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STRANGE in Lancashire
1. Newspapers and Journals
From Liverpool Mercury etc ( Liverpool, England ), Friday, August 22, 1834; Issue 1216.
On Friday, the 8th instant, W. E. WHITEMAN, Esq., of this town, to Miss Eleanor STRANGE, daughter of the late David STRANGE, Esq., of Ellesmere, Salop.

2. Just a Snippet

Anthony Hickson (who is researching HICKSON and derivatives) said on 24th April 2004 I have Betty STRANGE married Henry HICKSON in 1841 in the town of Church in Lancashire.
(1841 Q1, Betty STRANGE Reg District Blackburn, Vol 21, Page 28 - GRO Index - Ed)

Gideon STRANGE married Martha ROBINSON (no dates or location) his son Thomas C STRANGE married Martha Ellafair COX (no dates or location) and his son Joseph Wright STRANGE married Flora Fitula BUCHANAN (no dates or location) and his son Freddie Plummer STRANGE (1889-1964) was the husband of Ethel HICKSON

Thomas Peate was my uncle through marriage although I never knew him. I remember his son Thomas James Strange who I knew as Uncle Jim and his wife Auntie Alice. Jim, although he was my father's nephew, was about the same age as father hence me calling him Uncle. As a child I visited him regularly.

3. Families

3.1  From Joanne Strange
The Stranges of Lancashire include my grandfather Thomas James Strange and my aunt Barbara Strange, but I cant find contact details for the person who was doing this research. I would be happy to contact him to bring the family tree up to date, as this branch of the name dies in my generation, as both my father (also Thomas James Strange) and his brother (Kenneth) only had daughters.

3.2  From Claire Stanley nee Wilcock (clairestanley(at)blueyonder(dot)co(dot)uk on 12 Aug 2004 Thomas Peate was my uncle through marriage although I never knew him. I remember his son Thomas James Strange who I knew as Uncle Jim and his wife Auntie Alice. Jim, although he was my father's nephew, was about the same age as father hence me calling him Uncle. As a child I visited him regularly. My information has been mainly through research as I only became interested in family history after Mum died; Father died in 1944.

1890 Feb 09 Thomas Peate STRANGE of Andrew STRANGE & Jane, Liverpool, Toxteth Park, Foreman
1890 Feb 19 Henry Stanley STRANGE of Andrew STRANGE & Jane, Liverpool, Toxteth Park, Foreman
1915 May 23, b24 April, William Henry STRANGE of Thomas Peate STRANGE & Emily, Liverpool, Millhand/Soldier
1918 Sep 22, b6 Aug, William STRANGE of Thomas Peate STRANGE & Emily, Liverpool, Paint Grinder
1919 Oct 26, , b10 Sep;  Annie STRANGE of Thomas Peate STRANGE & Emily, Liverpool, Paint Grinder
1923 Dec 30, born 13 Dec, Ethel May STRANGE of Thomas STRANGE & Emily, Liverpool , Paint Mixer
1925 Jul 12; b24 Jun; Harold STRANGE of Thomas STRANGE & Emily, Liverpool, St. Dunstan, Labourer; Edith Wilcock & Henry Martin
1942 Apr 26, b6 Apr Valerie Ann STRANGE of Andrew Richard STRANGE & Phyllis May, Liverpool, H.M.Forces; Kenneth  Ward & W. Rimmer
1942 Aug 29; b3 Aug Barbara STRANGE of Thomas James STRANGE & Alice, Liverpool, Paint Grinder
1946 Jan 27; b13 Jan Alan Leslie STRANGE of Andrew Richard STRANGE & Phyllis May Liverpool, Painter; Harold Strange
1950 Dec 17 Christopher Andrew STRANGE of Andrew Richard STRANGE & Phyllis May, Liverpool; A. Strange & H. Ashworth

1898 Aug 18 George STRANGE, 42, Window Cleaner of Liverpool 6, Wrayburn St; father Charles Strange deceased, Lamplighter and Amelia BURGE, 32, living Liverpool father John Burge, Bootmaker; at Liverpool, Edge Hill, St. Dunstan; witnesses James Roberts & Ann Lucy Roberts

1907 Apr 17 Edward James STRANGE, 22, Ship Steward of Liverpool 38, Beloe St; father Andrew Strange, Master Painter and Henrietta RITSON, 22, living 38, Beloe St, Liverpool father John Ritson, Joiner; at Liverpool, Toxteth Park,  St. John the Baptist 

