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STRANGE in Essex
Issued from the faculty office of the Archbishop of Canterbury at London, 1543-1869
By Col. Joseph Lemuel Chester (London: Harlian Society, 1887)

1632 October 30 Thomas STRANGE, of Westham, Essex, Gentleman, bachelor, 21and upwards and Elizabeth BIWATER, daughter of Thomas BIWATER, late of same parish, gentleman, deceased, with consent of her mother, Elizabeth BIWATER, widow of same parish at Westham aforesaid, or at Stratton Bow,


William STRANGE 35 Ag Labourer
Sarah STRANGE 35
Henry STRANGE 15 Ag Labourer
Stephen STRANGE  9
William STRANGE  7
Amelia STRANGE  2
David STRANGE  5 months
Elizabeth STRANGE 70
Stephen STRANGE 30 Ag Labourer
Sarah STRANGE 11

At Centis Mill Green
Samuel STRANGE 35 Ag Labourer (married 1832 Nov 24)
Harriet Gentry STRANGE 25 
Elizabeth STRANGE  7
Eliza STRANGE  5
Ellen STRANGE  3
Charles STRANGE  1
Harriet STRANGE  3 mont

South Weald hamlet of Brentwood
Piece 324 Vol 8 Page 36 - High Street
Mary STRANGE 30 F/S  born ESS

Piece 324 Vol 8 Page 61 - Love Lane
Susannah STRANGE 7 Not born ESS
Grays Stifford parish

Piece 324 Vol 9 Page 5 - Dog and Partridge
John STRANGE 20 Lab Not born ESS

Waltham Abbey
District Holyfield
James STRANGE     H 39 Ag Lab Linton Cambs
Ann STRANGE       W 30        Waltham Abbey (nee WALLEN)
Emma STRANGE      D  6           "
William STRANGE   S  3           "
James STRANGE     S  2           "
Elizabeth STRANGE D  1           "

James STRANGE; H; 50; Ag Lab; Linton Cambs
Ann STRANGE; W; 40; Waltham Abbey
William STRANGE; S; 14; Waltham Abbey
James STRANGE; S; 12; Waltham Abbey(b 1849 - see 1881 Census below)
Richard G STRANGE; S;  9; Waltham Abbey (In Elswick, Northumberland in 1881)

Paternoster Hill Waltham Abbey residence of Thomas Bull
Emma STRANGE        16        Waltham abbey

1861  census    ESSEX
EPP  =  EPPING         RG9/1064
LGT  =  LOUGHTON       RG9/  1063


JAMES STRANGE; 49; EPP  Head  born TYB

G T STRANGE; (M)      22  1839 1064    21  EPP
EMMA STRANGE; 22  1839 1064    21  EPP
GEORGE A STRANGE; 4  1857 1064    21  EPP

JOHN STRANGE; 49;  1812 1064    32  EPP
ELIZABETH STRANGE; 50; 1811 1064    32  EPP
ALFRED STRANGE; 12; 1849 1064    32  EPP
JOHN STRANGE; 10; 1851 1064    32  EPP

Farm Hill, Waltham Abbey
James STRANGE; H; 22; lab in gun powder mills; Waltham Abbey
Julia STRANGE; W; 18;  (Nee Freshwater)

Romeland Waltham Abbey
William STRANGE; 24; lab at gun powder mill; Waltham Abbey

Paternoster Hill  Waltham Abbey
Thomas STRANGE; H; Ag lab; b1837; Epping Essex
Sarah STRANGE; W; b1841; Abridge Essex
Robert STRANGE; Brother; b1855; Epping servant un married

Waltham Holy Cross
Source: RG11/1396/F46/P18
Dwelling: Sewardstone St,
James STRANGE; H; M; 30; Stoker Gunpowder Mil;, Waltham Abbey, ESS
Julia Elizabeth STRANGE; W; M; 28; Waltham Abbey, ESS; (nee Julia FRESHWATER)
James William STRANGE; S; 9 Scholar; Waltham Abbey, ESS
William Henry STRANGE; S; 7; Scholar; Waltham Abbey, ESS
Arthur Richard STRANGE; S; 6; Scholar; Waltham Abbey, ESS
Albert Amos STRANGE; S; 3; Scholar; Waltham Abbey, ESS
Leonard Ainsworth STRANGE; S; 1; Waltham Abbey, ESS

