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1. Miscellaneous

From: Betty Judge
"I have received a list of STRANGE's that Mrs Barbara Lawrence of 101 Bush Road, Cuxton, Rochester, Kent, ME21 1EY UK sent me in reply to a letter I sent to her re her STRANGE's.  Barbara does not have access to a computer, so if any of the Charlton, Cliffe, Greenwich or Lee people below are relevant to your ancestry, please contact her direct."

From Mrs. B Lawrence 1995 in the Kentish Independent for Jan 3 1852:
"Gentleman Cadet Thomas Bland STRANGE to be second Lieutenant promoted to Captain Cleveland's Company, 12th Battalion."

Location uncertain other than the event was in Kent
Sent by Mr C Ridgewell, Orpington Kent to Mrs Barbara Lawrence 1995
1895 Feb 02 Edwin Ernest STRANGE bap son of Edwin Simpson STRANGE & Estelle
1913 May 26 Edwin Ernest STRANGE married Mary A Ford.
1983 Oct 28 Edwin Ernest STRANGE died 

From Ann Hentschel, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada <ann316{at}teksavvy{dot}com>
My interest is in the name Frederick Metzner STRANGE. Len METZNER from Somerset is the METZNER family historian and Frederick Metzner STRANGE was named after Len's 3 X great-grandfather William Lloyd
METZNER. William Lloyd was a hatter in Stockwell Street Greenwich  

Leonard Metzner (leonardmetzner[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk) said My Grt.Grt.Grt.Grandmother was sister of Elizabeth Bailey STRANGE

From Marg McLaughlin I have two STRANGE death certificates from Chelsea in the district of Kensington:
1838 Jul 05 at 4 Malboro Street William Strange 18 son of Thomas Strange clerk cause of death epilepsy, informant Sarah Strange
1838 Dec 21 at 4 Malboro Street Thomas Devonshire Strange 16 clerk
cause of death diseased hip informant Thomas Strange 4 Malboro Street
These boys are part of the Northampton family of Stranges; their father, Thomas Strange, then moved to Dartford, Kent where these boys were baptized. They later moved from Dartford to Chelsea

From Sally (MoominD{at}aol{dot}com)
I am researching the Strange family of Gravesend Kent. My great x 5 grandfather was Abel Palmer, brother of Caroline who married Charles Strange in West Malling 1842. Charles and Caroline had 10 children and I was rather stuck with Selina b 1853, I have now found that she died in Q1 1854 Gravesend 2a
156, which is why I couldn't find her on the 1861 census! Charles b 1819 was in 1841 living with his grandparents Thomas and Mary in Terrace Street Gravesend and Charles remained there through the 1861 71 81 and 91 Census's. Can anyone enlighten with any other information on this particular
branch of the family especially Charles parents Thomas and Elizabeth please?

Roger Allen (rallen{at}zetnet{dot}co{dot}uk replied on 16 Feb 2005:
I am related to George Strange who was Charles's brother. Thomas and Elizabeth are unknown quantities - as far as I know nobody has been able to discover who they are. Your Charles father was Thomas but his brother George's father was possibly Charles. I have looked at the baptism records and the mother of each is just described as Elizabeth with no Father of either mentioned. please contact me if you want info about George.

From Ancestry's 1901 census Robert C Strenge (Robert C STRANGE) 2 in London Regents Square born Kent, Northfleet with Elizabeth Lloyd (nee Strange, daughter of William Copeland Strange) enumerated as nephew, possibly an illegitimate son of Elizabeth's sister, Mary Ann.  Robert is still with Elizabeth and family in 1911 in the Wandsworth district and listed now as Robert Copeland Strange, from BMD records his birth was registered Q3 1898.

A Will Reference
Surname   Name    Parish                  Date              Occupation
Strange     Henry   East Greenwich 1593 proved  Shoemaker

2. Census Records
1841 - (bic = born in county, nbic = not born in county)
No. 1 Nelson Street South
????      STRANGE 48 milliner           nbic
Emily     STRANGE 20                    nbic
Francis   STRANGE 18                    nbic
Frederick STRANGE 16                    nbic
Upper George Street - __?__House:
Susanna   STRANGE 10 orphan girl        nbic

Claremont Place
William   STRANGE 50 cowkeeper          nbic
William   STRANGE 19 cowkeeper          bic
Elizabeth STRANGE 50                    nbic
Sarah     STRANGE 20 female servant     bic
Louisa    STRANGE 15                    bic
Emma      STRANGE  9                    bic
HO107/1584/85 High Street
Martha STRANGE 18 (bc1833)
12/510?) - 11(or 17) Grove Street 
Susan S.       STRANGE               56 (b1795)            Shrewsbury
visiting George and Julie SHEPHERD (Carman) and daughter Charlotte S. born in Greenwich. 
Park Street No. 14: 
S.A.           STRANGE Serv    U     25 house servant      Southwold Suffolk
Living at Palace Yard John STRANGE Head M 71 Storekeeper East India Co MDX London
Sophia STRANGE Wife M 59 (nee Douglas) Hampshire
(Pat de Haer's)
Living at 83 Place (?) Yard
Ester STRANGE Lodger Wid 73 Shrewsbury
With KIBBLEWHITE family, born Shrewsbury Salop
In Officer's Quarters, Greenwich (Kent)
Henry F. STRANGE Head 28 Captain Royal Artillery Ireland 


