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STRANGE in Nursing Records
1. The British Journal of Nursing"

26 October 1907, Page 333 - Appointments  Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute For Nurses - Transfers and Appointments - Miss Grace Strange, to Ellel (temporary).

11 July 1914, Page 45 - List of Successful Candidates, London, Central Midwives Board, June Examination
Clapham Maternity Hospital, C.E. Strange

25 November 1916, Page 431 Appointments - Home Sister
Royal National Hospital for Consumption, Ventnor.-Miss Louise J. Strange has been appointed Home Sister. She was trained at the Camberwell Infirmary, and has been Sister and Night Sister at the Royal National Hospital, Ventnor, and has also had experience of private nursing in the South of France and in Italy

16 Jun 1917, Page 413 - King's Birthday Honours and Awards - Red Cross in recognition of their valuable services with the Armies in the field - Second Class Honours:
Miss Constance Evelyn Strange, Acting Sister Civil Hospital Reserve (Guy's)

13th December 1919 Page 361
Honours for Nurses. The King held an Investiture in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace on December 3rd, when his Majesty conferred the following decorations:- The Royal Red Cross (Second Clas). Q. A. I. M. N. R., Miss Constance Strange.

11 Aug 1923, Page 93
MATRON HOUSEKEEPER, Market Drayton, Burntwood Sanatorium.-Miss Louisa J. Strange has been appointed Matron Housekeeper. She was trained at St. Giles’ Infirmary, Camberwell; and has been Matron of the National Sanatorium, Benenden, and Assistant Matron at the Royal National Hospital, Ventnor. .

June 1927 Page 141
The Home was established for retired nurses who are Members of the R.B.N.A.; its Rules are very few and are merely such as to ensure the safety and comfort of those in the Home. We are greatly indebted to Dr. Strange, Hon. Physician to the Home, for his goodness to the nurses during attacks of illness, He has been most kind, and it has been no small relief to the Sister-in-Charge to feel that she may call upon him for help, even during the busiest season, if there is any case of illness in the Home.

September 1927 Page 225 Donations Helena Benevolent Fund -  Strange. 5s

October 1927 Page 249 The Hon. Treasurer acknowledges the following donations with thanks Helena Benevolent Fund -  Strange. 5s

August 1928 Page 205 Donations General Purpose Fund:  E. H. Strange. Esq., M.D., 10s. 6d.

December 1928 Page 317 Donations General Purpose Fund E. Strange, Esq., M.D., 10s. 6d.

July 1930 Page 183 DONATIONS. Helena Benevolent Fund. M. Strange, 4s.

December 1942 Page 154
The Editor writes: “ Our thoughts turn with much concern to members who were last known to be in enemy-occupied countries. It would be deeply gratifying to have news of them from any of their friends, in particular : Miss D. G. Strange, Sisters’ Quarters, The General Hospital, Johore Bahru, Malaya.

2. Extracts from The Royal College of Nursing
Volume 60, 25th May 1918 (p367) - HONOURS FOR GUY’S NURSES.
Since our last meeting I am pleased to announce that the following awards have been made to Guy’s Nurses :- ROYAL RED CROSS.
SECOND CLASS Miss C. E. Strange, Acting Sister, Q.A.I.M.N.S.R., BEF

Volume 58, 16th June 1917 (p413) - BIRTHDAY HONOURS AWARDS, ROYAL RED CROSS.
The concluding section of the special supplement to the Laridon Gazette, containing the list of honours awarded on the occasion of the  King's Birthday, for services in connection with the war, an3ounces the award of the Royal Red Cross decoration to the undermentioned ladies in recognition of their valuable services with the Armies in the field :-
Miss Constance Evelyn Strange, Acting Sister Civil  Hospital Reserve (Guy's)

Volume 56, 11th March 1916 (p226)
Dr. Elsie Inglis and the first unit of the Scottish Women’s Hospital, who have arrived in London after an adventurous journey, have many interesting details to tell of their experiences. The party included, in addition to Dr. Inglis,  Sister Strange/

