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STRANGE in Long Wittenham, Berkshire

1951 Population 505, 5 NW of Wallingford on the River Thames

St Mary's Church
Originally From: Ed Hanson 2001 with mark-up from Cameron McGowan Aug 2006. See mark-up analysis and detail here

From transcripts at the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies
1592 Jan 17; Joane STRANGE; married John Smythe in West Hendred
1595/6 Mar 18; Willm. STRAUNGE; son of John
1601 Apr 29; Robert STRAUNGE
The three children above were mentioned in of Joan's Will. See bottom of page for discussion.
1603 Aug 07; Elizabeth; not STRAUNG as given, but BARNES
1631/2 Jan 01; Thomas STRAUNGE; son William
1637 Nov 01; Joane STRAINGE; dau William & Martha
1673 Nov 23; William STRANGE; son of Richard
1677 Dec 02; Richard STRANGE; son of Richard  Note this burial: 1677 Nov 23, Richard STRANGE, husbandman
1679 Sep 26; John STRAINGE; son of Richard  (was it one of these died 1718?)
1681 Oct 23; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau of Richard  (was he married to Elizabeth bur 1726?)
1684 Jul 27; Adam STRANGE; son of Richard
1703 Nov 07; Frances STRANGE; dau of William & Frances
1704/5 Jan 14; Hannah STRANGE; dau of William
1707 Jun 05; Richard STRANGE; son of William
1711 Jun 12; William STRANGE; son of William & Frances
1714 Apr 25; Samuel STRANGE; son of William & Frances
1715 Nov 26; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau of Adam & Elizabeth (buried 1715/16 Feb 07)
1716/7 Jan 13; John STRANGE; son of Adam & Elizabeth (probably died 1780 - from MI)
1718/9 Feb 24; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau of Adam (2nd child Elizabeth)
1721/2 Feb 04; Anna STRAING; dau of Adam
1725 Jul 11; Adam STRAIENG; son of Adam (probably died 1769 - from MI)  See notes below about the WINTER family
1728 Sep 02; Thomas STRANG; son of Adam and Elizabeth
1737 Nov 27; Martha STRAINGE; dau John & Hannah
1739 Mar 25; William STRAINGE; son Richard & Ann
1739/40 Jan 09 Elizabeth STRANGE; dau John & Hannah
1741/2 Mar 07; Mary STRAINGE; dau Richard & Ann
1742 Mar 28; Mary STRAING; dau John & Hana
1744 Oct 28; Anne STRAING; dau John & Hana
1746/7 Feb 15; Sarah STRANGE; dau John & Hannah
1748 Sep 04; Elisabeth STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose BURTON (married at Besselsleigh, BRK)
1749/1750 Mar 04; John STRANGE; son of John & Hannah; Strong contenders for my 5th and 6th GGFs
1750 Apr 18; Anne STRAINGE; dau Adam & Rose
1751 Dec 28; Mary STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose
1753 Oct 04; Richard STRAING; son Adam & Rose
1756 Jan 11; John STRANGE; son Adam & Rose
1757 Jul 31; Rose STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose
1759 Nov 29; Adam STRANGE; son Adam & Rose
1761 Oct 04; Rose STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose
1764 Dec 27; Catherine STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose
1767 Apr 22 or 26 Sarah STRANGE; dau Adam & Rose;  Adam born 1725, died 1769 and Rose died 1800 from MIs
1768 Jun 14; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau William & Ann
1770 Jun 03; Rose STRANGE; dau William & Ann
1770 Dec 30; Robert STRANGE; son of Mary
1773 Apr 11; William STRANGE; son William & Ann
1775 Dec 04; Richard STRANGE; son Elizabeth
1783 Jun 03; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau William & Anne
1789 Mar 22; Elizabeth STRANGE; dau Adam & Hannah
1793 Jun 09; Anna STRANGE; dau Adam & Hannah
1797 Oct 22; Ruth STRANGE; dau Adam & Ann; From Peter Morgan:  Ruth married James Barr at Brightwell St Agatha's. Although it quotes the three dates for the banns finishing on 12 Sept 1823,  lower down it quotes the marriage date as 13 Sept 1824 - perhaps a transcription error.  Children were born in North Moreton.