At 62 Church St, Lee Green SE 12
Thomas STRANGE Head M 34 labourer Eltham Kent
Mary STRANGE Wife M 38 Newington Surrey
Oliver STRANGE Son 3 Lee Green
Emily STRANGE Dau 1 Lee Green
18 Church St Cliffe, Kent
(Note: Cliffe is a hamlet on the Thames Estuary, not a parish)
George STRANGE Head 26 Bricklayer Lab Cholsey
Elizabeth STRANGE Wife 23 Lambeth
Louisa STRANGE Dau 4 Cliffe
Thomas STRANGE Son 3 Cliffe
George STRANGE Son 8m Cliffe
Susannah BRADSHAW M/L 60 (deaf) Islington
Eliza HARMER 34 M Nurse Kent Longfield
All Saints.
RG10/0943/90/20. Schedule 107 - 21 Gabriels Hill. Wm STRANGE Head M 23 Clothier Beds Luton Mary STRANGE Wife M 24 -- Beds Luton Emily RAMSAY Sister M 30 -- Beds Luton Emily STRANGE Dau - 1 -- Beds Luton Clara RAMSAY, Niece - 2 -- Beds Luton George STRANGE Brother - 14 Clothier Assistant Beds Luton Frank SIMPSON Boarder U 21 Clothier Assistant Kent Maidstone Emma BENTALL Serv U 19 General Servant Essex Felstead
0854/5 at 17 Bromley Rd. Bromley Kent
Thomas A STRANGE Head M 55 Gardener Eltham Kent
Elizabeth STRANGE Wife M 61 Walworth Surrey
Amelia SANGER Lodger Wid 71 Dressmaker Bromley Kent   0854/5 at 18 Palace Road
Thomas A STRANGE Head M 25 Gardener Eltham Kent
Susan STRANGE Wife M 29 Kensington MDX
Alice STRANGE Dau 4 Bromley Kent
Ethel STRANGE Dau 2 Bromley Kent
Eleanor STRANGE Dau 5 months Bromley Kent Charles ROTHWELL Boarder 30 Decorator Rochdale Yorkshire.  
Charlton -1741/118 (Query the Piece No)
Margaret STRANGE Head M 29 Visitor Canada
John Robert STRANGE Son 10 Gib
Mary STRANGE Dau 8 Gib
William STRANGE Son 6 Gib.
Victor STRANGE Son 4 Ireland
Florence Margaret STRANGE Dau 2 Colchester Essex.
Dartford, Kent (Holy Trinity)
Marriages: 1813 to 1837
1823 Nov 29 William GROSS Charlotte STRANGE  
Deptford St Paul - 0711/63
Mary STRANGE Head Wid 34 D Lodging House Greenwich Kent
Helen Maud STRANGE Dau 12 Scholar Stepney Middlesex
Charles A STRANGE Son S 16 Accountants C+ Walworth Surrey.  
Frant 1049/90
Amelia STRANGE s 29 Nurse domestic to Ernest O Copeland Wokingham Berkshire
Greenwich Union Workhouse 1727/76
Edward STRANGE inmate s 18 Bricklayer Lab Greenwich Kent  
Greenwich 0721/16
Albert V STRANGE Lodger S 29 Compositor R+ Bristol GLS   0725/46
Louise MILES Head
Fanny STRANGE Sister S 58 Principal lad+ Clapton MDX  
Hawkhurst 0940/57
Marion STRANGE S 25 Housekeeper MDX London
Lee - 0731/7 at 1 Northbrook Road
Caroline STRANGE Serv S ?? Dom servant Lambeth Surre
y   Milton In Gravesend 0871/41 Page 18 at 31 Queen St Census Place
George STRANGE Head M 57 China Dealer Gravesend Kent Ann STRANGE Wife M 44 Sneinton Nottingham
Elizabeth STRANGE Dau U 34 Gravesend Kent
Emily M. STRANGE Dau U 20 Gravesend Kent
Ethel B. STRANGE Dau 3 Gravesend Kent 0871/52
Charles STRANGE Head M 61 Fruiterer Gravesend Kent (probably the brother of George, the father of Albert the artist)
Caroline STRANGE Wife M 60 West Malling Kent
Hariett STRANGE Dau S 31 Gravesend Kent
Alice STRANGE Dau S 23 Gravesend Kent
Clara STRANGE Dau S 21 Gravesend Kent
  0871/ 54 Page 44 at 29 Terrace St George STRANGE Head M 37 Fruiterer Milton N Gravesend Kent Mary STRANGE Wife M 36 Lambeth Surrey
Charles A. STRANGE Son 3 Milton N Gravesend Kent
Stanley H. STRANGE Son 2 Milton N Gravesend Kent 0875/123 in "V. Universe" Arthur STRANGE S 20 Second Mate Gravesend Kent
(Probably Arthur Reuben, eldest son of Charles and Caroline at 0871/52, Milton in Gravesend)   
Minster in Thanet 0983/131 - "Isle of Thanet" Mary STRANGE Inmate Wid 85 Laundress St Lawrence Kent   Newington in Milton 1974/41/6 (Query the Piece No) at Newington St
Henry STRANGE Lodger S 19 Farm Lab. MDX London  
Plumstead - 0750/7 Mary A STRANGE S 22 Ladies Maid U+ Sevenoaks Kent   Ramsgate 0987/111
Rose STRANGE Servant S 17 Domestic Ramsgate Kent 0988/74
Sarah STRANGE Head wife 37 Fisherman's wife Ramsgate Kent
Sarah A STRANGE Dau 13 Monitor at A+ Ramsgate Kent
Emily J STRANGE Dau 8 Scholar Ramsgate Kent
Robert G STRANGE Son 6 Scholar Ramsgate Kent
Lillian A STRANGE Dau 4 Ramsgate Kent
Charlotte STRANGE Dau 1 Ramsgate Kent
  0992/30 - V "Mary Flower" Robert STRANGE M 39 Master Ramsgate Kent
James INKERMAN M 21 mate Ramsgate Kent
Seasalter 0985/54
Elizabeth STRANGE Head Wid 57 Housekeeper Kings Deighton Devon
Kate STRANGE Dau S 22 Teacher of P+ b Kingston on Thames Surrey
Lily STRANGE Dau S 17 Pupil Teacher Kingston on Thames Surrey
Lucy STRANGE S 53 Schoolmistress Chelsea MDX   
Speldhurst 0912/76
Felton STRANGE Head Wid 50 Builder etc Speldhurst Kent
Edward STRANGE Son 6 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Owen STRANGE Son 4 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Ellen STRANGE Dau 3 Tunbridge Wells Kent