Dwelling: Orsett Heath
Albert STRANGE; Visitor; U; 26; M; Mariner Gravesend; Kent, England

Amelia STRANGE; Head      Wid 70           b Mile End Bow
Ellen STRANGE; Dau       S   22           b Epping
John STRANGE; Grandson       2           b Epping

Charles STRANGE; Head; 35; Gen Lab; Epping
Mary J STRANGE; Wife; 31; Netteswell
Florence A STRANGE; Dau; Epping
John STRANGE; Son; 7; Epping
Alfred STRANGE; Son; 3; Epping
George W STRANGE; Son; 1; Epping

Andleigh - St Mary the Virgin
National Burial Index
1814 Dec 07 Susan STRANGE 40

See Families below - from Brian and Karen TAYLER, nee PATTENDEN

A parish and village population 450 in 1957 situated 2 miles east of Halstead, nearest
market town and ecclesiastical and urban district pop c5,800 in 1957.s

1783 to 1812 and 1830-1837 only checked
1801 Aug 23 Thomas Strange of Silter Ridingham widower and Sarah Bossey botp by banns witnesses John Firbank and G Dykes
1836 Aug 14 Thomas Warren widower and Mary Strange spinster botp by William Adams, Vicar mark of Thomas X Warren and the mark of Mary X Strange witness mark of Thomas X Pudney and Lydia Church

Maria Hazel said in May 2007:
My husband's ancestors include Hannah Strange born c1831 in Halstead who, with siblings George c1826 & Moses David c1835, was the child of Mary and, I believe, Thomas Strange. I can't find the marriage of Mary & Thomas, who must have died by 1841, nor the subsequent remarriage of Mary to Thomas Warren before 1841.Hannah, and possibly her brothers George and David Moses, were illegitimate children of Mary Strange and not children from a first marriage of Mary to a Strange as I had thought was possibly the case. I'll now search for Mary's birth to help sort this out.  According to the census, Mary was born c1801 in Earls Colne.

See Families below from Raelene CRAWFORD
South Benfleet - St Mary the Virgin.
National Burial Index
1777 May 13 William STRANGE

West Ham
1827 Sep 11 John STRANGE, widower, of Henley, co. Oxford & Amy HANCOCK, widow,by licence  (the third marriage of my 4th GGF)


From Sheila STRANGE
James STRANGE of Waltham Abbey (b c1811)
This is a summary of the records I received from Sheila  A complete record of  a report I assembled from her notes is available here and I would ask anyone with connections or knowledge of Essex, especially the Waltham Abbey area, to download the file and pass any observations to me [Mike STRANGE].  There is a local history society concerned with Walham Abbey and their web site can be found at Waltham Abbey Historical Society.

