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1.  Here is a file containing all references to
     STRANGE on the 1851 Census CD for Devon, Norfolk & Warwickshire

2. Parishes
BidefordThe Universal British Directory of Trade Commerce & Manufacture. 1793-1798 
Under Gentry:  The Misses D & S STRANGE
From Chris Williams (in(dot)recovery(at)btinternet(dot)com
In Bideford parish church found a memorial to one John Strange. It seems that he was regarded
as a hero in that town because when Bideford was visited by the Plague, the Mayor of Bideford
fled the town - and John Strange took over the office of Mayor. He eventually died of the
Plague himself. He must have been held in great esteem, for his memorial was created in the
late 1600's - and yet was moved into a new church when it was rebuilt in the 1800's.
He is listed in the PCC Wills: 1647 May 07 Will of John Strange, Merchant of Bideford, Devon
And here are some quotes that Chris found

"The growth of the population brought with it the problem of poverty, and the many charities founded during the seventeenth century to assist the poor of Bideford are a reflection of the concern shown. John Strange, mayor and "saviour" of Bideford during the outbreak of plague in 1646, in which he himself died, left money in his will for the erection of five almshouses in Meddon Street for the use of  "poor old people"."

"There has been a Mayor in Bideford since 1574. Most of them are known to history just by their name; occasionally, however, they have left a greater impression than might have been expected. John Strange who died helping his fellow townspeople during the plague outbreak of 1646 is such an example."

Thanks to Neil Barnes who found a site in america on old settelments in which there was an old seal with the name strang on and they said it was a merchant from Bideford.- click on this link to see it Seal of Bideford Merchant

