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STRANGE in Cumberland
1. Civil Registrations
1884 Q3 Jopson Strange; Carlisle
1886 Q2 Florence Strange; Carlisle


1891 Q1 Fanny Strange; Carlisle; probable Spouse John Little Jopson (see 1884 death)
1912 Q4 Donald Strange to Gertrude Redmayne; Wigton

1858 Q4 George Valentine Strange; Whitehaven
1881 Q1 Jane Strange; 81; RD Whitehaven
1884 Q3 Gilbert Jopson Strange 1 Carlisle

2. Parish Records
1648 Mar 20 Agnes Strange ; Saint Andrews,Penrith,Cumberland; Father: Randall Strange
1662 Aug 31 Anne Strange; Saint Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland; Father: Wm. Strange
1668 Feb 02 Anne Strange; Saint Mary,Carlisle,Cumberland; died 6 Mar 1680; Father: Thom. Strange  
1744 Oct 10 Joseph Strange; Saint Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland; Father: Robart Strange
1792 Dec 06 James Strange Egremont,Cumberland Father: T. Strange Mother: Anna

1707 Dec 27  Cathrine Strange Carlisle-St. Mary, Cumberland

3. Census
Eaglesfield Abbey, Cumberland
Class: RG11; Piece: 5157; Sched: 120
Fanny Strange Servant U 27 (actually 30) Domestic Servant Wallingford, BRK (parents Thomas Strange and Maria Penney; birth registered 1850 Q4 (5 months in 1851 census)

25 Myddleton Street, St Aidan, Carlisle, Cumberland
Girls Mission Home
Class: RG78; Piece: 1797; Schedule: 388
Susan Glendinning Strange H U 44 Head Matron of Girls Shelter b Ashwell Castle, Northumberland,

4. Various
From Karen & Ed Stewart:

A stray who is mentioned in Spoils and Outrages by Scottish and English Borderers in Cumberland Michalmas 1592 to Feb 21 1593 taken
from the Calendar of Border Papers is one John STRANGE living in Etterby (Stanwix) who lost  20 ewes with a value of £5.