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STRANGE in Oxfordshire
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6. Families
From Jaqy STRANGE of Stokenchurch on 06-12 Nov 2004
Annie S (or Ann Sophia) Strange, daughter of William Henry Strange (b.1823 (25?) Watlington, Oxfordshire) and Mary Ann (b.1828 Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire) is my Great Great Grandmother. Annie was born in 1853 in Stokenchurch and had a younger sister, Elizabeth Ellen born in 1856 in Watlington. Annie married George Butler (b.1856 Radnage, Buckinghamshire) in 1877 in St Clement, Sheepscar, Leeds, West Yorkshire (The details of the marriage can be found at They had 2 children; Arthur b.1882 and Edith b.1887.

In the 1901 census they were living at 14 Willow Place, Headingley-with-Burley, Leeds and had Annie's younger sister Elizabeth living with them. Also George's occupation was Surveyor's Chairman. and Elizabeth Ellen was listed as an imbecile.

Arthur went on to marry Beatrice Skinner in 1908 in Leeds and they had 3 children including a daughter called Irene who married my father's father in 1933  I haven't yet discovered what happened to Edith.

As far as I know, William Henry's parents were Adam Strange and Sophia Baker but that's as far back as I can go at the moment.

John  Moore said on 12 Nov 2004
I'm sure you must be related to my wife, who also is descended from Stranges of Watlington. However, her connection is with Thomas (her 7g-grandfather, making you probably somewhere around eighth cousins), who married Ann Beesley in 1661, and the records I have been able to find have huge gaps between then and the people you mention. I hope you have found material that will fill the void.

From Belinda Ireland-Johnston (belilindt(at)gmail(dot)com), Hillarys, Western Australia
My STRANGEs are from Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire, but no William Henry; my line goes:
Felix STRANGE (1789-1866)
James STRANGE (1811-1889)
Jonah STRANGE (1854-1929)

Ed Hanson said on 13 Nov 2004
It looks like this family was originally from Long Wittenham and not the same one from the other Watlington family (from which Alan, Margaret Moore, and myself descend).  As you can see, there is one big supposition in generation four that the Adam Strange mentioned in his grandmother's will is the same one who married in 1783.

1.  Richard Strange of Long Wittenham, Berkshire (and probably married to Elizabeth who, from the MI, died as wife of Richard and was buried 17 Sep 1726 - Mike Strange's ancestors - see Long Wittenham)

2.  Adam Strange, son of Richard, bp at Long Wittenham 27 July 1684; bur there, 17 May 1752; m Elizabeth; Adam Strange & Elizabeth Woollus, m. at Long Wittenham, 11 Oct 1714.  Elizabeth Strange, bur at Long Wittenham 7 March 1770

