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STRANGE in Norfolk
See at the bottom of this page for general Le Strange interests.

1. Directories
Entry in Kelly's Directory for Cambridgeshire, Norfolk & Suffolk, 1883, pp. 258-259:
From: Marg Keable
Strange Samuel, wheelwright, Crow Hall (the name of a house in Brockdish)

Reference: Kelly's Directory July 1900, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.
"In the Church of St Mary is a brass to Sir Roger le Strange, esquire of the body, to Henry VII, ob. 1506 and includes an effigy in armour.  There is also an inscription to Henry le Strange, ob. 1485 and Katherine (DRURY) his wife; and another to Sir Hamon le Strange, bart. ob. 1654 and Dame Alice (STUBBS) his wife. There are other memorials to Sir Thomas L'Estrange bart. d Nov 1751 and Dame Ann (CALTHORP) his wife, d 1742. Sir Henry L'Estrange bart., his son, d 21Sep 1760 without issue when the title became extinct; Charles L'Estrange d25 Aug 1692, Ann L'Estrange d 1647 and Ann L'Estrange d 1663.

Note that the Parish Registers are deposited but contain no entry during the reign of Queen Mary.

Referring to 1900 - Hunstanton Hall, a fine mansion, standing in beautifully wooded park, is the seat of Hamon le Strange Esq., D.L., J.P., Lord of the Manor and Principal landowner. He is also chairman of the New Hunstanton Urban District Council, owner of the farm at Barret Ringstead (or Ringstead Parva), also resident at No 1 Eaton Place, London SW.

Norfolk Magistrates and Deputy Lieutenants:
Hamon le Strange Esq., Hunstanton Hall
Roland le Strange Esq., Hunstanton Hall

Also both:
Appointed by letters patent under the great seal of 26th February 1870 for carrying out the provisions of the Act entitled The Land Drainage Act 1861 & the Act 23 Henry VIII, cap 5 to the Commissioners of Sewers.

Hamon le Strange: Member of the Committee for Eastern Sea Fisheries District, February 1900."

Norfolk overall - The only private resident listed is Mrs Strange, 1 Devonshire Road, Northampton (note, there are none listed in the 1883 Norfolk Directory).

There is mention of the Norfolk memorials that I found and previously posted for Gressenhall and Mileham in respect of the le Strange families.

2. Census
The following is the Norfolk extract from the 1851 Census of Devon, Norfolk and Warwickshire.
There are no entries for any of the alternative spellings of STRANGE

Name                Rel       Born     Birthplace              Census Place
CHAPMAN, Strange; Son; 1837; Pulham Virgin-NFK; Pulham St Mary Magdalen
LE STRANGE, Alfred; Inmt; 1842; Norwich-Norfolk; Norwich St Andrew
LE STRANGE, John; Inmt; 1844; Norwich-Norfolk; Norwich St Andrew
LE STRANGE, Robert; Inmt; 1847; Norwich-Norfolk; Norwich St Andrew
LE STRANGE, Sarah; Head; 1811; Hanworth-Norfolk; Norwich St Peter Mancroft
STRANGE, Ann; Wife ; 1790;  Shen-Nfk; Alburgh
STRANGE, Benjamin; Head; 1795; Norwich Pockthorpe NFK; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Benjamin; Head;  1828; Norwich St James; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Eliza; Wife; 1817; Wortwell-NFK; Brockdish
STRANGE, Eliza; Daur;  1844; Brockdish-NFK; Brockdish
STRANGE, Eliza; Daur;  1847; Norwich St James; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Elizabeth; Wif; 1791; Gresham-NFK; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Emily; Wife; 1833; Lowestoft-Suffolk; Norwich St Paul
STRANGE, Emma; Daur; 1850; Brockdish-NFK; Brockdish
STRANGE, George; Lodg; 1821; Tilshead-Wiltshire;  Kings Lynn St Margaret
STRANGE, Henry; Head; 1832; Norwich-Norfolk; Norwich St Paul
STRANGE, Henry; Son; 1849; Norwich St James; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Isaac; Head; 1788; Denton-NFK; Alburgh
STRANGE, John; Son; 1823; Shelton-NFK; Alburgh
STRANGE, Joseph; Serv; 1819; Ockford-Dor; Honingham
STRANGE, Mary Ann; Serv; 1825; Shelton-NFK; Redenhall
STRANGE, Rachael J.; Daur; 1838; Norwich St Paul NFK; Norwich St James
STRANGE, Rebecca; Wife; 1821; Norwich St Paul NFK;  Norwich St James
STRANGE, Rebecca; Daur; 1825; Shelton-NFK; Alburgh
STRANGE, Samuel; Head; 1816; Shelton-NFK; Brockdish

