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STRANGE in Ireland

This page covers both North and South
1. Census
Co. Antrim NI. Z 252 Craigs  Townland
Edward STRANGE; Head; M; 47; Bleacher; ANT
James STRANGE; Son; U; 16; Linen Weaver; ANT
Margaret STRANGE; Dau;  U; 14; Linen Weaver; ANT
Mary  STRANGE; Dau; U; 12; none; ANT
Isabelle STRANGE; Dau; U; 10; none; ANT

Z258 Craigs  Townlands
William STRANGE; Head; M; 36; Labourer; ANT
Mary STRANGE; Wife M; 32; none; ANT
Esther  STRANGE; Dau; 7; none; ANT
James STRANGE; Son; 5; none; ANT
Ann STRANGE; Dau; 3; none; ANT
John STRANGE; Son; 6mths; ANT

2. Odments
From: Joseph Sutton Clonard
Subject: Thomas Strange and his daughter Maria Strange. b.c. 1430
My family second surname is Sutton (Dudley) de Clonard; - Irish Branch (Wexford).  Myself I'm the IX Count de Clonard in Spain, but my family has been living in this Country for 300 years or more. 

I'm very interested in Sir/Lord Thomas Strange and his daughter Mary, b.c. 1430 (or Marie, or Maria).
She was married with Thomas de Sutton son of John VI Sutton, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1428..etc.) Baron Dudley, Sutton, etc. and Elizabeth Berkeley.

Can anyone help with some accurate information about Thomas and his daughter Mary.


From Janice from Boston, Ma, USA - L'ESTRANGE'S OF IRELAND
I have GM Elizabeth L'Estrange born Upper Kevin Street, Dublin, Ireland Feb. 2, 1867 to Thomas and Mary Jane McKeon L'Estrange. Siblings: John, b. c1810, Mathew b.1864, Catherine and Bridget the 1870's. GGF Thomas L'Estrange was b.1834 in West Meath Ireland. In 1850's he was a officer in the Dublin Metropolitan Police which also was located on Upper Kevin Street, Dublin. I believe this family was RC.


From: Joyce Tunstead (nee SCOTT)
The following is some information on the name Strange, the family coming from Waterford in Ireland.

A member of my Scott family, Letitia Jannette Scott, married Laurence Charles Strange on 20th December 1884 at St.Barnaba's Church, Dublin.   From the marriage certificate I have established that the groom's father was Thomas F. Strange.  Both father and son were solicitors. I have a copy of a deed which is witnessed by Laurence C.Strange, Solicitor, Waterford, dated 20.5.1886. The deed concerns Scott property.   (Letitia's brother, James A. Scott, was also a solicitor). 

Laurence Charles Strange was Mayor of Waterford 1899-1900, and apart from that I have no further information. I have tried to find out what happened to L.C.Strange and Letitia J. Scott but have not found anything to date.  Should you ever receive anything concerning them or possible family I would be delighted to hear from you.

I have a list of Mayors of Waterford from 1284 to 1996. This list includes:
1432-1433 Peter Strange
1449-1450 Pierce Strange
1484-1485 Richard Strange
1560-1561 Peter Strange
1581-1582 Richard Strange
1597-1598 Paul Strange
1607-1608 Thomas Strange
1634-1635 Richard Strange
1853-1854 Thomas Fitzgerald Strange
1899-1900 Laurence C. Strange

Joyce says, at some time I may take a closer look at the Strange family in Waterford.


