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STRANGE in Canada
1. Census Records (From Betty Judge)

All below are born in England (or Scotland) This is the layout for each family.

Name; Marital Status; Gender; Ethnic; Age; Birthplace; Occupation; Religion
Place: Cataraqui Ward, Kingston,Fronterac, Ontario ,Canada
Family History Library Film (FHLF) 1375871
NA Film-number C-13235 District 116 sub-district G page number 7

William G STRANGE; M; M; English; 44; England; Merchant; Baptist
Emma STRANGE; M; F; English; 46; England; ; Baptist

Page number 82
Henry STRANGE; U; M; English; 28; England; Soldier; Church of England

Place; Farnham East, Brome, Quebec. Canada
FHLF 1375838; District 60; sub dist. F; page 89
Robert STRANGE; M; M; English; 30; England; Farmer; Church of England
Phila ? STRANGE; M; F; English; 25; Quebec,Canada; Church of England 
Mary Wright; M; F; English; 56; Quebec, Canada; Servant; Free Will Baptist.

Census, Place: Edwardsburg, Grenville South, Ontario,Canada
FHLF 1375866; district 106; sub dist C: div.1; page no 17;
George STRANGE; M; M; 39; England; Farmer
Rose STRANGE; M; F; 37; England
Thomas STRANGE; M; 18; England; Son
Elisabeth STRANGE; F; 16; England

Census Place : Walsingham. Norfolk South, Ontario, Canada
FHLF 1375898; District 157; sub-dist, B; dicv,2; page no 21;
Frederick SKUSE; M; M; 28; England; Brickmaker and family plus
Edwin STRANGE; Male; 30; England; Brickmaker
Sarah STRANGE; Wid; F; 61; England

Census Place: Cataraqui Ward, Kingston, Fronterac, Ontario, Canada
FHLF 1375871; district 116; sub dist G; page 87,
Thomas B STRANGE; M; Male; 45; India; Leut.Colonal, (sic)
Ellaner STRANGE; M; Female; 34; India 
Henery STRANGE; Male; 16; Ireland; Student
Alexander STRANGE; Male; 14 England
Allis STRANGE; Female; 10; England
Cathrine STRANGE; Female; 6; Quebec,Canada
Hilda STRANGE; Female; 5; Quebec,Canada
Jane Wilson " 59 Ireland.
I wonder if Henry Strange the soldier at same barracks is a son.??

Pointe Edward Lambton Ontario FHL film 1375914;
district 179; sub-dist .P page no 37
Robert STRANGE; M; M; English; 71; England; Jerittem ?
Charlotte STRANGE; M; F; English; 67; England

From Arthur Strange
I hope this will help those who are research STRANGE in Canada.

The 1901 Census for Canada is available for viewing on the Archives Canada web site either with the Mr. Sid viewer or in your web browser this is fine if you have a good idea where the person you are looking for lives, fortunately there are volunteers transcribing the census and posting the transcriptions These transcriptions are linked the Archives Canada so that you are able to compare the transcriptions with the microfilm copies. If you find any errors in the transcriptions you can notify the person who did the transcription who will then make the necessary changes.

The site hosts a volunteer project to produce a free, online index to the 1901 Census of Canada. The site is based on transcribing from the census images provided by the National Archives of Canada and anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection can participate. The site is approaching 1,000,000 transcribed lines, has 30,000 links to other records, and is completely free to browse  The following is a copy of the attached web archive

