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STRANGE in Northamptonshire
1. Census

Extract From Alan Clarke's 1841 Census Project for Northamptonshire.

High Street  Brackley St James Brackley Parish                                                                                 
Thomas Strange; 35; Draper; N
Ann Strange; 35; Of Independent Means; N
Thomas Strange; 09; Y
William Strange; 07; Y
Ann Strange; 05; Y
Edward Strange; 01; Y
Mary Strange; 30; Independent; N

Helmdon           Helmdon Parish
Samuel Strange; 76; Farmer; Y
Elizabeth Strange; 69; Y
Samuel; Strange; 25; Y
William; Strange; 11; Pupil; N
Richard; Strange; 09; Pupil; N

Astwel House      Wappenham Parish
John Strange; 30; Farmer; N
Lydia Strange; 21; N
Mary Elizabeth Strange; 40; N
Frederick Strange; 1; Y
Mary Strange;  81; Independent; Y
John Strange; 70; Independent; Y
Parish of Astwell and Falcutt

John STRANGE H; M; 62; Farmer 418 Acres,10men 4 boys; Shalstone Bucks
Lydia STRANGE; wife; M; Nuneaton
John Richard STRANGE; son; S; 27; Astwell Ntn
Charles James STRANGE; son; S; 15; Astwell Ntn
Fanny STRANGE; dau; S; 20;  Astwell Ntn
Carol May STRANGE; dau; S; 17;  Astwell Ntn
Laura Kate STRANGE; dau; 11; Astwell Ntn
Lydia Margaret STRANGE; dau; 9; Astwell Ntn
Ann STRANGE; Visitor; W; 34; Visitor annuitant; b Warwick
Ann STRANGE; dau; 12; Scholar; Banbury Oxon

2. Parishes

Brackley - St Peter with St James
1637-1703 kindly checked for me (Heather Olsen) by Dave Adkins.
A single STRANGE reference:
1686 Feb 06 Joseph FOWCKS and Ruth STRANGE.

Heather Olsen said, "I think these STRANGES are all of the Shalstone family, but unfortunately the PRs don't provide that info. John and Catherine are my 5th great grandparents.

1744 May 24 William STRANGE Elenor MATTHEWS
1744 Oct 10 John FRANKLYN Joanna STRANGE
1754 Feb 26 John STRANGE Catherine SHIRLEY

National Burials Index
1824 Aug 27 Richard STRANGE 34
1838 Aug 24 Mary Ann STRANGE 2
1841 Mar 04 Samuel STRANGE 2
1842 Jul 03 Sarah STRANGE 6m

1727 Dec 26 Thomas SMITH otp Alice STRANGE otp

Braunston - All Saints
National Burials Index
1815 Aug 18 Mary Ann STRANGE 3

1775 May 25 William STRANGER of Weston the Parish of Loys Weedon (now known as Weedon Lois)  and Ann SHARPE otp after Banns.

Evenley, Northants C1695-1750, M1715-1750, B1695-1750)
Evenley is near where the Northants, Bucks and Oxon boarders come together
1719 Feb 26 Mary daughter of Richard STRANGE
1723 Aug 05 William son of Richard STRAINGE
1748 Dec 25 Thomas son of Thomas and Judith STRANGE (vagrants)

1704 Jul 31 John Strange  of Turweston toMary Sutton of Marston St Lawrence.

1724 Sep 15 Joan STRANGE widow
1742 Sep 01 William STRAINGE affidavit 7 Sep
1743 Feb 03 Mary STRANGE affidavit 6 Feb

From Heather Olsen, Jan 2006
Thomas was born in 1723, probably in Evenley,Northants (near where the Oxon, Northants & Bucks borders meet. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth. I am still trying to figure out how Thomas connects to my own Strange family, which lived in that same area. Thomas's family were non-conformists, and he was baptized at the Independent Chapel in Bicester. Thomas and his parents moved to Wing, Bucks, where the elder Thomas died in 1729. The widow and her children returned to the Bucks/Oxon/Northants border area for a while, then later went to Aylesbury. Thomas became the minister of the Independent Church in Kilsby, Northants(He was ordained in 1753). He married Dorothy Devonshire in 1756. He died in 1784.