1  James STRANGE b c1811 Linton,Cambridgeshire according to 1841, 1851, 1861 & 1871 Census;d Q4 1864, Edmonton, Vol 3a, Page 123 (No baptism found in the Linton registers)
   + Ann TAYLOR (nee WALLEN), marriage in Cheshunt 16 Nov 1845 (both living at Windmill
   Lane, Cheshunt) GRO REF 1845 Q4 Edmonton Vol 3 Page 88; b c1821 Waltham Abbey;
   d Q2 1892, Edmonton, Vol 3a, Page 230, aged 71
   2  Emma STRANGE b 1845 Waltham Abbey
   2  William STRANGE b 1847 Apr 10 Waltham Abbey; Occ: Labour at Gunpowder Mills,
       Waltham Abbey
      + Hannah INGRAM Q3 1871, Edmonton Reg District; b 1847 in Sawbridgeworth, Herts
   2  James STRANGE b 1849 Jan 09 Waltham Abbey, d 26 Feb 1963, Winnipeg
      {found with his second wife Sarah) residing at Seventh Ave.,Monmouth, Middletown
      Township, New Jersey on the Census' for 1910, 1920  AND  1930. Stoker at Gunpowder
      Mill 1881 Census [To be resolved is Tricia's theory that the 1929 Nov 01 burial in
      Winnipeg, St James cemetery, would have been his son James William Strange(husband
      of Rosa-she died in 1963). Therefore the assigned death date for him of Feb 26,
      1963 Winnipeg, was probably his son James Richard Strange (b, 1893)]
      + (1) Julia {Elizabeth} FRESHWATER Q1 1871 Edmonton Re District Vol 3A Page 179,
         daughter of Thomas and Amelia FRESHWATER nee BURGESS b 1853 Mar 18 at
         Broomstick Hall, Waltham Holy Cross; d July 1926, Waltham Abbey Essex
         From Divorce for James Strange 1849 & his first
         wife Julia Freshwater 1853. Divorce Decree (per Divorce Court File J77/422/2850
         UK National Archives): Appellant: James Strange; Respondent: Julia Elizabeth
         Strange; Co-Respondent: John Massey Divorce - Granted 1889
      3  James William STRANGE b 3 Aug 1871, Sewardstone, Waltham Abbey, d 26 Feb 1963,
         Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (labourer in the gunpowder mills in 1871 and a
         plumber's labourer in 1891)
         +  Rosetta "Rosa" CANNON 11 Apr 1891 Christ Church, Spitalfields (source is the
         marriage certificate) father - witnesses William and Caroline FOSTER.
         b 3 Aug 1871, Waltham Abbey, d 28 Feb 1943, Winnipeg
         [Tricia said, "The family line of my sister Pam and me runs from Rosa CANNON's
         father John CANNON who was the brother of their great-great-randfather Hiram
         CANNON. She says she has the ancestry for Hiram and John going back another
         four generations (all in Bedfordshire)]
            4  Mabel Rossetta STRANGE b 12 Oct 1891, Waltham Abbey
               + Walter REDMAN 3 Oct 1922 Waltham Abbey; b c1889
            4  James Richard STRANGE b 17 Jan 1893, Waltham Abbey
               + (1) Edna Hope CRUNDELWELL, b c1895
               + (2) Maud MITCHELL,
               + (3) Emily, d 24 Dec 1969
            4  Percy Douglas STRANGE b7 Jun 1897 Queens Rd, Waltham Abbey, d13 Aug 1974
               White Rock, BC, Canada (family in Canada)
               + 27 May 1918 Irene Mona HUGGINS in Regina, Sask, Canada, b5 Jul 1895
                 d 10 Nov 1987 at White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
            4  Albert Edward William STRANGE b 21 Feb 1901, Waltham Abbey, d 10 Jul 1901
      3  William Henry STRANGE b 1873 Apr 05 Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross, Cartage
         Contractor, died Ordnance Road, Emfield MDX
         (Sheila's husband's grandfather. see 1881 Census above),
         + (1) Ada Rose SHADBOLT Q2 1893 Edmonton Reg District
               b 1876 Apr 09 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, died Edmonton, London 1897
               (5 in the 1881 Census at Waltham Cross)
            4  William Harold STRANGE b Q3 1894 Edmonton District, died 11 Nov 1969,
               buried St George's Church. He was a policeman in Edmonton, North London.
               + (1) May COOPER Q3 1917 Edmonton District; died young
               + (2) Dolly HACK
             4  Ada Rose STRANGE b 1896 Edmonton District, d age 21 (1917) Edmonton,
                north London
             4  Ernest James STRANGE b 1898 Edmonton District, d 1950 North Middlesex
                Hospital, north London; French polisher
                + Edith Lillian Harman in 1918; b1900; d1948
                At least four children perhaps still living in 2009.
             4  Albert STRANGE b 1908, d 1967 Edmonton; French polisher of pianos
                + Mary WHITTINGTON died 1983
                At least three children perhaps still living in 2009.
             4  John Henry STRANGE b1911 Oct 16, d 1969 May 23 North MDX Hospital,
                north London; French polisher
                + Mary Rosa Susannah MARSHALL 25 June 1932, b Aug 1911, died 6 May 1983
                  Hullbridge, Essex
      3  Arthur Richard STRANGE b 29 Jul 1874 Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross. In the
         1911 census Arthur is married but his wife was not recorded with him. He was
         then a labourer and living at 49 Cattisfield Road, Enfield, Middlesex,     
      3  Albert Amos STRANGE b 11 Feb 1878, Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross
      3  Leonard Ainsworth b 6 Dec 1879, Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross
         (Went with his father to Atlanta, USA after his father divorced)
         + Anna from Austria.
         He became a naturalized US Citizen in 1904 living in New York City; he worked
         for the Singer Sewing Machine Co. He was drafted in WW1; and in 1920 he was
         living as a family with Anna and her three children.
      3  Sidney Oliver STRANGE b 28 Apr 1881, Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross
         + Alice Rachel CROXALL Q1 1903 Coventry District, b c1879 Coventry, WAR
         4 Rose Strange b: 1903 in Coventry, Warwickshire
         4 Sidney Strange b: 1904 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire
         4 Mabel Strange b: 1906 in Newport, Monmouthshire
         4 Ada Strange b: 1908 in Bordon, Hampshire
         4 Winifred Strange b: 1910 in Edmonton, Middlesex
      3  Clifford Harrold STRANGE b22 Aug 1884, Sewardstone dQ4 1887
         Edmonton Registration District
         + (2) Sarah MASSEY in 1891 James is with Sarah at King Edward Rd, Cheshunt,
         Herts. Children Arthur, 16, Albert 15, Leonard 11, Sydney 10, and James widowed
         mother Ann,aged 70 also with them. James and Sarah sailed from Liverpool on the
         ship "City of Berlin".  They arrived at the port of New York on April 9, 1892.
         The passenger list recorded:
                          James Strange   (Stoker) 43
                          Sarah Strange   (wife)   29
                          Leonard Strange (child)  11
         [Thanks to Tricia for that information <triciawebb[at]telus[dot]ne>]
         Divorce from Julia Elizabeth FRESHWATER granted in 1889 in England. She then
         married John MASSEY (divorce co-respondent;)they had a daughter Maude MASSEY
         baptised 7 Dec 1890 (Ref Church Magazine of Sewardstone, Waltham Holy Cross).
         James and Sarah settled in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA, in the 1900 US census,
         in Kent County, Rhode Island with James Farm Superintendent. Still in
         New Jersey in the 1910, 1920 and 1930 US Census.
   2  Elizabeth STRANGE b 1850 Feb 16 Waltham Abbey
   2  Richard George STRANGE b1851 Dec 16 Waltham Abbey; 1851 Census at 323 Scotswood
      Road, Northumberland, a turner and fitter - still there 1881.
      + Mary Black ROBERTSON Q2 1879 Berwick, Northumberland, b Q1 1856 Ford,