Elizabeth's Will
In The Name of God Amen I Elizabeth Strange of the parish of Hasely in the county of Oxford Widow Although Labouring at present under some Indispositions of Body yet being of a sound and disposing mind memory and understanding through the mercy of God do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following First and principally I resign my Soul with the utmost humility into the hands of Almighty god my Creator humbly hopeing for a Blessed Immortality through the merrits and mediation of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and my Body I desire may be decently Buried at Long Wittenham in the County of Berks as near as conveniently may be to the Remains of my dear deceased Husband at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter Named And as for such Temporal Estate as the Lord in his great Goodness hath Intrusted me be Stewardis of, I Give devise and dispose thereof as follows Item I give to my son John Strange my furnace Long Table and all the [S?] in the House, also a little cupboard over the oven also a large Brass pot with a large piece onit, also a little Chest of draws and a Bedsted and Curtain steds, also the Leaden Trough in the yard, all wch. Goods are or was in the dwelling house and premisses of my Son Adam Strange at Long Wittenham in Berks deceased all which goods I give to my Son John Strange for his use and disposal for Ever.  I Give to  my said son John Strange Eight pounds of Lawfull English money.  I Give to my Daughter Hannah the wife of Thomas Humphreys of Little Haseley in the county of Oxford Labourer my Bed, Beding and the furniture thereof; together with all my wearing apparel, also seven pounds of Lawfull English money.  I Give to my Daughter Elizabeth five pounds of Lawfull English money.  I give to my Grandson Adam Strange the son of my Son Thomas Strange deceased the sum of five pounds of Lawful English money with Lawful Interest for the same to be paid to him as soon as he shall attain the Age of Twenty one years and not before by my Executor hereinafter named his heirs or assigns and further my will is that after my funeral Charges and Legacies beforementioned are paid and discharged if any part of fforty pounds shall then be left the then remainder of the said Forty pounds be divided among all my children living share and share alike Equally as near as may be And my Grandson Adam Strange the Son of my Son Thomas Strange deceased shall be looked upon and deemed as one of my own children to be paid to him as is before mentioned when he shall attain the age of Twenty one year with Lawfull Interest for the same to be paid by my Executor And if any of my Legatees shall happen to depart this life before the Legacies shall Lawfully become due, then and in that case I Give the Same to my Executor for his only use for Ever and I do hereby Nominate Constitute appoint and ordain my son John Strange of Long Wittenham in the county of Berks my sole and only Executor of this my Will.  And I do Hereby revoke and set aside all other wills formerly by me made and this, and this only to be my last will and Testamt.  In witness whereof I the above named Elizabeth Strange the Testatrix have to this my Last Will set my hand and fixt my Seal this fourth day of December and in the year of our Lord 1769.  Elizabeth Strange, her mark.  Signed sealed published and Declared by the Testatrix Elizabeth Strange as an for her last will and Testament in the presence of us, who have Subscribed our Names as witnesses, thereto in the presence of the said Testatrix and at her request and in the presence of each other Hannah Coppock her mark, W Burgess.  This will was proved at Oxford on the Thirteenth day of  October in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and  Seventy before the Reverend John Cox Clerk Master of Arts Surrogate of the Reverend Daniel Burton Doctor in Divinity Vicar General Official Principal and commissary of the Right Reverend Father in God Robert by Divine Permission Lord Bishop of Oxford lawfully constituted by the Oath of John Strange the son of the deceased and sole Executor therein named to whom administration was granted being first sworn duly to administer. (Wills 64/1/12.  Oxfordshire County Record Office)

Note: Little Hasely is a hamlet within the parish of Great Hasely about 4 miles south west of Thame and about 6 miles north east of Long Wittenham. Where Elizabeth's daughter Hannah and son Thomas christened as we have only the following baptisms at Long Wittenham relevant to Adam and Elizabeth (there is a possible burial of Thomas in 1765):
1715 Nov 26 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau Adam & Elizabeth (bur 1715/16 Feb 07)
1716/7 Jan 13 John STRANGE, son Adam & Elizabeth (probably died 1780 - from MI)
1718/9 Feb 24 Elizabeth STRANGE, dau Adam (2nd child Elizabeth)
1721/2 Feb 04 Anne STRAING, dau Adam
1725 Jul 11 Adam STRAIENG, son Adam (probably died 1769 - from MI)

Betty Judge observed: Anne  Straing daughter of Adam  bap 4 Feb 1721/2 Long Wittenham,  and  married as Anna Strange to Thomas Humphries of Hazeley after banns  at Long Wittenham  on 26 Dec 1745, could be one and the same Hannah Strange.

3.  Thomas Strange, was dead by 1769 when his mother made her will

4.  Adam Strange, minor in 1769, when mentioned in the will of his grandmother Elizabeth Strange.
He was perhaps the Adam Strange who married at Watlington on 7 Jan 1783 to Mary Goodwin. He was perhaps the Adam Strange, son of Thomas, who was mentioned as a minor in the will of his grandmother Elizabeth Strange.  There was one Adam Strange bur at Watlington, 6 April 1791 and another 10 June 1796.  Mary Goodwin was probably the Mary Strange buried at Watlington, 3 Dec 1818, age 55.