Name; Province; District; Sub-District; Page & Line No.
Strange Alfrida; ON;SIMCOE(North/Nord)  Barrie (Town/Ville); a-38  29
Strange Anna H.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 25
Strange Annie; MB; BRANDON; Arthur; a-11  24
Strange Cassie; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  31
Strange Cecil E.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 24
Strange Charles L; ON; SIMCOE; (North/Nord) Barrie (Town/Ville); a-38  27
Strange E. Harold; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 22
Strange Edward; MB; BRANDON; Arthur; a-11  23
Strange Edwin L.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 20
Strange Francis ?; ON; FRONTENAC; Portsmouth (Village); e 37  16
Strange Frederick L.;NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-128 28
Strange Geo.; NS; HALIFAX; Halifax (City/Cité) Ward/Quartier No. 1; a-69  48
Strange George; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  28
Strange Harry; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  33
Strange Jane; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  29
Strange Jennie L.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-128 27
Strange John F.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-16  29
Strange M. Alberta; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 21
Strange Mary; NB; SAINT JOHN; Dufferin (Ward/Quartier); I-13  10
Strange Mary A; ON; SIMCOE (North/Nord); Barrie (Town/Ville); a-38  28
Strange Matilda J.; NB; SUNBURY &QUEENS; Maugerville; e-9   45
Strange Maud; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  30
Strange Nellie; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  32
Strange Pearl; NB; YORK; Kingsclear; f-14  34
Strange Ralph E.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-110 23
Strange Ralph L.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-128 26
Strange Sarah; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-12  19
Strange Sarah M.; NB; SAINT JOHN; Guy's (Ward/Quartier); c-16  30
Strange Vera; MB; BRANDON; Arthur; a-11  25
Strange Victoria M; ON; SIMCOE (North/Nord); Barrie (Town/Ville); a-38  31
Strange Viola M; ON; SIMCOE(North/Nord); Barrie (Town/Ville); a-38  30
Strange William; MB; BRANDON; Arthur; a-11  26
2. National Archives of  Canada - STRANGE entries relating to World War I.
From Ed Hanson
Recently, while working on another branch of the family, I came  across some of the records of the National Archives of Canada. Following are the Strange entries relating to World War I. Interesting to see that so many were born in England.

Online attestation records from The National Archives of Canada: Soldiers of the First World War (1914-1918)

Albert Strange, 2014755; residence: 36 Chatham Road, Birkenhead, England; next of kin: father, George Strange, same address; born 24 Dec 1899; riveter & shipman; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, 5 Sept 1918, Montreal

Alfred Strange, 158686; born Cork, Ireland, 4 Jan 1880; next of kin:sister, Fanny Rummins, 6 Kings College Mews, Hampstead, England;occupation: moulder; unmarried; previous military service: XIX Regiment,12 months; Church of England; attestation signed, 4 Oct 1915, St Catherine's. 81st Battalion, CEF

Alfred Henry Strange, 427268, 46th Battalion, CEF, rank BDN, born London, 29 Sept 1891; next of kin: George Strange, Woodfield, Padn., London W.; occupation: farmer; unmarried; previous military service: 2 years, Manitoba Dragoons, and 1 year, Border Horse; Church of England; attestation signed, 26 May 1915, Weyburn, Sask.

Alfred Mark Strange, 258456; address: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta; born Stockley, England, 8 June 1887; next of kin: Frederick Strange, father, Stockley, Calne, Wilts; occupation: farmer; unmarried; Methodist; attestation signed, 8 June 1916, Calgary, Alberta

Andrew Arthur Strange, also known as Andrew Arthur Paxman, 435397, born Delamar, Nevada, 1 Jan 1889; next of kin, Violet Strickland (friend), YMCA, Edmonton, Alberta; Church of England; occupation, teamster; unmarried; attestation signed, 21 June 1915, Calgary, Alberta

Archibald Strange, 2380132; address: Ninga, Manitoba; born 8 July 1897, Cadby, Leicestershire, England; unmarried; Methodist; occupation: farmer; next of kin: Sidney Ernest Strange, father, 715 Moncton Avenue, Morse Place, Elmwood, Winnipeg, Canada; attestation signed, 16 Jan 1918, Winnipeg.

Aubrey Clare Strange, 829333; address: 385 William Avenue, Winnipeg; born High Wycombe, England, 30 Sept 1886; occupation: watchman; next of kin: mother, Clara Strange, 15 Crendon Street, High Wycombe; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, 30 Nov 1915, Winnipeg

Clarence Nathaniel Strange, 313997; address: Colfax, Washington, USA; born Calgary, Alberta, 15 July 1882; next of kin: (father) Nathaniel Lowery Strange, Chehalia, Washington; occupation: bookkeeper; unmarried; Baptist; attestation signed, 5 June 1918

Eddy Strange, 3354485; address: Cluffield P.O., Sask.; born 15 Dec 1892, Richmond, England; unmarried; next of kin: (uncle) Theodore  Miller, Calvington P.O., Sask; farmer; unmarried; Presbyterian; attestation signed, Regina, Sask., 6 July 1918; drafted under Military Service Act; discharged on demobilization, 3 Feb 1919

