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Brighton - St Michael's Church
1854 Aug 21. John Christopher STRANGE 26, Painter son of William Henry STRANGE Plasterer,
             married Sarah BARBER, 24 daughter of Charles Barber (Builder) 
             witnesses James WATTA and Elizabeth CHILDS
             Brighton Registration District Reference Volume 2b Page 274
Brighton - St Peter's Church
1855 Jan 07 William Henry STRANGE son of John Christopher & Sarah (nee BARBER) STRANGE
            Painter of Buckingham St, Brighton
1858 Jun 06 Fanny Margaret STRANGE daughter of John Christopher & Sarah STRANGE,
            Painter of Oxford St, Brighton (Lawrence's ancestor)
1860 Jul 08 John Charles STRANGE son of John Christopher & Sarah STRANGE
            Painter of Oxford Street, Brighton, Sussex
Brighton - St Nicholas Church
1837 Jan 22 George STRANGE son of George and Mary STRANGE of Carlton Hill Brighton, Lab
1846 Apr 12 Eliza daughter of George and Mary Strange of Ivory Place, Servant
1847 Aug 22 Esther daughter of George and Mary Strange of Ivory Place, Flyman
( Gertrude Mary )Arthur Tennant Strange and Mary;
1871 Oct 15 ( Helen Maud )living at Upper North St,
( Herbert William )a Solicitors Clerk
1856 Jun 01 Alfred Barber son of John Christopher and Sarah Strange of Fleet St. Painter. 
1841 Apr 08 Richard Strange of Jubilee St age 2 yrs *Died of smallpox by Coroners Warrant
1841 Apr 27 Mark Strange of Jubilee St infant *Died of smallpox by Coroners Warrant
1845 Jun 15 William Strange of Ivory Place age 1
1846 Feb 26 Mary Strange, Workhouse, age 3
1850 Aug 16 Esther Strange of Ivory Place, age 3yrs
1853 Jan 03 James Strange, Workhouse, age 52yrs,
1884 Pages Directory Brighton Sussex:
Miss E STRANGE Milliner,1Clifton Place, Brighton
1832 or 1837 Poll Book
John STRANGE Hove Independant, Hove Villa, Baverstock Square, Hove Sussex
Shoreham 1901 Census New Shoreham Sussex William Strange 31 General Lab. b West Hanney Berks Sophia " 30 " " "   2. CENSUS RECORDS