Volume 57, 12th August 1916 (p144) - CENTRAL MIDWIVES BOARD
A Special Meeting of the Central Midwives Board was held at Caxton Hall, Westminster, on Friday, August 4th, for the purpose of hearing the charges alleged against two certified midwives. Sir Francis Chanipnep presided. The first case taken was that of Mrs. Ellenor Strange (No. 4882), a midwife working in the area of the London County Council. Miss Strange was present, and was defended by her solicitor. Dr. Macrory, the inspector, and other representatives of the L:C.C. were also present. The charges were mainly in connection with neglecting to explain that medical help was necessary in cases of ophthalmia neoaatorum. The charges were admitted in two of the cases, and denied, or withdrawn in others, but in one the baby was blind and in another practically so. Mr. Matthews, who defended the midwife very ably, took up, in our view, an unfortunate line of defence when he addressed the Board on his client's behalf. The Board, he contended, had to deal with two sets of people, the first coming from an intelligent class, who were able to pass a stiff examination, and the second derived from a class whose experience and manipulation was good, but who would never be able to pass an examination. The first mentioned midwife would send for a doctor at once and place the responsibility upon him. The latter often had a conscientious feeling that, having been paid for a job, she must go through with it. That, he believed, was the motive actuating his client. The Board decided to remove Mrs. Strange from the Roll, but the Chairman informed her that if the L.C.C. were persuaded later that she was thoroughly trustworthy she might apply to be reinstated.

Volume 57, 21st October 1916 (p336) - APPOINTMENTS. Sister
Isolation Hospital, Chester.-Miss L. Strange has been appointed Sister. She was trained at the North Devon Infirmary, Barnstaple, and the Lincoln County Hospital., She has been staff nurse at the North Derbyshire Hospital, Chesterfield, and the Livingstone Cottage Hospital, Dartford, and Sister and Home Sister at the Clayton Hospital, Wakefield, and the Children’s Convalescent Home, West Kirkby.

Volume 57, 25th November 1916 (p431) Home Sister
Royal National Hospital for Consumption, Ventnor.-Miss Louise J. Strange has been appointed Home Sister. She was trained at the Camberwell Infirmary, and has been Sister and Night Sister at the Royal National Hospital, Ventnor, and has also had experience of private nursing in the South of France and in Italy.

Volume 55, 18th September 1915 (p231) - RELIEF DETACHMENT  for THE HOSPITAL At VALJEVO UNDER DR. HUTCHISON.
The following formed the units which left for Serbia last Saturday : Nurse R. E. Strange

Volume 52, 16th May 1914 (p435) - APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
The following 79 Applicants were elected Members of the Society:-
3401 Miss H. M. Strange, cert. Lond. Homeo. Hosp

Volume 53, 11th July 1914 (p45) - CENTRAL MIDWIVES’ BOARD. June EXAMINATION.
At the examination of the Central Midwives Board, held in London and the Provinces on June 15th 1914, 582 candidates were examined and 485 passed the examiners, The percentage of failures was 16.7.
C. E. Strange East End Mothers’ Home.-

Volume 28, 22nd February 1902 (p155)
A Scottish correspondent writes :-On Monday evening, February 10th the Corporation of Edinburgh held a reception for the nurses of their own Hospital, and, those of Edinburgh generally in the Music Hall and Assembly Rooms. There were over 400 nurses resent in uniform, over 60 belonging to the City Hospital. The Matrons included Miss Strange, of Chalmer's Hospital.  The nurses were presented to the Senior Magistrate by the City Office and it was a pretty sight as they walked past, each set headed by their Matron. The Hospital uniforms were pretty and neat, but some of the private nurses were conspicuous for general untidiness and a want of nurse-like appearance.  They looked as if they were got up for a Fancy Ball, and the way their hair and unfortunate caps were distorted caused great amusement to their more businesslike sisters, and may we say heartache to some of the Matrons. Two Army Sisters were present and their dresses were very pretty. The Queen's Nurses, as usual, looked neat and businesslike. We wish that all nurses were as strictly kept as regards uniform as the soldiers, and that the Matrons would not. give up the nursing dress. Lord Robert does not lead the Army in an evening coat with a flower in his button-hole.

Volume 26, 26th January 1901 (p65)
MISS F. STRANGE has been appointed Matron of Chalmer's Hospital, Edinburgh, She was trained at the General Infirmary, Salisbury, and has held the positions of Staff Nurse at the Royal Hants Hospital, Winchester, Assistant Nurse at the Tiverton Infirmary, Charge Nurse at the Salisbury Infirmary, and Night Superintendent, and Sister at. Chalmer's Hospital, Edinburgh.

Volume 20, 08th January 1898 (p32)
The following Scottish nurses have fulfilled the necessary requirements to be admitted as new, Queen's nurses. Their names have been sent up to the Queen, and have been placed on the Queen's roll :- includes Grace Strange

Volume 11, (p184) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1893
WANTED (immediately) two Hospital-trained NURSES, to help a Nurse who is working on her own account) in taking private cases in a small town. Very comfortable home. Salary-Apply to Nurse Strange, the Sunbeams, Dorchester, Dorset
(Also Volume 11, (p168) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1893  and Volume 11, (p148) September 28 1893)