Frank Strange, rank LCL; no further information

Frank Frederick Strange, 427458, 46th Battalion, CEF; born London, 9 Sept 1889; next of kin: (father) George Strange, [address not given]; occupation: carpenter; unmarried; Church of England; previous military service: 5 years, 12th Manitoba Dragoons; attestation signed, 20 July 1915, Sewell, Manitoba

George Strange, 447373; rank LCP; born 4 Jan. 1893, Doagh, County Antrim, Ireland; next of kin: William Robert Strange, Railway Street, Cumby, County Down, Ireland; occupation: bank clerk; Presbyterian; unmarried; attestation signed, Calgary, 23 July 1915

George Strange, rank lieutenant; born Portage, LaPrairie, Minnesota, 4 Nov 1881; address: 19 St Vincent Street, Toronto, Ontario; next of kin: (sister) Mrs G F Herriman, 31 West 12th Street, New York City, USA; occupation: banker; Presbyterian; belong to 48th Highlanders; previously 3 years with Queen's Own, 6 months with wireless guard at the island; attestation signed, 9 Jan 1918, Toronto, Ontario

George Strange, 446645; born Wiltshire, England, 22 Dec 1880; next of kin: George Strange, 9 Ireland Terrace, Twerton, Bath, England; occupation: labourer; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, 6 May 1918, Calgary

George Frederick Strange, 687043; address: Kamloops, B.C.; born 22 Aug, 1896, Kamloops, B.C.; next of kin: (father) E. L. Strange, Kamloops, BC; occupation: clerk; previous military service: 102 RMR (13 months); Church of England; attestation signed, 13 Dec 1915, Kamloops

George Frederick Strange, 312024; address: Aberdeen House, Carlton Street, Winnipeg; born 9 July 1895, Kew, Surrey, England; next of kin (mother) Mrs Nellie Strange, The Green, Kew, Surrey; occupation: farmer; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, 18 Feb 1916, Winnipeg

George Hill Strange, 1057090; born 4 Oct 1871, Manchester, England; address: 1049 Jeanne d'Arc Street, Maisonneuve; previous military service, 2nd Garrison Bn., Manchester Regiment; next of kin: (wife) Ethel Strange, same address; occupation warder; Church of England; attestation signed, 2 Oct 1916, Montreal [same individual], 3010009; differences on form: born 4 Oct 1879, Manchester, England; married; next of kin: (mother), Mrs Ethel Strange, 4 Gyte Lane, Manchester; in active militia, 5th R.H.C., previously Manchester Regiment; attestation signed, 27 April 1917, Montreal

George Pointdester Theodore Strange, 2293818; address: Glen-View, Alberta; born Shepton Mallett, Dorset, England, 25 Sept 1899; next of kin: (father) Mr HarEry (?) Strange, School Corner, Langport Road, Somerton, Somerset; farmer; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, 8 May 1918, Calgary, Alberta

George Thomas Strange, 1039743, address: Kamloops, B.C.; born 23 Feb 1869, Wiltshire, England; next of kin: (wife) Mrs Ellen Strange, Kamloops, B.C.; occupation: labourer; Church of England; previous military experience: 2½ months, 54th Battalion (honourably discharged); attestation signed, 2 Oct 1916, Kamloops

George William Strange, 5199; born Richmond, Surrey, England, 7 Jan 1895; occupation: driver; next of kin: Miss Sophie Strange, Hillside, Downscourt, Purley, Surrey; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed: Valcartier, 23 Sept 1914

Henry Strange, 874273; address: 341 Morley Avenue, Winnipeg, Manit.; born 6 May 1897, Greenock, Scotland; next of kin: (mother) Mrs Henry Strange, 341 Morley Ave., Winnipeg; occupation: clerk; unmarried: Methodist; previous military experience: 1 year, 106th Winnipeg Light Infantry; attestation signed, 28 Feb 1916, Winnipeg