This message is from Ruth Henderson
Subject: L'Estrange
Does any one have any ideas about who my greatfather's father may have been. My G.Grandfather was Thomas Fitzstephen L'Estrange born in Ireland, either County Cork or County Westmeath in 1842. He moved to India and married my g.Grandmother Karlina Adelgitha nee Buchanan or Buchanar in 1868. They had four surviving children. Francis who married a Lillian and their daughter was Joyce. (I have no more information on this child) Samuel who married Lovie and they had three children Lawrence, Norman, Rowena. I never met the younger two but I did meet Lawrence before his death in the late 1980's. My grandfather was called Wilton Oldham and married Georgina Watson and they had three children. My father Augustus Francis Trevor L'Estrange, Mary and Hazel. I believe Hazel is still alive. The younger brother was called Theodisa and married J. Delingen. My grandfather and his siblings were all born in India between 1868 and 1880. Thomas Fitzstephen died aged 38 or Pleurisies and pneumonia and Karlina died in 1883. All the children were returned to Ireland a brought up by other family members - names unknown. I am trying to establish my g.grandfather's father. Poorly researched Family trees mention a General L'Estrange of Conna Castle County Cork and Larkfield Co. Westmeath. A Miss Louth is also mentioned as marrying into the family and was either my g.grandfather's mother or grandmother. Does any one know anything that may point me in the right direction.
Ruth Henderson (nee L'Estrange)

Dave Strong said:

I suggest you contact John L'Estrange of Wellington, New Zealand... he is descended from a line that passed thru India.  Also, Michael Quinn-Conroy of Australia has a line that passed thru India. And, please take a look at Patrick Harris' web site:

He has a VERY extensive descendency on-line, which helps very much in sorting the Irish L'Estranges.


From: Jim & Julia Schmitz
Subject: Mary Ann STRANGE  Date sent: Mon, 17 Jun 2002
Mary Ann Strange was born in 1822, possibly in Dublin. She died in 1860 in Victoria. She married Joseph Impey on 10 March 1841 (Age 19) in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. They had five issue to the marriage.


From: Elizabeth
Subject: L'Estrange's of West Meath, Ireland Date sent: Mon, 22 Jul 2002

Wondering if ANYONE is in search of the L'Estrange's of West Meath, Ireland? Or Offally County, Ireland. Or even Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland?
The Granddaughter of an Irish L'Estrange, Elizabeth, USA


From Yvette L'Estrange May 2005
I had a little look around and appears there are no L'Estrange's here as yet. I am researching L'Estrange's from Offaly (Kings County Ireland). My family came to Australia in 1841 - If there are any L'Estrange's out there - I would love to here from you.
Also - I have a lot of information about L'Estrange's in Australia so if anyone would like information please let me know.


Bill Golding asked on 20 Sep 2004:
Anyone with connecting lines to this family.

Descendants of James Strange
Generation No. 1
1.James1 Strange was born c1797 in Tildarg, Antrim, Ireland.  He married Agnes Robinson
  1822 in Tildarg, Antrim, Ireland. She was born Abt. 1801 in  Tildarg, Antrim, Ireland.
    2 i. Elizabeth2 Strange, born c1823 bap 18 January 1823 Irelandin Ballyeaston, Antrim
         Ireland; died Aft 1881. She married James Campbell 04 March 1845 in Ballynure,
         Antrim, Ireland; born c1822 in Belfast, Antrim, Ireland; died Aft. 1881.


Frfom Ireland Old News
CAVAN Summer Assizes.
Sworn in a Grand Jury by Samual Swary Esq,  Clerk of the Crown.GEORGE LeSTRANGE esq.  Lisnamandra

From Ann Hentschel May 2006
Dublin Diocesan Marriage Licences 1638-1800 - LDS Film No. 0100226:
Le STRANGE, Francis of King's Coy. & Mabell SANDERSON of St. Marys, spinster ; 28 July 1727.
Le STRANGE, John of Dublin, hospitier & Grace DURAND of St. Peters, spinster ; 14 April 1737.
L' ESTRANGE, George of Dublin, merchant & Elizabeth DEBUSAY of St. Michans, spinster ; 14 April 1755.
Le STRANGE, Arabella of St. Thomas, spinster & Charles SEATON of Dublin, Esq.; 30 April 1792.
L' ESTRANGE Jane of St. Marks, widow & Alexander CROOKSHANK of Pell Street, Gent.; 27 Dec. 1799.


St. Paul's Dublin - LDS Film No.0100226:
1718 Sep 07 John STRANGE