  Strood 0883/184 in "V-"Cyrus" John STRANGE S 15 Apprentice Fifehade Dorset.   Tonbridge 0913/80
Eliza STRANGE Head Wid 50 Dressmaker Tunbridge Wells Kent
Nicholas STRANGE Son S 22 Accountant Tunbridge Wells Kent
Annie STRANGE Dau S 18 Assistant Tunbridge Wells Kent
Clara STRANGE Dau S 14 Assistant Tunbridge Wells Kent
ditto Caroline STRANGE Dau 9 Scholar Tunbridge Wells Kent   0913/90
Edwin S STRANGE Head M 29 Builders Clerk Tunbridge Wells Kent
Eliza J J STRANGE Wife M 31 Biddenden Kent
Alfred H STRANGE Son 5 Tunbridge Wells. Kent
Sydney STRANGE Son 3 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Ernest G STRANGE Son 2 Tunbridge Wells Kent 0913/97
George STRANGE Head Wid 68 Carpenter Tunbridge Wells
Minnie STRANGE Dau S 20 Milliner Tunbridge Wells Kent
George R STRANGE Head M 36 Carpenter & Joiner Chelmsford Sussex
Charlotte STRANGE Wife M 32 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Percy L F STRANGE Son 9 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Edith G STRANGE Dau 6 Tunbridge Wells Kent
Albert F STRANGE Son 3 mths Tunbridge Wells Kent   0916/131 at 17 Vernon Road
Frank STRANGE Head M 28 Plasterer Tunbridge Wells
Alice E STRANGE Wife M 25 East Farleigh
Frank R STRANGE Son 4
Grace E A STRANGE Dau 1
John ROBERTS father-in-law widower 69 Gardener (jobbing) East Farleigh 
David Roberts  My only connection with STRANGE is through the marriage of my
great-grandfather's brother John ROBERTS to Alice STRANGE]
Woolwich - 0745/85 
Charles STRANGE S 22 Royal Driver Perton Devon    [See Essex for a stray:
Albert STRANGE U 26 M Gravesend, Kent, England Rel: Visitor Occ: Mariner]
From Les Curwood (researching STRANGE from Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire, Windsor Berkshire,
Dymock and Tetbury Gloucestershire, and now Bromley Kent)
Bromley Parliamentary Borough of Sevenoaks. Ecclesiastical District of St. Peter & St. Paul. RG12, Piece 0628, Folio 91, Page 57, Schedule 346, 64 & 65 High Street.
James STRANGE Head Marr 32 Grocer's Assistant Berks Windsor
Mary E STRANGE Wife Marr 31 Berks Windsor
Elizabeth M STRANGE Dau 5 Kent Bromley
Gertrude A K STRANGE Dau 4 Kent Bromley
Dora STRANGE Dau 2 Kent Bromley
Kezia EVERARD Mother-in-law Wid 55 Living on own means Berks Aston

Information on this family :- James STRANGE (born: Jul-Sep 1858) is  my great-granduncle and the son of James STRANGE (17/05/1819 - 1/07/1889) and Elizabeth WICKS  (before 20/04/1817 - 10/04/1885) are my 2nd great-grandparents. He married Mary Eliza EVERARD Jul-Sep 1884 in Windsor Berkshire.

Municipal Borough of Tunbridge Wells Parliamentary Borough of Tonbridge
Ecclesiastical District of St. James's. RG12/0679/65/11 - Schedule 74 - 127 Stone St.
Frank STRANGE                Head     M   38 Plasterer     Kent Tunbridge Wells
Alice Elizabeth STRANGE      Wife     M   35               Kent East Farleigh
Frank Reginald  STRANGE      Son          14 Errand Boy    Kent Tunbridge Wells 
Florence Ethel Annie STRANGE Dau          11 Scholar       Kent Tunbridge Wells 
Ernest Victor Brooks STRANGE Son           2               Kent Tunbridge Wells 
3.  Parishes
Charlton St. Luke's Parish Church 
1750 Jun 21 Samuel STRANGE of St Luke's, Charlton Kent, m Elizabeth BAYLEY of St George the
Martyr, Southwark, Surrey at Morden College, Blackheath Surrey 1835 Feb 24 Mary Ann STRANGE m Gothiel Louis SCHEDDRIGHT, wit's Wm. Carver & Will Fieldwick
From Marg McLaughlin - STRANGE of Dartford, Kent and London - 21 Nov 2004
I have been following up on the family of Thomas Strange in Kent.  He is the son of Thomas and
Charlotte of Kettering and the grandson of the Rev Thomas Strange of Kilsby. LDS film 0596906
for Lowfield St Chapel, Dartford has the following baptisms; all are children of Thomas and
Sarah Strange:
1811 Feb 09 Mary Strange
1813 Jun 23 Sarah Strange
1915 Jul 17 John Strange
1818 Jan 05 Charlotte Strange
1822 Nov 06 Thomas Devonshire Strange
1825 May 18 David James Strange
1827 Nov 23 Abraham Strange

On the same film is information for Zion Chapel of Dartford:; "The annexed or accompanying Book is (or are) the original Register Book Baptisms which as been kept for the Chapel or Meeting-house called Zion Chapel being the Independent denomination, situate in Dartford in the County of Kent founded about the year 1792. The Book sent has been time to time in the custody of the Managers for the time being of the Congregation, and is (or are) sent to the Commissioners from the immediate custody of myself of 38 Watney St Commercial Road in the County of Middlesex late of Dartford in the County of Kent who has kept it (or them) since 1st of Jany 1838 signed Thomas Strange Trustee or Officer" Also on the film are a questionnaire which he has filled out plus an explanation of what has happened to Zion Chapel and a few baptisms one of which is for William Strange son of Thomas and Sarah (Devonshire) Strange who was born June 30th and baptised August 6th 1820.  