Hugh Strange, 2045016, address: 806 23 Avenue East, Calgary, Alberta; born Belfast, Ireland, 2 Jan 1897; next of kin: (father) Hugh Strange, Sr., same address; occupation: clerk; unmarried; Presbyterian; previous military experience: Corps of guides, Spring nof 1915; attestation signed, 9 Dec 1916, Calgary [same individual]: address: 1240 17th Avenue West, Calgary;  next of kin: (wife) Mrs Gladys Ellen Strange, same address; previous military experience: 18 months, C.F.A. CEF; attestation signed, 18 March 1919, Calgary

James Richard Strange, 73698; born Waltham Cross, England, 11 Jan 1892; next of kin: Mr G.J.W. Strange, 2656 Garnet, Regina, Sask; occupation: presser; unmarried; Wesleyan; belongs to active militia; attestation signed, 24 Oct 1914, Regina

Joseph Strange, 258457, 211th Overseas Battalion, CEF; address: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta; born Stockley, England, 10 Aug 1896; next of kin: (father) Frederick Strange, Stockley, Calne, Wiltshire; occupation: farmer; unmarried; Methodist; attestation signed, 8 June 1916, Calgary

Joseph Francis Strange, 425376, 45th Overseas Battalion, CEF; born Leeds, Yorkshire, 3 Aug 1884; next of kin: (uncle) Charles Straw, 4 Oddfield, Trew, Worthley, Leeds, England [crossed out and replaced by] Mrs Richmer, 255 Montrose Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba; unmarried; previous military experience: 12 Man. Dragoons; Presbyterian; attestation signed, Brandon, 4 May 1915

Percy Strange, 34675; born Somersetshire, England, 1 July 1880; next of kin: Benjamin Strange, 82 Boulter Avenue, Toronto; occupation: nurse; unmarried; active service in militia; previous military service: R.A.M.C., 12 years, South Africa, Ireland; Church of England; attestation signed, [Valeartion?], 2 Sept 1914

Percy Douglas Strange, 259185, 9th Depot Battalion; address: 2636 Garnet Street, Regina, Sask; born Waltham Cross, Hertford, England, 17 June 1897; next of kin: James William Strange (father), 2636  Garnet Street, Regina; attestation signed, Regina, 16 April 1918

Richard E. W. Strange, 527933; address: 1828 - 4th Avenue West, Owen Sound, Ontario; born St Pancras, Middlesex, England, 7 Oct 1876; next of kin (wife): Harriet Amy Strange, same address [crossed out and replaced by] 528 Alpha Street, Owen Sound; occupation: finisher; Church of England; attestation signed, Camp Borden, Ontario, 9 Aug 1916

Robert Beggs Strange, 2045075, Rank SGT; address: 806 - 23 Avenue East, Calgary; born Brookfield, Doagh, County Antrim, Ireland, 27 March 1894; next of kin: (mother) Mrs J. W. Strange, 806 - 23 Avenue East, Calgary; occupation: postal clerk; unmarried; Presbyterian; previous military experience: C. of B.; attestation signed, Calgary, 19 Feb 1917

Roland George Strange, 116963; address: Big Bar Creek, Clinton, B.C.; born Swindon, Wilts, 6 Feb 1881; next of kin (wife) Finella Strange, same address; occupation: carpenter; Church of England; attestation signed, 18 May 1916

Samuel Strange, 174938; born Crosshill, County Antrim, Ireland, 3 March 1893; next of kin: Mrs Margaret Strange, 118 Locke Street, North Hamilton, Ontario; occupation: driver; belongs to active militia; Presbyterian; attestation signed, Hamilton, 20 Sept 1915

Vera Strange, born Rockwood, Ontario, 14 Aug 1886; address: Waskada, Manitoba; next of kin (father) Edward Strange, Waskada, Man.; occupation: nurse; Anglican; militia service: AMC; attestation signed, 17 Jan 1916, Kingston, Ont.

