1844 May 09 Olive STRANGE 85
1835 Apr 06 William STRANGE 63
Stanford Dingley
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
Stanford in the Vale - St Denys
(C 1558-1885, M 1563-1914, Bns 1808-1814, B 1558-1894)
1560/1 Mar 07 John the sonn in Baste of Jane STRANGE of Stanford, single woman was
              christened at home in the howse and buried the same day
1562 Nov 22   Jane STRANGE, the daughter of John STRANGE and Alis his wife.
1565 Apr 08   Elizabeth the daughter of John STRANGE and Alice his wife.
1567 Oct 26   Agnes the daughter of John STRANGE and Alice his wife.
1568 Jul 18   John the sone of Thomas STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife
1570 Aug 30   Margery the daughter of John STRANGE and Alice his wife
1570/1 Mar 18 Agnes the daughter of Wm. STRANGE and Margery his wife
1573 Jun 06   Cecily the daughter of John STRANGE and Alice his wife
1575 Nov 30   Alice the daughter of John STRANGE and Alice his wife (m Wm Houze see below)
1578 Apr 27   John the sone of John STRANGE and Alice his wife
1581 Sep 10   Richard the sone of John STRANGE and Alice his wife
1567 Nov 15    Richard Weebe (or Weeke) m Jane Strainge
1567/8 Jan 30  Thomas Straunge m Elizabethe Francklen
1591/2 Jan 25  William Home (or Homes or Hornes) of Sutton m Cicelie Straunge
1602 Jun 26    John Withers m Margerie Strainge
1606 Oct 12    William Houze of Sutton m Alice Strainge
1621 May 12    Edward Johnson, widower, m Margaret STRANGE, spinster of Wyghworth
1559 Apr 21    John STRANGE singull man the yongest sone of that name of Robert STRANGE and
               Agnes his wife of Stanford
1559 Jun 15    Wynefried the daughter of Robert STRANGE and Agnes his wife of Stanford
               singull woman
1559 Jun 18    Agnes the wife of Robert STRANGE of Stanford
1560/1 Mar 08  Jhon the sonne in baste of Jane Straynnge single womane
1569 Dec 02    Robert STRANGE married man
1571 Apr 03    Jone the elder and Jone the younger, infants the daughter[s] of Thomas
               STRANGE and Elzabeth his wife
1576 Jul 16    Thomas STRANGE of Stanford maried man
1590 Aug 01    Philipp STRANGE of Stanford singulman
1605 Jul 11    Joan Strainge of Standford wyddowe
1608/9 Mar 05  John Strainge of Standford married man
1613 Sep 11    Widdowe Strainge
1613 Dec 15    Richard Strainge singleman
1624 Aug sv?   Elizabeth STRANGE was buried the sv day of August [1624]
1638/9 Mar 06  Edyth STRANGE
National Burial Index:
1797 John STRANGE
From the Rent Roll of the Manor of Stanford:
belonging to Sir Thomas Aston, Bart. Michaelmas 1715..4s 6p  John STRONGE
formerly Thomas Lambourne From Tony Lloyd 
1748 Elizabeth STRANGE married Thomas Giles, also believe Thomas and Elizabeth are parents
of Sarah Giles who married John Lloyd at Stanford on the Vale and then moved to Hanney   Steventon From: Ed Hanson (C 1558-1950; M 1558-1954; B 1559-1922): 1830 Oct 26  James STRANGE of St Helens Abingdon m Eliza Ann ROBERTS of  Steventon, license, wits Robert PIKE (POPE?), James ROBERTS). See Abingdon for children. 1887 Oct 9   John STRANGE, 25, laborer of Abingdon, son of Joseph (laborer), m Sarah BARNES, 22, of Steventon, dau of George (butcher), deceased.   Streatley (C 1679-1840; M 1679-1836; B 1679-1840) Baptisms: 1823 May 15 Henrietta Louisa STRANGE, d Robert & Mary of St John parish, Devizes, solicitor [NB: I also have a record that says she was born 1823 Aug 15 and bap 1825 Nov 05] 1826 Apr 24 John Clark STRANGE, s Robert & Mary of Parish of St John Devizes,
Solicitor/attorney, b 5 Nov 1825 1828 Dec 29 Robert James STRANGE, s Robert & Mary of Devizes, attorney, b 11 Aug
See family below 1831 Sep 05 Richard William STRANGE, s Robert & Mary of Devizes, attorney, b 14 June 1837 Sep 28 William Heath STRANGE, s Robert & Mary of Devizes, attorney 1839 Jul 03 Richard Clark STRANGE, s Robert & Mary of Devizes, attorney   Marriage: 1822 Apr 22 Robert STRANGE Esq of Devises, Wilts, & Mary Clark otp, by Lic   1861 Berkshire Gazetteer for Streatley Berks Under Gentry: Mrs Mary STRANGE, Streatley [In 1841 she is lodging with John Clark, a maltster says a correspondent] Under Trades: John Clarke STRANGE Miller,Confectioner, Streatley   From Godfrey Bell godfrey.bell"at"btopenworld.com
I start with: 1 James STRANGE b 1761 + Sarah HEATH 2 Robert STRANGE b 1796 d 1852 Solicitor and Attorney + Mary CLARK b 1781 Kidlington OXF d 1864 3 Robert James STRANGE b 1828 in Streatley, Berkshire, emigrated to and died in
New Zealand in 1875 Godfrey's ancestor 3 .... see parish records above for siblings    Sulhampstead Abbott (C1602-1837; M1602-1837, B1602-1835) Baptisms: 1816 Nov 06 Sophia STRANGE, d Thomas, miller & farmer, & Ann of Sulham Abbotts 1820 Dec 01 Mary STRANGE, d Thomas, miller, & Ann 1824 Jul 14 Sarah STRANGE, d Thomas, miller, & Ann 1828 Jun 26 Eliza STRANGE, d Thomas, meal man, & Ann 1836 Jul 24 Anna Matilda STRANGE, d Thomas, meal man, & Anna Matilda 1837 Aug 27 Elizabeth Esther STRANGE, d Thomas & Anna Matilda Burials: 1819 Feb 26 Sarah STRANGE, infant 1828 Jul 12 Ann STRANGE, 42 1828 Sep 16 Eliza STRANGE, 14 weeks   1901 Census Sulhampstead Banner, Lower End. Berks Charles STRANGE 43 Carter on Farm b Aston Tirrold Berks Emma " 42 b Hampstead Norris, Berks   1861 Berkshire Gazetteer for Sulhampstead Berks W.J. STRANGE Farmer Sulhampstead

From Patrick STRANGE:
I am pretty sure that the mother and father, of some of the children, are Thomas and Ann (WELLBELOVE) married at Clewer 10th Oct 1809. They had two other children Thomas (1809) and my gggr and father William Jefferys STRANGE (1811). Thomas was also a farmer and miller, as well as being a brewer, as mentioned in the transcript.

It's interesting as it seems to indicate that they moved from Tilehurst to Sulhamstead between 1811 and 1816. However Ann (WELLBELOVE) was born around 1780, which would probably make her a little elderly for Eliza (1828) and Anna Matilda STRANGE (1836). So it seems possible that these last two girls are the daughters of the son Thomas (1809) and his wife Ann Matilda.

1861 Gazetteer of Berkshire Sulhampstead Berks - W. J. STRANGE Farmer
1861 Gazetteer Berkshire Sulhampstead Bannister Berks, Wm. STRANGE Farmer.