Go to the Shalstone page, Buckinghamshire, for details of a family with connections here and in villages across Oxfordshire, and Berkshire.

1821 Oct 18 WilliamWilliam STRANGE of Kingston upon Thames m Mary FAIRBROTHER
1824 Aug 30 Thomas STRANGE of Richmond Surrey m Ann FAIRBROTHER

Stray  1843 Feb 17 Samuel STRANGE of Elmdon, [Helmdon] Northamptonshire, age 78 buried in
Shalstone, BKM

Kettering - St Peter and St Paul
National Burials Index
1813 Nov 04 Thomas STRANGE 56
1829 May 03 Charlotte STRANGE 67

Marg McLaughlin said in February 2004, the children of Thomas STRANGE and Charlotte born
in Kettering were (see Families below):
Thomas born 1786
Charlotte born 1787
Mary born 1788
John born 1790 (My 3 x great-grandfather)
William  April 1794

The Universal British Directory of Trade Commerce & Manufacture. 1793-1798
Thomas STRANGE   Grocer

Marriage (St Peter):
1714 Sep 11 John MARTIN of Brixworth m Patience STRANGE of Brixworth 1714 11-Sep

Census 1891 St Sepulchre
Lodging with Cornelius H Austin & family at 5 Leicester Terrace St Sepulchre, Northampton.
Lottie STRANGE 15 S Draper's Clerk. born Toddington Beds

From Valerie Fairbrass
Harry Thomas Strange, 1868 to 1940 of Peakirk, Lincs
(gazatteer says Soke of Peterborough, Northamptonshire?)
From Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury 5th April 1940 page 4 col f
Mr H.T. Strange of Peakirk : travelled a million miles

Harry Thomas Strange of the Goshams, Peakirk...employed with the London County Council and Metropolitan Board of Works died Friday aged 72, native of Harrow.  He and Mrs Strange celebrated their golden wedding last August - he leaves a widow and four children. Acted as usher at the coronation of George V.Chair of Peakirk Parish Council Retired April 1923 after 37 year in solicitors department. Lived in Peakirk since 1898.Invented spring lock for railway carriage doors. [Note this is a summary of a lengthier article describing how he came to have travelled over a million miles]

1731 Mar 14 William STOKES m Joane STRANGE

1821 May 15 John STRANGE of Kettering m Elizabeth PALMER spinster

See Banbury, Oxfordshire concerning William STRANGE (1796-1868 - draper

3. Familes
3.1 A Northamptonshire Family

From: Miriam Smith, Maryborough, Queensland
Subject: Thomas STRANGE bc1723  -  9 Apr 2003
Also from Rita Robinson, 1 Feb 2004

Although he is not a direct ancestor, Rev Thomas STRANGE married Dorothy, daughter of Abraham DEVONSHIRE and Mary KINCH of Priors Marston, Warwickshire.  Dorothy married Thomas on 10 Nov 1756 at Kilsby, Northants and they had 4 children; Thomas Mary, Elizabeth and John and William.  The STRANGEs and the DEVONSHIREs intertwine (as indeed the DEVONSHIREs do with other families such as the ROLLS of Bicester).  Thomas STRANGE was a minister of the Kilsby Congregational church, being ordained there on the 11 Sep 1753. He died on the 1st September 1784 aged 60.  Of his children, Thomas married his first cousin, Charlotte DEVONSHIRE in 1785 and they lived at Kettering, Northants. It seems they had five children, Thomas, Charlotte, Mary, John and William STRANGE in Kettering, Leicestershire, died October 1840, married Jane SILVERWOOD February 1816 at St. Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London (See London page for more detail).

Regarding the other children of Thomas and Dorothy; Mary STRANGE died at Yelvertoft in 1842, a spinster (leaving a will - 44 Primrose Hill Salisbury Square in the City of London swore to the veracity of the will of Mary STRANGE. This happened on February 9, 1842. This Jane was a widow. This must be the widow of William STRANGE). Elizabeth married John NORTON (See * Below) and they also lived at Yelvertoft. John married a Sarah and also lived at Yelvertoft.