1911 Thomas Peate STRANGE  and Emily WILCOCK living Liverpool at Liverpool, Princes Park, St. Paul

1931 Nov 16 Thomas James STRANGE, 19, Unemployed, of Liverpool 35, Boyton St, father Thomas Peate Strange, Labourer and Alice Georgina MILTON 21 of 35, Boyton St, Liverpool; father Fred. Percy Milton, Carter; at Liverpool, Edge Hill at St. Dunstan; witnesses Andrew Strange & Annie Womack

1959 Mar 28 Audrey Phyllis STRANGE, 22, Factory Worker of 29, Fearnside St Liverpool father Andrew Rich. Strange, Painter and Raymond BOOTH, 24, Fitter, father William Booth deceased, Seaman of Liverpool 27, Queens Rd L6; at Liverpool, Edge Hill, St Dunstan; witnesses Valerie Ann Strange & William Booth

1964 Apr 04 John Louis EDWARDS, 24, Eng. Mechanic, of Liverpool; father Leslie Louis Edwards Fireman Bricky Liverpool and Valerie Anne STRANGE 29, Factory Worker, of 21 Fearnside St Liverpool; father Andrew Rich. Strange, Decorator at Liverpool, Edge Hill,St. Dunstan; witnesses T. S. Dunford, Ann Elizabeth Carr

Burials -  Liverpool Toxteth, Smithdown Rd.:
1905 Jan 28 Alexander STRANGE, 22 Isaac St. Toxteth Park, Foreman Painter age 51
1911 Dec 02 Elizabeth Lilian STRANGE, 4, Park Hill Terr. Beloe St. age 4
1911 May 03 Florence Margaret STRANGE 4, Park Hill Terr. Beloe St. age 2
1918 Jan 22 Jane STRANGE, Widow, 65, Cockburn St., age 63

Notice Jane, Thomas Peate's mother died 1918; his father was already dead. If I can be of help any more, please write. If you can add to my family tree I would be grateful.

I found another marriage: St. Timothy, Everton, Liverpool, 1881 Andrew Strange m. Jane Bebington; I don't know if these are Thomas Peate's parents.

1871 Census
RG10/3913/F133/P26/S130 - Westleigh Lancashire
Adam STRANGE;  82; Head; Westleigh Lancs;  death found in 1882 Q4 Reg, 82, District Leigh, Lancs, Vol 8c Page 116
Christopher STRANGE; 69; Brother; Westleigh Lancs

The only Andrew STRANGE I could locate in Lancashire in 1881 was, the following:
Dwelling: 36 Salisbury St
Census Place: Everton, Lancashire, England
Source:  PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3655    Folio 6    Page 6
Andrew STRANGE; U; 28; M; Boarder; Painter; Ireland 

Another marriage:
From Merseyside Marriages
Liverpool Journal, 27th Jan 1877
BACKHOUSE / STRANGE, Jan 20th, Holy Trinity, Toxteth Park, William, eldest son of William BLACKHOUSE to Mary eldest dau of Edward 

From Joan White November 2006
I am not directly related to STRANGE but found that my grandmother's sister Isabella Thomas married Alfred F Strange in Toxteth,in 1902 (check bmd for Liverpool) they can be found in 1901 census in Paddington, Liverpool. I saw on (Isabella was living in Toxteth before her marriage). Isabella was born on 6 Nov 1882 in Liverpool and was baptised 26 Feb 1883 at St Peters, Liverpool.  She was known to the family as Bella and named after her maternal aunt Isabella Mitchell.  Isabella Thomas's parents were Charles Thomas b 1856 Liverpool and Sarah Eliza Mitchell b 1860 Whitehaven; they were married 12 July 1880 in St Johns Old Haymarket, Liverpool. The family lived in Palm Street, Liverpool/Toxteth Park.  In the 1901 census, reference RG/3946, living at 38 Paddington (note they were not married until following year tut tut).  Some family gossip; My grandmother, Sarah Eliza (Isabella's sister) told me that Isabella and Alfred's son was a window cleaner who was killed when he fell through a glass roof at Liverpool university.  Isabella and Alfred also lived at 26 Poplar Street, Everton in 1926 (which is where her sister's child Herbert, my uncle, was buried from).  We would love to hear from anyone related.

Ian Jolly in November 2006
From Monumental Inscriptions of St James the Great Church, Wrightington, just to the west of Coppull.