HO 107/1121 Folio 14. St Peters Eno Dist 18, Jubilee Street
Sarah Strange 25 Ostler  Yes
(See Barbara Lawrence's information under Kent) 
15 Upper Rock Gardens. BRIGHTON Sussex
Fanny STRANGE Adopted dau S  36           b Middx.London
James STRANGE                42               b c1809 Frimley, SRY
Living at 21 Ivory Place
George STRANGE     Head      44 Coachman      b Isleworth, MDX
Mary STRANGE       Wife      34               b Isleworth, MDX
Sarah STRANGE      Dau        9               b Shermanbury SSX 
Eliza STRANGE      Dau        5               b Brighton SSX 
Samuel STRANGE     Son        3 mths          b Brighton SSX 
25 Richmond Road Brighton Sussex with Charles Richard Vick, Postmaster. 
George STRANGE S 15 Stableboy   1881 Botolphs RG11/1101/7/8 Railway Cottages William STRANGE Head M 36 Platelayer ont b Hanney Berks (one of Stan Judge's rellies) Mary Jane STRANGE Wife M 34 b Hanney Berks William STRANGE Son 10 b Hanney Berks Sarah STRANGE Dau 8 b Hanney Berks Emma STRANGE Dau 6 b Hanney Berks Alice STRANGE Dau 3 b Lyford Berks Ada STRANGE Dau 1 b Botolphs Sussex   Brighton RG11/1076/63 12 Grafton St M A H STRANGE Head W 51 (Lodger) Income from land b Walworth Middx Helen STRANGE S 20 Income from Land b Mitcham Surrey RG11/1083/86 29 Coleman St Thomas J STRANGE Head M 44 Baker b MiddxLondon Maria STRANGE Wife M 43 Laundress b Ashton Surrey Annie STRANGE Dau 22 Dressmaker b Brighton Sussex Annie E. MARSH Gdau 10 m b Brihton, Sussex RG11/1084/22/38 24 Howard Rd John STRANGE Head M 53 House Painter (Unemployed) b London, Middlesex Sarah STRANGE Wife M 52 b Brighton, Sussex Albert STRANGE Son S 18 Carpenter (Unemployed) b Brighton, Sussex Martha STRANGE Dau 12 Domestic Servant b Brighton, Sussex George STRANGE Son 10 Scholar b Brighton, Sussex RG11/1087/39 21 Ann Street Sarah STRANGE ServS 15 Gen Servant b Brighton Sussex RG11/1090/148 In Race Hill Workhouse Thomas STRANGE Head W Pauper Coachman (dom) b Farnham Surrey (no age) RG11/1091/88/35 37 Duke Street Mary STRANGE mother-in-law 64 W Nurse Monthly b Shermanbury Sussex George STRANGE brother-in-law 44 S General servant b Brighton Sussex RG11/1093/13/18 20 Regency Sq Ellen STRANGE Serv S 32 Parlourmaid b Harmondsworth Middx                  RG11/1094/56/38 1 Clifton Place Eleanor STRANGE Head 43 Milliner b Wokingham, Berkshire   Chichester St Bartholomew Orchard Street Robert Henry STRANGE Head M 40 Fellmonger b Staleybridge, Dorset Julia STRANGE Wife M 40 Laundress b Somerset John STRANGE Son 12 Scholar b Chichester, Sussex Julia STRANGE Dau 08 Scholar b Chichester, Sussex Henry Robert STRANGE Son 06 Scholar b Chichester, Sussex Maurice Samuel STRANGE Son 04 Scholar b Chichester, Sussex James B. STRANGE Son 02 b Chichester, Sussex E. STRANGE Dau 01 b Chichester, Sussex   Chichester Subdeanery RG11/1128/48 Southgate Thomas STRANGE Serv S 19 Baker b Sherbourne Dorset   Cuckfield RG11/1062/76/18 2 Highlands Ann Matilda STRANGE Head S 44 Dividends b East Hampstead, Berkshire Sarah Ann STRANGE Sistr S 38 Dividends b East Hampstead, Berkshire   Eastbourne RG11/1038/127 2 Lismore Road Neville STRANGE Head M 38 Draper & Costumier b Tunbridge Wells Kent Mary E STRANGE Wife M 36 b Bishopsbourne Kent Edward C STRANGE Son 10 b Eastbourne Sussex George N[eville] STRANGE Son 8 b Eastbourne Sussex Henry D STRANGE Son 7 b Eastbourne Sussex Alfred L STRANGE Son 5 b Eastbourne Sussex Hilder STRANGE Dau 3 b Eastbourne Sussex Alice H STRANGE Dau 5 months b Eastbourne Sussex   Frant RG11/1049/89/24 23 Frant Rd Amelia STRANGE Serv U 29 Nurse Dom b Wokingham, Berkshire   Hastings - St Mary In The Castle RG11/1025/57/38 9 Whitefriars Rd Kate M. STRANGE Board U 24 Machinist Sewing b Tunbridge Wells, Kent RG11/1027/63/40   Hastings - St Michael From: Alan Carter - here is the entry for our Strange family Debbie Williams' mother is Elizabeth Anne STRANGE born 21 May 1929 daughter of Frank born 5 July 1893 in Hastings he was a son of Alfred W. below. I'll get the marriage details from her, if she knows. Elizabeth Anne Strange married Norman Victor Poynton of Liverpool, must have been c1950. (Note from Graham Price - Norman Victor Poynton of Liverpool was my second cousin once removed; he passed on in 1975 and is laid to rest by his wife Frances (first wife  who- died 1950s, so looks like he married again and they had Debbie). Debbie Williams will then be my third cousin. If anyone knows of Debbie or Alan Carter, could they please get in touch..) 7 Stratford Place, Francis T. STRANGE Head M 57 Hosier & Glover b London, Middlesex Charlotte M. STRANGE Wife M 50 b London St Clement Danes, Middlesex Alfred W. STRANGE Son U 28 Assistant b London Clerkenwell Frank E. STRANGE Son 9 Scholar b Silverhill, Sussex   Hove RG/1098/57 56 Goldstone Road, Brighton Sussex John STRANGE Head M 21 Groom Unempl+ b Brighton Sussex (Barbara's line) Alice STRANGE Wife M 20 b Brighton Sussex   Lancing RG11/1103/50 Gas Works Herbert Pinckney STRANGE 17 Scholar b Dulverton Somerset   Littlehampton RG11/1120/90 42 South Terrace Alice STRANGE Pupil 17 Scholar b Chelsea London Eliza J STRANGE Pupil 16 Scholar b Chelsea London   Newhaven RG11/1073/44 Bridge House Albert STRANGE Board S 21 Engine Fitter b Hove Sussex RG11/1073/75 Sea Side Dist No 20 Huts James STRANGE Board S 52 Messenger b Liverpool   Ore RG11/1021/78 Fern Side Harriett STRANGE Serv S 25 Gen Servant to George Haggar b Clerkenwell Middx   1891 Steyning RG12/0825/3/31/11 77a Pages Garden William STRANGE   Lodger S 22 ag lab b BRK West Haney RG12/0825/3/33/16 114 High Street William STRANGE Head M 46 platelayer (railway) b BRK Hanney (sick) Mary J STRANGE Wife M 44 b BRK Hanney Emma STRANGE Dau 16 b BRK Hanney Alice STRANGE Dau 14 b BRK Lyford Ada STRANGE Dau 11 b BRK Bottolphs Minnie STRANGE Dau 9 b BRK Bottolphs Florence J STRANGE Dau 6 b BRK Bottolphs David STRANGE Son 4 b BRK Bottolphs

