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1. Some Burials from Betty Judge

1822 June 05 Mary STRAINGE 77 St Mary Eardisland.
1829 Jan 14 James STRANGE 37 St Mary Almeley. 

2. Census

Meesden - HO 107/1707 no 23_
(See Essex for the following family)
Lydia STRANGE   head wid 45 Pauper Clavering Essex
William STRANGE son unm 19 ag Lab   Meesden Herts
Charles STRANGE son unm 17 ditto     ditto
Joseph STRANGE  son unm 15 shepherd  ditto
James STRANGE   son unm 12 ditto
Henry  STRANGE  son unm  9 scholar   ditto
George STRANGE  son unm  7 ditto     ditto
Northchurch - RG9; Piece: 841; Folio: 74; Page: 31; Schedule number 143
John Strange    49 Head gardener's labourer, Northall, Bedfordshire
Possibly bap 18 Nov 1813 Toddington, Bedfordshire
Shown as married but wife not present - possibly Martha
Ann Strange     18 dau dressmaker Herts Northchurch
Edmonton Reg District MDX possibly either in sub-districts Cheshunt HRT or Waltham Abbey ESS)
RG10/1344 Folio 97 Page 36
Ann STRANGE        Lodger widow 50 Jute Winder Waltham Abbey
Richard G. STRANGE son  Visitor 19 Small Arms Factory
RG12/1091 Folio 50, Page 30
Edmonton MDX Reg District, Cheshunt, sub-district HRT, 3 King Edwards Road
James STRANGE    Head M     42 Stoker Waltham Abbey ESS
Sarah STRANGE    Wife M     39
Arthur STRANGE   Son        16 Farm Labourer
Albert A STRANGE Son        13 Scholar
Sydney STRANGE   Son        10
Ann STRANGE      Mother Wid 70 Living on own income

3. Parishes
From: Lorilee Ali
My ancestor ROBERT STRANGE, b. May 1810 to Richard STRANGE. IGI provides exact date of birth, with location as ENGLAND, and mother as Mrs. STRANGE.  Not very helpful. Robert married Charlotte Clark 19 Sep 1837 in Berkhampstead, Herts, was a railway man and travelled throughout England. I located him in Lincoln in 1847 where one child was born. He is not in any 1851 census, as I believe he was in Canada/Ontario by that time, although I can't locate him there in 1851 so far either. He was recorded as being Wesleyan Methodist in the 1871 Ontario census.

My gggrandmother was born in Ulceby Lincoln in 1847. I have this certificate. I assume Robert was involved with the building of the Grimsby Docks at this time. I gained some information from a 1906 publication "York County Biographical Record", by sheer luck. York as in Toronto/York, Ontario. I was fortunate to discover this publication at my local library. Robert's oldest daughter Martha (born 1838 Berkhampstead) married a well known Townsely brick maker whose family originated from Yorshire, and settled in Yorkville/Toronto. The details are recorded under George Stogdale Townsley. Included in this information was Robert and Charlotte's children's names, and facts about them arriving in 1851 in New Brunswick .Robert apparently worked with George Stephenson in England.  The record provided a number of the various railways he was involved in building throughout Ontario. Also the mention of the Grimsby Docks. The article dealt more with the Townsleys. Some of the information was not accurate, such as Martha's birthplace. The article had Cheddington Essex, so I have looked around that area too, hoping perhaps that is the area they left from England. But so far, no success. The other STRANGE children's birthplaces in England I am not certain about. My Ontario information is ,1871 Lambton County (Sarnia area) census, with Robert recorded as a railway employee. When he retired he settled in Niagara Falls, about 1890. Robert STRANGE is buried in Niagara Falls, and many of my relatives are still living there. None of them knew he was a railway employee.