Deptford - St Luke's Church Parish 
1881 Apr 12 Fanny Margaret STRANGE dau John Christopher STRANGE born 30 April 1858 m Henry CLARK (On family tree date is Aug 21 1881) Barbara's G/grandparents   Deptford - St Paul & St Nicholas
National Burials Index: 1796 Feb 14 William STRANGE 1801 Dec 23 Elizabeth STRANGE 1802 Jun 14 Elizabeth STRANGE 1818 Apr 06 Eleanor STRANGE 3   Eltham
Bishop's Transcripts of St John's Church
Christenings of children of John & Esther STRANGE of Eltham
1818 May 10 James STRANGE son
1820 Sep 03 Emma STRANGE daughter
1824 Sep 19 Eleanor STRANGE daughter 

From "bluesey69" <clogger@lramp.com> I have inherited a family tree showing my g.g.grandfather, Alfred George Wass (b. Hull 1844) married to Mary Eleanor Strange.  They appear in the 1871 and 1881 censuses (as Mary H. in 1881), with Mary's birthplace as Eltham, Kent c.1844. I wonder if there is a connection with the three christenings here? From the 1841 census I have, I think, established a sad but not uncommon tale.  Eleanor Strange is given as female servant, living in Lee Green with Joseph Blackham, tailor, aged 60.  BMD gives a Mary Eleanor Blackham b.1844 registered in Lewisham.  In 1851 Eleanor is shown as Joseph's wife, with a daughter Eleanor, aged 7.  In 1861 the daughter is named as Mary, daughter of Joseph.  Mary Eleanor Strange married Alfred Wass in 1864.  Either Joseph did the wrong thing with his servant, and then supported her and her child, or she went astray elsewhere and he took her on.  Either way I think I have made the connection to the Christenings above. Esther (or Ester) is widowed with a son Thomas in 1841.  Thomas also appears on this site in the Kent Strays. Esther was born in Shrewsbury.  Does anyone know of the Shrewsbury Stranges, or where John may have originated from?

Apprenticed Waterman 1860 April 13, for 5 years. George STRANGE of Gravesend, apprenticed to
Wm. George Martin, Master, deed ref 2878
See Families section below
  Greenwich St. Alphege's Church Registers and Bishop's Transcripts Baptisms: 1814 Jul 31 John Willis son William & Elizabeth STRANGE, Strait's Mouth, Labourer 1816 Apr 14 Mary Ann dau William & Elizabeth STRANGE, Roan Row, Greenwich b 1816 Mar 1, lab 1818 Aug 08 Sarah Elizabeth dau William & Elizabeth STRANGE, Roan St, b 1818 Jul 6, lab 1821 Dec 03 William James son William & Elizabeth STRANGE; Roan Street; lab b 1821 Jul 9 1825 Sep 26 Louisa dau of William & Elizabeth STRANGE; Roan Street;labourer; b Nov 16 1824 1829 Aug ?? Eliza STRANGE dau Wm. & Elizabeth STRANGE, Cowkeeper, private, born 1829 Aug ??
1832 May ?? Emma STRANGE dau of Wm. & Elizabeth STRANGE, Cowkeeper, 1832 Mar 11 born 1845. The family were living in Cottage Buildings Greenwich paying poll Tax.   Marriage: 1813 Oct Matthew HART otp wid & Elizabeth STRANGE otp, spinster, by banns by J.P.GEORGE, Curate; Wits Maria DARBY and James SMITH Burials: 1818 Apr 07 Phillis STRANGE, Poor House, 50 years 1830 Jul 22 Eliza STRANGE; Roan Street; 1 year 1832 Feb 24 William STRANGE; workhouse; age 64 years   Greenwich - Christchurch Baptism: 1873 Sep 18 William Silas STRANGE son of Susan STRANGE single woman.
Isle of Thanet
1846 May 17 William John STRANGE (b 1824 Wiltshire, d 1870) and Caroline TAPERNOUX, b 1830 )
A son, George Walter Strange,was born in Chelsea on 2nd February 1855 (see Middlesex page)
See Wiltshire page for William's family at Winterbourne Bassett.

Helen Habergham and Sara  have George Walter Strange bap. 23 June 1833 St. Laurence Thanet. son of Thomas Strange b.Winterbourne Basset Wiltshire 1796.died 1866 Greenwich Navy Pensioner Thanet.

Tunbridge Wells
See separate page for extracted details from Ed Hanson with updates from Trevor Labey
From Marida Strange Taggerty Victoria Australia 1995
A Kathleen STRANGE is writing a book on STRANGES in Tunbridge Wells area.(1994)
Bishops Transcripts of Woolwich Parish Church
1832 Mar 11 Elizabeth STRANGE married Job Joseph West after banns.

4.  Families

From Marg McLaughlin (msmclaughlin(at)telus(dot)net) STRANGE - CHATHAM KENT - 11 Nov 2004
I am following up on information for the family of Rev Thomas Strange of Kilsby, Northants.  His son John lived in Chatham Kent prior to moving to Yelvertoft Northants to be with his sisters.  In John's will he states, "my body I desire may be interred in the same grave with my late dear wife (to wit in the grave no 6 under Zion Chapel Clover Street Chatham Kent)." LDS film 0596905 has a listing of the "Persons interred in the burial ground Zion Chapel Clover Street Chatham".
1831 Feb 24 Sarah Strange    67   

