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Oxfordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls: 1687-1830

An extraction of references related to the name of STRAINGE and STRANGE
from the document held at the Oxfordshire Record Office

A    Accounts (v5)
B    Baggage, military (v 8)
C    Communion, certificates (v4)
CC   Certificates of Conviction (v9
D    Debtors (v8)
G    Gamekeepers deputations (v8)
H    Highways (v8
J    Jury lists (v 6&7)
M    Miscellaneous (v3)
MH   Meeting Houses (v8)
O    Orders for removal (v4)
P    Calendar of Prisoners (v8)
PC   Petty Constables (v9)
Pres Grand Jury Presentments (v9)
RI   Recognizances & Indictments (v1&2)
R    Recusants (v9)
Adam D 1772 Easter, no.1 [see Rose, below]

Daniel, Stokenchurch, RI 1828 Michaelmas, no. 69 [18 Aug: Joseph & Thomas Jones, Tho: Newell & Dan Strange, chairmakers, Reuben Dobbins, baker, and Jno. White, labourer, all of Stokenchurch, 8 Aug., riotously assembled & threatened Sar Nash]

Edward, Kirtlington A 1771 Trinity, no.2 [Wm Pybus, coroner. Inquest at Kirtlington, 23 Apr on Ed. Strange, cut his throat, lunatic, 20/-, 9m. 6/9]

Eliab, Stokenchurch, RI 1830 Michaelmas, no.91 [Eliab Strange witness in case of William John & Ed Butler of S. labourers, stole 2 bushels wheat of Sophia Stiles; found guilty]

Felix, Lewknor, RI 1828, Epiphany, no.107 [Jury present Felix Strange and Hen Ayres of Lewknor labourers, 28 Nov were found in Lydalls wood by night with a gun. found guilty]

George, Wheatley, A 1763 Trinity, no. 2 [W. Johnson, coroner: Inquest at Wheatley, 4 June on George Strange, drowned, accident, 20/-, 7m. 5/3]

James, Wheatley, A. 1813 Easter, no. 1 [G. P. Cooke, coroner: Inquest at Wheatley, 4 Feb., on Jas Strange, drink, 20/-, 10 m 7/6]

John, Nettlebed, CC 1749 Epiphany, no.1 [7 Oct.: John Strange, Nettlebed, blacksmith, convicted, for 8 oaths]; Roth Grays CC 1820 M4 [7Oct: Mich. Grace 10/- and 13/2 costs for taking away a pollard of Jno. Strange of Roth. Grays]; Henley RI 1827 M51 [Michaelmas: Jno Strange of Henley, builder, to give evidence in case of Tho Bowling of Henley, vet surgeon, to persecute Tho Usher jun for felony]

Joseph, Oxford, RI 1755 Michaelmas, no.25 [Jury present Jos Strange, appren. to Jas. Arnold of Oxford, perukemaker, 28 Sept., assaulted Jos. Hippesley]

Mary, Nettlebed, RI 1786 Epiphany, no. 19 [26 Nov: Tho Creswell als Reading wagoner, £30; Wm Burt, wagon master & Jno. Deacon blksmth £20, all of Reading to answer for child of Mary Strange of Nettlebed]

Richard, Cholsey RI 1769 Michaelmas, no.4 [Jury present Jno. Grubb, Wm Strange, Richard Strange, all of Chosley, Berks, labourers, & Wm Lewis of Nuffield, yeoman, 28 Sept at Nuffield, riotously assaulted Willoughby E. of Abington]; Clifton RI 1790 Trinity, no.3 [23 June: Chris Wells of Denton, yeoman, £20; Ri. Strange of Clifton, yeoman, £20, for peace wth his w. Maritta]; Headington, RI 1773 Epiphany, no. 22 [Jury present Wm Sheerman, victualler, Wm bostall, mason, Mark Sheerman, yeoman, Richard Strange, jun., yeoman, Jno. Ward, yeoman, Wm. Lawrance, yeoman, Richard Pankett, carpenter, and Richard Cotton, all of Headington, 22 Dec., riotously assaulted Wm Augustus Clarke]; 1802 Easter, no.18 [17 Jan: Jas. Ward, labourer, £20; Ri. Strange, farmer & Jno. Ward, labourer, £10, all of Hedington, to answer for child of Han. Leach, s.w.]; 1806 Epiphany, no. 2 [Writ to sheriff to summon Jos Norris sen & jun of Wootton, Wm Whitley of Handborough, Wm Vass of Thame, Jas. Jordan const., Cromarsh Gifford, Ri. Strange, const., Headington & Tho. Newton const., Cromarsh Battle]