5  Adam, bp. Watlington, 10 Jan. 1790; bur at Stokenchurch, 30 Oct 1875, age 78; m at Watlington, 6 July 1823 Sophia Baker, bur at Stokenchurch, 27 Jan 1877, age 80.

The 1841 census of Britwell Salome, Oxon, listed: Adam Strange, 40, bricklayer journeyman; Sophia, 40; Adam, 14; George, 12; Ellen, 7; Thomas, 4; Christopher, 1.

The 1851 Census of Stokenchurch Oxon Adam Strange, Head, married, 50, grocer (out of business), born Wattlington, Oxon; Sophia Strange, wife, married, 48, born Watlington, Oxon; Adam Strange, son, unmarried, 24, grocer, born Watlington, Oxon; George Frederick Strange, son, unmarried, 22, baker, born Watlington, Oxon; Ellen Strange, daughter, unmarried 17, born Watlington, Oxon; Thomas Strange, son, unmarried, 14, born Watlington, Oxon. 

1861 Census Stokenchurch, Oxon Adam Strange, head, married, 62, bricklayer, born Watlington, Oxon; Sophia Strange, wife, married, 60, born Watlington, Oxon; Mary Elizabeth Young, daughter, widow, 22 (or 28 really smudgy) born Watlington, Oxon; Christopher Strange, son, unmarried, 20, chairmaker, born Watlington, Oxon; William Young, servant, 12, errand boy, born Watlington, Oxon

From Geoff Bowles [geoffbow{at}blueyonder{dot}co{dot}uk] on 12 Apr 2005
I have a 1639 will of a Margaret Bould of Chimney, Bampton. In the will she is referring to her daughter Mary Strange, wife of William. Also her grandaughters Martha and Mary Strange. Do you have any information on where Mary, wife of William Strange was baptized, or where the marriage took place?

Weston-on-the-Green Family from Ed Hanson 19 Apr 2003
Here are my notes on this family, which apparently originated in Shalston, Bucks. I haven't been in touch with living members of this family yet, that's on my very long "to do" list. 

William Strainge of Weston-on-the-Green, Oxon; m at Buckingham, Bucks, 28 Nov 1737 (by license) Mary Tredwell [groom of Shalston, bride of "Kertleton"], who survived him [initial information on this line from Richard Walton, Canterbury, Kent, 1977]; died between 11 Jan (date of Will) and 19 Sept 1772 (date Will Proved).

His Will: In the Name of God Amen I William Strange the Elder of Weston on the Green in the County of Oxford Yeoman being infirm in Body but of sound disposing mind memory and understanding praised by God for the same Do make ordain this as and for my last will and Testament in  manner and form following (that is to say) First I Give Desire and Bequeath unto my loving Wife Mary Strange All those my Estates Situate and being at [Evenly?] otherwise Emley in the county of Northampton and to her assigns for and during the Term of her natural Life and from and after the decease of my said wife I give Devise and Bequeath the said Estate at [Evenly?] otherise emly aforesaid unto my Eldest Son William Strange to hold the same unto my said son William Strange heir Heirs and Assigns for ever I also give Devise and Bequeath unto my Youngest Son Richard Strange all those my Leasehold Estates situate and being at Nethercolt in the parish of Tackley in the said County of Oxford in the Tenur or Occupation of Benjamin  Wheeler and John Nelson To hold the said premisses unto my said son Richard Strange his Executors Administrators and Assigns for and during all such time Term and Estate as I have therein I also Give Devise and Bequeath unto my said Two Sons William Strange and Richard Strange All my Stock of Corn Grain Hay Cattle and Implements of Husbandry of what nature or kind soever to be divided tween them Share and share alike I also Give devise and Bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Gibbs the sum of Ten Pounds to be paid to her by my Executrix hereinafter named within Twelve Months after my decease All the rest Residue and  remainder of my real and personal Estate not hereinbefore by me disposed of I Give Devise and Bequeath (after payment of my Just Debts and funeral Expences) unto my said loving wife Mary Strange whom I appoint sole Executrix of this my last will an Testament hereby Revoking all  former wills by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this alone to be my last will  and Testament In Witness whereof I the said William Strange the Elder the Testator have to  this my last Will and Testament Contained in one Sheet of Paper set my hand and seal this  Eleventh day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy two.