Barry Taylor if you think you have a connection; with the Albert Strange who became
yacht designer and artist 1855-1917.  He was one of the foremost designers of small cruising
yachts and his craft, acknowledged to be of classic quality were, and still are, sought by
small boat sailors and builders on many countries.  His designs, and his writings on the subject, contributed significantly to the evolution of the seaworthy cruising yacht. He had a
lifelong career in art, exhibiting many times at the Royal Academy, and turned to yacht design
as an activity complementary to his love of small boat sailing. His talents were numerous yacht
designer, artist, fly fisherman, raconteur, writer, and experienced cruising yachtsman, often
single-handed. To find out more about an association dedicated to him
click here.  There are
two books about him:
1.  "Albert Strange, Yacht Designer and Artist 1855-1917" by John Leather, published by the
Albert Strange Association in 1990. ISBN # 0 946270 732.
2.  Albert Strange on Yacht Design, Construction and Cruising, by James Clay & Mark Miller,
again published by the Albert Strange Association in 1999. ISBN # 09526160 0 9.
In Appendix 4 of Reference 1 above there is a family tree; it states in Chapter 2 that Albert
was born at 30 Queen Street, Gravesend and that his father George L'Strange, was a shopkeeper
of uncertain lineage, whose forebears may have been immigrants from Europe, etc.  Here is
Albert's lineage as updated by an
Susan Allen (rallen(at)zetnet(dot)co(dot)uk) who has George
STRANGE as one of her ancestors and says that the tree in John Leather's book bears some
There is further information on a separate page here
1 Elizabeth STRANGE1   
2 Charles STRANGE bap 1819 Jan 29, Milton
+ Caroline Palmer 1842 Oct 10 West Malling (this shows Charles Strange, fruiterer)
3 George born 1843 Aug 7, hap 1843 Aug 27 St Peter & St Paul, Milton by Gravesend + Mary MOSLYOR or PATTERSON possibly in 1877
3 Elizabeth bap 29 Mar 1846, Holy Trinity, Milton by Gravesend 3 Eliza bap 1847 Sep 26, Holy Trinity, Milton by Gravesend 3 Hariett born c1850 (from 1881 census), bap 1849 Aug 19  Harriet,
Holy Trinity, Milton by Gravesend
3 Charles bap 1851 Apr 9, Holy Trinity Milton by Gravesend 3 Selina bap 1853 Mar 06, Holy Trinity Milton by Gravesend 3 Albert born 1855 Mar 11 (NOT the Boat Builder)
+ Fanny LILLEY
Apprenticed lighterman 1873 Dec 9 of Gravesend, Kent to Thomas Forso 9 March 1880
3 Alice born c1858 from 1881 census, bap 1857 Oct 18 Alice, Holy Trinity,
Milton by Gravesend
3 Clara bap 1859 Oct 16, Holy Trinity Milton by Gravesend
3 Arthur Reuben bap 1861 Oct 06 Holy Trinity Church, Milton by Gravesend;
Apprenticed lighterman 1877 Jul 10 to George DOUST
+ Emily BELSON 1894
2 George STRANGE bap 1825 May 11, St Peter & St Paul, Milton by Gravesend
  Note 1: Parents shown on IGI only as Elizabeth STRANGE
   Note 2: Reputed to have carried the name L'STRANGE but dropped later on his marriage, no
evidence found so far.
   Note 3: Shopkeeper and dealer in china and general hardware
    Note 4: Recorded as having three wives married his third wife Ann Blundell (a widow) at
Holy Trinity, Nottingham on 18th April 1876.  Her father was William Kelsall a
tailor, and his father Thomas Strange a shoe-maker. Interestingly the son of the
Blundell marriage went to America. Apparently he was an antique dealer and was
connected with the White House.  His name may have been Henry. Ann met George
when she was a nurse at St. Thomas's Hospital, and she married him then.
Note 5: His three marriage certificates show his father as Thomas Strange Shoemaker
  +(1) Eliza BRAZIER 1845 Dec 25 Gillingham
3 Elizabeth birth 1846 Dec 04 became a nurse and later sister in London hospital
3 Charles birth 1848 Sep 28 ) Perhaps they changed the name because a child was then
3 George bap 1848 Oct 22   ) baptised or it could be that the wrong name was written
on the baptism document, or there may have been a twin but
this is unlikely I think. Charles became a river pilot
+ (2) Sarah Eliza JARMAN 1854 Feb 13
    Note:1 Second name seen in one source as Elizabeth, all others show her as Eliza   
   3 Albert George STRANGE born 30 Queen St, Gravesend 1855 Jul 24; bap 1855 Jul 29 (?)
     Holy Trinity; d 1917 Jul 11, buried Hutton Buscel, YKS (The boat builder and artist).
He was in France from 1875 to 1880 to learn his craft as a painter. In 1882 he became
headmaster of a government school of art in Scarborough.
      + Julia Louisa WOOLARD 1882 Aug 2, St Peter's, Maidstone (a member of the Quakers)
        4 Dorothy STRANGE  1884 - 1912; buried Hutton Buscel, YKS
        4 George Frederick STRANGE 1886-1967; Solicitor
          + Elsie SIMPKIN
        4   Albert Richard Hugh "Dick" 1898-????; Army career
    3 Frederick William Andrews STRANGE bap 1857 Apr 19 Trained at Canterbury died 1910/11
British Chaplain, Port Said, Egypt There is a hospital there named after  him, and
Susan has some correspondence from Canterbury re him
           +  Annie (NK)
    3 Emily Mary STRANGE bap 1860 Jul 01, died 1951
      + Jack CLAYTON
   3 Florence Sarah born 1862 May 16, died 1945 Jan 31
     + Edward CADDY 1860 May 7, died 1921 Nov 15 he had a naval career
....... family descends to Susan ALLEN
    + (3) Ann BLUNDELL, widow, nee KELSALL 1876 Apr 18, Nottingham
nurse at St Thomas's Hospital.  
   3  Ethel Blanche born c1877; died c1968
      + Harry HART c1900 London City.
 2 Florence Sarah STRANGE bap 1862 Jun 08; died 1918, Dreadnought Hospital, Greenwich
Susan said, "I have lots more information if anybody is interested, and I would like to
know more about the Blundell family.  (I think they were antique dealers in USA connected to
the White House, according to tradition)."
A sibling of Albert George STRANGE (boatbuilder) seemingly went to Bristol but I do not know
which one; see my Gloucestershire page; Families section - Mike

From Rita Bott <rebott@yahoo.com>
I am having my ancestors researched and there is some sort of connection to the family of Edward Jeffery Strange of Speldhurst;  found in the 1851 census. My great-great granduncle, Henry William Matthew Meade, visited Tunbridge Wells in 1853 and visited with "Uncle and Aunt S" who must be these Stranges who were living at, as he wrote, Nevill Lodge.

Probate Index
1869 Edward Jeffrey Strange. Effects under £9.000. Resworn at the Stamp Office, May 1872,  under £7,000. 5 March. The Will with a Codicil of Edward Jeffery Strange late of Tonbridge  Wells in the County of Kent Plumber Painter and Glazier deceased who died 8 December  1868 at Tunbridge Wells aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of  Edward Fry Loof of Tunbridge Wells aforesaid Watchmaker and Silversmith and Thomas Hilder Delves of Tunbridge Wells aforesaid Wine and Ale Merchant the Executors.
[Note: Edward Jeffrey Strange (1803-68) was the son of Edward Hilder Strange and Jane (Jeffrey) Strange, of Tunbridge Wells; Jane's  father was a stonemason.

Later but in the same locality:
1940  Maude Helen Strange of Cadogan House Tunbridge Wells (wife of Edward Jeffery Strange)  died 19 Jan 1940 at Lonsdale Nursing Home Tunbridge Wells. Probate London 5 March to  the said Edward Jeffery Strange retired builder and contractor. Effects £5640.3s.3d.