From Marg Keable"
67 Crow Hall, Brockdish
Samuel STRANGE;  head; mar; 75;  wheelwright employer; Shelton, Norfolk
Norfolk Hannah STRANGE; wife mar; 73; Westenden, Suffolk
Rebecca STRANGE; sister; single; 64; Shelton, Norfolk

61 Kemp's Row
Frederick A STRANGE;  head; mar; 28; wheelwright employer; Brockdish
Alice L. STRANGE; wife; mar; 23;  Pulham Market, Norfolk

3. Parish Registers

From: Marg Keable
1822 Mar 20 Maria dau of William Tipple and Frances his wife, late STRANGE
1824 Oct 02 Sarah dau of William Tipple and Frances his wife, late STRANGE
???? Jun 22 John son of George Moore (miller) and Louisa his wife, late STRANGE
1845 Jul 07 Rebecca dau of James STRANGE ( blacksmith) and Marianne his wife, late Freestone

1847 Oct 29 Mary dau of Mary Anne STRANGE

1812 Oct 06 William Tipple & Frances STRANGE by banns Wits Isaac STRANGE and Sam Smith.
1845 Jan 15 James STRANGE (blacksmith), father Isaac (wheelwright) & Marianne Freeston, father William (labourer)by banns, wits George Précis, Mary LARMAN and  Sarah Freeston
1855 Mar 20 John STRANGE, 31 yrs (wheelwright)father Isaac (wheelwright) & Mary LARMAN.33yrs father Samuel (labourer) by banns, wits George Flatman and Rebecca Strange

Mary STRANGE 8th Dec 1822, aged 80
Isaac STRANGE 14.10.1855 aged 67
John STRANGE 24.11.1861 aged 43
Mary STRANGE 1.12.1862 AGED 41
Ann STRANGE 29.10.1870 aged 81
Sarah STRANGE 4.3.1862 aged 73
Mary STRANGE 12.1.1862 aged 41

From: Marg Keable    This appeared in the Aylsham Historical Society journal in March 1998

Frederick STRANGE 1826-1854
STRANGE, a young professional collector, who was born at Aylsham, Norfolk, England, was with Sturt on the Murray.  He collected for John Gould at the Flinder Range, Lake Albert and the River Courong in South Australia, doubtless in the 1840s; also in southern Queensland, and in northern New South Wales where he discovered Prince Albert's Lyre-bird.  He kept bower-birds in captivity, and watched them making their bowers. He also visited New Zealand and New Caledonia, went to England in 1852 and returned to Queensland where he was killed by the aborigines whilst collecting on Percy Island, Queensland on October 1854.


From Marg Keable 16 May 2003
Alice Louisa STRANGE (died 15 May 1927) see probate extract in Calendar of Wills, wife of Frederick Arthur STRANGE of Brockdish.  These are the descendants of: Francis STRANGE bap 1690 at South Elmham via his son, John who moved to Norfolk. 

Eliza STRANGE born Aug 26 1843, bap Sep 24, 1863, daughter of Samuel and Eliza STRANGE. wheelwright. 
Emma STRANGE 17th July, bap Sep 7th 1849, daughter of Samuel and Eliza STRANGE. wheelwright.
Frederick Arthur STRANGE, ?1861, bap April 25th 1869 son of Samuel and Eliza STRANGE. wheelwright.