Sunninghill - Michael & All Angels Church
From Betty Judge:
IGI Baptisms batch no P 020421
1791 Oct 29 Benjamin STRANGE son of Benjamin & Jane STRANGE
Children of Thomas & Mary STRANGE bap at Sunninghill Church batch no P020421
1792 Jun 24   Amy STRANGE dau
1794 Jul 13   William STRANGE son
1797 Mar 09   John STRANGE son
1799 Jun 30   James STRANGE son (See Windsor 1891 census, James aged 72 Ag Lab)
1801 Jul 12   George STRANGE son (living Egham with wife 1861 Census)
1804 Jan 29   Mary STRANGE dau
1806 May 04   Charles STRANGE son
1791 ??? ??   Benjamin STRAINGE m Jane ?? 
IGI Marriages batch no M 020421
1792 Jan 01   Mary STRANGE m William Turner
1796 Aug 16   Ann STRANGE m Richard North
National Burial Index
1798 Aug 14 Amy STRANGE
Sunningwell (moved to OXF)
From Betty Judge
On the IGI the only STRANGE at Sunningwell, listed is:
1688 Sep 11  Richard STRANGE married Joan LEACH Batch film no, M 018892
NOTE that this transcription covers only a brief period
(C 1813-1842, M 1813-1837, B 1741-1842)
None by the name of STRANGE/Strainge
There is very little information at present from the Sunningwell records. Some of the books have been lost, destroyed or just generally misplaced. Source 5th Ed Oxfordshire Parish Registers and Bishop's Transcripts by Colin Harris, produced by the Oxfordshire Family History Society.   The Berkshire Record Office are supposed to hold PR's C 1543-1972, M 1556-1989, Banns 1755-1815, 1854-1910, B 1545-1958 [gaps C1836-1854, B 1842-1853]; (Inc) M 1837+. As I have found very little at the BRO I must have been looking in the wrong place. Next time we go I will delve further. BT's appear to be held from 1605-1835, with various gaps at the Wiltshire Record Office, so presumably Sunningwell must have been in the Salisbury Diocese.   From Denise Oliver October 2003:
Eli David STRANGE was my great grandfather,he had two children, Belinda Rose(my grandmother)
and Michael. They are all buried in Sunningwell churchyard   Sutton Courtenay - All Saints' (There is also the Catholic Christ Church) From: Ed Hanson (C 1539-1867; M 1538-1904; B 1540-1888) Baptisms: 1619 Sep 12 John STRANGE, son John & Sara 1620/1 Feb 16 Joseph STRANGE, son John & Sara 1622 Sep 17 Sara STRANGE, dau John & Sara 1624 Nov 10 Benjamin STRANGE [parents not listed] 1626 Oct 16 Nathaniel STRANGE, son John & Sarah 1628 Oct 03 Samuel Strainge, son John & Sara 1632 Mar 30 Rebecka STRANGE, dau John & Sara 1633 Sep 12 Benjamin STRANGE, son John & Sara 1635 Dec 24 Lettis Strainge, dau John & Sara   1802 Oct 31 Ambrose STRANGE,b16 Oct 1802 son of Ambrose, labourer, & Frances, formerly ROBINSON 1803 Oct 14 Frances STRANGE, b11 Oct 1803 dau " 1804 Nov 18 John STRANGE, b04 Nov 1804 son " 1807 Sep 13 Sarah STRANGE, b27 Aug 1807 dau " (Fanny) 1808 Aug 24 Joseph & Fanny STRANGE b. 24 Aug 1808, children of " 1811 Jan 11 Charles STRANGE b18 Dec 1810 son " 1812 Nov 21 Charles STRANGE, b18 Nov 1812 son " 1817 Aug 10 Henry STRANGE, b25 Jul 1817 son " 1826 Jan 05 Augusta Helen STRANGE, b19 Jul 1825 dau. Tho., schoolmaster & Emma, formerly TRUE, 1830 Jul 31 Louisa Theresa STRANGE, dau Thomas, schoolmaster & Emma 1831 Nov 13 Eliza STRANGE, dau John, labourer, & Sarah 1831 Dec 25 Sidney Frederick STRANGE, b17 Nov 1831 son of Thomas, schoolmaster & Emma 1832 Dec 31 Madison Orpin STRANGE, b29 Nov 1832 " 1833 Feb 23 Thomas STRANGE, son of Charles, labourer, & Martha 1834 Jul 13 George STRANGE, b21 Jun 1834 son of John, labourer, & Sarah 1835 Jan 18 Emma STRANGE, b28 Dec.1834 dau Charles, labourer, & Martha 1835 May 31 Clara Cecilia STRANGE, b 28 Nov 1834 dau Tho. Lieut RN & Emma 1836 May 22 Joseph STRANGE, son of John, labourer, & Sarah 1838 Jul 01 Amos STRANGE, son of John, labourer, & Sarah He wrote his name as STRAINGE in his family bible that is owned by parents
of Barry STRANGE <barry_strange@tiscali.co.uk> which is inscribed,
"MARY ELIZABETH STRANGE a gift from her affectionate husband,
on 5th April 1875" It has pages with details of their childrens B,D,M's.
Here are five images from that bible | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |
Amos married Mary Elizabeth PUTT in St Martin's Church, Oxford, on
27 September 1863. Unfortunately not all of the children's details are
legible so there is a full transcription at the end of this page.
1838 Sep 30 James STRANGE, son of Charles, labourer, & Martha 1841 Jan 24 John STRANGE, son of John, labourer, & Sarah 1845 Mar 30 Alfred STRANGE, son of John, labourer, & Sarah 1847 Oct 03 Sarah Anne STRANGE, dau of John, labourer, & Sarah 1850 Mar 31 Israel STRANGE, son of John, labourer, & Sarah 1858 Jan 24 George STRANGE, son of Henry, labourer, & Amy, Sutton Courtnay 1858 Jan 24 Sarah Ann STRANGE, dau of Henry , labourer, & Amy, Sutton Courtenay 1861 Mar 17 Mary Ann STRANGE, dau of Joseph, labourer, & Mary, Sutton Courtenay 1861 Aug 04 Henry STRANGE, son of Henry, labourer, & Amy, Sutton Courtenay 1862 Apr 26 Frederick James Thomas STRANGE, son James, labourer, & Thirza, S Courtenay 1863 Jul 26 Willie STRANGE, son of James, labourer, & Thirza, Sutton Courtenay 1863 Aug 13 William Reuben STRANGE, son of Henry, labourer, & Amy, Sutton Courtenay 1865 Aug 13 Jesse STRANGE, son of Joseph, labourer, & Ann, Sutton Courtenay 1865 Nov 12 Samuel STRANGE, son of Henry, labourer, & Amy, Sutton Courtenay 1866 Dec 16 Caleb George STRANGE, son of James, labourer, & Thirza, Sutton Courtenay 1867 Jun 23 Frederick STRANGE, son of Joseph, labourer, & Ann, Sutton Courtenay   Marriages: 1618 Oct 28 John STRANGE & Sara Charlton, married at Appleford, Symon and Judes' day 1829 Mar 16 John STRANGE & Sarah Trinder(wits: James Owen, Hannah Howard, James Robins) 1832 Jun 27 Charles STRANGE & Martha Woodley Higgs (witnesses: Moses Moss, Eliza Huggins, W. Herring) 1840 Aug 16 Thomas STRANGE, blacksmith, son of Samuel STRANGE, blacksmith, & Sophia Lewis dau of John Lewis, labourer (witnesses: Charles Lewis, Mary Lewis) 1854 Apr 15 George Thomas, labourer, son of Henry Thomas, labourer, & Eliza STRANGE dau of John STRANGE, (witnesses: Henry Ward, Ruth Edwards) 1855 Aug 19 Jesse Gibbs, labourer, of Culham, son of William Gibbs, labourer, m Emma STRANGE, 20, of Sutton Courtenay, dau of Charles STRANGE, labourer, (witnesses: Thomas STRANGE, Stephen Davis) 1858 Jul 04 Joseph STRANGE, 20, labourer, son of John STRANGE, labourer, m Ann Elizabeth Collier, 17, dau of Thomas Collier, carpenter, (witnesses: Henry STRANGE, Eliza Thomas) 1861 Nov 19 James STRANGE, 22, labourer, son of Charles STRANGE, labourer, m Thurza Seville, 20, dau of George Seville (witnesses: William Prior, Elizabeth Gidden) 1861 Nov 24 Henry TINSON, labourer, (b c1838, Sutton Courtney) son of Henry Tinson, labourer, m. Harriet STRANGE, 20 (b 14 Feb 1841, Hanney), dau of William STRANGE, labourer, (witnesses: Benjamin Tinson, Ellen Watts)
From Rina  Callingham (contact emma.callingham[at]tesco.net),
