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I have been asked this question on numerous occasions but there is no single answer as there are several known origins and probably several yet to be discovered. Hence, the following is but scratching the surface:

1.  From the French connection back in the time when William 1st granted lands to some of his pals and thus began the noble line of Le Strange to whom a few can properly demonstrate lineage.

2.  From mutations of other names such as STRAUNGE, STRANG and some also claim  from STRONG although I have yet to see proof positive of this.  However, a DNA project may well expose some answers.

3.  The most prolific origins are far less inspiring I am afraid; simply if  someone new turned up in a village and he didn't carry a name he may be called "the  stranger" and a new thread was born - I am talking about mediaeval times and earlier here.  In England the most significant areas for this are found in the south, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Kent.  It is impossible to say how many people started this trend but they soon became mobile with the advent of the railways until by 1901 (from a partial census of England and Wales) there was quite broad coverage with some 1492 males and 1706 females, a total of 3198 along with 40 STRAINGE, nil STRAUNGE and 205 STRANG.

One of the most stated connections that bears no certain proof is between Alexander Strange1663-1670, who went from Bideford, Devon to New Kent, Virginia, USA, and a father John Strange.  The late John Mayer ( was not certain about it and doubted if proof would ever be possible.   John said, " we have no idea who John Strange might have been.  Some think he was a ship owner from Bideford, Devon, but there were several other John Stranges in London during the same period."  It would seem that many who claim paternity are convinced that it the parents are John Strange 1631-1685 and Phebe Mitchell 1635 - 1710 as his provides a well proven line back through the Le Strange lordships and baronetcies.  John Mayer also said, "the senior English lines were fairly small, and that the earliest families Extranei of England met with complete extinction at very early dates (1360s, 1592, 1780s).  Heirs male to the heritages de le Strange became so rarefied in England, that their Styleman descendants had to resurrect the surname le Strange by Royal License in the 1830s. ......We need to view our lineages from several perspectives, sometimes resorting to collateral relations, co-residence, and titles, instead of strictly blood-related and descending patrilines."

Until someone comes up with irrefutable proof of this connection then it would be wise for those claimants to temper their enthusiasm and not replicate it yet again. The only possible technique for establishing proof is probably via DNA testing as the Wiltshire record office is seemingly unable to establish record of proof.

John Mayer saw the nub of the research difficulty, "Our Double Problem: Thus, we are faced with a double problem.  Exactly who arrived in Virginia?  Exactly who were the Stranges of Devon?"  There is much conjecture which becomes distorted to purport to be fact with little to substantiate it."

I am recording here all events concerning those who had the family name of STRANGE, STRAINGE and other associated spellings to form the basis of a freely available one-name study for individual use only.   The records are recorded on the basis of place or type of event rather than personal names or date of events to make recording easy to follow and validate. Researchers can search for particular instances of interest using the site search tool on the home page. 

I have included the source of information and a link try to say who provided it to me whenever this is available to me and strongly encourage all researchers to quote sources at all times..

I shall establish new place identities as information is made available to me and you will see that the breakdown is essentially by county and then by parish. Where the information for a parish becomes considerable I shall progressively open dedicated pages for those parishes.

If you have an interest in the name please contact myself, Mike Strange, using my Contact form and don't forget to join my STRANGE Yahoo Group mail list:

All documents and files contained in this study are identified and linked to below:
                Joan Kemp Toddington Files:
      1. Details                   2. GEDCOM                    3. STRANGE Wills and Administrations