1619/20 Jan 17 John STRANGE m Rachel MOSWELL
1714 Oct 11 Adam STRANGE m Elizabeth WOOLLUS from BTs, (see image below) PRs lost.
1745 Dec 26 Thomas HUMPHRIES of Hazely OXF m Anna STRANGE otp, banns
1757 May 13 Joseph CHAMPION of Harding, Oxon m Martha STRANGE, otp, wits John POOLE, Tho. POOLE, license
1767 Sep 29 Will STRANGE m Ann STRANGE, botp, license, wits Thomas POOLE, Elizabeth STRANGE
1773 Jul 11 Moses RIXON m Sarah STRANGE, botp, license, (wits John STRANGE, Edw. BROWNE
1781 Nov 25 Thomas JORDEN bach of Dorchester, Oxon. m Rose STRANGE, spin. otp, banns
1785 Nov 8 Adam STRANGE (son of Adam and Rose) m Hannah HOUSE (not DOWLE COWLE
1790 Sep 27 Joseph BATTIN of Dorchester m Catharine STRANGE, otp, banns
1815 Jul 30 William BUTLER m Hannah STRAINGE, "both sojourners in this parish,", no wits

1668 Sep 28 William STRAINGE
1678 Nov 23 Richard STRANGE, son of Richard, (Hw? 11m?)
1699/1700 Jan 31 Robert STRANGE
1702 Dec 09 Richard STRANGE
1715/16 Feb 07 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau Adam
1718 Apr 02 Richard STRAINGE See his churchyard memorial here
                       Here is his Probate from his will of 1717 and Inventory of 1718,  Berkshire Wills Ref. D/Al/123/59a
1723 Oct 15 Frances STRAIENG, dau William
1726 Sep 17 Elizabeth STRAIENG, widow (From MI she was wife of Richard)
1740/1 Jan 17 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau John
1744 Oct 23 Anne STRAING, wife of Richard
1749 Jun 18 Frances STRANGE
1752 May 17 Adam STRANGE Calendar of Berkshire wills, vol 3 1711-1858 1752 Yeoman
                      Admin Bond  D/A1/216/198 - £300 bond by Elizabeth, the relict
1752 Feb 13 William STRANGE
1757 May 11 Mary STRANGE, dau Richard & Anne
1758 Apr 20 Rose STRANGE, dau Adam & Rose
1764 Apr 25 Hannah STRANGE, wife John (my 6th GGM?)   See her churchyard memorial here
1765 Jan 01 Thomas STRANGE (probably born son of Adam and Elizabeth, bap 1728 Sep 02.  He was dead at the time of Elizabeth's Will in 1769, she died 1770)
1766 May 16 Richard STRANGE
1769 Aug 30 Adam STRANGE (with surviving children and wife, See Rose 1800)  See his churchyard memorial here
1770 Mar 07 Elizabeth STRANGE   See her churchyard memorial here    Will sealed 4 Dec 1769, proved 17 Oct 1770 (my 7th GGM)  Living in Hasely, Oxfordshire at the time she wrote her will.
1771 May 14 Elizabeth STRANGE
1771 May 21 Hannah STRANGE
1774 Jan 8 John STRANGE, son of John & Jane infant (probably 3 months old)  The father is my 5th GGF, see Caversham,Oxfordshire for baptism and demise (1773 Oct 18) of mother Jane nee DORMER)

