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STRANGE in India
From Zara in January 2004
I have a record of William  Robert STRANGE born in Chennai (earlier Madras), commissioned as a Cornet (2nd Lieutenant) in the East India Company Army at Fort William (Calcutta, India) in 1827.  I am curious as I just stumbled upon a diary of a great, great grandfather who apparently sold William Robert Strange a Persian carpet at Fort William, Calcutta!

Le Estrange Baptisms in India
Bengal Baptisms. Page 153 Meerut.

1845 Apr 01 Said to be Born: near Cawnpore. 30th January, 1845. Edward George LE ESTRANGE.
            son of Frederic James and Amelia Georgiana LE ESTRANGE.Abode: Meerut. Quality,
            Trade or Profession: Afst. Apothy. H.M. 16th Lancers.
            Ceremony performed by: A. Hammond. Chaplain.

1845 Apr 08 Said to be Born: Calcutta. 25th August, 1843. Elizabeth LE ESTRANGE daughter of
            Frederick James and Elizabeth Indiana LE ESTRANGE Abode: Meerut. Quality, Trade
            or Profession: Afst. Apothy. H.M. 16th Lancers. Ceremony performed by: K. Maddock.

Wills in Bengal, India:
1839 Strange, Elizabeth
1855 Strange, George S.
1877 Strange, Robt.
1883 Strange, Robert
1887 Strange, Lumisden

From Andrew Sellon:
Was greatly encouraged to see a post on the India List involving 'my'lot; at least it proves that I did not imagine them.

From: "nickbalmer"
I quite by chance stumbled on in the online Index Thomas Lumsden Strange's manuscript family history written in the late 1870's or 1880's OIOC Mss Eur D358.  In it I have found an account of a duel fought between my 5x great uncle Thomas Hervey Baber and a man called Billy Fortune. Billy was an officer in the Native Infantry.  Strange went to Tellicherry in about 1833, and was told the tale about Thomas Baber's duel by Thomas Gahagan.  Sadly there is no stated location cause or date for the duel.  For obvious reasons, I would lke to try to narrow this down.
Nick -

Andrew replied:
Read your post mentioning Thomas Lumsden Strange with the greatest of interest, as I am related to the Streanges via the Dundas family, and my sister married a Lumsden, also cousins of the same Stranges. Hope to be visiting Scotland later this year and staying with my bro. in law Lumsden, who says the eldest Strange of this branch lives but twenty mins. drive from him! He has suggested we meet up.

Descendants of Thomas Lumisden Strange:
2 STRANGE, William Lumisden b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
.... +COBBOLD, Rose, of Capel Hall, Sflk b: Unknown in ? m: Unknown in ?
d: Unknown in ? 2 STRANGE, Alfred Charles b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
2 STRANGE, Arthur James b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ? 2 STRANGE, Nina
Emily b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?

Nick said:
Hello Andrew,
You should most definitey read the account. I looked at the bits relating to Tellicherry. The whle document could be 400+ pages, and I have only read very quickly perhaps 30 or so.

There is no index, so I had to search about. I did see references to a family history going back to 1540ish. They had a castle with a name beginning with B. Sorry, I didn't write it down.

Thomas Lumsden Strange's writing style is very good, and he has absolutely masses of funny stories. He was born in Indai, if I recall it correctly.  His father was the Senior Judge in Madras, sat on the trial of the three individuals who challenged Thomas Baber to a duel in 1812.  Strange was sent to England and then went Westminster School. There is lots on that which I haven't read properly.
He apparently travelled overland via Persia at one stage.

Thomas Lumsden Strange's manuscript family history written in the late 1870's or 1880's
OIOC Mss Eur D358.

From Andrew Sellon  9 Oct 2004
Times Tues 18 July 1837  page 7
From Bengal, Madras and St Helena, the East India ship JAVA, Capt R Jobling, (HCS) sailed from Sandheads, Feb 15, from Madras Reads (sic) March 5th and St Helens May 29th.
The following is a list of passengers embarked on board the  JAVA:
From Madras, His Excellency The Right Hon Lt Gen Sir Frederick ADAM KCB & GCMG, Late Gov of the Madras Presidency
Lt James Talbot AIREY, HM 3d Regt of Buffs, Aide De Camp to his excellency
From Fort Calcutta, Mrs Smoult, Mrs Parish, Mrs STRANGE and Mrs Hemming
W H Smoult Esq Barrister and late Registrar of the Supremee Court at Calcutta
The Rev Dr Parish DCL
Capt STRANGE HM 26th Regt or Cameronians
Capt Bracebridge Hemming, ditto (died on board at Madras, Feb 25), Lt J S***, ditto, commanding HM invalids on board.
Ensign Robson, ditto (died a t sea April 5) Lt Mc*** ie? , 57th Regt Bg N I
Dr Thompson, Bg Med Est
Masters Alexander and Thomas STRANGE, Miss Elizabeth Hemming , 43 invalids, 3 woman and 7 children from HM regts in India
William Cook, european servant to W H Smoult, Esq  native ayah, servant to Mrs Smoult.

Possibly this Capt. STRANGE of the Cameronians was:

1 STRANGE, Alexander, Lt Col, FRS b: 27 April 1818 in London d: 09 March  1876 in ?
. +DAVIES, Adelaide Bruce b: Unknown in ? m: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
   2 STRANGE, Alexander Burroughs b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
   2 STRANGE, Julia Fannie b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
   2 STRANGE, Adelaide Stanley Tyler b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
   2 STRANGE, Mary Bruce b: Unknown in ? d: Unknown in ?
I apreciate that a son Thomas STRANGE is not shown, but he could well have died an early death.