The following are the children of Frederick Arthur STRANGE and his wife,
Alice Louise: Frederick's occupation is listed as a wheelwright throughout.
Eva Violet. born 15th Aug 1891, bap Sep 20th
Ada Georgina bap Oct 15th 1893
Mabel Rose (she is mentioned in Anna Louisa's probate as Mabel Rose Wingrove) bap Sep 29, 1895
Olive May bap May 24th 1896 (Meg said in April 2007 she is still looking for information about her aunt Olive)
Cyril Frederick, born May 25 1897, bap July 25th (also mentioned in the probate and his occupation is joiner and his residence is in Norwich)
George James born 28 Oct 1898, bap Jan 22nd 1899
Alice Marian bap March 4th 1900
Lily Victoria Alexandra born 18th March bap 16th June 1901
Meg Hannant identified four more:
Albert Edward born18 June 1902
Ernest Arthur born1903
Hilda born1905
Wilfred Henry born1907.

Samuel STRANGE widower and Hannah WELTON, widow Dec 23rd, Jan 6th, Jan 13th 1860/1.  The marriage was Jan 29th 1861 at the parish of Brockdish. Both were of full age. Samuel is a widower Hannah is a widow; Samuel's father is Isaac STRANGE, wheelwright Hannah's father is Henry CHANEY carrier They were married in the presence of John CHAPLIN and Will NOON. Both put their marks

Frederick Arthur STRANGE bachelor Alice Louisa MOORE spinster of the parish of Tivetshall St Mary 16th, 23rd an 30th Nov 1890.

The later marriages at Brockdish haven't been filmed by the LDS. Only the banns go to 1905

Eliza STRANGE May 30th ???? aged 42yrs
Hannah STRANGE Feb 28th 1895 aged 76yrs
Rebecca STRANGE Abode Depwade Union, burial at Brockdish Sep 29 1895 aged 74 yrs
From Meg Hannant
Samuel Strange born 15/4/1815 at Shelton died 19/2/1892 at Brockdish and is buried there.  He married Eliza Prime and had two daughters Eliza born 26/8/1843 and Emma born 17/7/1849 both at Brockdish. His wife Eliza died 26/5/1860.  He married Hannah Welton on 29/1/1861.  They had no children.

Frederick Arthur Strange illegitimate son Of Eliza Strange Born 20/11/1861.  (My grandfather) He was brought up by his grandparents.  He married Alice Louisa Moore on 12/07/1890. They had 8 children .Eva Violet Strange 15/08/1891 Ada Georgina 1893, Mabel Rose 1895, Olive May 1896, Cyril Frederick 28/10/1897 George James 1899, Alice Marion 1900, Lily Victoria 1901, Albert Edward 18/06/1902 , Ernest Arthur 1903, Hilda 1905, Wilfred Henry 1907.


From: Marg Keable
24th Aug 1763 Sarah dau of John STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife.
1764 Isaac STRANGE son of John STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife
14th Feb 1768 Ann STRANGE dau of John STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife
4th Nov 1770 Rebecca STRANGE dau of John STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife.
9th March 1782 Isaac STRANGE son of Isaac STRANGE and Mary his wife.
15th Nov 1789 Frances STRANGE dau of Isaac STRANGE and Mary his wife.
24th Sep 1800 George Mills STRANGE baseborn dau of Hannah STRANGE
20th Sep 1012 Louisa STRANGE dau of Isaac STRANGE and Ann his wife, late BROCK

17th Sep 1717 James STRANGE of Pulham Market and Hannah Hambling of Denton.

