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STRANGE in Cambridgeshire
1 Cambridge Trades Directories
1875 Isaac Strange Fort St George & Boat Builder Midsummer Commons

1865 Morgans Directory Isaac Strange 4 Fishers Lane Boat Builder


1887 Spaldings Directory:
Isaac Strange Alpha Rd/Chesterton Rd Boat building workshops
Isaac Strange 29 Chesterton Rd Yacht and Boat Builder also Strange Villas
John C I Strange 1 Stranges Cottages Boat building workshops
John C I Strange 29 Chesterton Rd
(Note 29 Chesterton Rd and 1 Stranges Cottages are probably the same, it still exists and it is still an Off Licence)
(Note The Stranges Cottages or Villas were on the land behind 29 Chesterton Rd on Alpha Road and have long since been demolished. A modern monstrosity stands in their place.)

Sydney Strange 87 Gwydir St Cow Keeper
And in Chesterton:
John Strange, boat builder & beer retailer, Chesterton Road.
(See Russell Ellwood's family below for John Cottage Ireland STRANGE)

1907 Spaldings Directory
Stranges Boatbuilding Workshops 1 Stranges Cottages
Stranges The Freshmans Boathouse between 12 & 14 Chesterton Rd
Jack Strange 54 Victoria Rd

1908 Mrs Mary Strange 87 Gwydir St Beer Retailer

1908 No STRANGE (query I must have the year wrong)

1917 Spaldings Directory J C I Strange Riverside Chesterton Rd Boat Builders Yard

1930 Spaldings Directory:
A K Strange 9 Fair St
Mrs F Strange 17 Botolph Lane
Percival Strange 6 St Edwards Passage
John C I Strange Riverside Chesterton Rd Boat Builders

1940 Spaldings Directory: J Strange (D P Strange) 1 Riverside Chesterton Rd Boat Builders

1953 Stranges Boat Builders still there but gone by 1955

2. Parish Registers
Most of the following information came to me from Sheila STRANGE in various forms. The surname is that of her husband and it follows on to Essex :

1813 Susannah d William and Amey, 6m
1815 Mary d William & Amey, 2m

1815 Mary STRANGE inf

Cambridge St Clements
1665 William STRANGE
1904 Madge Jesaline STRANGE
1904 Rose STRANGE Witness STRANGE

1839 Hannah STRANGE
1839 Hannah STRANGE
1903 Laura Ann STRANGE

Cambridge St Mary's
1806 Robert base born of Mary
1809 Sara base born of Mary

Castle Camps

1760 John STRANGE & Susan STUBBING

See Families below from Jonathan Gray.

1803 Sarah d Thomas & Sarah
1806 Thomas s Thomas & Sarah (See 1861 Census on the Middlesex page)
1813 Hannah d Thomas & Sarah

1742  George STRANGE & Elizabeth SIMONS

1824 George STRANGE 78

From James Peto-Gundersen:
John Hill-Yeoman Of Ickleton, Cambridge(born 1746-Lambourn, Berkshire, died 1839-Ickleton,
Cambridge) His will mentions property of my late Uncle Edward Hedden(1702-1785-Will/Ely)
+ 1742 Amy Swan, IGI (Swan's where a wealthy Yeoman family in Ickleton. They had no issue and
Edward in his will names his Nephew John Hill as his heir). John Hill's will also mentions
land which belonged to the late George Strange (born1746, Buried 1824 at Ickleton).
According to the IGI There is a George Strange who married a Simmonds at Ickleton (above).

Linton (Anglican)

1779 Sep 10 Mary STRANGE d William &
Susanna (Note: nee CARTWRIGHT)(See family from Jonathan Gray, 10th April 2017)
1781 Feb 25 James STRANGE s William & Susanna (ditto) (Note: married 1812 Oct 14)