William Strainge. Signed seald published and Declared by the said William Strainge the Elder  the Testator (the worlds the Elder being first wrote on the top) as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have Subscribed our Names as witnesses hereunto The mark of Ann French, the mark of Thomas Vonemore, Thos. Roading. 

This Will was proved at Oxford on the Nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord 1772 Before the Revd. John Cox Clerk Master of Arts Surrogate of the Revd. and Worshipfull Daniel Burton Doctor in divinity Vicar General Official Principal and Commissary of the Right Reverend Father in God Robert by divine Permission Lord Bishop of Oxford lawfully Constituted by the oath of Mary Strainge Widow the Relict of the deceased and sole Executrix therein named to whom Admon. was granted being first sworn duly to administer.
(Wills 64/1/30. Oxfordshire Record Office). 

Children of William STRANGE and Mary (nee TREDWELL):
1a  Elizabeth  STRANGE bap at Kirtlington, Oxon, 18 Jan 1741; m. at Weston-on-the-Green, 22 Nov 1756 to John Gibbs, botp, by license (wit: Sarah Franklin) 
2a  John Tredwell STRANGE bap at Kirtlington, Oxon, 3 July 1743; bur there 28 Jan 1762 
3a  William STRANGE, bur. at Weston-on-the-Green, 9 July 1796; m (aged 25, farmer) at  Weston-on-the-Green, 24 Sep 1775 Hannah Curtis (aged 25), botp, by license of 16 Sept 1775 (wits: John Trafford).
4a  Richard, m(1) at Weston-on-the-Green, 1 Jan. 1775, by banns (wit: Richard House) Elizabeth Wise Wright, bur. at Yarnton, 29 Sept. 1796; m(2) at Yarnton, 24 Dec. 1799 Elizabeth Sanders (wits: T. Strange, J. Sanders Bond/Affidavit Richard Strainge of Yarnton, yeoman & Elizabeth Saunders of Yarnton, 21 on 23 Dec 1799); bur. at Yarnton, 19 June 1808.

Will of Richard Strainge of Yarnton 9th February 1808 This being my last will and "---"  I do hereby bequeath to my Wife Elizabeth Strainge Ten hundred pounds for her life to be put to Interest for her use & after her death to come to Edmund Strainge if he should be the longest liver & if not to Treadwell Strainge or their heirs. And I do further give to my Wife Elizabeth Strainge the bedstead and furniture in the little room and the Bed and mattress  pillow and bolster blankets &c and two sets drawers & Clock in our room & Bed & Bedstead in the same chairs & dressing Table & Glasses and twelve pair of best sheets four pillow cases three large and three small Table Cloths & three Mahogany Tables & 8 Mahongany Chairs the plate and china and Urns & Tea treas. I do give and bequeath to Edmund Strainge my estate at Evenley now in the occupation of John Dummock & further I give & bequeath all my stock of Cattle Corn & hay Husbandry implements &c to the said Edmund Strainge to settle all my Affairs & pay to my Wife Elizabeth Strainge 100£ in ready money.  Richard Strainge. Signed by us John Hall, Tho. Mealing, Thos. Pitt. This Will was proved at Oxford on the 10th day of December in the Year of our Lord 1808  before the Revd. Wm. Brown Clerk M.A. Surrogate by the Oath of Edmund Strainge the brother and sole executor in the said will named according to the tenor thereof to whom admon was granted being first sworn duly to admon. (by first marriage)   1b Tredwell Strainge of Yarnton, Oxon, bp. at Weston-on-the-Green, 29 Jan. 1776; bur. at Yarnton, 23 July 1828, age 51, farmer; m. at Purton, Wilts, 25 Jan 1813 Mary Packer. Mary  Strainge of Yarnton, Oxon, widow, d. 28 Feb. 1870 at Yarnton (bur. at Yarnton, 5 March 1870, age 84). Will with codicil proved 22 March 1870 at Oxford by Thomas Hyde of Summertown,  Parish of St Giles, Oxon, gentleman, and Richard Walton of Yarnton, farmer. the executors.  Effects under £6,000.   The 1851 census of Yarnton listed: Mary Strange, head, widow, 66, farmer (250a, 9 labs), b Purton, Wilts; William Hall, son-in-law, 30, brewer, b Kneeton, Ntt; Ann Hall, dau., 27, b Yarnton, Oxf; Mary Ann Hall, granddaughter, 9m, b Trowbridge, Wilts; and 1 servant. I Tredwell Strainge of Yarnton near Oxford Gentleman do make this my last Will and Testament as follows I give devise and bequeath to my dear Wife Mary her Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns all my real and personal Estate whatsoever & of what nature or kind soever. I appoint my said dear Wife Mary sole Executrix of this my Will and hereby revoke all former  Wills by me heretofore made In Witness where I have hereunto set my hand and seal the second day of December 1813.