Plot A9,10. Sacred / to / the memory of / Richard STRANGE / the beloved son of / James and Ann STRANGE / who departed this life / June 4th 1873 aged 17 years / also Ann STRANGE the above / who died December 27th 1888 / aged 67 years / Thy will be done / also Jane daughter of the above named / who died Nov 16th 1911 aged 64 years / James son of William & Jane STRANGE / died Sep 13th 1889 aged 6 years / also Richard the beloved son of the above / who died Febry 11th 1904 aged 6 months / also William STRANGE the above / died Sep 16th 1905 aged 43 years / also William James HARGREAVES died May 30th 1925 aged 2 months / also Jane wife of the above named William / died May 12th 1929 aged 67 years / also William son of the above named William killed in action July 27th 1917 aged 19 years / 3 breadths / Also Jane Ann HARGREAVES / died May 23rd 1941 aged 49 years. N. side of base. A. LOWTON.

Plot B6, 10 Peace / In loving memory of / Thomas / the beloved husband of Edith STRANGE / who died Sep 3 1953 aged 73 years / also the above Edith STRANGE / who died Feb 1 1972 aged 86 years / The day thou gavest Lord is ended

Plot B12, 17. In loving / memory of / DERYK STRANGE / died 17th Sept 1977 / aged 19 years / A very dear son / Also Eileen STRANGE / died 3rd June 1994 aged 67 years / a very dear wife and mother / Also James STRANGE / died 5th Feb 1999 aged 80 years / a very dear husband and father Back of stone. RAWCLIFFES OF CHORLEY

Plot C1, 2. In loving memory of / MAY / the beloved wife of / William STRANGE / who died 17th May 1978 / aged 66 years / also WILLIAM / her devoted husband / who died 8th January 1990 / aged 80 years N. side of base. E.COCKER.

From David Tattersall
My grandfather Hilder Strange of Manchester
My mother Muriel Strange married Thomas Tattersall in 1934.

4. Civil Birth Registrations:
West Derby Registration District

Births - All STRANGE
Q  Year Forenames                 Notes
Q4 1845 Henry
Q1 1847 Ann Elizabeth; died Q3 1849 Liverpool 20 694
Q1 1851 John
Q4 1852 Charles
Q1 1853 Q1y Ellen
Q2 1854 William James
Q4 1854 John Daniel
Q4 1855 John Owens
Q2 1856 George
Q2 1858 Charles Alfred William
Q1 1859 Elizabeth
Q4 1859 Robert Jones
Q3 1861 Ann Jane
Q2 1862 Rebecca
Q2 1863 Thomas
Q4 1864 David
Q3 1866 Elizabeth
Q2 1868 David
Q1 1870 Elizabeth Ann
Q2 1870 James Samuel
Q1 1871 Francis James
Q1 1871 Jane
Q2 1874 Matilda Christina
Q3 1874 Elizabeth Ann
Q4 1876 Edward John
Q2 1877 George
Q2 1880 Alfred
Q3 1880 Edward Albert
Q4 1880 Samuel
Q1 1882 Eugenie
Q3 1884 Hannah
Q3 1885 Alice Ann
Q3 1887 William
Q2 1888 Ethel May
Q2 1888 Susan Lizzie
Q4 1888 Gertrude
Q3 1889 Annie
Q4 1890 Ernest Octavius
Q3 1893 George
Q3 1894 Florence Randles
Q4 1896 William George R
Q1 1899 Charles Randles
Q1 1901 Sydney
Q1 1902 Florence Isabel
Q2 1902 May Alice R
Q2 1903 Charles Samuel S
Q3 1903 Harold
Q1 1905 Alfred
Q1 1906 Ada
Q1 1906 Dorothy Violet
Q4 1908 Amy
Q1 1909 Alice Louisa

Q3 1911 Samuel J; Ginham
Q4 1913 Ernest G; Genham
Q2 1915 Henry; Thomas
Q2 1915 Lionel W H; Ginham
Q2 1915 William H; Wilcock
Q3 1916 Francis L; Bluck
Q1 1917 Henry S; Wilcock
Q2 1917 Leslie; Shaw
Q3 1917 Evelyn M R; Strange
Q3 1918 Ernest; Thomas
Q3 1918 William; Wilcock
Q4 1919 Albert; Shaw
Q4 1919 Annie; Wilcock
Q4 1919 William; Thomas
Q4 1920 William E R; Ness
Q1 1921 Emily; Wilcock
Q2 1921 Harold; Shaw
Q2 1922 Isabella M; Thomas
Q2 1922 Kenneth P R; Ness
Q1 1924 Jean E; Adams
Q4 1924 Herbert E; Thomas
Q4 1926 Doreen E; Adam
Q2 1927 Dennis R; Ness
Q1 1928 Alfred C; Parr
Q3 1928 Peter R; Ness
Q4 1929 Pauline P; Ness
Q3 1930 Alma C; Butler