1942  Edward Jeffery Strange of Cadogan House Cadogan-gardens Tunbridge Wells died 24 Dec  1941. Probate Llandudno 27 March to Frank Bausor Bending builder and Sidney Bartrum  Herington bank accountant. Effects £25236.9s.2d.

Larry Button" <arsenal@sympatico.ca>  December  2005
My interested in the surname STRANGE is limited but is as follows:
I found one of my ancestors - Mary Ann BUTTON (b. Woolwich 28 Jul 1849) in the 1881 census residing at "The Parade", Neville Lodge, Speldhurst Kent. [Today this area is part of 'The Pantiles' an upscale shopping area in Tunbridge Wells].  

The head of the household was Mary S. STRANGE 78, widow, born Oxford Street, London.
Also at that address were here son Orlando STRANGE, unmarried, age 32, printer and a granddaughter Edith HARRINGTON age 16.

Mary STRANGE's occupation was draper. Mary Ann BUTTON and another young woman Emily DAVEY were "boarders" and both gave their occupation as "shopman draper."

As mentioned from photos today 'The Pantiles' appears fairly upscale.  Back in 1880, looking at Mary STRANGE's neighbours listed in the census, it seems to have been fairly well-to-do also - for example, George ABBOTT, dentist and Thomas D. KER Maj Gen (retired) Bombay Army.

Re Mary S. STRANGE, I did find a reference to a death in the IGI under this name for 1883.

Phil Scott-Smith <petrocrab@yahoo.com> Jan 2006
My g-g-g-grandfather was Edward Hilder Strange (1772-1823) of Tunbridge Wells.  His daughter, Sarah Ashdown Strange (1802-69), was my g-g-grandmother.  She married twice: to my g-g-grandfather William Emary and, widowed, to Benjamin Brissenden.  Her daughter was Harriet (Emary) Roberts (1830-99).  Harriet's youngest child was my grandmother, Kate Roberts (1867-1944).  Kate and her husband Alfred William Smith immigrated to the USA in 1893.  My Dad, Charles Alfred Scott-Smith (1910-79) was their youngest child.  

I have seen copies of cousin Charles Hilbert Strange's family history [a copy of the revised 1994 edition is available to us but cannot be made available for download due to copyright], but most likely the above information was "lost" to him and the rest of the Family Strange.  Anyway, that's a brief sketch of where we fit in.  There are lots of cousins on this branch as well - all descended from Sarah Ashdown Strange!

I recently received images of painted portrait miniatures of the three generations in direct lineage:

Click on pictures for larger enhanced images

Edward Strange (1737-1807); father of Edward Hilder Strange (and several other children).
Here is his will.

Edward Strange (1737-1807)

Edward Hilder Strange (1772-1823)
Philip Scott-Smith said he has his will, but have yet to transcribe it. Unlike his father's will it is rather long and tedious.  Basically, it provides for his widow and any minor children.  For me, the most valuable item in it was not the will itself, but the record of witnesses.  One of them was William Emary, then a waiter at The Kentish Tavern.  He later married Sarah Ashdown Strange (my 2x great-grandmother). 

Edward Hilder Strange (1772-1823)

Jane (Jeffrey) Strange (1780-1831)

Jane (Jeffrey) Strange (1780-1831)

Sarah Ashdown Strange (1802-1869) eldest child of Edward Hilder and Jane (Jeffrey) Strange.

Jane (Strange) Delves (1805-59) one of Sarah Ashdown Strange's younger sisters (the next eldest).  She married Joseph Delves in 1829, and had several children.

Jane (Strange) Delves (1805-59)

Joseph Delves (1805-1871)  According to the 1841 Census, he was a butcher.

Joseph Delves (1805-1871)

All six of the above portraits hung in my parents' house for decades.  The only one that was clearly identified was that of Edward Strange (1737-1807).  I remember the day that my Aunt Hilda gave the portrait to Dad (around 1959).  She told me it was "a picture of a picture of a picture".  She had written ample information about E.S. on the back.  The original is an oil portrait, painted circa 1800 (judging from E.S.'s depicted age).  It is specifically mentioned in Charles Hilbert Strange's history, "The Family of Strange".  The painting has been in the Newton family of Pennsylvania for generations; they also are descended from E.S. and his wife, Ann (Taylor) Strange (1751-1803).  Soon, I hope to contact the painting's current holder (one of our cousins), and obtain a digital color image to replace the old photo. The photocopied portraits of Edward Hilder Strange (1772-1823), Jane (Jeffrey) Strange (1780-1831) and Sarah Ashdown Strange (1802-1869) were all in one frame - but exactly who they depicted remained a mystery for many years.  It probably wasn't until recently, when the photos were taken out of their frame for copying, that all three names were discovered on the backings! The three originals were hand-painted miniatures, very common in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  They were often worn as brooches.  Most likely, our cousins in England still have them.  Charles Emary Roberts (my g-uncle), sent the photo set of the three miniatures to his sister Elizabeth Roberts in Brooklyn (NY), sometime in the 1920's or 30's.  I don't know who gave the photos to Dad after Aunt Liz died. The two black and white photos derive from a matched pair of original, early 1850's photo-portraits, probably on glass.  There was writing on the backs of the frames, but it was very hard to decipher.  It was clear that they were someone's G-Aunt and G-Uncle, but the surname gave me fits for years!  The problem was with the initial letter of the name: it was written in a very old-fashioned and florid style. The best I could make of it was "Yelves".  The last five letters most definitely are "_elves".  What I took to be a "Y" actually is a poorly written "D" in the old-fashioned script.  What cinched it is the mention of their marriage in "The Family of Strange".  Thus, the couple is Jane (Strange) Delves (1805-59), and Joseph Delves (1805-1871).