Not sure of the origin of records 1784 to 1790 inclusive - I asked "are these really from Linton?"
1784 Feb 22 Frances STRANGE d William & Susanna (ditto), born 8 Feb
1786 Apr 05 Susanna STRANGE d William & Susanna (ditto), born Mar 10
1788 Feb 24 Rachel STRANGE  d William & Susanna (ditto), born Feb 22
1790 Nov 28 John STRANGE s William & Susanna (ditto), born 1789 Nov 22 -  Jonathan Gray advises me that there was reputed to have been a family name change as, from the Cambridgeshire Family History Society disc CD/PR/04a the records are:
STRAHAN, Frances – born 08.02.1784 baptised 22.02.1784 buried 06.08.1786 aged 1½
     STRAHAN, Susanna - born 10.03.1786 baptised 05.04.1786 buried 30.12.1787 aged 1½
     STRAHAN, Rachel - born 20.02.1788 baptised 24.02.1788
     STRAHAN, John - born 22.11.1790 baptised 28.11.1790
     I believe this must be a clerical error in the register but see 3. Rachel below, this  
     needs checking in the register.

1.  William Strange, b. 1745 or 1753?.  He married Susannah Cartwright, 20 Oct 1778,  in Linton, Cambridgeshire (daughter of James Cartwright and Rose Pluckrose); bur 26 May 1839. William died 1833, Linton,aged 88; bur Linton Parish Church.
                 i   Mary Strange.
        2.     ii  James Strange.
                iii Frances Strahan, b 8 Feb 1784, Linton, bur 6 Aug 1786, Linton
                iv  Susanna Strahan, b 10 Mar 1786, Linton, bur 30 Dec 1787, Linton
        3.      v   Rachel Strahan b 20 Feb 1788
        4.     vi  John Strange b 22 Nov 1789
                vii Susan/Susannah Strange, b 15 Oct 1792, Linton; bur 20 Nov 1793, Linton
               viii    Thomas Strange, b 6 Apr 1797, Linton.
3.  Rachel Strahan, (1.William1) b 20 Feb 1788, Linton; she married James Ireland, 1812, in St Giles Parish Church Cambridge
       7.       i   James Ireland b 1806
       8.      ii  Sarah Ireland b 1830

1792 Oct 21 Susan STRANGE d William & Susan, born Oct 15 (ditto)
1797 Apr 17 Thomas STRANGE s William & Susanna, born Apr 17 (ditto)
1813 Sep 05 John STRANGE s James & Susanh lab, born Aug 18 (Note: nee SEAMAN)  (See Penny STRANGE's family below)
1815 Mar 27 Mary Anne d James & Susan, lab, born Mar 4 (ditto)
1817 Jun 22 William STRANGE s William & Susannah lab, b Jun 7 (ditto) (marr as James); Emigrated to Australia in 1841 with his father and sister Jane
1818 Jul 19 Martha STRANGE d John & Mary lab, born May 4
1819 Sep 05 James STRANGE s James & Sussannah lab, born Aug 25 (nee SEAMAN)(father b 1781)
1825 Aug 28 Thomas STRANGE s James & Susan lab, born Aug 9 (ditto)
1828 Aug 17 Anna Maria STRANGE d James & Sussanh lab born Jul 29 (ditto)
1839 May 19 Jane STRANGE d William & Mary Ann, born Apr 23
(From IGI)
1847 Feb 17 Maria STRANGE
1848 Sep 21 Elizabeth STRANGE
1849 Jun 24 John STRANGE
1851 Jun 29 Mary STRANGE
1851 Aug 28 Susanna STRANGE
1853 Jul 31 Martha STRANGE
1855 Apr 29 James STRANGE of Thomas STRANGE & Sarah
1856 Jun 16 Isaac STRANGE (possibly in 1901 census for Linton, House Painter, 45)
1858 Dec 25 Maria STRANGE
1859 Jul 31 Emma STRANGE
1863 Jul 26 Mary Ann STRANGE
1866 Jan 01 Emily STRANGE
1875 May 08 William STRANGE

1778 Oct 20 William STRANGE (x) bac & Sussanna CARTWRIGHT (x) sp. botp Wits Henry CLAYDON & Robert GLASSCOCK (Note Susanna was baptised 1755 Jul 27, Linton to James CARTWRIGGHT & Rose (nee PLUCKROSE) See Barry Dean's family
1812 Oct 14 James STRANGE (x) bac & Sussannah SEAMAN (x) sp botp Wits Edward GILSON & Joseph GLASSCOCK