Back to Thomas, however. He was described as "a native of Bucks" - in the book "Some account of the Bicester Dissenters" held by the Oxon CRO. It also states that "he was a student of Dr Doddridge" and "had a school for boarders and day scholars" (at Kilsby). I am looking to find his baptism .

* From Maggie in Leicestershire (
Elizabeth STRANGE marrying John NORTON in 1788 is the grandmother of my great great grandmother Elizabeth Ann NORTON.  Her father was a John NORTON, we think born 1794 to parents Elizabeth and John. (John 1794 is listed on the 1851 census as being born in Yelvertoft).
In 1851 Elizabeth, grandmother of Elizabeth, is listed as being 86 in Yelvertoft, and born in Kilsby. one of my Elizabeth Ann (born 1827/8) has a sibling with a second name STRANGE, and Elizabeth who is 86 in 1851 also has a child with a second name STRANGE.  From Miriam's site she seems to have most if not all of Elizabeth 1827/8 siblings - just not sure how/if they fit into Miriam's tree, but there doesn't seem to be much doubt that Elizabeth 1827/8's grandmother was Elizabeth STRANGE.

3.2  From Family Tree Magazine for July 2003, and under 18th Century Links (page 43) is this:
Mary STRANGE born circa 1760 Northamptonshire died spinster Yelvertoft.
Elizabeth STRANGE born circa 1765, married John Norton 1788 Kilsby Northamptonshire.
John STRANGE born circa 1771 Northamptonshire. lived Chatham Kent, died Yelvertoft Northamptonshire.
submitted by M McLaughlin, 3172 Bute Crescent, Coquitlam, BC V3B 5Z7, Canada. email:

3.3 Maggie Silver said
My link to the "STRANGE name is through the Rev Thomas STRANGE of Kilsby"

3.4 From Mark markpx"at" 

My wife's gg grandfather was Robert Strange PEER b 1824 Badby, nr Daventry, Northamptonshire. His son and grandson were also named Robert Strange PEER, so clearly the Strange name was important to the family. My other research suggests that there will be a link to the STRANGE family somewhere. But this is where things get complicated.

Robert Strange PEER the elder had parents: Joseph PEER b 1795 Cricklade Wiltshire d 1855 Duston, Northamptonshire. Joseph was a Cattle Dealer according to his death certificate and other sources. This fits with the family legend (i.e. not proven) that the PEERs drove cattle from Monmouth to Northampton and then onto the cattle markets in London. However on one trip the cattle were stolen en-route in Rugby. The family were left penniless and forced to seek work in Northamptonshire. My mother-in-law has a will created in Rugby that mentions the PEERs but I have not analysed this.

1 Joseph PEER b 1795, Cricklade, Wiltshire; d4 Jan 1855
  + Elizabeth DICKENS m30 Oct 1823
  2. Robert Strange PEER b 22 Apr 1824, Badby, Daventry, Northamptonshire; d 8 May 1890
     + Ann WOOD b 20 Feb 1827, Oundle or Hardingstone, Northants; m 12 Jul 1846; d 3 Nov 1897

4. Miscellaneous Items
Kings Sutton Hundred, Northants Militia List 1777
No STRANGEs listed
Kettering Vestry Minutes 1797 to 1853
The following are Index extracts from a book entitled: Kettering Vestry Minutes 1797 to 1853, published by Northants Record Society Vol VI, 1933. I have added the dates of the entries.
Appointed to Board of Health, 125 (1831), As member of Committee, 82 (1823), As parish Inspector, 141 (1836), 144 (1837), 147 (1838), 166 (1843), 171 (1844), As Overseer of the Poor, 47 (1818), Excused from office of Surveyor of Highways, 123 (1831), 200 (1852), Attends Vestry, 57 (1819), 68 (1820), 90 (1823), 94, 100 (1824), 105 (1825), 106 (1826), 107, 115 (1829), 125 - 127 (1831 - 1832), 129 (1833), 131, 132 (1834), 135 (1835), 138, 139 (1836), 140, 143 (1837), 174 (1845), Votes at Vestry, 167 (1844), Seconds proposition at Vestry, 192 (1848), Appointed to Select Vestry, 96 (1824).