I have found this Pedigree on a web site, it contains a great deal more about a STRANGE
family in America up to the present time.  From the early forenames I can see that the
author is showing links back to the Le Strange family of Shropshire and Norfolk - what a
shame he doesn't quote any sources!
I have John 20 through to John 18 as being from Bideford; John 17 London (1547); Edmond 16
to Hamon 9 (1285) Norfolk; John 8 to Roland or Rhiwallon (1096) Shropshire; then Guy and
Hoel (c1022) back in Norfolk. 
JOHN 6, JOHN 5, JOHN 4, ROLAND 3, GUY 2, HOEL 1) was born 1665 in Devon or Bideford,
England, and died September 02, 1725 in New Kent County, Virginia. He married 
(1) PRIMA UXOR Abt. 1684 in New Kent County, Virginia. He married (2) ANNE UNKNOWN Abt 1690.
If one was to break off at John 7 and follow the pedigree of his wife (Joan de Somery) one
supposedly arrives at William the Conqueor
1 WilliamI, King of England 1066-1087 1028 - 1087
.. +Matilda (Maud) (of Flanders) 1031 - 1083
... 2 HenryI, King of England 1100 - 1135 1068 - 1135
....... +'mistress' possibly Nest of Wales 1063 - 1108
......... 3 Earl of Gloucester, Robert de Caen 1090 - 1147
............. +Mable Maud fitz Hamon 1085 - 1128
............... 4 Maud fitz Robert 1120 - 1189
................... +RanulfII, de Gernons, 5th earl of Chester 1135 1099 - 1153
..................... 5 Hugh De Keveliock, 6th Earl of Chester 1145 - 1189
......................... +Bertrade de Montfort 1155 - 1189
........................... 6 Mable De Meschines, dau Hugh De Keveliock 1173 -
............................... +William De Aubigny 1165 - 1221
................................ 7 Nichole De Aubigny, dau William 1210 - 1240
.................................... +Roger De Somery, Lord, son of Ralph 1208 - 1273
...................................... 8 Joan De Somery 1232 - 1282 (m John LE STRANGE 7)
... *2nd Wife of HenryI, King of England 1100 - 1135: 
... *Partner of HenryI, King of England 1100 - 1135: 
... *3rd Wife of HenryI, King of England 1100 - 1135: 
1551 Aug 24 Bridget STRANGE daughter of William STRANGE of Colyton.baptised 
1552 Sep 11 Leonarde STRANGE son -ditto- -ditto- -ditto- -ditto-
Devon Family History magazines two articles
17th century DEVON. George Cooke 1696.  A Particular account of debts due and oweing unto the
said George Good by Thos STRANGE of Christowe Devon and Elizabeth. 
From list of Devon Deeds.  Dodbroke (sic) featured prominently and many of the documents were
old dating from 13 and 14th centuries  
In a list of names and parishes in the catalogues., spelling has not been corrected.
STRANGE - Dodbrooke STRANGGA - Dodbrooke
1881 Census
From: Betty Judge - SHIPS IN PORT 1881 Census 
Annie STRANGE 51 Scot. Passenger  Norman St 
Philip James STRANGER m 33 b Vale Guernsey CI. Master  FALMOUTH vessel "JACKAL" 
Thomas G STRONG S 23 b London AB .
1891 Census
From: Betty Judge
Ships in Port, Plymouth, 
Timothy Strange singe 27 AB. born Fulham Middx. 
1891 Census 
Stoke Dameral St James the Great parish 1747/279 folio 27 page 45 Sched S352
Sarah STRANG H M 31 Husband at sea b Stoke Dameral Devon 
Laura J  "   D   10                      " 
Ellen M  "   D    8                      "
Robert W "   S    4                      "
Bessie H "   S    2                      "
1891 Census
Stoke Dameral, St Michael parish Folio 101 page 9 Sched 66
George STRONG Boarder W 65 Naval pensioner b St Germains Devon
George   "       "    S 33 Shipwrght              "
1891 Census 
Plymouth St Andrew, Christchurch parish. 1736/277-22 Folio 92 page 14 Sched 71
Living at 31-33 Torrington Place Plymouth St Andrews
Elizabeth STRANGER H S 42 Principal of school. b Staverton.Devon.
1891 Census 
East Stonehouse St George. 1738/278 folio 27 page 47 Sched 347
Living at St Pauls Street, East Stonehouse, Devon 
Mary A STRANG H W 54  Laundress b Launceston Cornwall
Eliza A  "    D S  22     "     b Stonehouse Devon
Folio 46 page 9 Sched 9
Living at 9 Providence Place East Stonehouse.Devon 
Wm F STRONG H M 21 Stoker R.N. b Gunnislake Cornwall
Fanny   "   W M 21                      "
William "   S    2                      "
Florence "  D    3 months b East Stonehouse.Devon
1891 Census
East Stonehouse St Paul 17390/278 folio 27 page 48 Sched 27 
Living at St Pauls Street East Stonehouse 
John J STRANG, visitor 15 Drummer R.M.L.I. b Stoneouse.Devon visiting Wm and Mary Dewar.
1891 Census
Stoke Danmeral St James Parish. 1747/279 folio 27 page 45 Sched 352 
Sarah Jane STRANG W M 31 Husband at Sea. b Stoke Dameral Devon 
Laura J      "    D   10 scholar b Stoke Dameral
Ellen M      "    D    8   "            "
Robert W     "    S    4   "            "
Bessie H "        D    2   "            "

John Moore <moorejo[at]reach[dot]net> has come across a number of 17th-century marriages with surnames Strange/Stronge/Strong.  Here is his spreadsheet file of his findings; it is in CSV format to maximise compatibility.

3 Oddments

From John D. Strange, lll ( Johndstrange{at}aol{dot}com) on 21 Mar 2005
I have been researching the Strange family for over 35 years now. I'am descended from Alexander Strange Sr., in New Kent Co., Va.
My line comes down from his son Henry Strange, b. l682, d. 1746. Then from his son Edmond Strange, then from his son Amos Strange, of Spartanburg, S. C., who married Francis Bailey. Then from their son, William Strange, b. l79l, d. l842, in Ga. From his son David William Strange, b. l8l5, d. .869, in Walker Co., Ga. Then from his son, Capt. William Strange and Nancy Ann Boss, in Walker Co., Ga., Then from their son, Cicero James Strange, b. l874, in Ga., d. l967, in Tulsa, Okla. Mike, I need to send you alot of info. on the Stranges in Devonshire Co., England, as a lot of the info. that is given on our family line is not correct in England.