There is an inconsistency in the next two entries, one appears in one transcription
and the other in two sets of notes.
1816 Dec 17 John STRANGE (x) bac & Mary SEARLE sp botp (also shown as 1817 in a note) Wits William WEATHERALL and Joseph GLASCOCK
1817 Dec 17 John STRANGE (x) bac & Mary CASBOLT (x) sp botp
1833 Feb 09 Thomas COCK (x) bac & Mary Anne STRANGE (x) sp botp Wits James WAKELING & James GLASSCOCK
1837 Dec    Susannah STRANGE (not shown in transcription but is in a set of notes)
1838 Jul 29 James STRANGE (born William) (x) full age bac s of James lab & Mary Ann BROWN (x) full age sp d of James dead Wits John WIFFIN and William SMITH
1842 Apr 09 John COTTAGE full age wdr lab s of John lab & Martha STRANGE full age sp d of John lab Wits Stephen COTTAGE and Jemima COTTAGE
1845 Dec 25 Thomas STRANGE s James STRANGE & Sarah LLOYD
1845 Jul 30 Joseph STRANGE s Joseph STRANGE & Rebecca HILL
1853 Jun    Martha STRANGE (needs to be investigated)
1872 May 25 Martha STRANGE d Joseph STRANGE & Charles STOCK; Charles - son of Charles Stock & Sarah Cottage; see mention of Cottage below.
1876 Feb 27 Thomas STRANGE s James STRANGE & Mary Ann SWANN
1876 Mar 18 Susannah STRANGE d Thomas STRANGE & Thomas COOK
1878 Oct 20 William STRANGE (x) bach & Susanna CARTWRIGHT (x) sp botp Wits Harvey CLAYDON & Robert GLASSCOCK

1786 Aug 06 Frances STRANGE
1787 Dec 30 Susanna STRANGE
1793 Nov 20 Sussanah STRANGE d William & Susannah, age 1 year
1821 Jul 08 Joseph STRANGE s John & Mary, infant
1821 Jul 25 James STRANGE s James & Sush, infant
1833 May 15 William STRANGE, age 80 (relict Susanna CARTWRIGHT
1839 May 26 Sussanah STRANGE, wid (of William STRANGE) age 84
1841 Dec 27 James STRANGE age 76

Linton (Congregational)
1818 Martha STRANGE (See Anglican record)
1820 Sep 17 Joseph STRANGE s John & Mary
1822 Jul 14 Joseph STRANGE s Jno. & Mary
1824 Nov 14 Sarah STRANGE d John & Mary
1826 May 25 Isaac STRANGE s Jno. & Mary
1828 Aug 28 Elizabeth STRANGE d John & Mary
1830 Sep 26 Isaac STRANGE s John & Mary;  Isaac probably married Mary COTTAGE and had children:
            John Cottage Ireland STRANGE
            Roaslie Ellen STRANGE who married Frank ELLWOOD in 1889
            Mary Josoline STRANGE
            Lydia A. STRANGE
1832 Jun 17 Jabez STRANGE s Jno. & Mary
1837 Aug 20 Frederick STRANGE s John & Mary

Linton Meeting House
1826 Sarah STRANGE inf
1827 Isaac STRANGE
1832 Jabez James STRANGE s John & Mary inf
1860 Mar 09 John STRANGE

Little Shelford
1821 Elizabeth STRANGE 68

1829 John s Thomas & Susan
1833 Mary d Thomas & Susan
1835 Susan d Thomas & Susan

3. Census

Parish of the Holy Sepulchre
Globe/Glebe Passage
Rachel Ireland; H; 65; Bedmaker; b Linton
Sarah Ireland; D; 21; At Home; b Cambridge
Isaac Strange; 21; Errand/Carrier  b Linton  at Coffee House

Linton (H0107/66/9, F 13B) - Y/N born in County about the date shown
Market Lane
John STRANGE; 50; Ag; Lab; Y
Mary STRANGE; 45; N
Isaac STRANGE; 12; Y
Frederick STRANGE; 4; Y; bap 1837 Aug 20

Linton High Street (H0107/66/10, F 18B)
James STRANGE; 60; Lab; Y;
Susan STRANGE; 60; Y (nee SEAMAN)
Thomas STRANGE; 15; Y
Ann STRANGE; 12; Y

She also lists a family of COTTAGE and I have seen references to Cottage STRANGE so I
guess this may be a connection as well as there being a STRANGE in the household.