Rae Fether said, The pictures and The Family of Strange document from the 1920's were perhaps this was the basis for the booklet later privately published by Charles Hilbert Strange  in 1946,  "The Stranges of Tunbridge Wells"?  I recently saw a copy in the SOG.  My 3 x great grandfather was James Strange (1792 -1824) a plumber, and painter of 376 Oxford Street,  who according to the booklet, was the twelfth and last child of Edward Strange (1737 - 1807).  Although I have proof of his death in December 1824 (an administration and estate duty register only),  I had not been able make a cast iron connection with Edward of Tunbridge Wells. James married Elizabeth Bailey Thompson at St James Piccadilly[Rae Fether advises that James married Frances BaileyThompson], Westminster,  on 26 October 1816 but all the witnesses were on the brides side.  There were five children all baptised at St James Piccadilly, Westminster, which are in the IGI and have been checked at the Westminster Record Office.  James's abode is  given as Oxford Street and later as Wardour Street.
James Thompson Strange, my 2 x great grandfather, b 25 July 1817 d 21 April 1869.
Julia Ann, b 25 March 1819 d 1819
Emily Mary, b15 March 1820 d ?
Francis Thompson, b 14 May 1823 d 27 November 1893
Frederick Metzner, b 28 December 1824 d 1886

Strangely there is another IGI entrance for a Francis Thompson Strange "born about 1818" to James Strange and Miss Thompson in Tunbridge Wells with no other details but  submitted by a "LDS member.
There is another possible connection though; the eldest daughter of Edward Strange, Ann Constant married Richard Mathew from London and had a daughter Mary Strange Mathew (1802 - 1883) who according to the 1881 Census was born in Oxford Street London. She married her cousin Edward Jeffrey Strange (1803 -1868), a plumber by trade,  becoming Mary Strange Strange, later a successful milliner and draper in Tunbridge Wells. Mary's birth is in the IGI and in the parish registers of St Mary's, Marylebone Road which covers the north side of Oxford Street. I plan to check on this to see if there's an address.
James's older sister Caroline, according to Charles Hilbert Strange, married Barnaby Maddan; this was on 21 March 1811 also at St Mary's Marylebone and by licence which said they were both of the parish.
The mother of Elizabeth Bailey Thompson, Mary Clementson, had two leaseholds in Oxford Street, numbers 343 and 344, and was in directories as a "Silk and Men's Mercer" at no 344 around 1817 (previously in her husbands name William Clementson who died in 1809).

Cousin Phil responded with, "Yes, "The Family of Strange" history is the original version (1920), written by Charles Hilbert Strange.  I also have an updated edition (1994) of the 1920 history, and it incorporates "The Stranges of Tunbridge Wells".  I will post that as well, just as soon as I can scan it. I find both versions useful.
The 1994 edition traces only some of the descendants of James Strange (1792-1824) and Frances Thompson, and does not mention James Thompson Strange by name.  The lineage traced is that of Francis Thompson Strange and C.M.R Boodyer (married in 1823).  There is, however, an unexpanded reference to "several sons", one of whom was the proprietor of Strange's A1 Crystal Oil.  - Was that he (JTS, your x2 great-grandfather)?
My g-g-grandmother was Sarah Ashdown Strange (Edward Hilder and Jane Strange's eldest child).  She married my g-g-grandfather William Emary in 1826, and had one child: my g-grandmother Harriette.  Then, widowed, Sarah married Benjamin Brissenden in 1834 (no children, as far as I know) and none of this is in the booklet, either:
Ironically, it seems that my family line may have preserved the only copies of the ancestral images I alluded to previously.  

Rae gave further information:
I would very much like to find the parish records for the births of Edward Strange's twelve children. They are not on the IGI.  Of James Strange's (1792 - 1824) sons, Frederick Metzner, the youngest, was an "oilman" and "tallow merchant" in various directories, so he most likely was the proprietor of Stranges's A1 Crystal Oil.  The newspaperdetectives.co.uk website indexing names, incidents, adverts etc in The Surrey Advertiser for the years 1864, 1865, 1866, 1867 and the first three months of 1872 brought up following:
January, February and March of 1872 S and W Tudor, 17 College Hill London, Wholesaler for Strange's A1 Crystal Oil Gill & Carling, Ironmongers, Guildford, Agents for Strange's A1 Crystal Oil

The oldest son, James Thompson (1817-1869), my 2 x great grandfather was a private mathematical tutor, then a maths master at the Putney College for Civil Engineers. However by the birth of his second child, he was licensed victualer of The Duke of Marlborough pub, near Tottenham Court Road London and later a successful wine merchant. I can't imagine quite how he made that transition.

His oldest son my great grandfather,James Walter Strange (1847 -1915) took over the wine business, married Emily Jones in 1871, and had three children James Walter Bailey (1872-1951), Percy (1876 -1959) my grandfather and Emily Beatrix (1879-1940).

I am sure somewhere, I am going to find that conclusive link back to Edward Strange of Tunbridge Wells; most probably my 4 x great grandfather through his youngest son James (1792-1824) my 3 x great grandfather. However, Edward's picture  is starting to remind me of my grandfather who also smoked a pipe!

Elizabeth Bailey Thompson's sister, Mary Thompson, married William Lloyd Metzner 11 December 1814, St James Westminster. He was a mercer and hatter of Stockwell Street Greenwich and his descendant Len Metzner is the Metzner family historian.  Mother of the Thompson girls was Mary Clementson (1768-1838) a draper, silk and mens mercer of 343 Oxford Street. In her will she left an estate of £9.345 including the leaseholds of nos 343 and 344 Oxford Street equally to her four children.

James Strange is listed in directories as a plumber, painter and glazier of 376 Oxford Street from 1817 to 1820 and later at 121 Wardour Street (nearby). It would be very interesting to know where he got his apprenticeship, whether in London or Tunbridge Wells.

Ed Hanson posted a very comprehensive document about the Strange Family of Tunbridge Wells, on the e-group on 18 May 2005, incorporating information from Charles Hilbert's 1946 booklet and many other sources

Note from http://www.twcommons.org/page.asp?id=36
Tunbridge Wells Common is STRANGE'S AVENUE which was Planted c.1810-20 by Edward Hilder Strange, proprietor of the Royal Kentish Hotel, as an ornamental avenue leading down to his front entrance. It consisted originally of some forty sycamores and chestnuts, but many trees have been replaced in subsequent years.