Tl. Strainge. Signed sealed & delivered by the above named Tredwell Strainge as and for his last will & Testament, in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. John Dix. Chas. Constable.  John Latimer.

I the above named Tredwell Strainge do by this Codicil to my Will appoint my above named dear Wife sole Guardian of my children until they respectively attain the age of twenty one years And I confirm my said Will in all other respects witness my Hand and seal this 17th day of July 1827. Tredl. Strainge. Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Tredwell Strainge as and for a codicil to his last Will and testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other subscribe our names as Witnesses. [?] Dudley, Robt. North. The X Mark of Elizabeth Greenaway.

This will with a codicil was proved at Oxford on the seventy fourth day of May in the year of our Lord 1828 Before the Reverend William Mavor Clerk L.L.D. Surrogate of the Reverend George Turner Clerk Master of Arts Official Principal of the Reverend the Archdeacon of Oxford  lawfully constituted by the oath of Mary Strainge Widow the Relict and sole Executrix  therein named to whom admon was granted being first, sworn duly to administer. 

1c Mary Elizabeth STRANGE, bp. at Yarnton, 18 Nov. 1817; m. at Yarnton, 23 April 1844 Richard Walton (wits: George Walton, Ann Strainge, Betsy Walton). Richard Walton of Yarnton, 21 & Mary  Elizabeth Strainge, of Yarnton, 21. 20 April 1844. At Yarnton(Oxford Diocesan Marriage  Bonds and Affidavits, 1661-1850). 

2c Emma STRANGE, bp. at Yarnton, 18 Nov. 1818; m at Yarnton, 25 Jan. 1841 Thomas Hyde of St Peter  le Bailey, Oxford (wits: Mary Strainge, Ann Strainge) 

3c James Tredwell STRANGE, bp. at Yarnton, 22 Oct. 1820; bur. at Yarnton, 6 Feb. 1822. 

4c Ann STRANGE, bp. at Yarnton, 28 Sept. 1823; m at Yarnton, 25 July 1849 William Hall of Trowbridge, Wilts (wits: Edward Hundy, Sarah Ann [?]). William Hall of Trowbridge, Wilts, 21au & Ann  Strainge of Yarnton, 21au. 16 June 1849. At Yarnton (Oxford Diocesan Marriage Bonds and  Affidavits, 1661-1850). 

1c Richard STRANGE, bp. Chipping Norton, 18 June 1822 (also recorded at Kidlington, 5 Aug 1822); bur. at Kidlington 22 June 1827, age 5. 