Rose wid D 1772 Easter, no.1 [Richard Wall, 1 Nov 1771, for debt at suit of Rose, widow and executrix of Adam Strange, for £30]

Thomas, Headington RI 1730 Easter, no. 10 [Thomas Green de Headington, mason, £20; Rob. Casemore & Ricus. Godfrey, yeom., Johes. Smith, victualler, & Gabriel Mitchell, labourer, for assault on Jno. Snow & thos. Strange, labourers]

Thomas, Benson, RI 1745 Easter, nos.1-5 [Exam. of Thos. Hanks servt. to Pawling Hill, Chalgrove, 11 March 1744/5. Thomas Strange, Bensington, tallow chandler & William Stuteley, blacksmith, 7 March accused him of theft & being frightened by their threats gave them 25/- when they took him to Bensington and made him spend 2/4d more. Same day: Examn. of Nathl.. Kettleberry of Chalgrove, labourer. Strange & Stuteley charged him with theft, took him to Bensington where they made him spend 1/- and beat him; same day: Thos. Hanks & N. Kettlebery £10 to persecute above; Thomas Strange & Wm. Stuteley, £20 to answer for extorting money as above; jury present Stange & Stuteley as above], 1745 T1 [At Easter Sess 18 Geo II Jury presented Thos Strange & Wm Stuteley, Bensington, pleaded not guilty, set for trial at Trinity]; 1811 E6 [see below, sub William]; 1827 Ep 155 [as churchwarden, signs certificate of character for one George chapman, waiter in house of Mrs Sarah Shrub, Bensington]; J 1745 T14; Turville RI 1777 Epiphany, no. 8-12 [16 Nov: Mich Broadway of Cuxham, victualer, £10 to persecute John White, Jonathan Nash and James Bettridge all of Watlington for stealing a shoulder of mutton; John White, wheelwright, £10; John Edoe of Watlington, butcher, £10, to answer above; Jonathan Nash, butcher, £10, William Caterer of Watlington, butcher, £10 (the like); James Bettridge, collarmaker, £10, Thomas Strange of Turvile, blacksmith, £10 (the like); jury present John White, Jonathan Nash and James Bettridge, all of Cuxham (sic) (as above)]; John White, W; 1792 Trinity, no.11 [10 May: William Moore, labourer, £20; Tho Strange, blacksmith, & Wm Harman, farmer, £10, all of Turville, Bucks, to answer for child of Eliz. Paine of Chalgrove, s.w.]

Tredwell, Yarnton, RI 1817 Epiphany, no. 71 [Jury present Tredwell Strange of Yarnton, gentl., 13 Dec., assaulted Jno. Harpur], 1817 Easter, no. 2 [Writ to sheriff to summon Tredwell Strange of Yarnton; Jno. Arthurs of Fifield]; 1825 Epiphany, no. 97 [26 Nov: Tredwell Strange, £10; Wm Summerton £5, both of Yarnton, to persecute Tho. Cox for a felony; jury present Tho. Cox of Yarnton, labourer, 31 Oct., stole a breast plough value 3/- of T. Strainge]; J 1818 Epiphany, no. 4

William, Finmere A 1768 Trinity, no. 1 [Wm. Pybus, coroner: Inquest at Finmere, 11 June, on Wm. Strange, drowned, accidt., 20/-, 4 m 3/- ]; Cholsey RI 1769 Michaelmas, no.4 [see Richard, above]; Oxford RI 1785 Trinity, no.20 [11 April: Wm Cubbige of Nettlebed, potter, £20; Wm Strainge of Oxford, glassman, & Plater smith of Nettlebed, victlr., £10, for peace with his w. Sarah]; Benson RI 1811 Easter, no.6 [16 March: Wm Strange yeom £20; Tho Strange farmer £20, both of Bensington to answer for child of Mary Ricketts]