her husband Peter's ancestor is  Harriet Strange b 1841 , daughter of
William  b 1808 West Hanney & Martha (Pullen).
Peter is thus related to Stan Judge and to  Linda Shoebridge 1869 May 01 William Belcher, labourer, son of William Belcher, labourer, m Sarah Ann STRANGE, dau of John STRANGE, labourer (witnesses: Daniel Parker, Mary Ann Belcher) 1875 Dec 25 James Sadler, labourer, son of James Sadler, labourer, & Mary Ann STRANGE, (bap 17 March 1861) 20, dau of John STRANGE, labourer (witnesses: John Snow, Florence Eleanor Sadler) 1876 Dec 18 Charles STRANGE, labourer, widower, son of Ambrose STRANGE, labourer, m Sarah Nobs, spinster, dau of Richard Nobs, labourer (witnesses: Charles Haines, Thirza Prior),   Burials: 1627 Jun 09 Benjamin STRANGE 1632 Dec 28 Rebeckah Stranng, dau of John & Sara 1803 Jan 03 Ambrose STRANGE, age 11 weeks 1803 Oct 17 Frances STRANGE, dau of Ambrose, age 5 days 1807 Nov 22 Sarah STRANGE, age 11 weeks 1808 Sep 18 Joseph STRANGE, age 3 weeks 1808 Oct 02 Fanny STRANGE, age 5 weeks 1817 Oct 29 Henry STRANGE, age 13 weeks 1833 Jan 17 Laura Theresa STRANGE, age 3 1836 Apr 14 Emma STRANGE, age 9 1838 Jul 19 Emma STRANGE, age 42 1844 Jun 02 Ambrose STRANGE, age 64 1851 Sep 10 Israel STRANGE, age 18 months, Sutton Courtenay 1853 Jun 04 Fanny STRANGE, age 76, Sutton Courtenay 1861 Sep 15 John STRANGE, age 20, Sutton Courtenay 1862 May 07 Frederick James Thomas STRANGE, age 2 weeks, Sutton 1863 Aug 05 Courtenay Henry STRANGE, age 2, Sutton Courtenay 1867 Nov 07 Martha STRANGE, age 55, Sutton Courtenay 1869 Mar 27 Frederick STRANGE, age 4 months, Sutton Courtenay 1870 Sep 09 Rose STRANGE, age 10 days, Sutton Courtenay 1879 Mar 23 Sarah STRANGE, age 69, Sutton Courtenay 1880 Jun 13 John STRANGE, age 74, Sutton Courtenay 1880 Jul 21 Charles STRANGE, Sutton Courtenay   Families: From Betty Judge: 1618 Oct 28 John STRANGE married Sara Charlton Children of John & Sara STRAINGE bap batch no. C018382 1619 Sep 12 John STRANGE son 1620 Apr 16 Joseph STRANGE son 1622 Sep 17 Sara STRANGE daughter 1626 Oct 15 Nathaniel STRAINGE son 1628 Oct 03 Samuel STRANGE son 1633 Sep 12 Benjamin STRANGE son 1829 Mar 16 John STRANGE married Sarah Trinder batch no M 018381   Children of John & Sarah STRANGE bap Batch no P 018381 1830 Jan 24 Henry STRANGE son 1831 Nov 13 Eliza STRANGE daughter 1832 Dec 31 Madison Orpin STRANGE son 1834 Jul 13 George STRANGE son 1836 May 22 Joseph STRANGE son 1838 Jul 01 Amos STRANGE son 1841 Jan 24 John STRANGE son 1845 Mar 30 Alfred STRANGE son 1847 Oct 03 Sarah STRANGE daughter 1850 Mar 31 Israel STRANGE son   Children of Ambrose & Frances (nee Robinson) STRANGE m Ardington 1802. M018582 baptised at Sutton Courtney Berks per IGI Batch No P 018381 1802 Oct 31 Ambrose Andrew STRANGE son 1803 Oct 14 Frances STRANGE daughter 1804 Nov ?? John STRANGE son 1807 Sep 13 Sarah STRANGE daughter 1808 Aug 24 Fanney STRANGE daughter (twin?) 1808 Aug 24 Joseph STRANGE son " 1811 Jan 11 Charles STRANGE son (died?) 1812 Nov 21 Charles STRANGE son 1817 Aug 10 Henry STRANGE son   Children of Thomas STRANGE and Emma True bap Sutton Courtenay, per IGI batch no P018381 1826 Jan 05 Augusta Ellen STRANGE daughter 1830 Jul 03 Laura Theresa STRANGE daughter 1831 Dec 25 Sidney Frederick STRANGE son 1835 May 31 Clara Cecilia STRANGE daughter 1832 Jun 27 Charles STRANGE married Martha Woodley Higgs. Sutton Courtney. batch no M 018381   Children of Charles & Martha STRANGE bap at Sutton Courtney,per IGI batch no P018381 1833 Feb 23 Charles STRANGE son 1835 Jan 19 Emma STRANGE daughter 1838 Sep 30 James STRANGE son   Children of Henry STRANGE and Amy. bap Sutton Courtenay, per IGI batch no P018381 1858 Jan 24 Sarah Ann STRANGE daughter 1858 Jan 24 George STRANGE son 1861 Aug 04 Henry STRANGE son 1863 Nov 01 William Reuben STRANGE son 1865 Nov 12 Samuel STRANGE son batch no C 018383 1861 Nov 19 James STRANGE married Thirza Seville Sutton Courtney batch no M 018383   Children of James & Thirza STRANGE bap. Sutton Courtney per IGI 1861 Apr 26 Frederick James Thomas STRANGE son batch no P018381 1863 Jul 26 Willie STRANGE son batch no P018381 1866 Dec 16 Caleb STRANGE son batch no C 018383 1870 Sep 05 Frederick STRANGE son, born 1868 Nov 30 " 1870 Sep 05 Rose STRANGE daughter " 1872 Jun 16 Christopher STRANGE son "   Children of Joseph & Ann STRANGE bap Sutton Courtenay batch no C 018383 1865 Aug 13 Jesse STRANGE son 1867 June23 Frederick STRANGE son   1851 Census for Sutton Courtenay Berks Book vol 4:2 H107/1688 Sutton Courtney sub dist Abingdon Berks Folio 622 Sutton Courtney Berks John STRANGE 51 Farm Lab b Sutton Courtenay (son of Ambrose & Fanny STRANGE) Sarah    "     48                   b Henery   "     21 Ag Lab bap 24 Jan 1830 Sutton Courtenay George   "     17   "     "  13 Jul 1834      " Joseph   "     13   "     "  22 May 1836      " (married Ann Elizabeth COLLIER) Amos      "     11   "     "  01 Jul 1838      " John      "      7         "  24 Jan 1841      " Alfred    "      5         "  30 Mar 1845      " Sarah Ann "      3         "  03 Oct 1847      " (married William BELCHER) Israel    "      1         " 31 Mar 1850 "   Folio 594 Sutton Courtney Berks CHARLES STRANGE 37 MARTHA " 36 THOMAS " 18 EMMA " 16 JAMES " 12   Folio 595 Sutton Courtney Berks FANNY STRANGE 72   That IGI Records 1661 Aug 06 Ann STRANGE married William Baall batch no 7723025 1664 Apr 11 Katherine STRANGE married Daniel Yates batch no 8706534   Theale 1851 Census - Berkshire Name Index Folio 419 William STRANGE aged 44 yr   Folio 421 Sophia STRANGE aged 9 yrs   Tilehurst - St George Church (West Reading, St Georges Rd, off Oxford Rd) Click here to go to a separate page   Uffington (C 1654-1988, M 1663-1990, Bns 1763-1823, B 1607-1946) Baptism: 1859 Aug 28 Sarah STRANGE, dau John, labourer, & Anne   Marriage: 1787 Jan 30 William STRANGE, bachelor of St Helens, Abingdon, Berks, & Sarah Evans, spinster of Woolston, m by Lic. (witnesses: Tho. Church; John Pinnell)   Upton (C 1588-1742, 1861-1990; M 1588-1735, 1863-1979, Bns 1862-1990; B 1588-1721, 1862-1990) Baptism: 1955 Nov 05 Keith Malcolm STRANGE, b. 10 April 1954, son of Leslie Gilbert, rail. length-man, & Jean Gladys, Upton,   Wallingford 2000 Nov 24 The current Mayor of Wallingford (now in Oxfordshire) is Mr Denis STRANGE; he