Bourne End
From carolyn Langley (norfolk12(at)ao(dot).com) 7 Jul 2004; I have:

1 William Stevens STRANGE, jobbing gardener 
 + Sarah Jane GOODYEAR
  2 Arthur William STRANGE, wood turner at Kents Brushes, Apsley,
    + Lily BUNKER 9 June 1917 at Bourne End, Hemel Hempstead; born 5.7.1893 at
      Winkwell, HRT, nurse at the Kents 
    3 Jesse Arthur STRANGE, born 1 October 1919
      +  Iris WELLLINGTON 30 March 1946
   3 Joyce Lily STRANGE, born 30 April 1924
      +  John Barclay MUIR 21 February 1948

Furneux Pelham
From: Linda Lohrum
I have a John STRANGE (Straunge) born 1585-Hertfordshire, England  married to Phillipa Browne 29 Oct 1609-Furneax Pelham, Hertfordshire.

From: Yvonne Stone 1 Mar 2003 
Source: Vital Record Index CD - Information on John STRANGE (Straung) and his siblings.
Note: All children baptised at St Andrews, Hertford of John Straunge 
1585 Nov 17 John - (married Phillipa Browne 29 Oct 1609 in Furneux Pelham 
                            Linda has a copy of PR entry
                    had a son John STRANGE born 26 Nov 1615, Furneax Pelham
                            Linda has a copy of PR entry
                    and probably a daughter Sarah baptised 1616 Apr 8 in St Andrews, Hertford
                    who married Alice Feare (Feare) on 2 Feb 1643, Furneax Pelham.)
1588 Nov 19 Catherine 
1591 Jul 01 Mary
1592 Sep 13 Elizabeth
1594 May 21 Henry
1595 Nov 01 George
From Mike STRANGE : Note There is a Paule STRAUNGE baptised 1586 Oct 23, shown to be to
father James STRAUNGE, this could have been incorrectly transcribed - original needs to be

Langley See Langley, Essex for a family possibly from here.

One Alexander STRANGE was the Vicar of Layston and founder of St. Peter's church, he kept a memorandum book from 1607 until his death in 1650. Succeeding incumbents added nothing but the Rev.Thomas Heaton, vicar 1703-1748, took over the recording of much important parish business during his 45 years in the town. It remained with the parish records until 1973 and was then deposited in the Hertfordshire Record Office where it was found to contain many interesting entries.  At that time Layston parish encompassed Berkesden Green, Corneybury, Beauchamps and Moles Lane and other parts of what is now Wyddial, part of Hare Street and land surrounding but not including Stonebury. The parish thus included what were known as the uplands and the upland men were the owners or tenants of Corneybury. Beauchamps and Alswick Hall.

From: Betty Judge
Information collected from Barbara Lawrence of Kent from letters and data sent to her (c 1995) by Alan J Adam (16 Rock Road, Royston Herts SG8 5EU).  Alan's mother was their youngest child born in 1908.
William STRANGE (farm labourer and thatcher of Nuthampstead, Herts married Mary ???? and had 5 children; they are on the parish Records for Meesden (near Buntingford) (they were William, Isaac and 3 others). The family moved to London where William was shown in Chiswick in 1890. Isaac (born 1870) aged 29 married 1899 Sep 25 to Sarah Ann KING (born 1874) aged 25. They had 6 children and he was a founder member of the Salvation Army Band at Hendon. The family moved back to north Herts. Isaac died in March 1963 aged 92, his wife had died in 1934 aged 59. Their eldest son was Charles STRANGE and he lived in London for a short time, he was in the Scots Guards in 1919.

See 1861 census, Middlesex for:
Wm Thos STRANGE Son 18 Porter Hertford, Royston
George STRANGE Son 10 Scholar Hertford, Royston

From Sheila <sheila.strange[at]ntlworld[dot]com>
I have acquired marriage certificate of James Strange and wife Ann date 16th Nov 1845.
James Strange    34 bachelor of Windmill Lane Cheshunt, Herts; Ann Taylor  24  widow  of same address
Fathers names and surnames   William Strange  and John Wollen, They were married by banns in parish church of Cheshunt, Herts  On a birth certificate of one of their children it states that the mother as Ann Strange  formerly Ann Wallen.  The variations seen on the the name are Wallen Wollen Wollin, I think this must be the right marriage. I never thought  about the fact that Ann could have been a widow at the age of 24, so this put me on the wrong tracks of research. TAYLOR and STRANGE. I have also checked on BMD for this marriage and it shows for both James and ann as registered at Edmonton . so I feel this is right. See Essex page for main family detail and reference on Middlesex page.