Bull Yard (H0107/66/9, F 16B)
John COTTAGE; 30; Ag; Lab; Y
Mary COTTAGE; 10; Y
Rebecca COTTAGE; 8; Y;
Sarah COTTAGE; 6; Y
Martha STRANGE; 20; Housekeeper; Y

Bartlow Parish HO107/66/4/5
Linton village
William STRANGE; 60; ag/lab; N
Amey STRANGE; 50; N

Linton 208a and 228a
The Allotments
Joseph STRANGE    H M 28 Ag Lab Linton 1823
Reb STRANGE       W M ??        ??     ????
Maria STRANGE     D 4           Linton 1847
Elizabeth STRANGE D 2           Linton 1849
Mary STRANGE      D 1 mo        Linton 1851

Market Lane
John STRANGE H M 60 Ag Lab Linton 1791
Mary STRANGE W M 56 ESS Newport 1795
Frederick STRANGE S U 14 Linton 1837
John MARSH Lg M 20 Ag Lab Linton 1831

High Street
Thomas STRANGE H M 25 Farm Lab Linton 1826
Sarah STRANGE W M 26 Linton 1825
John STRANGE S 2 Linton 1849


Chesterton Rd   Chesterton Cambridge
Isaac Strange; H; 51; Head Master Boat Builder  Linton CAM
Mary Strange; W; 50; Linton
John C I Strange; S; 18; Boat Builder; Cambridge
Rosalie E Strange; D; 17; Scholar; Cambridge
Annie R Strange; D; 16; Scholar; Cambridge
Mary J Strange; D; 14; Scholar; Cambridge
Claudine S Strange; D; 10; Scholar; Cambridge
Lydia A Strange; D; 9; Cambridge


Parish of St Lukes
29 Chesterton Rd
John C I Strange; H; 28; Boat Builder; Cambridge
Louisa A Strange; W; 23; Cambridge
Mary J Strange; Sister; 23; Cambridge
Lydia A Strange; Sister; 19; Cambridge

24 Trafalgar St
Frederick W Strange; H; 31; College Servant; Cambridge
Alice Strange; W; 31; Longstanton
Harry Frederick Strange; S; 5; Chesterton
Hetty Ethel Strange; D; 3; Chesterton
William Henry Strange; D; 1; Chesterton

Parish of Chesterton
17 Albert St   
John Samuel Strange; H; 29; Boat Person ( University Servant )
Emma Strange; W; 22
Rosalie Ellen Strange; D; 5
John Lewis Strange; S; 1

Linton RG13 / 1535 Folio 33 page 10
Ecclesiastical& Parish  Linton
Hadstock road, Long Lane Linton

Isaac STRANGE; H; M; 45; House painter; Linton
Ellen STRANGE; W; M; 40; Linton
Isaac STRANGE; Son; S; 18; Ag Lab; Linton
Joseph STRANGE; Son; S; 15; Ag Lab; Linton
George STRANGE; Son; 11; Linton
Richard STRANGE; Son; 9; Linton
Reuben STRANGE; Son; 7; Linton

4. Families

From Jonathan Gray 14 April 2017 - his families and individuals headed up by William James Strange of Linton c1750-c1833 download.

Jonathan said,
"My grandmother was Claudine Sarah Strange; I have only just got back to researching the family after an absence of some years, so am unfamiliar with some of the sourcing. As a result, you may find that there is some duplication of entries, for which I apologise, and if you find this to be the case, I would very much appreciate your correcting any errors or omissions that you find. In particular, there are a number of entries where I have not been able to find the family name of a female spouse, so the program has used the second Christian name of the lady !  Much of my data has come from the CFHS records; I find them very useful, though I have come across a number of errors - mainly of duplication of entries.