was pictured in The Oxford Times, Friday - Thanks to Betty Judge for the newspaper cutting   1851 Census Berks book vol Wallingford H107/1690 sub dist of Wallingford Folio 224 Wallingford   THOMAS STRANGE 40 MARIA " 41 CHARLES " 12 ANN MARIA " 11 CHARLOTTE " 9 THOMAS " 8 EMMA " 6 AMY " 5 months   Wallingford  - St. Leonard's (C 1605-1681, 1711-1967, M 1605-1681, 1711-1975, B 1605-1681, 1711-1975) Baptisms: 1840 Apr 19 Mary Anne STRANGE, d Henry, miller, & Henry Anne, Wood St 1848 Mar 26 William STRANGE, s Thomas, butcher, & Maria, Castle St 1886 Oct 19 Thirza STRANGE, dau Edward, laborer, & Ellen, St Leonard's Lane 1918 May 26 Kyrle Horace STRANGE, son of Francis Charles, motor mail driver & Dorothy Barratt, 4 Goldsmiths Lane 1922 Jul 02 Walter Raymond STRANGE, s Frederick, postman & Ellen, 32 St John's Rd 1926 Sep 26 Patrick STRANGE, s Frederick, cellar-man & Ellen, St John's Rd 1951 Jan 28 Richard Francis STRANGE, s Francis Harold, nurseryman & Jean, 57 St Mary's St , b16 Sept 1950; godparents: William Robert STRANGE, John Bosby, Cecily Lois Brown   Marriages: 1714 Nov 08 Richard Stamp of Bradnam & Martha STRANGE of Long Wittenham 1737 Dec 05 Whichellow of Hagborn & Sarah STRANGE of Hagbourne 1816 Jan 16 Joseph Strenge (STRANGE) otp & Harriet Francis of this parish, m by banns (witnesses: Martha Strenge (STRANGE), Martha Francis, Matthew Champion    (See comment at Cholsey) 1831 Jul 17 George STRANGE, widower, of Cholsey, Berks, m by Lic Mary Ann Smith, spinster otp (witnesses: James Smith, Richard Child) 1934 May 21 Walter Charles Howse, 22 yrs, bachelor of Cholsey, grocer's assistant, s Albert Edward, bricklayer, m by banns Gladys May STRANGE, 21 yrs, spinster otp d Frederick Joseph, cellar-man (witnesses: Frederick Charles STRANGE, Gilbert Jack Harvey) 1939 Nov 04 Laurence George STRANGE, 25 yrs, bachelor, 45 High St, otp, brewer's dray-man, s Frederick Joseph, store-man, m by banns Doreen Stephens, 21 yrs, spinster, 25 Croft Rd, d Edward John, munitions worker (witnesses: F.S.H. Hooper, G. J. Harvey) 1944 May 20 Arthur Lionel STRANGE, 24 yrs, bachelor, Tettenhall Wood, Tinacre Hill, Wight Wick, Wolverhampton, Captain, R.A., son Ernest William, doctor, banns, Eveline Ellen Temple, 25 yrs, spinster, St Leonard's Rectory, otp, State Registered Nurse, d Wilfred Henry, ship chandler (witnesses: D.M. STRANGE, G.W. STRANGE, Charlotte Gobbitt, F. Paine?) 1964 May 30 Aidan Charles Shoebridge, 24 yrs, bachelor, 52 Saxby's Lane, Lingfield, Surrey, R.E. B.A.O.R., s Charles William, deceased, banns, Linda May STRANGE, 24 yrs, spinster, 30 Station Rd., otp, clerical officer, d Frederick Charles, store-man (witnesses: E. Shoebridge, J. Shoebridge, F. STRANGE, S. STRANGE)   Burials: 1873 Dec 13 Richard STRANGE, 66 yrs, Church Lane, bur in cemetery 1891 Jan 31 Ann STRANGE, 82 yrs, Alms House 1924 Nov 22 Walter Raymond STRANGE, 2 yrs, 32 St John's Rd 1959 Dec 07 Lawrence George STRANGE, 45 yrs, 19 St Mary's St   Wallingford Poll 10/11 Dec 1832 - SOG Ref BK/P1832 Bensington, Thomas STRANGE, gent, polled for Mr Blackstone Cholsey, James STRANGE, labourer, polled for Mr Eyston   Wallingford  - St. Mary-le-More (C 1612-1919, M 1614-1637, 1653-1925, B 1612-1939) Baptisms: 1726/7 Jan 26 William, son Thomas & Joyce STRANGE (See Wallingford, St Peter)
(There are gaps in the baptism records for St. Peter's and
St. Mary le More) 1750/1 Feb 23 Anne, dau Richard & Mary STRANGE 1753 Jan 28 Eliz., dau Richard & Mary STRANGE 1755 Dec 01 Thos., son Richard & Mary Strainge 1758 Oct 10 John, son Richard & Mary STRANGE 1834 Sep 28 Ann, dau Richard STRANGE, laborer, & Ann, Wood Street 1838 May 08 Charles, son Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1839 Oct 03 Anna Maria, dau Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1840 May 14 Alfred Thomas, son Thomas STRANGE, warehouseman, & Martha, Goldsmiths Lane 1841 Jul 08 Charlotte, dau Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1841 Jul 29 Richard Henry, son Henry STRANGE, millwright, & Ann, Wood Street 1843 Jan 05 Thomas, son Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria,Castle Street, 1843 Jan 05 Emily, dau Henry STRANGE, millwright, & Mary, Wood Street, 1844 Oct 06 Henrietta, dau Henry STRANGE, millwright, & Ann, Wood Street 1844 Oct 17 Emma, dau Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1848 Mar 26 William, son Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1850 Oct 31 Fanny, dau Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1852 Aug 19 Alfred Henry, son Thomas STRANGE, butcher, & Maria, Castle Street 1867 Mar 03 Emily Jeannette, dau Alfred Thomas STRANGE, grocer, & Emily, Castle Street 1868 Apr 12 George Clifton, son Alfred Thomas STRANGE, shopman, & Emily, Castle Street 1870 Oct 09 Edith Minnie, dau Alfred Thomas STRANGE, shopman, & Emily, Castle Street   Marriages
1702/3 Jan 21 William Strainge & Frances Field, both of Long Witham, Berks 1815 Sep 29 Benjamin Swadling of Mongewell, Oxon, & Elizabeth STRANGE, spinster, otp, (wits: Jane Lovegrove, William Winterborne, Mary Newbury, John Hambleton) 1864 Jul 05 Alfred Thomas STRANGE, otp, bachelor, grocer, son of Thomas, grocer, m Emily Bradford, otp dau of John, printer; (witnesses: John Bradford, Maria Elizabeth Bradford, John James Gluyas) 1865 Mar 16 Thomas STRANGE, 54, widower, otp, grocer, son of James, blacksmith, m Jane Treadwell, widow, 45, otp, dau. of William, laborer; (witnesses: Charles Inns Eggleton, Martha Eggleton) 1870 Dec 24 Charles Barter STRANGE, bachelor, of Tottenham, MDX, schoolmaster, son of Charles, solicitor, m Sarah Ann Holmes, spin, otp, dau. Richard, corn agent (witnesses: George Absolon, Mary Langley)   Burials 1756 Feb 09 Thomas Strainge, son of Richard & Mary 1757 Oct 05 Thomas STRANGE, son of Richard & Mary 1807 Sep 09 Mrs Mary STRANGE 1841 Aug 30 Richard Henry STRANGE, infant, Wood St 1844 May 24 Henry STRANGE, 28, Wood Street 1846 Apr 11 Ann STRANGE, 31, Wood Street 1850 May 20 William STRANGE, 2, Castle Street, bur in All Saints   Churchyard 1853 Mar 16 Thomas STRANGE, 10, Castle Street 1864 May 23 Martha STRANGE, 66, Goldsmith's Lane   Wallingford - St. Peter's (C 1605-1969, M 1605-1967, B 1612-1930 with gaps) Baptisms: 1727/8 Jan 24 John, son Tho. STRANGE (see Wallingford, St Mary Le More) 1735/6 Mar 11 David, son Tho. & Joyce STRANGE   Marriage: 1776 Nov 10 John Gardner, bachelor, of St Peter's Wallingford, m Elizabeth STRANGE, of St Mary's Wallingford,(license) (witnesses: Robert Arnould, Ann STRANGE, Mary Ford, Ann Cox)   Births per GRO Index - Register Wallingford RO 1859M Kate STRANGE vol 2c page 322 1859M Mary STRANGE vol 2c page 319 1859S James STRANGE vol 2c page 291 1859S James E STRANGE vol 2c page 294 1860D Albert STRANGE vol 2c page 274 1886S Arthur Edwin STRANGE vol 2c page 323 1887J Florence Emma STRANGE vol 2c page 310 1887S Elizabeth STRANGE vol 2c page 319 1888J Ellen Grace STRANGE vol 2c page333 or 337 1892D Reginald Albert STRANGE vol2c page 273 1893S Arthur STRANGE vol2c page 370 1899J Reginald Herbert STRANGE vol 2c page 326 1899S Esther STRANGE vol 2c page 294 1899S Thomas Albert STRANGE vol 2c page 292 1899D William James STRANGE vol 2c page 207   Marriages GRO Index - Register Wallingford RO 1867D John STRANGE vol 2c page n/k 1877D Joseph STRANGE vol 2c page 739 1886J Harriett STRANGE vol 2c page n/k Note: Where it states n/k this is because the fiche was too hard to decipher.   Deaths per GRO Index - Register Wallingford RO 1841S Thomas STRANGE vol V1 page 147 1841D Sarah STRANGE vol V1 page 169 1892J Frederick STRANGE aged 62, vol 2c page 322