Ed Hanson replied:
Your Captain Strange in the 1837 sailing list seems to be Henry  Francis Strange, b 6 Jan 1798; d 5 Jan 1879; m Maria Bland, b Lake View, Co Cork, Ireland, c 1800, dau of Nathaniel and Letitia (Bland) Bland.  He had at least two sons, Thomas Bland and Alexander, as noted in the probate abstracts below.  Henry Francis was the son of Captain Alexander Strange, 13th Light Dragoons, who served for many years in India; m Lucinda Orpen, dau of George & Lucy (Bland) Orpen [this family is treated in Burke's Commoners, under "Orpen of Glanerough"]

Henry Francis Strange, Esq.  Personal Estate under £2,000.  14
February [1879].  The will of Henry Francis Strange late of 19 Pelham-place South Kensington in the County of Middlesex Esquire and Retired Colonel from Her Majesty's Army who died 5 January 1879 at 19 Pelham-place was proved at the Principal Registry by Thomas Bland Strange of the Royal Artillery Barracks Woolwich in the County of Kent Esquire a Lieutenant-Colonel in Her Majesty's Army the son the sole Executor.

Alexander Strange.  Effects under £200.  16 August [1870]. Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Alexander Strange late a Captain and Brevet-Major in tion of Her Majesty's 14th Regiment of Foot a Bachelor deceased who died 11 June 1870 at Sea were granted at the Principal Registry to Henry Francis Strange of the Royal Military Repository Woolwich in the County of Kent a Colonel in Her Majesty's Army the Father and Next of Kin of the said Deceased he having been first sworn

As regards, Lt Col Alexander Strange (1818-1876), the probate abstracts again provide some more information:Alexander Strange.  Effects under £4,000.  13 November.  The Will of Alexander Strange late of 29 Piccadilly in the County of Middlesex a Retired Lieutenant-Colonel from Her Majesty's Madras Army who died 9 March 1876 at 97 Onslow-square in the said County was proved at the Principal Registry by Julia Fanny Strange of North Hill Bagshot in the County of Surrey Spinster the Daughter the sole Executrix.

Adelaide Bruce Strange.  Personal Estate £676.14s.  3 September.  Administration of the Personal Estate of Adelaide Bruce Strange late of 42 Westbourne-Park-road in the County of Middlesex Widow who died 2 May 1886 at 42 Westbourne-Park-road was granted at the Principal Registry to Alexander Burroughs Strange of the Engineer's Office Waterloo Station in the County of Surrey Civil Engineer the son and one of the Next of Kin.

Alexander Burroughs Strange of 26 Portchester-road Bournemouth died 16 July 1929.  Administration (with Will) London 1 Feb to Mary Bruce Blake widow.  Effects £1211.1s.5d.

Also, from the censuses:
The 1861 census of West Ilsley, Berks: Alexander Strange 42, Major in Madras Cavalry. b London; Adelaide Strange 38 wife b Bristol; Alexander Strange 1 son b Germany; visiting Edward H Garland & Caroline , (Brewer & Farmer) at West Illsley Berks.

The 1881 census of London (42 Westbourne Park Road): Adela B. Strange, widow, 58, b Bristol, Glos, annuitant; Alexander B. Strange, unm, son, 27, b Germany, engineer (E&M); Mary B. Strange, dau, 17, b London; and one servant.

From Bettty Judge:
Family History in India. I found Bengal marriages:
Thomas B STRANGE and  Maria E Taylor 1862
Charlotte La STRANGE and Stephen Burke 1870
William E STRANGE and Jessie Wilson 1879
William Evett-STRANGE and Sarah R Hand 1895

India Mutiny Medals  British Forces:
Cpl Henry STRANGE 1st. Battn, 13 foot (Prince Albert's light infantry
Cpl  John STRANGE 61st foot (South Gloucestershire)
Pte Samuel Strange  1st Battn. 23rd foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers)
2nd Capt. Thomas Bland STRANGE  Royal Artillery
Cpl. William STRANGE  Camel Corps
Pte John  STRANG 171st.  foot (Highland Light Infantry)

British Army Casualty list, 2nd Afghan war 1878-1880:
Capt. Butson STRANGE Gould,  9th lancs  Killed in action Kabul 13..12..1879


From British Library, India Office Records: Military Department Records
[IOR/L/MIL/11/50 - IOR/L/MIL/11/51]
Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, 1784-1858
Burma Office, 1937-1948
East India Company, 1600-1858
India Office, 1858-1947
FILE - Madras Service Army List - ref.  IOR/L/MIL/11/50  - date: 1847
Strange, William Robert 2nd Cav - ref. IOR/L/MIL/11/50/69 [n.d.] item: Strange, Alexander 7th Cav -ref.  IOR/L/MIL/11/50/221 [n.d.]
FILE - Madras Service Army List - ref.  IOR/L/MIL/11/51  - date:1848
item: Strange, William Robert 2nd Cav - ref. IOR/L/MIL/11/51/69 [n.d.] item: Strange, Alexander 7th Cav -ref.  IOR/L/MIL/11/51/221 [n.d.]