From Mark Strange (mark[at]jmstrange[dot]com) Feb 2005
STRANGE of Bideford, Devon, England to Virginia, America  and beyond
From IGI
1. John STRANGE b c1645, Devon; d c1685
  + Phoebe MITCHEL m c1664, New Kent, VA; b c1645, Devon; d 1710
1. John STRANGE b c1633, England
   + Phoebe MITCHEL m c1657, England; b c1657, England
1. John STRANGE b 28 Jan 1642, Virginia (Parents John STRANGE & Catherine DENNIS)
   + Phoebe MITCHEL m c1664, Bideford
1. John STRANGE b c1635, Northam, Devon; d c1685 (Parents John STRANGE & Mary)
   + Phoebe MITCHEL b c1645 Northam, Devon; d 1710
1. John STRANGE b c1635, Devon; d c1685
   + Phoebe MITCHEL m c1664, New Kent, Virginia; b c1635 New Kent, Virginia; d 1710
  2. Mitchell STRANGE b c1663, Bideford
   2. Alexander STRANGE b c1665 Devon went to Halifax Co, VA
   2. Thomas STRANGE b c1668, Bideford
     + Ann STRANGE
     3. Alexander STRANGE
     3. Thomas STRANGE
     3. Henry STRANGE b c1695 Halifax Co, VA
        + Mary LIPTROP b c1700
        4. Elizabeth STRANGE
        4. Mitchell STRANGE
        4. James STRANGE [twin]
        4. Jane STRANGE [twin]
        4. Edmond STRANGE b 9 Jan 1729 Halifax Co
           + Mary ????
           5. Amos Bradford STRANGE b c1759 Halifax
              + Frances "Fanny" BAILEY b Oct 1764
              6. William Berry  STRANGE b 8 Dec 1791 Lauren Co, SC
                 + Mary L. FOWLER
                 7. Henry Harrison STRANGE
                 7. David William STRANGE
                 7. Penelope Morton STRANGE
                 7. James WIlson STRANGE
                 7. Rachael Cecenia STRANGE
                 7. John Anderson STRANGE b c1825 Spartonburg, SC
                    + Fidella Jane GRESHAM b 5 Nov 1826
                    8. Ferdinand Gresham STRANGE (Reverend) b 28 Sep 1848 Chatanooga GA
                       + Sarah Naomi "Noonoi" VANDERVEER b 31 Mar 1852
                       9. Ferdinand A. STRANGE
                       9. Fidella STRANGE
                       9. John Vanderveer STRANGE b 29 Sep 1882 Hiawatha, KS
                          + Mary Alice MUNDY b 25 Jul 1884
                          10. John Mundy STRANGE
                              + ????
                              11. John Mark STRANGE
                                  + Kimberly MASON
                                  12. John Mason STRANGE
                                  12. Elizabeth Mundy STRANGE
                          10. Robert Ferdinand STRANGE
                    8. Alexander Taylor STRANGE
                    8. John William STRANGE
                    8. Mary Etta STRANGE
                    8. Sophronia A. STRANGE
                    8. Archibald Walter STRANGE
                    8. Sara E. STRANGE
                    8. Henry Simpson STRANGE
                    8. Mattie STRANGE
                    8. Eula STRANGE
                    8. Arthur Calvin STRANGE
                7. William Newton STRANGE
                7. William Berry Simpson STRANGE
                7. Samuel Lewis STRANGE
                7. Franklin Madison STRANGE
                7. Mary Elizabeth STRANGE
              6. Mary E. STRANGE
              6. Marshall STRANGE
              6. Rebecah STRANGE
              6. Rachel STRANGE
              6. Little Berry STRANGE
              6. Amos Bradford STRANGE
              6. Elizabeth Ann STRANGE
              6. Permela STRANGE
           5. Parnum STRANGE
           5. Spencer STRANGE
           5. Beverly STRANGE
           5. William Henry STRANGE
     3. Judith STRANGE
     3. Michael STRANGE
     3. Ann STRANGE
     3. Elinor STRANGE
     3. Robert STRANGE

From Ron (ronjenkins[at]bigfoot[dot]com) in November 2006
My wife is adopted. Her birth name was Wendy Elaine Strange birth registered in Exeter Aug 1947. Her mother's name was Minnie Kate Strange (no Father). On the birth certificate the father is described as "of independent means" and the baby was dressed in clothes virtually unobtainable in 1947. So Minnie may have possibly been moved to Exeter for the purposes of giving birth discreetly but who knows? Thanks again for your interest and any info you come across would be appreciated.