From Jackie {jax_905[at]hotmail[dot]com} in November 2006:
I am related to the Stranges of Tunbridge Wells.  There is a book which was recently updated by my Great Uncle Marston. It is called "The Stranges of Tunbridge Wells" if anyone needs any  info, would be quite happy to help.
My line runs like this:
Edward Strange (1736-1807)
Edward Strange
Edward Hilder Strange 1772 - 1823
Edward Jeffrey Strange 1803 - 1868
Edward Hilder Strange 1828 - 1902
Ethel Hilda Strange 1869 - 1950
Rosamond Ethel Strange Barrett  1908 - 1991 (Marston is Rosamond's brother)
Anthony Walter Bourne 1940 - 1990
Me  b. 1965

From Ann Hentschel <ann316{at}teksavvy{dot}com>
I have a little booklet - SCHOLAE ROANAE 1917 - which lists the names of the Alumni of the John Roan Boy's School in Greenwich for 1917.  On the page of SHELL FORM A it lists the name STRANGE, C.P.W.  He was a Roan Free Scholar in SCHOOL HOUSE.  Does anyone know this person's full name and his family ?

From Kenneth Strange <kennethstrange[at]aol[dot]com>
I have been able to research genealogy back to Bromley, Kent, England to a Charles Barter Strange who emigrated to the USA (NYC) in 1888.  We cannot find Charles Barter Strange's parents.  He was married to Sarah Holmes of England who died in NYC.

From Sally <MoominD@aol.com>
would very much like to know who Thomas 's parents were. 
1 THOMAS STRANGE b1775 Suffolk; d Gravesend Kent
 + MARY 1793 Kent; b Kent; d Gravesend
    2 ELIZABETH STRANGE b 1798 Sudbury Suffolk; d 1867 Milton by Gravesend Kent
        3 CHARLES STRANGE b 1819 Milton Gravesend[ d 1896  Baseborn; 1841 Milton  Gravesend
          + CAROLINE PALMER 1842 West Malling Kent;
d of THOMAS PALMER and ELIZABETH; b 18 Feb 1821 West Malling;
          d 1884 Gravesend  Kent.
             4 GEORGE STRANGE b 07 Aug 1843, Milton Gravesend
             + MARY PATTERSON OR MOSLY 1877 Gravesend Kent; b 1845 Southwark
                5 STANLEY H STRANGE b1879
                5 CHARLES STRANGE b 1878
             4 ELIZABETH  STRANGE b 1846 Milton Gravesend
             4 ELIZA STRANGE b. 1847 Milton Gravesend Kent
             4 HARRIET ANN STRANGE b 1849  Milton Gravesend
             4 CHARLES STRANGE b 1851 Milton Gravesend
             4 SELINA STRANGE b 1853 Milton Gravesend; d 1854 Gravesend Kent
             4 ALBERT STRANGE b 1855 Milton Gravesend Kent;
             4 ALICE STRANGE b 1857 Milton Gravesend
                + ALBERT BENJAMIN STANFIELD 1884 Gravesend Kent
             4 CLARA STRANGE b 1859 Milton Gravesend
                5 JOHN ALEXANDER FITCH KILLICK 1893 Tunbridge Kent
             4  ARTHUR REUBEN STRANGE b 1861 Milton Gravesend Kent; d
                 + EMILY BELSON 1894 Gravesend Kent; d of EDWARD BELSON and  MARY  DICKS
                5 ARTHUR R STRANGE b 1895 Gravesend Kent
                5 VERA STRANGE b 1896 Gravesend Kent
                5 MARY ANN E STRANGE b 1898, Gravesend Kent
          3 GEORGE STRANGE b 1825  Milton Gravesend Kent; d Kent  Baseborn
            + (1) ELIZA BRAZIER 25 Dec 1845 Gillingham Kent; d  Bef.1854
             4 CHARLES STRANGE b 28 Sep 1848 Milton by Gravesend Kent
             4 ELIZABETH  STRANGE b. 1846 Milton by Gravesend Kent,
             4 GEORGE STRANGE b 1847 Milton by Gravesend Kent
            + (2) SARAH ELIZA JARMAN 13 Feb 1854 Gravesend; b 1842 Milton by Gravesend;
d Bef. 1876 in Milton
             4 ALBERT GEORGE STRANGE b 1855 Milton by Gravesend Kent
              + FANNY LILLEY 1881 Gravesend Kent; b 1853 Orsett Essex; d Kent
                 5 ALBERT G STRANGE b 1885 Belvedere Kent
                 5 HILDA STRANGE b 1893 Gravesend Kent
                 + WILLIAM J BARTON, 1915, Gravesend Kent.
             4 FREDRICK WILLIAM ANDREWS STRANGE b 1857  Milton by Gravesend
             4 EMILY MARY STRANGE b 1860
            + (3) ANNE BLUNDELL 1876 Nottingham; born 1837 Swinton Nottingham.
             4 FLORENCE SARAH STRANGE b 1863 Milton by Gravesend Kent
             4 ETHEL BLANCHE STRANGE b 1878 Milton by Gravesend Kent
    2 REBECCA STRANGE b 1805 Milton by Gravesend, Kent; d 1878 Frindsbury  Kent
  + JOHN PHILIP DAY Jan 1831 St Peter and St Pauls Milton by Gravesend;
b 1806 Northfleet Kent; d 1895

Sue Allen <rallen@zetnet.co.uk> responded with:
Florence Sarah Strange (1862-1945) was my great Grandmother. She was a child of George Strange and Sarah Jarman, not Anne Blundell. (Certificates and family evidence.) could you tell me what evidence you have that Thomas Strange born 1775 Suffolk, was the same Thomas who died in Gravesend and married Mary?  Also that Elizabeth (2) and Rebecca (3) are sisters. Several of us have been looking for that information - I live in Suffolk so am especially interested!  Which line are you from?

From Sally:
Many thanks for your reply and also for the alteration re Florence and  Sarah. I am not certain Thomas was born in Suffolk I found Baptism  for Rebecca in Gravesend but nothing at all for her sister or parents which is rather odd. That info I found on City Ark. I did my tree report in this  format with the hope someone could enlighten me as you already have. In the 1841  census Thomas states not born in county whereas Mary his wife is. In the 1861 Census Elizabeth changes her place of birth from Gravesend to  Sudbury Suffolk which was the first real lead I have had in years! I therefore  assume that Thomas and his daughter Elizabeth were born in Suffolk. I know full well trees are not based on assumption but wanted to find concrete evidence and thought by posting this on list would bring heads together. Sadly I am not a descendant of the Strange family but from the Palmer's via Caroline who married Charles Strange.