Jean Williams said on 22 Dec 2003
On her marriage certificate, I have Jane STRANGE, father Conartis STRANGE a labourer. Jane was born in 1850 in Wallingford, Berkshire (according to the1881 census).  I am trying to find any other record of "Conartis"   Jane married my great grandfather Frederick KINGSTON in May 1874 at Greenwich Register Office. they lived in Deptford for the remainder of their lives. I would love to find details of Jane's birth/baptism, any siblings she may have had and who her mother was.

From the 1851 census for Wallingford District: HO 107/1690
Charles STRANGE  HD    25    ag lab       born BRK Cholsey
Maryann STRANGE  Wife  24                 born BRK East Challow
Joseph STRANGE   Son    3                 born BRK Cholsey
Jane STRANGE     Dau   11 mths            born BRK Cholsey

This could be the family; and see Cholsey Parish Registers Marriage April 14 1847 Charles STRANGE age 18 bach. of the parish married Mary Ann LOVEGROVE age 19 of the parish daughter of Edward.

(C 1538-1704, M 1538-1704, B 1538-1704)
1614 Nov 23   Martha STRANGE  d of Edward and Elizabeth (nee QUELCH - see Marriages)
1648 Aug 10   Richard STRANGE s of Richard and Jane  (nee BURTON - see Marriages)
1650 Oct 29   Mary STRANGE    d of Richard and Jane
1652 Dec 15   Edward STRANGE s of Richard and Jane
1655 May 13   John STRANGE  s of Richard and Jane  (Marries Mary PEASEY - see Marriages)

1558 Nov 14   Maude STRANGE m Bartholomew CLEMENT
1597 Oct 30   William STRANGE m Joane WELLMAN
1613 Sep 19   Edward STRANGE m Elizabeth QUELCH
1652 Oct 18   Edward STRANGE m Mary SHUREY (or SLUREY ?)
1652 Oct 18   Edward STRANGE m Jane (Ione) ????  Children Richard, Mary & Elizabeth
1661/2 Feb 15 Richard STRANGE m Elizabeth BURTON
1699 Jul 13   John STRANGE yeoman of Peasey m Mary PEASEY of Peasey
1704 Jun 07   Robert STRANG, victualler of Reading m Margaret STEVENS of Newnham, Oxon
Plus from Betty Judge:
1779 May 10   Francis STRANGE m Elizabeth WELCH (ancestor for Stan Judge)
From Betty Judge, here is a family tree of descent from Francis and Elizabeth
through their daughter Anne Strange (c1793-1877), her illegitimate son,
Charles (1824-1869) and wife Ann Jane RANDLES who made their family in West
Derby, Liverpool. Their STRANGE descendents are still in that area today.
1817 Jul 13 William Phillips (b abt 1797 Wantage) m Elizabeth STRANGE b abt 1798 West Hanney, daughter Francis & Elizabeth (Welch) STRANGE at Wantage, Berks (possible relative of Stan Judge)   Burials: 1623 Sep 25 Elizabeth Strainge 1660/1 Jan 13 child of Edward STRANGE 1695/6 Jan 09 Edward STRANGE, d 8 Jan 1695/6 1673 Oct 02 Joane STRANGE, wife of Edward   Births from GRO Index, Wantage R O:
1874S James Thomas STRANGE son of William and Mary (PULLEN) STRANGE 1887J Seth STRANGE 1899J Sidney STRANGE

From Kim Denniss {fertee[at]aol[dot]com} in January 2007
I am a descendant of Evangeline Strange b1874 Wantage, Berkshire.