Walter Strange, 2591008; address: YMCA, Drummond Street, Montreal, Canada; born Dorset, 26 June 1886; next of kin: (mother) Mrs Henrietta Groves, 75 Elign Ave., Maida Vale, London; occupation: engraver; unmarried; Methodist; attestation signed, Montreal, 2 Oct 1917

Walter Strange, 252230; address: East Farnham, Quebec; born East Farnham, Quebec, 24 Aug 11898; next of kin: (father) Mr Frank Strange, East Farnham, Quebec; farmer; unmarried; Church of England; attestation signed, Montreal, 31 May 1917

William Strange, 59928; born Shropshire, England, 11 Nov 1869; next of kin: Annie Strange, 47 Bloomfield Road, Blackpool, Lancs; occupation: gardener; married; previous military experience: 1st East Lancashire Regiment; Church of England; attestation signed, Kingston, 5 Nov 1914

3.  Families
A family with origins in Essex, England
1  Percy Douglas STRANGE b 17 June 1897 Queens Road, Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, d 13 August 1974 White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
    (parents James William STRANGE and Rossetta CANNON) - Private, 1st Battalion, at time of marriage
    + 27 May 1918 Knox Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Irene Mona HUGGINS b 5 July 1895 Kenora,
      Ontario, Canada
        (parents William Cara HUGGINS and Elizabeth Harriet BETSWORTH),
        2  Percy Douglas STRANGE b 16 Dec 1918 Imperial, Saskatchewan, Canada
            m 17 Dec 1941 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lily Florence WALL b 22 July 1920 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
            (parents Abraham [R.K.] WALL and Agnes Rosina St GERMAIN)
            3  Four surviving children (July 2004) including a Carol Joyce STRANGE
               Will she please get in contact with the web master as he has lost contact.
               Also Tricia Webb would like to get in touch as she is a cousin of Rosa Strange
               (nee Cannon) born 1873 died 1943 Winnipeg Manitoba and she is in B.C. Canada herself. .
         2  Harold Vincent STRANGE b 27 Sep 1921, Canada, d 2 Aug 1922
         2  James William STRANGE b 25 Jun 1924, Canada, 29 Jun 1924

4. Oddments
Betty says, "And I have on file, "In the Kentish Independent for Jan 3 1852; Gentleman Cadet Thomas Bland STRANGE to be second lieutenant, promoted to Captain Cleveland's co. 12th B"
5. Marriages - Various
Toronto, 1911 - 1922, part 2
Ronald Frederick George STRANGE, 19, butcher, England, 19 Coady Ave., s/o Frederick Edwin STRANGE (b. England) & Beatrice ROGERS, married Edith Mary FLINT, 18, dress operator, England, 1314 Queen St. East, d/o James Amos FLINT (b. England) & Rosa Edith SELLEN, witn: Ruby M. & Mary STRANGEWAYS of 5 Oak St., 6 Nov 1923

Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1884
Thomas STRANGE, 21, farmer, Wish England, Cardinal, s/o George & Rose, married Sarah Colbera NASH, 21, Morrisburg, Cardinal, d/o John & Sarah, witn: William BRINDLE of Cardinal & Mattie MARTIN of Morrisburg, 17 Dec 1884 at Morrisburg

Simcoe Co., 1892
James JOHNSTON, 43, Medonte, Orillia, widowed, farmer, s/o William &  Catherine JOHNSTON, married Mary STRANGE, 22, North Orillia, Warminster, d/o Frederick & Mary STRANGE, wtn: Ronald DUNLOP of Warminster & Mrs. N. WELLWOOD of Orillia, on November 12, 1892, at Orillia

Gore District, 1842 - 1855, Page 2
The following marriages can be found on Ontario Archives microfilm MS 248, reel 1, vol 4, Pg 88, 1847
Aug. 13 Westly LOUGHEED, Wilmot, to Janet HORNESON/HOMESON, Wilmot. Wit: John Innes, Rossana Strange, Pg 89, 1847
Sept. 28 Cornelius GOBLE, Wilmot, to Lydia GAMON, Dumfries. Wit: John Innes, Rossanna Strange.

Wellington Co., 1886
Robert STRANGE, 23, Weaver, Glasgow Scotland, Guelph, s/o James STRANGE & Jane ERSKINE, married Mary J. VAUGHT, 19, Twp. of Pilkington, Guelph, d/o Bartholdi & Mary, Witn.: William GERRARD, Theresa VAUGHT, August 16, 1886, at Guelph

Marriages from St. James Church, Toronto, 1800 - 1821
21 September, 1816, by special License, James McMILLAN, tailor and Millenicum (Millie) HALE, both of this Parish.  Witnesses, Pat.  STRANGE and Ann KOBE.