John KERRY of the parish of Bungay Holy Trinity in the County of Suffolk and Sarah STRANGE of Denton were married by banns. 30.1.1786. Both made their mark. witnesses: John Kerry sen John STRANGE - he signed

Isaac STRANGE of this parish and Mary CHRISTMAS (wid) were married by banns: 17.11.1787 Isaac signed his name. Mary made her mark witnesses:  John STRANGE - signed his name and Henry Leverett - signed his name

Henry FENNELL of the parish of Alburgh in the County of Norfolk and Elizabeth STRANGE of this parish were married by banns. 24.10.1786 Both made their mark. witnesses: John STRANGE made a mark  and Henry Leverett

5th April 1782 John STRANGE of this parish and Hannah Wall by banns.

From Jean Heal (healjean(at)aol(dot)com
Hannah Strange married James BRADWELL 20 March 1804 in Denton Norfolk; she is my 3rd Great Grandmother

25th Feb 1810 John STRANGE aged 84yrs
6th Dec Isaac STRANGE aged 47yrs.
2nd Aug 1814 Elizabeth STRANGE aged 90 yrs

East Dereham - St Nicholas

National Burials Index
1747 Jan 17 Moses STRANGE

East Lexham
1703 Nov 23 Edmond Wodehouse ESQ and Mrs Mary le Strange

Great Yarmouth

Peter Critten <> Feb 2006
I am researching the family of William John Strange b.1870 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. William's father was a George Strange, a fisherman, born in Ramsgate abt. 1835 (according to census). William's mother was Elizabeth (possibly Nichols). The family moved to Lowestoft and George appears to have died between 1871 and 1881. Following the 1841 Kent census which shows George (aged 7) with father Thomas living in St Laurence parish, Ramsgate it appears that George may have been  the individual listed on the IGI as George Walter Strange bap. 23/06/1833 St Laurence, Thanet, Kent, parents Thomas and Mary Strange.  A probable marriage is :
George Walter Strange and Elizabeth Nichols, Reg District Mutford, Page 4a, Vol1651,  Q4 1858.
(Same family as Sara Scott is researching)

In the Church:

A Wall Plaque
Dame Ann Relict of Sir Nicolas L'Estrange Baronet only daughter of Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kimberly Knight and Dame Ann 2nd daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Airmine of Osgoodby in Lincolnshire Born the 2nd of February 1668 Died at Gressenhall the 10th April 1727 and lies interred by her loving husband. She was a lady of most extensive charity whose memory will long outlast this monument.

A Floor Panel
Sir Nicolas L'Estrange Son of Sir Nicolas L'Estrange and Dame Mary his wife Born on the 2nd of December 1661 married to Ann Daughter of Sir Thomas Woodhouse and his wife on the 2nd Day of 1686 Died at Gressenhall on the 18th Day of December 1724.

Harleston with Redenhall
Suffolk Poll Book 1734
John STRANGE was eligible to vote, will of John STRANGE of Redenhall, Norfolk:

From David Hannant via Meg Keable
The Francis who moves to Southwold and John Strange who is his brother are our ggg grandparents; mine being Francis and Megs being John. I have now received the will of John Strange of Redenhall. I believe that he is the father of John of Bungay.  In his will he leaves his estates at Fressingfield to his son James. His estates at Redenhall and Harleston to his son John for his lifetime and then to his grandson John. Also £20 to his granddaughter Susan. £69 and a yearly amount to his wife Susan. £80 to his youngest son Thomas and £10 to his granddaughter Hannah daughter of James. The executors were James and Nicholas Brown friend from Chediston! So he must have had a connection with Chediston. The will was made in 1738 and proved in 1740.

See also Walpole, Suffolk.

Death of Mr Isaac Strange aged 76
Reported in 'The Monthly Magazine' No 179,  1st January 1909, Page 606, Vol 6 of 26.

In the Church
A Floor Panel
To the Memory of John L-estrange Esquire 3rd Son of Sir Nicolas L'Estrange Baronet and Ann Daughter of Sir Edward Lewno Knight who died 5 July 1722 Aged 86 years and also of William L'Estrange Gentleman 4th brother of the said John who died 8th October 1711 Aged 73 and also of Edward L'Estrange Gentleman 5th Brother of the said John who died 21 Sept 1715 aged 75 years and of Nicolas son of the said Edward Dorothy } Daughters of  Elizabeth} said Edward
Hoc marmer porsuit Nicolas L'Estrange Barronette Ano Domini 1723 {Translation needed here}

A Floor Panel
Sacred memory of Barbara daughter of Sir L'Estrange Calthorp wife of Rev Clement Highe. 1 August 1731 aged 72.