From Philip Barrall 7 Jul 2002
My grandfather's sister, Caroline Barrell, born 1867 at Hutton ESSEX married Samuel STRANGE in 1892 at Stepney East London. They had six daughters; Elizabeth, Elsie, Daisy, Mary, Rose nd Susan. Some of these children lived in Dagenham ESSEX. That's all the information I have at present.

From: "Betty Judge
In response to her letter: Dear M/s O'Keefe, I read your advert in December 2001 issue of the Australian Family Tree Connections magazine. re John & Priscella (ABREY) STRANGE .......
Querying, STRANGE
1807 Dagenham Essex UK
1830 Dunton,Brentwood Essez UK
1849 Adelaide S.A. Aust,
1851 Sale. Victoria. Aust.

Subject: STRANGE/ Australian Family Tree.

My STRANGE ancestors were from Essex and the following is what I know about them. John Sida STRANGE was born abt 1806 in Daggenham, Essex to Hannah (PORTER) and John STRANGE. He died in 1876 in Sale, Vic, Australia. He was married in London in abt 1831 to Priscilla AUBREY/ABREY, daughter of Mary (OXLEY) and John AUBREY/ABREY. John, Priscilla and their children emigrated to SA on board the "Senator" in 1849 then moved to Victoria in 1851.  They had the following children:
Henry, born abt 1831 died before 1876.

Eliza, born abt 1833 in Essex, married William Kennedy in SA 1850, married Herbert Thorrowgood in Tas 1865. Died Mentone, Vic 1907.

Priscilla, born abt 1834, died between 1876 & 1886. Mary, born abt 1835 in Essex, married Stephen MILLAR (my g-g-grandfather) in Melb 1853, died Melb 1894.

Elizabeth, born Dunton, Essex abt 1837, married Reuben MILLAR (my g-g-grandfather's brother) in SA 1854, died SA 1915. John, born abt 1838, Dunton, Essex, married Ann McARTHY nee SMITH in Sale, Vic 1875.

Caroline, born abt 1840, died before 1876. Ellen, born Dunton, Wayletts Manor, Brentwood, Essex 1841, married David HENDERSON in Melb 1858, died in Richmond, Vic 1923. Sarah, born abt 1844 in Dunton, married Thomas Roddan ANDERSON in Vic in 1863, died Vic 1932.