STRANGE, Mr., 56, 196, 200. Thos., 1 (1797), 4 (1800), 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 (1801), 12, 13, 15, 16 (1802), 18 (1802), 24 (1808), 29 (1812/13), 30 (1813), 32 (1814), 35 (1816).

Note that the minutes on pages 32 and 35 were signed by John  STRANGE, not Thomas.
Some of the entries make for interesting reading and Marg McLaughlin ( has been able to identify Thomas (her 4 x great-grandfather) and John STRANGE (father and son) as being members of her family. The STRANGE entries for
Thomas STRANGE of Kilsby

Heather Olsen said, "Rev. Thomas STRANGE of Kilsby, who is the ancestor of the Kettering/Yelvertoft STRANGE's is related to my STRANGE family, which originates near the Bucks/Northants/Oxon boarder. Exactly how he is related is not clear, but he is called "kinsman" in the will of William STRANGE of Chesterton." (Reference on the Oxfordshire Page)

Marg McLaughlin said, "The Kettering STRANGEs actually are part of the family of Rev Thomas STRANGE of Kilsby. As far as I can tell Rev Thomas had 4 children: Thomas, John, Mary and Elizabeth. Thomas went to Kettering, John went to Kent and then ended up in Yelvertoft. Elizabeth married John Norton and ended up in Yelvertoft and Mary remained a spinster, living first in Kettering and then in Yelvertoft with her sister. I have received information that Rev Thomas came from Buckinghamshire but have yet to prove that link. I do know that there is a link with Oxfordshire as this STRANGE family seems to be interwoven with a family of DEVONSHIRE's from Oxfordshire. Rev Thomas married Dorothy DEVONSHIRE in Kilsby in 1757 so that is the time period we are working with here."

From Marg McLaughlin (msmclaughlin(at)telus(dot)net) STRANGE - CHATHAM KENT - 11 Nov 2004
I am following up on information for the family of Rev Thomas Strange of Kilsby, Northants.  His son John lived in Chatham Kent prior to moving to Yelvertoft Northants to be with his sisters.  In John's will he states, "my body I desire may be interred in the same grave with my late dear wife (to wit in the grave no 6 under Zion Chapel Clover Street Chatham Kent)." LDS film 0596905 has a listing of the "Persons interred in the burial ground Zion Chapel Clover Street Chatham".
1831 Feb 24 Sarah Strange    67  

From: James Wild James ( 12 Jan 2004
I am a descendant from the following marriage
1839 May 04 John STRANGE, of full age, of Astwell, Northants, farmer, son of Samuel STRANGE, farmer, m Lydia Mullis, of High Wycombe, dau of  John Mullis, gentleman

Heather Olsen said that she was linked to this marriage as well.

From: Pat de Haer
My son, a philatelist, has corresponded with Ian J STRANGE (who designs the Falkland Island stamps) and in an old letter
he mentions he and his father come from the Peterborough area of England. 

From Marg McLaughlin
I have two STRANGE death certificates from Chelsea in the district of Kensington:
1838 Jul 05 at 4 Malboro Street William Strange 18 son of Thomas Strange clerk cause of death epilepsy, informant Sarah Strange
1838 Dec 21 at 4 Malboro Street Thomas Devonshire Strange 16 clerk
cause of death diseased hip informant Thomas Strange 4 Malboro Street
These boys are part of the Northampton family of Stranges; their father, Thomas Strange, then moved to Dartford, Kent where these boys were baptized. They later moved from Dartford to Chelsea

From Heather Olsen
Northamptonshire Quarter Sessions records for 1630, 1657, 1657-8 (Northamptonshire Record Society, 1924)
No reference to STRANGE/STRAINGE