Warborough - St Lawrence
1861 Census Bradfield Berks
Living at Warborough OXF Census Day
Thomas STRANGE H M 50 Butcher Cholsey
Maria     "    W   ?? Wallingford BKS
Charlotte "    D   19 Milliner/dressmaker Wallingford Berks
Fanny     "    D   10 Scholar                "
Alfred    "    S    8    "                   "
Florence  "    D    5 Warborough OXF
Warfield - Roman Catholic
(C1776-1784, M1777-1778)
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
Watchfield (after 1974 Oxfordshire)
(C 1858-1946, M 1858-1958, B 1861-1982)
None by the name STRANGE/Strainge
West Hanney (also East Hanney, and Lyford to 1835)
(C 1582-1812, M 1564-1812, Bns 1761-1880, B 1564-1783)
1618 Sep 05     Henrie STRANGE, son Thomas, West Hanney
1619/20 Mar 16  Susan STRANGE,  dau Thomas, West Hanney
1619/20 Mar 16  Anne STRANGE,   dau Thomas, West Hanney
1621 Nov 11     Thomas Strainge, West Hanney
1683/4 Feb 27   Thomas Strainge,     son William, East Hanney IGI has 17 Feb 
1686 Aug 01     John Strainge,       son William, East Hanney
1691/2 Jan 06   Elizabeth STRANGE,   dau William, East Hanney
1692 Aug 28     Jane STRANGE,        dau William, West Hanney
1694 Aug 12     Mary Strainge,       dau William, West Hanney
1694/5 Feb 17   William Strainge,    son William, West Hanney
1696/7 Jan 01   Jonathan STRANGE,    son William, East Hanney
1697 Oct 31     Thomas STRANGE,      son William, West Hanney
1699 Sep 22     Judith STRANGE,      dau William, yeoman, East Hanney
1701/2 Jan 18   Katherine STRANGE,   dau William, yeoman, East Hanney
1703 Dec 05     Mary STRANGE,           dau William, day labourer, West Hanney
1712/3 Mar 07   Eleanor STRANGE,           dau William, East Hanney
1714 Dec 19     William STRANGE,            son William, East Hanney
1716 Sep 14     Frances STRANGE,           dau William, East Hanney
1718 Aug 17     Mary Strainge,             dau William, East Hanney died 8 Feb 1719
1720 Jul 20 Elizabeth Strainge, dau William, East Hanney IGI has 10 Jul
1722 Jul 08 Katherine Strainge, dau William, East Hanney 1742 Jul 15 William STRANGE, son Francis 1744 Apr 22 Mary STRANGE, dau Francis and Mary, Lyford 1746/7 Mar 15 Catherine STRANGE, dau Francis and Mary 1749/50 Jan 28 Francis STRANGE, son Francis and Mary 1780 Jun 11 Sarah STRANGE, dau Francis and Elizabeth (WELCH), Lyford 1783 Jan 16 Mary STRANGE, dau Francis and Elizabeth, Lyford 1786 Mar 26 Francis STRANGE, son Francis and Elizabeth, Lyford 1790 Jan 31 William STRANGE, son Francis and Elizabeth, Lyford, See at end of this parish and Oxford Apprentices china and glass) 1794 Jan 19 Ann STRANGE, dau Francis and Elizabeth, Lyford 1798 Jan 28 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau Francis and Elizabeth, Lyford
She died 13th Dec 1868 in Kempton,Tasmania, Australia and was buried in
St Mary's there. She had married a William PHILLIPS who was born 1790 and
died 27th Feb 1850, Tasmania, Australia
From IGI:
1802 Dec 25 Samuel STRANGE son Sarah STRANGE
1809 Jan 15 William STRANGE dau Mary STRANGE, born 25 Dec 1808
1810 Mar 11 Mary STRANGE dau Francis and Elizabeth, born 9 Feb 1810
1812 Dec 27 Francis STRANGE, son Francis and Elizabeth, born 22 Jun 1812
1617 Oct 14    Thomas STRANGE m Margaret Adams
1691 Nov 08    William Strainge m Joane Dunsdon
1702 Oct 04    William STRANGE, day labourer, West Hanney, m Elizabeth Paty
1712 Nov 10    Michael Belcher m Elizabeth STRANGE
1724 Nov 02    Abraham Smith m Mary Strainge
1736 Oct 03    William Collins m Eleanor STRANGE
1765 Jun 27    William STRANGE, All Hallows (or All Saints - Strays List?), City of Oxford
               m Ann Woodward, by Lic., (witnesses: John Woodward, Helena Noyes)
From IGI:
1826 Nov 03 William STRANGE m Elizabeth Dawson
1834 Feb 23 William STRANGE m Mary PULLEN
1837 Feb 27 David PRIOR m Maria STRANGE
1653 May 28    Margaret Straing, wife Thomas, West Hanney
1667 Dec 30    Judith STRANGE, wife Thomas
1673 Jun 01    William Strainge, East Hanney
1684 Jun 01    Thomas Strainge, East Hanney (born Denchworth, 1684)
1699 Jul 18    Jone STRANGE, w Will., day labourer, West Hanney
1701 Oct 02    Thomas STRANGE, s Will., day labourer, West Hanney
1707 Jul 05    William Strainge, yeoman, East Hanney
1718/19 Feb 08 Mary STRANGE, dau William
1719 Dec 28    Elizabeth Straing, widow, East Hanney
1763/64 Apr 21 widow STRANGE, from Oxford
1770 Nov 19    Ann STRANGE, wife of William, of All Saint's Oxford
1778 Apr 02    Francis Straing, Lyford
West Hanney Church Monumental Inscription
"Here lieth the body of Sarah the wife of William Straing and daughter of Thomas and Mary
Woodward who died Nov ye--- 1774 ? aged 80 years"
Betty Judge says: STRANGE thing is I have a William STRANGE who married an Ann Woodward
( b Oct 1744) on 17 June 1765 at West Hanney Church Berks.
From Patrick STRANGE  5 May 2002
I have from Berkshire records, copies of three will's for STRANGEs from East Hanney.
They date from the 1600's and are almost impossible to read;
Thos STRANGE, Yeoman, East Hanney, 1684
Wm STRANGE., sen., husb., East Hanney 1673
Wm STRANGE., yeo, East Hanney 1708
Betty Judge says regarding the above wills:
Thomas STRANGE married Margaret Adams in 1617.  Sons & grandson:
THOMAS STRANGE b 1621 died 1684. West Hanney
John STRANGE b 1624 - son WILLIAM b 1670 died 1708 West Hanney
WILLIAM STRANGE b 1625 died 1673.West Hanney.
As you can see all three are closely related, two brothers, Thomas and William, and a 
nephew William. 
Betty Judge says:
Subject: William STRANGE, glass-man 
This subject is close to me heart as Francis STRANGE of Lyford is Stan's ancestor. So here
is more info I have collected:
I have on record that a William STRANGE son of Francis and Mary Day STRANGE bap 15 July 1742
West Hanney Berks could have been the apprentice mentioned, He was living at All Hallows in
the City of Oxford when he married Ann Woodward of Long Wittenham Berks, on 27 June 1765 by
licence, at West Hanney Church, witnesses John Woodward and Helena Noyes They had four
children accounted for (but see Ed's comments below which I support MS); all baptised at Long
Wittenham Church. Ann bap 29 Sep 1766; William bap 29 July 1767; Elizabeth bap 14 June 1768;
and Rose bap 3 July 1770.
An Ann STRANGE was buried 19 Nov 1770 in Parish of All Saints Oxford. (Could be daughter or
Then a Wm STRANGE of All Saints Oxford b 1749?? Chinaman married Mary Hope, in 1771, as
described and they had 5 children, all died. and were buried at All Saints Oxford (one, a
daughter, Sarah, bap 24 Jan 1776 All Saints Oxford, buried 9 May 1779.  
The All Saints Oxford Register also states a Mr STRANGE was carried to Hanney for burial
10 Oct 1786.  Is this the Older William STRANGE who was the original chinaman.??  Also a
widow STRANGE from Oxford was buried at West Hanney 21 April 1763.  Cannot be his wife, she
has died first.  
Berkshire Poll books show 30/31 March and April 1 1768. 
Covers all Hundreds SOG re BK?/P1768 
William STRANGE abode Oxford, freehold East Hanney, land occupied Wm. Herman.  In 1784
William STRANGE ,occupation China and Glassman,Earthenware/glass, was listed in Bailey
British Directory Vol 1 London; Vol 2 Western Directory; Vol 3 Northern Directory; Vol 4
The Eastern Directory.  The probate etc are the same. and letters of Administration granted
to Mary STRANGE widow. Nov 1800.  A Mary STRANGE married by licence Joseph Holland on 1804 
August 1 at All Saints Oxford.  Witnesses Mary Ward and James Lush. from All Saints records.
I have not followed this up, nor have I found the children of his first marriage. 
Still lots to do and lots of queries to sort out:
Who was the first William STRANGE Chinaman?
Who possibly was born at East Hanney?
Would a copy of the will make any sense to the above queries?
Ed Hanson adds:
From the Hanney baptisms, it looks like among William STRANGE's six children were William
(1714) and Francis (1716). Francis is probably the father of the William (1742) who was
apprenticed in 1759; note that Francis was called "of Lyford" when his daughter Mary was
baptised in 1744, although not so designated in connection with the other children.
William (1714) was probably the original "chinaman" and also the one who was "Mr STRANGE,
carried to Hanney, bur 10 Oct 1786", according to the All Saints' Oxford registers.
The "widow STRANGE, from Oxford," buried at Hanney, 21 April 1764, might possibly have been
his mother. I think he may have been the William who married at Hanney, "William STRANGE,
All Hallows, City of Oxford & Ann Woodward, m by Lic., 27 June 1765 (witnesses: John
Woodward, Helena Noyes)". She was called the "w Will. STRANGE, All Saint's Oxford," when
buried at Hanney, 19 Nov 1770. I don't think they had any children and don't find any
probate record for him.
William (1742), the second "chinaman", was called a bachelor in his  marriage record 
("William STRANGE, bach of All Saints Oxford, & Mary Hope spinster of this parish, m at
St Cross, Oxford, by Lic., 21 May 1771 [witnesses: Francis Morley, Sarah Young]"). 
They had the five children, who all died young, as noted before. Although I don't find a
death record for the first wife, he probably married secondly at North Hinksey, Oxon. 
("William STRANGE of All Saints, Oxford, & Mary Jessett of this parish, m 10 Nov 1796 
[witnesses: Hester Jessett, Richard Joyce]"). As noted, when he died in 1800, his widow 
"Mary" was granted administration.  
I think that the Long Wittenham reference is misleading and actually belongs to the STRANGE
family which had long been established there.  Long Wittenham registers give "Will STRANGE
& Ann STRANGE, both of this parish, m at Long Wittenham, 27 Sept 1767, license (witnesses:
Tho. Pool, Elizabeth STRANGE)".  I have listings from the registers of only four children:
Elizabeth, bp at Long Wittenham 14 June 1768 (probably died young); Rose, bp at Long
Wittenham 3 June 1770; William, bp Long Wittenham 11 April 1773; and Elizabeth, bp at Long
Wittenham 8 June 1783, who was listed in the 1851 census of Long Wittenham: Elizabeth
STRANGE, unm, 68, b Long Wittenham. I can't find a reference to the Ann, bap 29 Sep 1766 or
the William bp 29 July 1767. 
William STRANGE of East Hanney, Berks; children:
I.   Eleanor, bp at Hanney, 7 March 1712/3
ii. William, bp at Hanney, 19 Dec 1714. Perhaps "chinaman" of Oxford who took his nephew William (son of Francis) as apprentice in 1759. iii. Francis, bp at Hanney, 14 Sept 1716 (see below) iv. Mary, bp at Hanney, 17 Aug 1718 v. Elizabeth, bp at Hanney, 10 July 1720 vi. Katherine, bp at Hanney, 8 July 1722   Francis STRANGE of Lyford, Berks (son of William), bp at Hanney,  Berks, 14 Sept 1716; m Mary, children: I. William, bp at Hanney, Berks, 15 July 1742 William STRANGE, son of Francis STRANGE of  Lyford Berks, Yeoman apprenticed to Wm STRANGE, chinaman for 7 years from 1st May last Enr 20 Mar 1759 (Oxford City Apprentices, ref 2183). ii. Mary, bp at Hanney, 22 Apr 1744 iii. Catherine, bp at Hanney, 15 March 1746/7 iv. Francis, bp at Hanney, 28 Jan 1749/50   William STRANGE lab. bap 15 Jan 1809. West Hanney, son of Francis & Elizabeth (Herring) STRANGE married 2nd wife Mary (Martha) Pullen (bap 1812 West Hanney) 23 Feb 1834 at East Hanney Berks, witnesses. Dennis Pullen & Martha STRANGE (sister of groom)   Betty Judge has added: William STRANGE son of Francis & Mary STRANGE baptised May 11 1845 West Hanney Church, In 1861 Census West Hanney he is 16 yr. single Ag Lab working for Wm North of Wallingford, at Newnham Mirren, Wallingford Berks.  He married Mary Jane Carpenter, daughter of John and Mary Ann Carpenter, (lab) (bap 2 April 1848 at West Hanney Church), on November 17 1866 at West Hanney. They have had 9 children: Mary Ann b 1870 West Hanney William b 1870 " (Possibly 1901 Census New Shoreham, Sussex, William STRANGE 31 General Lab. b West Hanney Berks) Sarah b 1873 " Emma b 1875 " Alice b 1876 " Ada b 1880 St Botolph's Sussex Minnie b 1882 " Florence J b 1885 " David b 1887 " In 1871 Census West Hanney Berks. William STRANGE was head of house married Ag Lab West Hanney , with wife and 2 children..

Here is an update from Betty in April 2007:
This is part of the East Hanney Strange family:
Katherine Strange b abt 1660 East Hanney bap 1662  Charney Bassett, dau of Thomas Strange b 1621 Denchworth died 1684 West Hanney and Judith  who died 1667 West Hanney, Married  Richard Stone  (b 1652 North Hinksey, died 1675 age 27.) They had daughter Katherine Stone b 1674 bap 14 Jan 1674 North Hinksey, who married Rev. Bramfield (Bampfylde) Drake b 13 April 1670 Buckland Monchorum Devon, son of  Joseph & Margaret nee Crymes of Buckland Monochorum. on 8 May 1692 at West Hanney Berks. They had  6 children:
Joseph Drake bap 11 Aug 1694 Buckland Monochorum
Francis Drake 1701 Farway Devon
Kataherine Drake 1702 Farway Devon
Bampfylde Drake 1704 Farway Devon
William Drake 1705 Farway Devon
John Drake 1709 Farway Devon.

There  are Bamfyldes and Francis's all through this  Drake family.
In Devon Katherin Stone was mentioned in her Grandfather Thomas Strange of West Hanney's will, he died 1684 at West Hanney Berks: To his granddaughter, Katherine Stone, he left one Silver Spoon.