Missing burial: from MI Elizabeth wife of Dan STRANGE died March 6 1777 aged 82.
1780 Apr 16 John STRANGE (my 6th GGF?) (from MI aged 63 or 68)  See his churchyard memorial here
                       Here is his Will and Probate, Berkshire Wills Ref. D/A1/125/120) Probate July 8th 1780
1782 Nov 03 George STRANGE
1794 Feb 04 Mary Ann STRANGE
1796 Nov 27 Richard STRANGE
1800 Jan 14 Rose STRANGE (from MI, relict of Adam, aged 71 - see Adam 1769)   See her churchyard memorial here
1807 May 31 Adam STRANGE, 47
1817 Feb 13 Elizabeth STRANGE, 63
1818 Dec 30 John STRANGE, 63(Too young for 6th GGF and 5th GGF died in Henley)
1820 Dec 17 William STRANGE, 82
1826 Jan 29 Ann STRANGE, 77
1829 Feb 04 Hannah STRANGE, 73
1830 Mar 28 William STRANGE, 36
1859 Aug 12  Elizabeth STRANGE, 77
                                                                                    WINTER Family
From Cameron McGowan: This webpage, a book on the Winter Family, would appear to reference Adam Strange born 1725 who married Rose Burton (they claim he married Rosa King). The children they listed are included in the Long Wittenham records. Apparently their granddaughter was a known writer. It is possible that Elizabeth Strange, who married the author's grandfather in 1711, was the sister of our (uncle) (that is of Cam, Mike and Arthur) Adam Strange who was born in Long Wittenham 1681, daughter of Richard. Elizabeth Strange married John Winter in 1711 in Bradenham, which I believe is located between High Wycombe and Stokenchurch. This would make the author a cousin to Adam Strange (1725-1769) and his children as he believed he was. Going through parish records around Long Wittenham I found a Richard Strange married to Elizabeth Burton in 1661/2 in nearby Wantage. They appear in no further records for Wantage and it is possible they moved to Long Wittenham where Adam, William, John and Elizabeth were born (perhaps others between 1661/2 and 1673).  I realize its a long shot but there is the later Burton intermarriage. OR, our Adam could have been the son of the Richard who died in 1702 (and not 1718). Another Wantage record was Richard son of Richard and Jane born 1648 (maybe this was the Richard who died in 1702). And then of course there is also the possibility that our Richard was the son of William and Martha Strange in Long Wittenham.  What do you think - any comments greatfully received through my Contact form.

                                                                                                    My Family Notes
So, is Long Wittenham the "brick wall" for me recent evidence from a will would suggest not! Generations 1 to 5 are hypothetical but based on reasoned judgment of the parish events. Generation 6 is again based on judgment but includes reasoned arguments from events that took place in Caversham concerning John's first wife, Jane DORMER and his first son John. Generations 7 through to 14 are proven and documented. There are several cousins identified on-line through this ancestry; I wonder if there are any more who can connect with it ... please contact me, Mike Strange, if you have more information or links: 