North Tuddenham
1871 Census
RG10 1844, Folio 83, Page 12, Schedule 19 ED 6, North Tuddenham, Norfolk
Rachel STRANGE, Head, unmarried, age 26, village schoolmistress, born Ipswich, SFK

Norwich - St James

From John Nelson
I have this family well documented in the US in the family bible and would like to share. 
Children of John & Rachel (Blogg or Block) Strange m. 27 Jun 1791 - direct line
Ann b. 7 Apr 1792
Mary Anne b. 30 Oct 1793
Benjamin b. 16 Apr 1795 & Elizabeth (Fox) Strange - direct line
Edward John b. 16 Apr 1831
Henry Jabez & b. 7 Aug 1833 m Susannah Amelia Hart - direct line, both came to USA.
4 daughters- pioneers of the American SW - some good stories- settled in Colorado.
Anne b. 20 Apr 1798

There is information about the le Strange family in St. Mary's Church, Hunstanton saved with our family records but no link to the above listed family information.  If you can provide me any info on this line I would be most greatfull.  The USA Strange Prairie several times, in wagon trains, with some harrowing events. I am interested in Edward John Strange above also. 

The pioneer story was published by The Colorado Magazine in 1977. It is titled "The Strange Story" and was written by Evalyn Capps Walker, Henry Jabez Strange's granddaughter. The story is 18 pages long with pictures and includes genealogic information about the La Bries, Olives, Capps and Stranges of Territorial Colorado. I have a photo copy. I want to get a reprint but so far have been unable to locate The Colorado Magizine. Right

Norwich - St John, Timberhill

From Marg Keable
Francis son of James STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth STOCKINGS bapt priv Sep 8th 1800
Benjamin son of James STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth STOCKINGS priv bapt Nov 1st 1801
Isaac STRANGE son of James STRANGE and Elizabeth his wife bapt Nov 7th 1802

Benjamin STRANGE buried November 1801

There are no more STRANGE entries on the parish records and neither Isaac or Francis appear on the 1851 census for Norfolk.

Pulham St Mary
From Marg Keable
1871 census
Sarah RACKHAM head 22yrs m farmer of 175 acres employing 5 men and 4 boys born Metfield, Suffolk
Martha STRANGE visitor 29yrs unm born Berkshire, Abingdon
Sarah Rackham (my ggg grandmother's niece) is the grand daughter of Martha STRANGE who married John Danby.   Many of my STRANGE people headed out of Suffolk from the 1750s onwards; is this one a relation of Sarah Rackham and thus one of my STRANGE people who disappeared from Suffolk?   Does anybody have any Berkshire STRANGE people who fit Martha and who they can only trace back a couple of generations?   My ggg grandmother was a Martha Strange; her brother, Francis Strange moved to Finsbury, London where he had a number of children including James Strange who was a wine merchant at Abingdon as was his brother William (Paul Strange's direct ancestor). This is confirmed by Francis Strange of Finsbury's will and the dates of the children's births which are registered in Dr William's Library. I had traced Francis' movement to London and was stuck there. Paul had his ancestor stuck in Abingdon but didn't know what county he was born in. Martha visiting her cousin, my gg aunt allowed us to connect the 2 lines. Do we now have a third line? Marg Keable 

From David Hannant
I have the will of William Strange of Pulham St. Mary dated 1691.  Mentions his second wife Ann and children by his first wife William, Thomas, Margaret, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary they were left 40s each.
On I.G.I Ann Reeve - Married William Strange at Pulham St. Mary 1677.
4. Families
A Norwich family from Nancy Godfrey (

