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From Jo. Bardabos Museum & Historical Society Vol 12 , p 18 1944-45 
Katherine STRANGE, cousin, daughter of sister, Joanne STRANGE mentioned in the will of Elizabeth Nottell, of Bideford, N Devon & Barbados single. (will made in 1667, and proven in 1669).

From Jo. Bardabos Museum & Historical Society Vol 14, p 33 1946-7
Capt Anthony STRANGE - a plantation forfeited by reason of his murder of Capt Boyer. Anthony STRANGE fled and was outlawed 1679; mentioned in the will of Lord John Willoughby, made June 1678.

From Ann HentschelSep 2005
Marriage of Frederick William Andrews STRANGE & Annie BIRD - 1883
Barry Taylor said: Frederick is the Granduncle of the husband of Eileen Taylor - my Aunt
Frederick William Andrews STRANGE was English Chaplain of Port Said.

Film No. 1818069 Foreign Registers & Returns for BritishNationals - 1809 to1853
Marriage in Port Said on H.M. Ship Iris.
This is to certify that Frederick William Andrews STRANGE, bachelor and Annie BIRD, spinster both of the age of twenty one years and upwards, were duly married (there being no lawful impediment thereto) at Port Said, Egypt on board Her Majesty's Ship Iris by The Reverend F.W. Agassiz according to the rites of the Church of England this fifth day of June one thousand eight hundred and eighty three.  F.W. Agassiz - officiating minister. Frederick W.A. Strange & Annie Bird - contacting parties. Witnesses: Anson Squire E.A.B. Baverstock Ernest Nice - Captain of H.M.S. Iris. I would be happy to send a copy of the certificate to anyone who would like one.  

From Bill Hilton Jr - The Piedmont Naturalist
I'm looking for info about my GGG Grandmother MarthaA ELIZABETH STRANGE. All I know of her is that she married JOHN SCHADE and had at least one child, my GG Grandfather Jacob SCHADE SR.  Jacob was born 12 Feb 1834 in Solz, Rothenburg, Hessia, so my guess  is that his father was German; is there a Strange line in Germany? My genealogy Web site is at  http://www.hiltonpond.org/GenealogyMain.html .

Le Estrange Baptisms in India
Bengal Baptisms. Page 153 Meerut.

1845 Apr 01 Said to be Born: near Cawnpore. 30th January, 1845. Edward George LE ESTRANGE.
            son of Frederic James and Amelia Georgiana LE ESTRANGE.Abode: Meerut. Quality,
            Trade or Profession: Afst. Apothy. H.M. 16th Lancers. 
            Ceremony performed by: A. Hammond. Chaplain.
1845 Apr 08 Said to be Born: Calcutta. 25th August, 1843. Elizabeth LE ESTRANGE daughter of
            Frederick James and Elizabeth Indiana LE ESTRANGE Abode: Meerut. Quality, Trade
            or Profession: Afst. Apothy. H.M. 16th Lancers. Ceremony performed by: K. Maddock.

Wills in Bengal, India:
1839 Strange, Elizabeth
1855 Strange, George S.
1877 Strange, Robt.
1883 Strange, Robert
1887 Strange, Lumisden 

From Andrew Sellon:
Was greatly encouraged to see a post on the India List involving 'my'lot; at least it proves
that I did not imagine them.
From: "nickbalmer"
I quite by chance stumbled on in the online Index Thomas Lumsden Strange's manuscript family
history written in the late 1870's or 1880's OIOC Mss Eur D358.  In it I have found an
account of a duel fought between my 5x great uncle Thomas Hervey Baber and a man called Billy
Fortune. Billy was an officer in the Native Infantry.  Strange went to Tellicherry in about
1833, and was told the tale about Thomas Baber's duel by Thomas Gahagan.  Sadly there is no
stated location cause or date for the duel.  
For obvious reasons, I would lke to try to narrow this down.
Nick -
Andrew replied:
Read your post mentioning Thomas Lumsden Strange with the greatest of interest, as I am
related to the Streanges via the Dundas family, and my sister married a Lumsden, also
cousins of the same Stranges. Hope to be visiting Scotland later this year and staying with
my bro. in law Lumsden, who says the eldest Strange of this branch lives but twenty mins.
drive from him! He has suggested we meet up.
Descendants of Thomas Lumisden Strange:
2 STRANGE, William Lumisden b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
.... +COBBOLD, Rose, of Capel Hall, Sflk b: Unknown in ? m: Unknown in ?
d: Unknown in ? 2 STRANGE, Alfred Charles b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
2 STRANGE, Arthur James b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ? 2 STRANGE, Nina
Emily b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
Nick said:
Hello Andrew,
You should most definitey read the account. I looked at the bits relating to Tellicherry.
The whle document could be 400+ pages, and I have only read very quickly perhaps 30 or so.
There is no index, so I had to search about. I did see references to a family history going
back to 1540ish. They had a castle with a name beginning with B. Sorry, I didn't write it
Thomas Lumsden Strange's writing style is very good, and he has absolutely masses of funny
stories. He was born in Indai, if I recall it correctly.  His father was the Senior Judge
in Madras, sat on the trial of the three individuals who challenged Thomas Baber to a duel
in 1812.  Strange was sent to England and then went Westminster School. There is lots on
that which I haven't read properly.
He apparently travelled overland via Persia at one stage.
Thomas Lumsden Strange's manuscript family history written in the late 1870's or 1880's
OIOC Mss Eur D358.

From Paul Strange
My uncle Jim Strange is remembered on WW2  Air Force memorial in Valetta. Jim was a Spitfire pilot, and lost his life when his plane developed mechanical problems on patrol over the Med. Dad has the service record.

There is also a LeStrange remembered on the memorial 

A lawyer named Strange died, and his friend asked the tombstone maker to inscribe on his tombstone, "Here lies Strange, an honest man, and a lawyer."  The inscriber insisted that such an inscription would  be confusing, for passers-by would tend to think that three men were buried under the stone. However he suggested an alternative. He would inscribe, "Here  lies a man who was both honest and a lawyer." "That way, whenever anyone walked by the tombstone and read it, they would be certain to remark,