Isaac is reputed in our family to have built one or more of the early rowing shells for the Cambridge team in the annual boat race with Oxford, but I have no evidence to support this claim.

An additional item is an extract from the CFHS transcriptions for Linton marriages - 1780-1849:-
1817 Dec 17 STRANGE John (x) bac SEARLE Mary sp botp  wits: William WEATHERALL Joseph GLASSCOCK

I cannot find any record of the 1816 marriage, but there is a record of Mary CASBOLT marrying a Joseph PAMMENTER on the 9th Nov 1817.

Trawling through the above transcript, I found over 35 marriages in which a CASBOLT was either a male or female partner, including three "Marys" -so it was obviously a pretty big family

One or two anomalies:-
1. Baptism date for Isaac Arthur STRANGE:
CD/PR/75a St Luke Chesterton – Baptisms 1869-1899 p6 Jul 5 1874 STRANGE Isaac Arthur of Isaac & Mary of Midsummer Common, boat builder born 7 Feb age 5 mo
CD/PR/75a St Andrew Chesterton – Baptisms 1860-1892 p202 Jul 5 1841 STRANGE Isaac Arthur of Isaac & Mary, of St Andrew’s the Less, Cambridge Boatbuilder
This has now been resolved as the entries do indeed appear in both registers because St Luke was newly consecrated in 1874 and, when the entries were recorded in an 'unofficial' register which was just a hard backed notebook, it would appear that the vicar of the parent church felt a need to regularise the entries by putting them into the standard format printed registers in use at the time. It is assumed that the baptism actually took place in St Luke's.

2. Children of Isaac STRANGE and Mary COTTAGE under Linton (Congregational Baptisms). I have a few more names to add:
Annie Rebecca - Baptism:- 27th January 1867, St Andrew, Chesterton
Claudine Sarah - Baptism:- 17th July 1870, St Andrew, Chesterton

Claudine was my grandmother, and her sister, Mary, was always known as “Auntie Madge” in our family. I think she must have been Mary Jesoline in your list.
From your notes, it would seem that Claudine was Rosalie’s younger sister. So I guess Rosalie was my great aunt. This must make you and I some sort of cousins !
William Vickers - Baptism:- 11th October, 1868, St Andrew, Chesterton
Isaac Arthur - 5th July 1874, St Andrew, Chesterton, Address:- Midsummer Common, Cambridge
Note: Source for all 4: CD/PR/75a Chesterton – Baptisms.

I should stress that my files are still very much a “work in progress”, so please consider them in that light.

Jonathan has conducted a considerable amount of work on the COTTAGE family so I am delighted to include this research too:

Descendants by Generation of Jeffrey Cottage 1626 - ?

From Russell W Ellwood
I am the great great grandson of Isaac STRANGE of Linton/Chesterton in Cambridge. Also referenced here is John Cottage Ireland STRANGE he took over his boatyard (Stranges Boatyard) in Cambridge and it operated from 1850 to 1950 approximately; hiring out punts to students etc. I have a photo of the boatyard.  His daughter, Roslaie Ellen STRANGE married my great-grandfather Frank ELLWOOD.  When Rosalie became pregnant with my grandfather she went to stay in Tottenham, London; presumably there was a branch of the family there.  My grandfather was registered as William ELLWOOD STRANGE in 1888.  Rosalie married Frank ELLWOOD a year later.

From Susan Broadhurst in Aug 2004
My interest is mainly the Cottage family........have traced them back to Jeffrey Cottey (Cottage) b.1628 at Blasham, Cambs.  We branch off on 5.11.1859 when Lydia Cottage (b.10.7.1842) in Linton married Robert Dennis b.1840 in Fordham.  Lydia and Robert are my g. grandparents.  Lydia Cottage was the daughter of John Cottage (b.1811) and Martha STRANGE b.1818 (John's second wife).  I know Martha back to William b Circa 1760 and Susannah Cartwright.  