2c Mary Rouse  STRANGE, bp. Chipping Norton, 25 Oct. 1823; bur. unm. at Littlemore Hospital, Littlemore, Oxon., 24 Dec. 1894. 

3c Jonathan  STRANGE, bp. Chipping Norton, 2 Feb. 1825; d. 25 June 1893; bur at Aston Bampton, Oxon.  ("Jonathan Strange, age 73, Witney Union"), 9 May 1893 Jonathan Strainge of Ducklington,  Witney, Oxon, died 25 June 1893. Administration on his estate was granted in London,  2 May 1906, to Edmund Strainge, farmer. Effects £13.14.8   4c John Rouse, bp. Chipping Norton, 31 July 1826; d. 5 May 1905, age 78; m. (1) Ann Elizabeth Fruin; m. (2) Elizabeth ---, d. 24 April 1915, age 74; both bur. Ducklington.  John Rouse  Strainge, of Kidlington, 21au, & Ann Elizabeth Fruin of Toot Baldon, 21au, 28 Feb 1840.  At Toot Baldon (Oxford Diocesan Marriage Bonds and Affidavits, 1661-1850).   The 1851 census of Marcham, Berks, lists: John Strainge, 24, baker, b Chipping Norton, Oxf;  Ann Strainge, wife, 24, b Baldon, Oxf He was a widowed shepherd, living with his brother  Edmund at Ducklington at the time of the 1881 census. (by first marriage) 

1d Edmund William Fruyn, b Marcham, Berks (1881 census); bp Toot Baldon, Oxon, 16 Feb 1853; living at Ducklington, 1881 (by second marriage) 

2d Christopher, bp at Ducklington, Oxon, 29 March 1885; d. 16 Feb. 1931, age 51; m. Elizabeth Buckingham, d. 10 Jan. 1964, age 91; both bur Ducklington; farmer at Ducklington Farm 

1e Mary Rouse, bp. at Ducklington, 11 May 1913 

2e John Edmund, b. 30 Sept. 1914; bp. at Ducklington, 27 Dec 1914; farmer. 

1f Richard John Strainge, 28, bachelor, farmer, Ducklington, son of John Edmund Strainge,  farmer, m. at Launton, Oxon, 10 Oct 1975 Janet Rosemary Evans, 25, spinster, nurse, of this  parish, dau of Percy Albert Evans, farmer (witnesses: J. E. Strainge, R. Evans) 

3e Amy Rouse Owen, d. 26 Feb 1969, age 55; bur. Ducklington   4c Edmund Rouse, bp. at Chipping Norton, 26 Sept. 1829; d. 6 Nov. 1920, age 91; buried  Ducklington.  The 1881 census of Ducklington, Oxon, listed: Edmund Strainge, 51, farmer,  head, b Chipping Norton; John Strainge, 54, shepherd, b. Chipping Norton; Edmund W.F.  Strainge, nephew, 26, b. Marcham, Berks. 

5c Elizabeth, bp at Cassington, Oxon, 26 Aug 1834; m. at Ducklington, 14 Nov 1866 John  Haynes, farmer, of Westcott Barton, son of John Haynes, farmer (witnesses: Jonathan Strainge, Elizabeth Baxter)(by second marriage)

5b Richard Tredwell, bp. at Yarnton, 29 June 1803; [probably the Richard Strange, son of  Richard & Elizabeth, bur. at Yarnton, 14 May 1805]

From Ed Hanson Feb 2006:

1. Thomas Strange of Watlington, Oxfordshire, married at Watlington, 30 Sept 1661 (also recorded 1664) Anne Beesley (Beasley; his name spelled Straunge).  She was buried there ("Anne Strang, wife of Thomas"), 3 July 1695.  He was buried at Watlington 13 Aug 1706.

2.  John, blacksmith of Nettlebed, Oxon., was buried there 13 Oct. 1712; m (1) [as John "Strong"] at Nettlebed, 5 Dec 1687 Katherine Butler, who was buried at Nettlebed, 16 Jan 1701/2, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Aldridge) Butler; m. (2) at Rotherfield Peppard, Oxon, 8 July 1702 Katherine Wilder of Nettlebed, who was mentioned in his will.