Direct Descendants of John STRAUNGE

1 John STRAUNGE b: c1575; d: before 1625 (Joan was a widow in her Will)
  +Joan (STRAUNGE) d: 1625 from her Will and Inventory Ref D/A1/118/82a and 82b Berkshire Record Office
..2 William STRANGE b: 1595 Long Wittenham; d: 1668
...+Martha 'UNK'
...3 Richard STRANGE b: Abt. 1635 From Will died 1718, MI died aged 83; d: Bef. 2 April 1718 Long Wittenham
....+Elizabeth 'UNK' query BENNETT; m: query Letcombe Bassett 1663; d: Bef. 17 September 1726 Long Wittenham
.....4 Adam STRANGE Baptism: 27 July 1684 Long Wittenham; d: Bef. 17 May 1752 Based on burial of an Elizabeth
     and will proved on 13 Oct 1770 (Widow) and the Administration Bond
......+Elizabeth WOOLLUS as transcribed (but in dispute); b: 1692; m: 11 October 1714 Long Wittenham;
       d: Bef. 7 March 1770 Long Wittenham, BRK; Will proved on 13 October 1770; Residence: 1770 Hasely, OXF at the
       time she wrote her Will
.......5 John STRANGE Baptism: 13 January 1716/17 Long Wittenham; d: Bef. 16 April 1780 Long Wittenham
.........+(1) Hannah 'UK' b: c1714 From MI aged 50; m: Not seen in Long Wittenham; d: 22 August 1764 Long Wittenham
.........6 John STRANGE b: Bef. 4 March 1749/50 Long Wittenham - A strong possibility:
            Baptism: 4 March 1749/50 Long Wittenham; d: 28 Nov 1809 Henley-on-Thames, OXF, aged 62
            Occupation: Builder - Signed the Contract to build the Henley Union House in 1790 and  the payment slips
            for same 1790 to 1791
..........+(2) Anne HUSGATE b: 1750; m: 6 November 1775 Caversham, OXF; d: Bef. 6 May 1820 Henley-on-Thames aged 70
..........7 John STRANGE Baptism: 17 April 1778 Caversham, OXF; d: 9 February 1845 Henley-on-Thames aged 67;
             Occupation: Builder (1839) and later Yeoman farmer (1841 and 1845)
.............+Mary Ann COPELAND Baptism: 3 August 1777 Bampton, OXF; m: 12 October 1801 St George The Martyr,
             Southwark, Surrey; d: Bef. 7 April 1816 Henley-on-Thames
.............8 William Copeland STRANGE b: 4 December 1805 Henley; Baptism: 10 January 1806 St Mary's Parish Church,
             Henley; d: 3 Oct 1875 Union House, Henley; Occupation: Originally builder, then architect & surveyor
...............+(1) Sarah COWELL
...............+(2) Elizabeth POCOCK b: Abt. 1835 Pangbourne, BRK; Baptism: 9 March 1837 Mapledurham, OXF
                 m: 22 November 1860 St George The Martyr, Queen Square, Holborn, Middlesex; 
                 d: Aft. 1911 (Alive in Census), Reading
...............9 James STRANGE b: 13 December 1873 Market Place, Henley; d: 22 March 1955 PCC Meeting whilst prayers
               were being said. Occupation: Drapers porter in 1891, later railway worker at Cannon Street
................+Ellen SMALL b: 31 January 1874 Chapelside, Bayswater, London; m: 13 June 1897 Holy Trinity,
                Vauxhall Bridge, City of Westminster, Middlesex (Marriage Fact: Married on a Sunday according to the
                Certificate); d: 16 May 1956 Newington Lodge; Occupation: Maidservant and housewife
.................10 James Alfred STRANGE b: 15 February 1900 Wirtemburg St (renamed Stonehouse St during Great War -
                 1915) Clapham London; d: 17 November 1930 Lambeth Hospital; Occupation: Tennis Racquet maker
....................+Ada WHITE b: 19 February 1901 Kennington, London; m: 5 November 1921 Register Office, Lambeth;
                    Marriage Fact: Married 1 month before Jim was born; d: 10 May 1986 Christchurch, Dorset;
                    Occupation: Dressmaking
....................11 James Leslie Copeland STRANGE b: 2 December 1921 Stockwell, London SW; Baptism: February 1922;
                         d: 3 November 1996 Carmarthen; Occupation: Passenger Shipping Manager, French Line, C.G.T.
........................+Beryl Alice Dorothy GOODMAN b: 14 July 1924 West Hackney, London;
                         m: 20 July 1946 All Saints, Clapham Park, London SW9; died 24th August 2017 Cardigan, Wales
.......................12 Michael John STRANGE

Here is the Will and Inventory of Joan Strange 1625 (D/Al/118/82a and D/Al/118/82b). She had died a widow and it was exhibited by her executrix in Oxford on 14 December 1625; it said that Joan was "of Longwitnam". I have not located her burial. It does not give the name of her late husband but it would appear, from evidence above, that it was John.

An extension to the line above that is currently being explored is:
1  William b1538 in East Hendred
2     John STRANGE b 1560 in East Hendred d: 1625 Long Wittenham


1  Thomas and Elizabeth
2   John STRANGE b 1567/8 in Stanford d: 1625 Long Wittenham
      + Joan died 1625 (buried?)
3        Joane STRANGE b 1592 Jan 17 Long Wittenham (identified from will of her motherabove)
            + John SMYTHE (SMITH) 1617 in West Hendred
                   Frances SMYTHE (from her grandmother's will)
4            William STRAUNGE b 1595/6 Mar 18 Long Wittenham (executor of his mother's will and ancestor for myself, Cameron, Arthur and others on the list)
5            Robert STRAUNGE b 1601 Apr 29 Long Wittenham (identified from his mother's will)

The debate about the maiden name of Elizabeth who married Adam Strange on 11th October 1714 - WOOLLUS?