Carleton Co., 1895, part 1
Henry CHINZEL, 23, laborer, Gloucester, Ottawa, s/o Ernest & Hannah HINZEL married Angelina SPEARS, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas SPEARS & Annie STRANGE. Wit: M. L. MaFARLANE and M. A. R. MacFARLANE, both of Ottawa. February 14, 1895 at Ottawa.

Victoria Co., 1900
Sidney HIGGS, 24, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas HIGGS & Louis STRANGE, married Maggie HUSSEY, 21, Lindsay, same, d/o William HUSSEY & Lizzie BROWN, witn: Ernest HIGGS & Mary HUSSEY, both of Lindsay, 17 Oct 1900 at Lindsay

Oxford Co., 1888, part 1
Charles G. STRANGE  , 29 , clerk , Oro , Barrie , s/o James & Flora , married Mary M. LIDDARD , 25 , Bracebridge , Barrie , d/o Charles & Mary , witn: Dr. Alben & Mrs COLBOURN of Tillsonburg , 27 Nov 1888 at Tillsonburg.

6. Passenger Lists
Robert Strang age 20 Farmer from Lanarkshire, on the S.S. Sicilian from Glasgow (25 July 1903) arrived Quebec-Montreal 4 August 1903. Destination Winnipeg-Man-Hilton.

Fred Strange age 26 (21) Labourer from Berkshire, on S.S. Bavarian from Liverpool (15 October 1903) arrived Quebec-Montreal 23 October 1903. Destination Toronto.

Frank Frederick Strange born 9 Sept 1888, from children's aid society. Sent by The Catholic Emigrating Association 105 Shaw St Liverpool to St Vincent's Home 386 St Antoine Montreal. Travelled with Robt B Bacon agent for working boys home Liverpool. Sailed on S.S. Bavarian from Liverpool 28 April 1904 arrived Quebec-Montreal 8 May 1904.

H. Strainge, 24, Machinist, from England Oxford, going to Peterboro'. Ship (Ottawa) sailed from Liverpool 27 April 1905. into Quebec/Montreal.  Ed Hanson said, "This is my own grandfather -- Herbert  Strainge (1880-1953) -- originally from Benson, Oxfordshire.  He eventually settled in Swampscott, Massachusetts, but during this first trip worked in Canada and I never had the date of that voyage.  He returned to England the following year, and when he went out again sailed to Boston, Mass., USA.  The 1906 arrival details were the ones he used on his naturalization application, but the earlier trip had been known only through family stories.

Passenger Lists to Montreal on the Lake Manitoba which sailed from Liverpool 16 May 1905.
Strange J G age 23 Shipwright from Dorset

Passenger Lists to Canada travelling on Lake Eerie which departed Liverpool 18 July 1905.
Strange Paul 22 Danish, Farm L___? heading for Minneapolis Minn.

Passenger Lists into Montreal on S.S. Numidian from Glasgow from which it sailed 21 April 1906.
Strange Simon 33 Farmer from Ireland Antrium, going to Guelf Ont. With him is his wife Mrs Strange age 28 and son 11months (infant) with the name of Christopher????. Details are too hard to read.

Passenger Lists to Montreal Quebec:
WH Strange age 21 from Essex England, Mec Engineer/Farm Lab (both occupations overlap so cannot make out who's is who's). Bound for _______ford?, Ont. Sailed from Liverpool on the Kensington on 14 June 1906 arrived Quebec 24 June 1906.

Jno? Strange age 40 married, Gen Lab from Antrim Ireland, going to Montreal. Sailed on SS Victorian from Liverpool 7 June 1906 arrived Quebec 15 June 1906.

Passenger Lists to Quebec Montreal. 2nd class Cabin Passengers
Rich'd M or N Strange 52 Tourist, Married, Silk Merchant, from Devon. Place of Residence quoted as Tourist. Sailed on S S Athenia from Glasgow to Quebec on 7 July 1906, arrived Quebec 17 July 1906.