I have also researched many of their descendants as some of the children had very large families. Most of John and Priscilla's children had the middle name SIDA which I believe was a surname from a previous generation. Many of them also had the middle name ABREY or AUBREY obviously after their mother's surname. Do any of the names sound familiar to you?

I have a very close friend whose grandmother's maiden name was Beatrice STRANGE. She was English and died in abt the mid 70s when my friend and I were in our teens. I don't know when she came to Aust but her daughter (ie my friend's mother) is 83 years old and she was born in Aust. So, Beatrice must have arrive in Aust before 1918. My friend and her mother visited their STRANGE relatives in England more than 20 years ago. They all live around Hampshire. Does your husband have relatives in Hampshire?
Regards, Wendy O'Keeffe

The following from: Brian & Karen Tayler nee Pattenden
I do have a Mary A STRANGE, probably born 1884 and died 1951 Epping Registration District who married Alfred Gilbert PATTENDEN 1889 - 1956 and had two daughters Phyllis M 1916 who married Albert E BARNARD in 1938 and Muriel R 1920 who married Herbert C LINCOLN in 1954. These are all in Edmonton or Epping areas. I would be interested to hear if any of your group know Mary A STRANGE's birthdate and parents. Her husband is my second cousin twice removed.
(Researching Pattenden worldwide)

From Raelene Crawford, July 2006
I am researching my husband Robert Crawford's,  mother's STRANGE family, my information to date-
My husband's Gr Gr Grandfather was:
1 Henry STRANGE; Hertford, St John (at marriage)
  + Lydia PIGG 1825 31st Oct, Meesden Herts; bap 7 Apr 1805 Clavering ,Essex
   (parents Thomas & Sarah (nee BURGESS) (Ref Clavering PRs)
    Lydia was listed as a widow in the 1851 census for Meesden (See Hertfordshire page)
    & under Berkshire Strays, did Henry once live in Berkshire?)
    2 Anne b 1828 Meesden
    + Samuel GODFREY
      3 Henry GODFREY
        + Louisa PALMER
      3 Stella PALMER
        + Arthur WOODCOCK
          4 Patricia WOODCOCK
            + Mick O'NEILL
              5 Michael O'NEILL (info from Michael)
    2 William STRANGE b 1832 Meesden
      + Mary b 1831 Nuthampstead, Barkway, Herts
      3 Secilia STRANGE, born 1854 Anstey Hertford
      3 Jemima Lydia STRANGE born 1857
      3 Henry STRANGE born 1858
      3 Abijah STRANGE born 1862
      3 Willie STRANGE b 1865
      3 Isaac STRANGE b 1870 Meesden Herts, d 1934 age 59
        (founder of salvation  Army band  Hendon)
        + Sarah Ann KING, b 1874
        4 (6 children)
    2 Charles STRANGE b 1834
    2 Joseph STRANGE b 1836 (My Husband's Great Grandfather) Meesden Herts;
      d 12 Jul 1911 Adelaide South Australia
      +  Rebecca CLARK 1857 Holy Trinity Church Adelaide South Australia;
         b 9 Feb 1836 Langley Essex; d 21 Sep 1909 Adelaide
         (parents John CLARK, labourer of Langley & Eliza nee COCKELL from Elmdon)
         Joseph & Rebecca  emigrated on the ship Violet to South Australia, arrived Port
         Adelaide 14 Apr 1856 from Southampton
      3 William Henry STRANGE
      3 Eliza Elizabeth STRANGE
      3 Louisa Mary STRANGE
      3 Emily Jane STRANGE
      3 Selina Anne STRANGE
      3 George STRANGE
      3 Jemima STRANGE
      3 Joseph (Jnr) STRANGE
      3 Charles STRANGE born 2 Dec 1873 South Australia(My husband's Grandfather)
        +(1) Annie LENNON
        4 Mary Helena STRANGE
        4 Leonard STRANGE
        +(2) Ada Lena BROOKS
          5 Thelma STRANGE
          5 Evelyn Joyce STRANGE (my Husbands mother)
            (father, Clarence James CRAWFORD)
        +(3) Jinnie HAY
        +(4) Emma BOWMAN)
    2 James STRANGE born 1838
    2 Henry STRANGE born 1843 - May have migrated to South Australia - not proven yet
    2.George STRANGE born 1844

Does anyone have information on the above family please?