West Hendred
(C 1558-1655, 1661-1974, M 1558-1653, 1661-1974, B 1558-1656, 1661-1974)
1617 Oct 26 Jone STRAUNGE married John Smith of Long Witnam (Wittenham)
West Woodhay
(C 1612-1851; M 1612-1837; B 1612-1812)
None by name STRANGE/Strainge
(C1564-1841, M1564-1837, B1564-1838)
1791 Nov 27 Thomas STRANGE of Old Windsor m Mary Steer
1798 Oct 31 William Wise m Frances STRANGE
1806 Mar 17 James Blakemore m Elizabeth STRANGE
1809 Sep 03 Henry Hicks m Amy STRANGE
1831 Apr 01 Daniel Parfet m Ann STRANGE
1802 Oct 20 William STRANGE
1807 Oct 16 Mary STRANGE
The Register of St George's Chapel, Windsor
SOG Ref BK/R38 
1840 Dec 22 Captain Alexander STRANGE, Military Knight, died 1840 Dec 16 aged 83, Paymaster
The following from Les Curwood
John Henry STRANGE b: 24 Apr 1847, Windsor, BRK, d: about 27 May 1911 at 2 Victoria Street,
Windsor, buried: St. Andrews Churchyard, Clewer, BRK. Educated at Salt Hill Grammar School,
F.C.I.S., Solicitor's Clerk at Mr George Henry Long, 4 Park Street, Windsor, Berkshire.
Clerk to the Magistrate for 27 years, and left in January 1890, Secretary of the gas company
from 1890 for 21 years.  Clerk to the Clewer Vestry at St. Andrews Church, and collected the
voluntary Church Rate.  Director of The Windsor and Eton Permanent Building Society.
1881 Census :- Alma Road The Ferns, Clewer, Berkshire. Assistant Overseer.  Mourners
included Mr. James STRANGE (brother) Married Kate ???? (surname, date and place not known)
b: 28 Feb 1851, Uxbridge, Middlesex, d: 1917.  Children :
May J. STRANGE b: 5 May 1881, Windsor, Berkshire.
Henry Walter J. STRANGE  b: 29 Oct 1884, Windsor, Berkshire, married ???CAMBELL???
       (unsure of surname, date and place not known) lived in India 1908 to 1911,
       child: Katie M. STRANGE b: 1918, Wareham, Dorset.
Ivy Hilda STRANGE b: 2 Nov 1893, Windsor, Berkshire, d: 22 Feb 1976, King Edward VII
       Hospital, Windsor, Berkshire. Cremated: 3 Mar 1976 All Saints Church, Windsor,
       Berkshire (service) - Woking Crematorium, Woking, Surrey.  Married Alfred Leslie
       SHARPE in 1917, Windsor, Berkshire.
Lily STRANGE b: date not known, d: date not known - died age approximately 16yrs
From IGI marriages, Batch No. M 018871
1766 Nov 12   Sarah STRANGE m Edward Hopkins Old Windsor 
1770 Nov 06   Elizabeth STRANGE married Gabriel More. Old Windsor 
From Richard Milward <richard.milward@talk21.com> March 2006
Annie Maria STRANGE born c1855 in Windsor (probably Reg District) married William Milward
MAYER Q2 1875 Windsor Reg District, born 10 Nov 1849, Stonefield, Stone, Staffordshire;
died Q3 1902, Kensington, Middlesex. Here is file of the MARE/MAYER family including Annie.   Wokingham Births from GRO Index, Wokingham RO 1887S male STRANGE Vol 2c Page 391 1893J Albert Ernest STRANGE Vol 2c Page 401 1900J Fred Stuart STRANGE Vol2c Page 397 (check quarter)
Berkshire Monumental Inscriptions - Volume 5 - SOG Ref BK/M18
All Saints Church, Wokingham
STRANGE, Amelia Anne; Jonathan, Susannah (D5), Sidney (L24) D5 West Side:
In Loving memory of Jonathan STRANGE who died July 29th 1887 Aged 77 years Also of Amelia
STRANGE wife of the above who died May 12 1895 Aged 88 years.   D5 East Side:
In Loving Memory of Anne STRANGE who died September 30 1874 at Moulsford Asylum aged 37 Susannah STRANGE died suddenly in the midst of her duties at Keep Hatch March 9th 1894 aged 60 daughters of Jonathan and Amelia (Image Available)
L24 War Memorial 1914-1918 & 1939-1845 Sidney STRANGE in WWII
Mike Strange [not the web site owner] (m[dot]strange1[at]btinternet[dot]com said:
The Sidney Strange buried at All Saints Church,Wokingham and mentioned on the War memorial
is my Grandfather b. May 7th 1899 Blewbury son of Frederick & Mary (nee Barr) Strange.
Source birth certificate s/r104866/25   Wooton C 1607-37 (gaps) 1657-1952 M 1607 1617-34 (gaps) 1725-73 1805-50 B 1607-37 (gaps) 1732-1947 [132] This came into Oxfordshire after 1976 - careful - this one is south west of Oxford, there
is another to the north west. Baptisms: 1763 Apr 03 Martha STRANGE, dau William & Sarah (private) (Probably buried Apr 07) 1764 Jul 08 John STRANGE, son William & Sarah 1765 Dec 15 William STRANGE, son William & Sarah 1768 Apr 01 Samuel STRANGE, son William & Sarah 1770 May 27 James STRANGE, son William & Sarah 1772 Oct 11 Ann STRANGE, dau William & Sarah 1775 Jan 01 Benjamin STRANGE, son William & Sarah 1776 Dec 01 Thomas STRANGE, son William & Sarah (Possibly Sarah buried in 1778 and William in 1793 then possibly Thomas 1823 Mar 23?) 1808 Jan 31 Thomas Strainge, son Thomas & Martha (Possibly Martha buried in 1844?) 1810 Jan 21 Martha STRANGE, dau Thomas & Martha 1811 Nov 17 Racheal Strainge, dau Thomas & Martha (Buried 1816?) 1814 Feb 06 Sarah STRANGE, dau Thomas & Martha, lab, Wootten 1815 Dec 17 Leah Strainge, dau Thomas & Martha, lab, Wootten 1818 Jan 04 James STRANGE, son Thomas & Martha, lab, Wootten 1819 Dec 19 Priscilla STRANGE, dau Thomas & Martha, lab, Wootten
Married 1844 Mar 11 Isaac Eatall
            Barbara's GG grandmother <leithduk[at]yahoo[dot]com>
1835 Nov 29 Eliza STRANGE, dau James STRANGE & Hannah (GOLDING), lab, Wootten
(marriage 1834 Dec 08) (Eliza possibly buried 1858 Jun 19) 1838 Mar 28 Emma STRANGE, dau James & Hannah, lab, Wootten 1839 Mar 18 William STRANGE, baseborn son of Priscilla, Wootton (probably buried 1841 Sep 05 as William Tubb STRANGE 1840 Sep 14 George STRANGE, son James & Hannah, lab, Wootten (probably buried 1862 Jan 28 1841 Aug 29 Emma STRANGE, dau James & Hannah, lab, Wootten 1848 Jun 17 George STRANGE, son James & Rachel (LOWE), lab, Wootten (buried 1851 Aug 29) Was this the Rachel buried 1876 Mar 15 aged 56?) 1852 Jan 11 David and James STRANGE, sons James & Rachel (LOWE), lab, Wootten 1854 Dec 31 Sarah STRANGE, dau of Eliza, Wootton 1861 Jun 16 Mark STRANGE, son James & Rachel (LOWE), lab, Wootten 1871 Jan 01 James Thomas STRANGE, son Ben & Harriet, lab, Wootton 1874 Jul 12 George Edwin STRANGE, son Ben & Harriet, lab, Wootton (buried 1875 Mar 10) (Harriet was buried 1876 Feb 05 and Ben remarried to a Sarah Ann) 1878 Sep 15 Mark STRANGE, son Ben & Sarah Ann, lab, Wootton 1879 Jul 13 Walter Dennis STRANGE, son Mark & Anna (Hanna WAKE), lab, Wootton 1880 Jul 25 Rachel Annie STRANGE, born 23 May, dau Benjamin & Sarah Hannah, lab, Blagrove 1881 Apr 03 George Henry STRANGE, son Mark & Anna (Hanna), lab, Wootton, 1882 Jun 11 Eli David STRANGE, son Mark & Hannah, lab, Wootton 1883 Nov 18 Arthur Thomas STRANGE, son Mark & Hannah, lab, Wootton (buried 1884 Dec 27) 1885 Sep 06 Trecia Mary STRANGE, born 1 Jul, dau Mark & Hannah, lab, Boars Hill, Wootton 1887 Apr 04 Ben STRANGE, son Mark & Anna, lab, Boars Hill, Wootton 1935 Mar 31 Barrie Paul STRANGE, born 31 Mar 1935, son Lionel James & Ruby Sylvia PORTSMOUTH , carpenter, Wootton Barrie Paul STRANGE is married to Meg STRANGE; see story below (No STRANGE entries between 1887 and 1935)   Marriages: 1834 Dec 08 James STRANGE & Hannah Golding, botp parish, m by banns (witnesses: Samuel Simpson, J. Golding, Harriet Louch) 1844 Mar 11 Isaac Eatall, 24, bachelor, lab of Farnborough, son of Abraham, lab, m by banns Priscilla STRANGE, 23, spinster, otp daughter of Thomas (witnesses: S. Abraham, Abraham Eatall, Ann Didcock)   Burials: 1757 Apr 01 Ruth, base born, dau of Shnard Strainge 1763 Apr 07 Martha STRANGE, dau of William & Sarah 1778 Sep 09 Sarah STRANGE 1793 Nov 12 William Strainge 1806 Feb 19 Elizabeth STRANGE 1809 Nov 12 Lydia STRANGE 1816 Dec 22 Rachael STRANGE, age 5, Wootten 1816 Dec 24 James Strainge, age 12, Wootten 1817 Jan 14 Leah Strainge, age 12, Wootten (Age needs checking, should it read "age 2?) 1823 Mar 23 Thomas Strainge, age 45, Wootten 1841 Sep 05 Will Tubb STRANGE, age 2y8m, Wootton 1844 Jan 02 Martha STRANGE, age 71, Wootton 1851 Aug 29 George STRANGE, age 3, Wootton 1852 Jul 22 Thomas STRANGE, age 8m, Wootton 1858 Jun 19 Eliza STRANGE, age 22, Wootton 1862 Jan 28 George STRANGE, age 21, Wootton 1869 Oct 22 Martha Ann STRANGE, age 4m, Wootton 1875 Mar 10 George Edwin STRANGE, aged 9m, Wootton 1876 Feb 05 Harriet STRANGE, age 35, Wootton 1876 Mar 15 Rachel STRANGE,age 56, Wootton (nee LOWE, wife of James 1884 Dec 27 Arthur Thomas STRANGE, age 1y3m, Wootton   From: Margaret STRANGE
My husband's family can be traced back to a burial in Wootton, Boars Hill, Oxford (Old Berkshire, pre 1974) which is a small village about 5 miles from Abingdon, of a William STRANGE (1740-12.11.1793) = Sarah (????.- 9.9.1778) | Thomas STRANGE (c1.12.1776, b23.3.1823 Wootton) = Martha (bur (died?)30.12.1843, Wootton | James STRANGE (c 4.1.1818, b19.6.1896 Wootton) = Rachel Lowe (bur 11.3.1876, Wootton) | 1) Mark STRANGE = Hannah Wake (my husband's direct line) 2) Martha STRANGE (born 1844, Wootton)   I know from experience that Census ages can differ by as much as a couple of years or even more, so its possible that your Martha aged 29 (ie born 1842) could have been a couple of years younger.  Because of the fact that we have been concentrating on the direct line I haven't come across any other information regarding Martha in any of the Parish Registers which we have researched. I have also come to a dead halt about the birth place of William born 1740. Did any of your STRANGES contain a William? We have found a William who married an Ann in one of the local churches, but there is still a generation gap, this William came from Faringdon, so further West still from Suffolk, but that's not to say it might not be another relation!!   Meg's information is available for download in both a document file and a GED file. The document includes the 1841 Census for Wootton and much more!   *****************************************