Passenger Lists covering the periods 2 Jul 1908 to 13 May 1910 and 17 Sep 1910 to 13 Oct 1910

Name ; Age; Birth;  Arrived; Ship; (all  Quebec Ports)
Ernest Strange; 32; Canada;  10 Jul 1909; Tunisian
James Strange; 17; England; 09 Oct 1910; Megantic
Mable Strange; 18; England; 09 Oct 1910; Megantic
Percy Strange; 11; England; 09 Oct 1910; Megantic
Robert Strange; 29; Ireland; 28 Sep 1908; Cassandra
Rose Strange; 38; England; 09 Oct 1910;  Megantic
I gather that Quebec Ports includes Montreal.

Rob Strange <> said in Feb 2006, "My grandfather's brother was Sidney Ernest Strange and he emigrated from Oadby, Leicestershire to Canada in c1910, with his wife Ada.  They still have descendants out there.

Passenger Lists for Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.
S.S. Parisian sailed from Liverpool 5 Jan 1905 arrived Halifax N S 15 Jan 1905. 3rd Class going to Canada.
Fred Strange age 31 Single. Can read & write. Barman from Reading England going to Toronto.
Might this be him?:
Births Dec 1874 STRANGE Frederick William Abingdon Vol 2c, Page 270

Mongolian for Halifax Nova Scotia sailed from Liverpool 14 April 1905,  arriving there 25 April 1905. The  ship sailed via Glasgow, Liverpool and Londonderry.  F C Strange age 21 (R/C) single, can read and write, carpenter from England Middlesex, going to Toronto.

From Sheila Strange( nee Thompson ) Feb 2006 - Rose I think is ROSETTA STRANGE formerly ROSETTA CANNON, b 1871 Aug 01 in Waltham Abbey Essex, parents John Cannon and Caroline Warren.  Husband of Rosetta was JAMES WILLIAM STRANGE b 3 08 1871  in Waltham Abbey, Essex.  His parents were James Strange and Julia  Freshwater, their children were Mabel Rosetta Strange, b WA  Essex 12 10 1891; James Richard  Strange, b WA, Essex, 12 01 1893; Percy Douglas Strange, b WA  Essex, 17 06 1897 and Albert Edward William Strange, b WA  Essex (infant death).  James William Strange and Rosetta Strange ( nee cannon ) are buried  at St James Cemetery Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

From John Moore:
Two notices picked up from The Upper Canada Herald, published in  Kingston, Upper Canada, Tuesday, April 10, 1838:
"KINGSTON MARINE RAILWAY - At a meeting of the Stockholders of the Kingston Marine Railway held at the Br. A. Hotel on this day, for purpose of electing five Directors agreeable to the Act of incorporation; the following persons were duly elected:- H. GILDERSLEEVE, J. STRANGE, A. McNABB, J. COUNTER, H. CASSADAY
The Directors having adjourned till 5 o'clock, met at the house of Mr. Counter, when H. GILDERSLEEVE was elected President, J. COUNTER Treasurer, and A. McNABB Secretary.
A. McNABB, Secretary. Kingston, April 2, 1838."

"SHERIFF'S SALE IN THE KING'S BENCH. Smith Bartlet, Piff. vs. John Strange, and Murcer F. Whitehead, Executors of Robert Coleman, deceased. By virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, issued out of the Court of King's Bench, in this cause to me directed, against the lands and tenements of which the said Robert Coleman, died seized; I have seized and taken:

Part of the Rear or North End of Lot. No. 14, 2d.
Con.   Township of Kingston,
25   Acres, and part of the rear part of the West 1/2 of Lot No. 16, 2d. Con. do.
2     do. 15 pr. The South East or front 1/4 of Lot No.16, 3d. Con.           do.
28    do. Part of the Front of Lot No. 16, 3d. Con.                           do.
3 1/4 do. & Part of Lot No.16, 3d. Con.                                       do.
2     do. 20 rods Bounded and described as contained in the deeds thereof  -- on record to the said Robert Coleman; which Lands I shall offer for sale at the Court House, in the Town of Kingston, on Wednesday, the 13th day of June next, at the hour of 12 o'clock, noon.
All persons having claims against the above Lands or any part thereof, are requested to present the same to me on or before the day of sale.     JOHN McLEAN Late Sheriff Mid Dist: Sheriff's Office, Kingston, 12th March, 1838."

Note Con. means Concession, a large chunk of land that is divided into a number of 200-acre lots.