               4. OSBORN Probate (with STRANGE connections)
             Cholsey Census 1841-1891
             Family File based on John STRANGE who died in Cholsey 9 July 1786
         Long Wittenham
              STRANGE in Long Wittenham Analysis and Detail
              STRANGE Long Wittenham Memorials
              Will and Inventory of Richard Straing of Long Wittenham, Berkshire - 1718
         Berkshire Census
         Berkshire Wills
              Will and Inventory of Jone Strange 1625
              Probate & Inventory Richard Straing 1718
              Will & Probate of John STRAINGE 1780
         Family file based on - marriage in East Hendred of Robert STRANGE to Alse Coxe in 05 June 1560
         Family File based on Anne STRANGE 1793-1877
         The Turville Blacksmith
         Buckinghamshire Wills
         STRANGE in Shalstone
William Strange of Linton c1750 - Jonathan Gray
         William Strange of Linton c1750 - Barry Dean
         Descendants by Generation of Jeffrey Cottage 1626 - ?  
          17th-century marriages for Sandford, Devon
         John Strange of Cerne Abbas
         Will of Grace Strange 1811
    Durham, County of
    East Anglia - Boyds Marriage Index 1700-1800
         Sheila Strange's Families in Essex and Cambridgeshire
         Strange families of Siston, Abson, Doynton and Bitton, south Gloucestershire GEDCOM and RTF files
         STRANGEs come from the Tormarton Parish Register and from the census data 1841-1891 Excel file
   Isle of Wight
         Will of Edward Strange (1737-1807)
         Tunbridge Wells family from Ed Hanson and Trevor Labey
                Frederick Willliam Strange - Founder of Collegiate Sport Rowing in Japan
         Will Edward Strange 1737-1807
         Family of Albert Strange Artist and Yacht Designer
               GEDCOM file
        Rob Strange's family
        Rob's Leicestershire records back to 1700
    London (City of)
        Family tree based on Richard STRAINGE to one Hannah WALSH  December 30, 1707
        Family Tree Frederick Charles Strange, b. 1869 Strand from Terry Strange
    Oxfordshire Part 1 - Sections 1 to 5
               Census Report - Descendants of John STRANGE and Ann HUSGATE
               Outline Descendants Report of John STRANGE and Ann HUSGATE
       Thomas Strange - Clockmaker
        Oxfordshire Quarter Session Rolls
        Three Chinamen in Oxford
              Will of William Strange The Elder dated 1781
        STRANGE in Oxfordshire 1841 Census

              William STRANGE with the SLATTER Family in Henley, OXF
        William STRANGE of Watlington 1786 - Judy Brett
        Oxfordshire Probate Records
              Will of Richard STRANGE of Headington 1800
    Oxfordshire Part 2 - Sections 6 Families and 7 Oddments
        STRANGE of Dudleston from Ian Jolly
        Will of Francis STRANGE of Elmham - 1716
        Will of William STRANGE of Speckshall - 1719
        Will of Susanna STRANGE of Walpole - 1742
        Will of Francis STRANGE of Elmham - 1774
        Will of John STRANGE 1784 and  and Codicil 1790
        Will of Francis STRANGE of South Elmham - 1790
        Will of Rachel STRANGE of Southwold - 1804
        David Vincent Strange Family Tree and Pedigree
        Charles Strange 1773 Wiltshire GEDCOM
        Richard STRANGE of Rodbourne Cheney by Godfrey Bell
        Richard STRANGE of Rodbourne Cheney by Valarie Fairbrass

    New Zealand
        USA National World War 2 Memorial - Washington DC
        Outline descendant tree John W STRANGE b c1791 North Carolina
        Genealogy report based on John W. STRANGE
        Descendants of William Strange b 1732 York VA
       Kitty Megonnigil's STRANGE Tree
        Will of James STRANGE VA 1808.
    The Rest of the World
  Wills, Administrations, Bonds and Probate
       Perogative Court of Canturbury Wills Index from 1383 to 1857
           Will of John Strainge, Gentleman of Lechlade, Gloucestershire 1714
           Will of William Strange, Chinaman of Oxford, Oxfordshire 1781
           Will of Ann Strange, Wife of Abingdon, Berkshire 1830
           Will of Sarah Strange, Wife of Banbury, Oxfordshire 1831
           Will of John Strange, Yeoman of Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire 1836
           Will of Thomas Strange, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Appleford, BRK 1853
           Will of Mary Elizabeth Strange, Wife of Abingdon, Berkshire 1857
       Probate Calendar of Wills and Administrations 1858 to 1953
       Bank of England Wills
    Miscellany   A collection of centralized sources and oddments
      Society of Genealogists - Document Collection
      STRANGE in England 1881
      Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations Index (1694-1850)
      Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations
      Boyd's Marriage Index
      The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674 to 1834
      Ancestral File - 1918 Extractions
      The Fallen in WW1 and WW2
      The British Journal of Nursing and Royal College of Nursing

    Outlines - A collection of STRANGE family outline descendant outline trees where people were very mobile
    Wish List - An opportunity for identifying those events still to be found
    Family Ties - A collection of contributors links

    Frederick William Strange - Founder of Collegiate Sport Rowing in Japan
    Dr William Heath Strange - Founder of Hampstead Hospital
    Peter Strange - Trombonist
    Various People