From Kit Strange <kit@residua.com>
I am interested particularly in the south coast STRANGE branches
Robert Christopher <Kit> Strange 1954, Chichester son of
Robert Peter Strange 1930, Chichester son of
Robert Henry Strange, 1901 (I think), Chichester son of
Robert [Harold?] Strange, 187?, Chichester

From: Janet McBride <jmcbride[at]dsl[dot]pipex[dot]com December 2006
Looking for info on Alice strange poss birth abt 1878.  had a son called Albert Edward Bazen c1897, possible father Thomas Bazen possibly from Portsmouth, Beeding or Baring area.

I have been having some luck with the census returns and think I may have unraveled some of our mystery. However, none of it is proven as yet.  I'm  little stuck as to how to prove any of it as the person in the middle of it all is baby Albert Edward b 1897 who was known as Albert Edward Bazen in later life and said that he was illegitimate and that he was brought up by an aunt and his mother then went on to have more children and she died young.  I can't find any Albert Edward Bazen references but have found Albert Strange in a family where everything else fits. Unfortunately his birth certificate shows him as Albert Edward Bazen and appears to say that Alice and father Thomas Bazen were married. There are no references for this and we have no explanation as to why he would be Albert Strange as a child and then become Bazen in adult life;.other than that he joined the navy as a young boy (poss age 9 or 10) and maybe then he would have used his father's name and it stuck.
I see from this website there is William Strange the railway line worker in 1881 and say he is one of Stan Judge's Rellies.
Here is what I have come up with
1891 Census Steyning, Sussex - See above:

1881 Census, Botolphs, Shoreham, Sussex, Railway Cottages, RG11; Piece: 1101; Folio: 7; Page: 4;
Father: William Strange 36, Head, Platelayer On The Line , born Hanney, Berkshire, England
Wife  Mary Jane
Household Members:Charles Anscombe 17; Ada Strange 1; Alice Strange 3; Emma Strange  6;
Mary Jane Strange 34; Sarah Strange 8; William Strange 36; William Strange 10

In 1901 - the father appears to have died.
Deaths Sep 1897 :Strange  William  52   Steyning  2b 190

Mother is living with daughter Ada - now shown as Ada Tuck married but no sign of husband who I think she married Jan-Mar 1901.
Marriages Mar 1901
STRANGE  Ada                     Steyning        2b     429
Tuck     William John            Steyning        2b     429

Also there is a 3 year old Albert Strange which we think may well be Alice's son Albert Edward Strange - who later took on his father's name of Albert Edward Bazen. The census shows him as son of the mother who is 52 years old which seems unlikely.

1901 Steyning, Sussex Census RG13; Piece: 947; Folio: 54; Page: 9; Sched 50
Albert Ed Strange 3 Son Mother's name:  Mary Jane born:     Broadwater, Sussex, England
Household Members:
Mary Ann Mace 82 (boarder/lodger); Albert Ed Strange  3 son (although we suspect this is actually Alice's son);
David Strange 14 son; Florence S Strange  16 dau; Mary Jane Strange 52 (widow)
Ada Tuck 21 (married) .

Meanwhile - although not possible to prove - Alice appears to be working nearby as a servant in 1901:
1901 Steyning Sussex RG13; Piece: 947; Folio: 27; Page: 11. Census
Alice Strange Servant 24 born: Wantage, Berkshire domestic servant
Household Members: GOULD family
Alice Strange   24

It looks like Alice then went on to Marry in 1906

Marriages Dec 1906   (100%)
DALMON   Alfred          Steyning        2b     667
STRANGE  Alice           Steyning        2b     667
But died in 1908

Deaths Mar 1908
Dalmon   Alice   31      Brighton        2b     160
She may have had some of the following children in this time (possibly before her marriage). Note that one is called Alfred the same as her husband.

Births Mar 1906
Dalmon   Alfred Leslie       Steyning        2b     266
Dalmon   Stanley James     Steyning        2b     259

Births Sep 1907
Dalmon   George Edward   Steyning        2b     263

Alfred then appears to marry again in 1913
Marriages Mar 1913   (100%)
Dalmon   Alfred  Thurley  Steyning        2b     538
Thurley  Ada E   Dalmon  Steyning        2b     538

If baby Albert Strange is Albert Edward Bazen then he had a son also called Albert Edward Bazen who joined the RAF and died in a plane crash in 1950.  I found this posting on and RAF site which gave us lots of info to follow up on;  from 'Last Take Off':
"5 April 1950 Wellington T10 NC615 2ANS West of Horam, E Sussex.  The a/c was descending in a very steep dive and at about 1000' it broke up. The reason for the initial dive could not be established.
Pilot II Gordon James MURDOCH, Signaller II Albert Edward BAZEN, F/Lt Harry SELMAN
F/Lt William Alfred RYDE"