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STRANGE in Caversham, Oxfordshire
Parish Register Transcripts
St Peter's Parish Church
Baptism Register - 1597 - 1849
1762 Apr 11 William Morgan STRANGE/MORGAN s Esther STRANGE
1773 Oct 17 John STRANGE s John & Jane (nee DORMER)
1776 Sep 1 Sarah STRANGE d John & Anne (nee HUSGATE)
1778 Apr 17 John STRANGE s John & Anne (my 4th and 5th GGF), in Henley-on-Thames in 1841, died there 1845 Feb 14

Marriage Register - 1597 - 1837
1666/7 Jan 12 Richard HAYES to Martha STRANG
1758 John STRONG
1763 Aug 15 Esther STRANGE, Spinster (X) to Samuel EDNEY, Widower. Witnesses: Joseph HANCOCK & Thomas GILES

1773 Jan 3 John STRANGE to Jane DORMER. Witnesses: Daniel HICKMAN & Nathaniel BERRY.  Jane is buried in October this year after giving birth to her son John. 

1775 Nov 6 John STRANGE (Widower on death of Jane nee DORMER) to Ann HUSGATE (Spinster). Witnesses: James MULLARD & Anne POTTINGER - A question, where did Ann come from, there are very few references to this name?

Les Curwood has supplied these two files of valuable information concerning their descendants:
Census Report - Descendants of John STRANGE and Ann HUSGATE
Outline Descendants of John STRANGE and Ann HUSGATE
1834 Nov 23 William STRANGE (X) to Letitia WILD. Witnesses: Richard PIERCY & Rose WILD. They had a child, Jane Letitia, who was baptised in Henley 7 Aug 1835

Burial Register - 1597 - 1837
1773 Oct 18 Jane STRANGE - She died in childbed and her son John Strange was buried 8 Jan 1774 at the age of 3 months at Long Wittenham, Berkshire.