& Rachel BLOGG
m. 27 Jun 1791, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| b. 7 Apr 1792, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| Mary Anne STRANGE
| b. 30 Oct 1793, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| Benjamin STRANGE
| b. 16 Apr 1795, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| d. Ten Bell Lane, Norwich, England
| & Elizabeth FOX
| | Edward John STRANGE
| | b. 16 Apr 1831, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| | Henry Jabez STRANGE (tailor)
| | b. 7 Sep 1832, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| | d. 11 Jan 1908, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
| | & Susannah Amelia HART
| | b. 13 May 1832, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
| | d. 4 Jan 1912, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas
| | m. 18 Mar 1850, Parish of Thorpe, Norfolk County, England
| | | Merry Leon (Marry Leona) STRANGE
| | | b. 6 Oct 1852, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| | | & Antoine LABRIE
| | | b. 1 Jun 1831, Isle Verti, Quebec, Canada
| | | d. 20 Oct 1918, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
| | | m. 9 Sep 1869, Trinidad, Colorado Territory
| | | Lavina Rachel STRANGE
| | | b. 14 Nov 1856, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
| | | d. Aug 1949, Canon City, Colorado
| | | & Isaac Henry (James) LEWIS
| | | b. 25 Jan 1852, Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
| | | d. Sep 1937, Canon City, Colorado
| | | m. 19 Nov 1876, Pueblo, Colorado
| | | Emma Selina (Salina) STRANGE
| | | b. 2 Sep 1858, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
| | | d. 27 Jun 1918, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas
| | | & Thomas OLIVE
| | | Edward Henry STRANGE
| | | b. 30 Mar 1861, St. Joseph, Missouri
| | | d. Sep 1925, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas
| | | & Georgiana DEAL
| | | b. 2 Aug 1866, Atlanta, Georgia
| | | d. Mar 1943, Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas
| | | m. 24 Dec 1883, Walsenburg, Colorado
| | | George Thomas STRANGE
| | | b. 15 May 1864, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
| | | & Bertha (___?______)
| | Rachael STRANGE
| | b. 1838, Norwich, Norfolk, England
| b. 20 Apr 1798, Norwich, Norfolk, England


1.  A useful starting point is the Le Strange Records written by Hamon Le Strange in 1916 - all 407 pages of it. It is available in the SOG library or your local library in UK can obtain it on loan the copy I borrowed was from Birmingham University (class mark CS 439.L4). I am delighted to say that I am fortunate to have a copy with grateful thanks to Ed Hanson.

2.  In Monnington Court, a few miles west of Hereford in the Wye Valley. Amongst the portraits there was one of the above gentleman and I quote their description of him.

Sir Henry SPELMAN 1564 - 1641 - Born at Congham in Norfolk, he was educated at Walsingham Grammar School, Trinity College Cambridge and Lincolns Inn. In 1590 he married Eleanor L'ESTRANGE of Hunstanton. In about 1593 he helped Sir Robert COTTON to found the Society of Antiquaries, later dissolved by James 1 because they questioned "the Divine Right of Kings". In studying Anglo-Saxon laws Spelman had discovered, and pointed out to the James 1, that the Saxon Kings were not "above the law". He became M.P. for Castle Rising in Norfolk in 1597 and High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1604. From 1625 he was M.P. for Worcester and in 1627 and 1630 he served on two Royal Commissions. He wrote many books including the first Anglo-Saxon dictionary; he also codified church and state laws, wrote on sacrilage, the coinage and many other subjects. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. His daughter Dorothy married Sir Ralph WHITFIELD about 1630. (I don't know where but presumably in Herefordshire as Sir Henry had connections with Monnington Court).

3.  A dash of Wooster sauce - The Sunday Telegraph, April 15, 2001.
"Real life, insisted P G. Wodehouse, was something he ignored when penning the antics of Bertie Wooster, Aunt Agatha and Gussie Fink-Nottle. But it seems he was not quite telling the truth. There was one place in the country where Woosterish behaviour was all too real. In 1926, while Wodehouse was staying with Charles Le Strange at Hunstanton Hall in Norfolk, a guest delayed after his car had broken down, finally limped into the drive at three in the morning. Not wishing to let him down, the Le Stranges roused their servants and told them to serve him a full, five-course dinner. Wodehouse was greatly amused, although he regretted that he could not use such a tale in his books "because no one would believe it".