9. Families

Bible Transcript
The Strainge Family Bible
"Mary Elizabeth Strainge  - A Gift from her affectionate husband - On April 5th 1875"
FAMILY REGISTER - Husband Amos Strainge, Baptized July 1st 1838 - Born Sutton Courtenay near Abingdon Wife Mary Elizabeth Putt Born August 31st 1841 at Cassington near Kidlington Married September 27th 1863 at St Martin's Church, Oxford
Laura Strainge, Born February 8th 1864, Baptized St. Michael's
Frederick Edward, Born August 23rd 1866, Baptized at St. Michael's
Mary Louisa Strange, Born January 14th 1876, Baptized at St. Michael's
Arthur John, Born January 6th 1869, Baptized S. Michael's
Willie Nathaniel Strange, Born February 5th 1878, Baptized St. Michael's
Rose, Born August 13th 1871, Baptized Michael's
Ernest Henry Strange, Born July 6th 1880, Baptized St Michael's
Constance Elizabeth, Born October 29th 1872, Baptized at St Michael's
Alice Selina Strange, Born July 31st 1882, Baptized St Michael's
Mildred Marie, Born October 24th 1874, Baptized St Michael's
Harry Strange, Born 2nd August 1887, Baptized Cassington
Laura Strange Married, St Barnabas Church Oxford, December 16th 1886
Frederick Edward Strange, Married Register Office 1895
Mary Louise Strange, Married St Barnabas Oxford, November 17 1902
Ernest Henry Strange,Married Ickford Church, April 1st 1907
Harry Strange, Married St Aloysius Church, July 29th 1911
Arthur John, Died August 30th 1869, Buried at S Sepulchre's Corn.
Rose, Died September 30th 1871, Buried at S Sepulchre's
Amos Strange, Died February 26 1905, Buried at Osnay Cemetery
Constance Elizabeth, Died March 21st 1875, Buried at S Sepulchre's
Mildred Marie, Died March 28th 1875, Buried at S Sepulchre's

10. Requests:
From Liz Beard, April 2005:
I have information  regarding one Kate Bartholomew (Strange) which has been handed down from my gr grandmother but I am not sure if she made a mistake.  Kate who married Francis Strange (Wine Merchant in Abingdon) in 1841 (Berkshire info). has a daughter Cecily Owen Strange (my gr gr grandmother) page 29 shows Cecily's marriage to William Jackson.  However, on my family notes father of Kate (or Caroline)  was William Bartholomew (Master of the Fox Hounds) who married Caroline Owen  whose parents were William & Mary Owen.  But on the IGI Kate's parents were Joseph & Mary, ...........Strange being the operative word!  I am trying to discover where the 'Owen' fits in and with the Joseph and Mary it doesn't! and wondered if anyone could throw some light on it.


From Godfrey Bell Sep 2005
Mrs Henrietta Clark (nee Ayers) was aunt to Richard Clark STRANGE b1839 in New Park Street, Devizes according to the Family Bible), and baptized at Streatley, Berks. Henrietta is recorded in the Family Bible as living in Ilsley.  I have found a West and East Ilsley near Streatley in Berks.  However, I cannot find a plain "Ilsley".

11. Bits and Pieces:

"Linda Shoebridge" <aidlinshoe@hotmail.com> said in Jan 2006
My maiden name was Strange and the majority of my more recent
relations came from Aston Tirrold.
Here are the details of all my Sarahs.
Sarah 1780-1841 Lyford, BRK, 2nd child of 7. Father Francis c1749, mother Elizabeth Welch
Sarah 1830 East Hanney, BRK, middle child of 3, father William c1808, mother Elizabeth Dawson
Sarah 1837 Aston Tirrold, BRK, eldest of 11, father William c1818, mother Martha Jarvis
Sarah 1860 Lyford, BRK, 2nd of 6, father John c1835, mother Ann
Sarah 1866 Aston Tirrold, BRK. 6th of 7. Father Simeon c1830, mother Susan Jarvis.
Sarah married John Amos.


From Berkshire Record Office
Records of Berkshire breweries subsequently owned by Whitbread & Co. plc

Strange & Son Ltd of Aldermaston [from Administrative History] [W. J. Strange & Son Ltd was registered, in 1904 to acquire the Aldermaston Brewery (est. 1770), which had been owned by the Strange family since 1833. It was taken over by Scrase's Brewery of Southampton, Hampshire, a subsidiary of Strong & Co. of Romsey, Hampshire, in 1945, and ceased to brew. It was wound up in 1950, and its assets merged with those of Thomas Wethered & Co, another subsidiary of Strong & Co.]
Property records:
1 FILE - Agreement to sell Strange & Son business and property to the newly established company. - ref.  D/EX 1668/3/5/11  - date: 1904
2 FILE - Acknowledgement of right of Strange & Son Ltd to production of deeds of Gravel Pit Farm, Beenham. - ref.  D/EX 1668/3/5/13  - date: 1946
3 FILE - Appointment of John Thomas Strange as Managing Director. - ref.  D/EX 1668/3/7/8  - date: 1904

Thomas Wethered & Sons
Title deeds: Berkshire tied houses
4 FILE - Deeds and papers relating to the Pineapple Inn, Brimpton.(Purchased by Strange & Son Ltd, 1916; sold to Thomas Wethered & Sons Ltd, 1949.) - ref.  D/EX 1668/4/1/3/1-14  - date: 1916-1954
5 FILE - Re-conveyance to Strange & Son Ltd of messuages formerly called The William the Fourth, Bartholomew Street, Newbury, and The Builders Arms, Vachel Road, Reading. - ref.  D/EX 1668/4/1/7  - date: 1922
6 FILE - Conveyance to Thomas Strange, and papers relating to land tax redemption, of property conveyed in D/EX 1668/4/1/11-15. - ref.  D/EX 1668/4/1/16/1-11  - date: 1848-1863
7 FILE - Notice of conveyance (Strange & Son Ltd to Thomas Wethered & Sons Ltd) of The Plough, Bath Road, Thatcham. - ref.  D/EX1668/4/1/18  - date: 1949