From Cheryl
Sent: 02 Feb 2003
Could someone please help me with information re the census.  In the 1901 census I can find Samuel STRANGE married to Caroline STRANGE and their family at the time.  When I go to the 1881 census Samuel no longer exists, his wife Caroline does though under her family name of Barrell, I have checked all counties and Samuel is lost. Samuel was born around 1867 or thereabouts, he married Caroline Barrell in 1892 in Stepney East London. So if anybody has a Samuel STRANGE from Essex in their tree I would appreciate it if you could contact me.

Ed Hanson advised:
I've just checked the index to the 1901 census and not the actual entries, but was your Samuel STRANGE the one listed as age 37, born in Brentwood, Essex, and living at Lambeth? If so, there were at least two other STRANGE men listed as born at Brentwood: Charles, age 35, living at Bethnal Green, a labourer; and Edward, age 29, living at Newington, warehouseman.

Going back to the online version of the 1881 census for Navestock,  Essex: Samuel STRANGE, widowed, 37, b Navestock, Essex, ag. lab..; Charles STRANGE, son, 15, b Navestock, gag. lab..; William STRANGE, son, 14,b Navestock, gag. lab..; Edward STRANGE, son, 9, b Navestock, scholar; Eliza STRANGE, dau, 7, b Navestock; George Drake, brother-in- law, 32, b Navestock, gag. lab..; Margaret Drake, sister, 33, b Navestock; Ellen R. Drake, niece, 11m, b Navestock

Navestock and Brentwood are quite close to each other, and it's possible that the men gave their birthplace as one or the other at different times--and also possible that Samuel, Charles, and Edward were all brothers--and that Samuel had already left home by 1881 and somehow just got missed by the census taker.  Do you have a marriage certificate for Samuel & Caroline?  If so, that might confirm his father's name was Samuel.

Also, did you see the posting by Philip Barrall on 7 Jul 2002 on the Essex page of the STRANGE netpage?  He writes: My grandfather's sister, Caroline Barrell, born 1867 at Hutton ESSEX married Samuel STRANGE in 1892 at Stepney East London. They had six daughters; Elizabeth, Elsie, Daisy, Mary, Rose and Susan. Some of these children lived in Dagenham ESSEX.

Cheryl followed up with .... I have been in contact with Philip Barrell and he and I are directly linked through the Barrell line.  The family he listed are the ones I was looking for and he helped me along Caroline's line. The Brentwood one is my Samuel and I hadn't thought to look   (Another satisfied "customer"!!!... Mike STRANGE)

From Cheryl Martin  on 14 Jan 2004
I have a Samuel STRANGE born 1863 in Ongar. His father was a Samuel STRANGE and his mother was Emma Crabb.


From: Sharon Joslin (STRANGE) on18 Feb 2002
Hi Mike, I'm from Hornchurch in Essex my brother's name is Mike STRANGE, I didn't think there was so many of you out there, only know of my own family.

My grandfather's name was Edwin STRANGE (1910) Plaistow; he married Sarah RICE (1919) Stepney. My great grandfathers name was Charles Daniel(1869) he married Hariett de ROSE (1870). I would like to find out Edwin's brothers and sisters names.

From Helen Scerri <helenscerri[at]aol[dot]com> in January 2007
I am related to James Strange of Theydon Bois, Essex, he is my Great Great Great Grandfather. He was born in 1822, married Sarah Parish-Strange? and died 05 August 1870 in Bury Lane, Epping from a lung and heart disease. His parents were John & Elizabeth Strange both born in 1781 and died in the 1840\'s in Theydon Garnon, Essex. His daughter (My Great Great Grandmother) was called Sarah Strange-Parish (She double barralled her name too) and she was born in 1849, also in Epping. She married Walter Searle in 1871, they had 2 children together; Rose Born approx 1876 and Walter Born approx 1877 and, when he died in 1878, she married Albert Hance in 1879 (my biological G.G Grandfather). They had my Great Grandfather in 1886 - Frederick Thomas Hance, aswell as around 5 or 6 other children until her death in 1908.
I believe James Strange had 2 younger Brothers. He was an agricultural labourer for most of his life until he became a Gamekeeper in the 1860's James Strange' Parents were John & Elizabeth Strange, Both born around 1781 in Theydon Garnon.