4.  New Book: Le Strange of Anglia and Eire 9 Aug 2002
Announcing a new hardcover second edition of: Extraneus, Volume II, Le Strange of Anglia and Eire, second edition by John R. Mayer. This volume actually contains 3 books: Book:
VI, Le Strange of Hunstanton Book
VII, L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton
VIII, L'Estrange of Moystown Book VI, Le Strange of Hunstanton contains records of Knights and Esquires to the Body Royal. The Hunstanton Household Accounts have been transcribed in two different ways. One chapter lists events chronologically while another chapter lists the names mentioned alphabetically. The family of Sir Thomas le Strange is covered extensively including his serving as an esquire at the Field of Cloth of Gold. There is also some description of Hunstanton Hall in Norfolk, England. There is a very important chapter in this book called "Hypotheses of Hunstonian Descent." Despite a myth that has been perpetuated by being repeatedly published, this chapter explains in detail that "As far as we may know or discern, the family le Strange of Hunstanton never gave rise to a Strange lineage in America." Book VII, L'Estrange and Styleman of Hunstanton includes the Baronetcy of Hunstanton and a lengthy article on the rather colorful and outspoken Sir Roger L'Estrange III (1616-1704). 
This book discusses the le Strange connections with the families of Astley, Calthorp, Styleman and Wodehouse. Hunstanton Hall is described in some detail and included is the story of the Ghost of the Needlework Bedroom: The Grey Lady. Book VIII, L'Estrange of Moystown: In the time of Henry VIII, Ireland saw the English ascendancy take root within her borders, and the Hunstanton household le Strange provided a scion for the purpose of nation-building. The transplanted family le Strange followed the Stuart fashion, and adopted the spelling L'Estrange sometime after 1640. The family le Strange in Ireland initially presided over a military outpost called Castle L'Estrange in Roscommon, but later established a pair of splendid mansions along the River Brosna at Moystown, Westmeath.

The Irish branch L'Estrange produced some fine military officers, and some distinguished squires and clergymen. Domination was achieved as elsewhere it had been, by breeding and cultivation.
Hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11", xxvi, 488 pages including bibliographic references, illustrations, and index.  ISBN 1893880036. Price: $65.00 plus shipping (within USA: 1 book: $5.00, additional books: $2.00 each. International shipping: 1 book: $11.00, additional books: $5.00 each) Available for shipment in September, 2002.  All books may be ordered directly from: Arapacana Press 3159 Wintergreen Dr. West Saginaw, MI 48603 989-792-7379 e-mail: To place an order or to see our other Strange genealogy books,  please visit our web site:

5.  Found  in a trade directory Percy Harry LE'STRANGE Licencee at the ANCHOR BREWERY STORES Coslany Street Norwich 1901- 1904 and in 1906 at the ALEXANDRA at 58 glebe Street Heigham, name spelt L'ESTRANGE. Harry was also licensee at the festival house 2/4/6/ St George Street, Norwich between 5/04/1909 and 29/11/1910 and previously at the empire 8 lower goat street Norwich 1/09/1900 - 1905.

6.  The Morson Coat of Arms were granted to Richard Morson, Citizen and Goldsmith of London and his descendants on the 27th January 1723. Richards father was called 'Lestrange Morson' who was a banker originally from Norwich who died in Whitechapel London in 1709. In the IGI his baptism is indexed as MOWSON on the 23rd April 1637 at St Stephen in Norwich. Lestrange Morson's father was Nicholas Mawsone (Mowson) who married Ann Jolly on the 9th November 1634 in Norwich. Richard Morson died in 1739 and his grandson also called Richard 1733-1805 does not seem to have left any surviving male heirs.