The STRANGE family were tied in with the Cottages in another way.  Martha's brother Isaac b.1826 did not bother to look far afield when seeking a bride; .he kept it in the family.  He first married his first cousin Sarah Ireland (daughter of his mother's sister Rachel and John Ireland).  When Sarah died he married Mary COTTAGE (b.1830) daughter of his brother-in-law John Cottage and his FIRST wife Rebecca Myson. So......Isaac was first cousin to his first wife and related by marriage to his second wife. My main areas of interest are:
COTTAGE  ancestors
Cottage married  - STRANGE...........Strange ancestors
Cottage married - DENNIS................Dennis ancestors (Fordham, Cambs
Dennis married - CACKETT..............Cackett ancestors (Gravesend, Kent)
Dennis DIDN'T - BETTESWORTH....Bettesworth ancestors

Addition from Derek Stock:
A marriage at Linton refers to a Martha Strange and Charles Stock (1872). Charles is the son of Charles Stock and Sarah Cottage (both born 1817).

From Shaun Montgomery  We have a book "The Diaries of Whittlesford" (Cambridgeshire), compiled and edited by Keith A Strange.  It was first published and printed in Great Britain in 2000 by Maynard + Strange Publishing. It was printed and bound by Watkiss Studios Limited (Biggleswade) with the typeset by Russell Associates.

From Penny Strange
I have a John Strange b.18 Aug 1813 in Linton, Cambridgeshire (don't know when he died), first child of James Strange and Susannah Seaman, grandson of William Strange and Susannah Cartwright, all of Linton. John's siblings were William Strange, who went to Australia,Mary Ann Strange, James Strange, Thomas Strange and Anna Maria Strange. Full details are here - Penny says that much is from Russell Ellwood's document so there will be duplicated information.

From Sheila Strange
I am seeking  the birth of  James Strange said to have been born Linton CAM c1811/12 in the 1841 Census in Waltham Cross, (ESS).  She says, "I cant find any parents for him, nor can I find his wife Ann".

From Cambridgeshire Baptism Index 1801-1837
1803 STRANGE Sarah d. of Thomas & Sarah; Foxton
1806 STRANGE Thomas s. of Thomas & Sarah; Foxton
1809 STRANGE Sarah d. of Mary; Camb.St.Mary
1806 STRANGE Robert  bb. s. of Mary; Camb.St.Mary
1813 STRANGE John 18d s. of James & Susanh.; Linton
1813 STRANGE Hannah d. of Thomas & Sarah; Foxton
1813 STRANGE Susan  6w d. of William & Amey; Bartlow
1815 STRANGE Mary A. 23d d. of James & Susan; Linton
1815 STRANGE Mary 2m d. of William & Amey; Bartlow
1817 STRANGE William 15d s. of William & Susannah Linton
1818 STRANGE Martha 2m d. of John & Mary; Linton
1819 STRANGE James 11d s. of James & Susannah; Linton
1820 STRANGE Joseph 1m s. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1822 STRANGE Joseph 2m s. of Jno. & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1824 STRANGE Sarah 4m d. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1825 STRANGE Thomas 19d s. of James & Susan; Linton
1826 STRANGE Isaac 1m s. of Jno. & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1828 STRANGE Anna M. 19d d. of James & Susanh. ; Linton
1828 STRANGE Elizth. 5m d. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1829 STRANGE John s. of Thomas & Susan; Royston
1830 STRANGE Isaac 6m s. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1830 STRANGE Isaac 6m s. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1832 STRANGE Jabez 2m s. of Jno. & Mary; Linton Congreg.
1833 STRANGE Mary d. of Thomas & Susan; Royston
1835 STRANGE Susan d. of Thomas & Susan; Royston
1837 STRANGE Frederick 2m s. of John & Mary; Linton Congreg.

From Valerie Fairbrass 06 Apr 2005
I seem to have opened up a hornets nest with my 1861 transcription. The couple in question at 5 Palace Street (and still resident there in the 1881) are Joseph Thurley (appearing as Humley in my transcription  but the whole entry was very difficult to read) and Mary(nee Strange),  They married June Q 1854 St Pancras 1b 147 While the 1881 only gives Cambridge as place of birth I had a trawl through the IGI and see that there are Thurley births at Abington Piggots, Cambridge and also at Bassingbourne, Cambs (birthplace of Susan, wife of Thomas Strange in this same 1861 entry)