3.  William, bp. at Nettlebed, 25 Sept. 1693; d 6 June 1746 (g.s.) and was buried at Nettlebed the same day; m  at Nettlebed, 3 Oct 1714 (Bishop's Transcript gives 13 Dec.) Ann Baily, who was buried there, 24 Dec. 1737.

4.  Thomas, bp. at Nettlebed, 2 Dec 1733; bur Turville, Bucks, 5 March 1818, age 85, blacksmith of Turville Heath; m Turville, Bucks, 12 June 1760 Mary Clement, bur Turville, 7 Nov 1789.

5.  Thomas Strange, bp Turville, [before 18 Sept 1763]; bur. at Stokenchurch, 23 Feb 1845, aged 81;  m. 1st at Ibstone, Bucks, 9 May 1785,Thomas Strange of Turville, blacksmith & Mary Robinson spinster of this parish m by banns (witnesses: Harry Williams, Elizabeth Strange); she was prob. the Mary Strange, bur. at Stokenchurch, 3 March 1797; m. 2nd at Stokenchurch, 23 Nov 1801, Hannah Harman of Turville, buried at Stokenchurch, 13 Aug 1818, age 53; m 3rd at Little Marlow, Bucks, 25 June 1821, by banns, widow Eleanor Moore (witnesses: Frederick Strange, Hannah Avery), bur at Stokenchurch, age 64, 1 Aug 1850.

6.  Samuel, bp Stokenchurch, 14 Jan. 1795; bur. there, 21 Aug. 1834, age 39; m at Aston Rowant, Oxon, 10 April 1815 (witnesses: Elizabeth Harman, Frederick Strange, Eliab Strange, Thomas Holland) Sophia Clewley, b Aston Rowant, Oxon, c1795.

7.  Joseph, bp at Stokenchurch, 30 Dec. 1821; m Elizabeth --, b St Luke's Chelsea, c1823, prob d 1883, age 58 [Camberwell dist., March quarter, vol 1d, p548].

8.  Henry, b Southwark, c1857; m 1875 Ellen Mary A. Silbey, b Southwark, c 1856

9.  Frederick, b Lambeth, c1899 Frederick shows up as a two-year-old in the 1901 census of Lambeth at 12 Broad Street (father, Henry; mother, Ellen),

7.  Oddments

On a history page at about a shop in Oxford's High Street, now occupied by "Jigsaw", I came across this reference:
No. 134 was rebuilt in 1790 by Richard Cox.  It is a Grade II listed building (ref. 1485/731), and its present design won a heritage award for good shop design in a conservation area. In 1772 a survey of every house in the city was taken in consequence of the Mileways Act of 1771. No. 134 was then in the occupation of a Mr Strange, and its frontage measured 6 yards 1 foot 4  inches.  Richard Cox, draper, had his business here from 1783, and in Jackson's Oxford Journal of 17 August 1790 there was a notice announcing that Richard Cox & Co would be operating from newly-built premises on the site. Cox moved gradually over into banking, and went into partnership with James & Robert Morrell; but Cox (who had three times been Mayor of Oxford) engaged in corrupt practices and fled bankrupt to Calais in 1833.

Betty Judge said:
It looks as though  my William Strange was the shop owner of  what is now "Jigsaw"
William Strange, (the elder) died c1786. (I think) with 3 William Stranges it is very confusing. When William Strange the elder made his will on 30 Nov 1781 he named his nephew William Strange b 1742 and Robert Godfrey as his executors., but when the will was probated in 1786 Godfrey was called the surviving Executor, and  the nephew William had died and been buried  4 aug1783 at All Saints Church Oxford.  In the will William the elder states he leaves, " ffreehold messuage or tenement and appurtances situate in the Parish of All Saints Oxford now in the occupation of my nephew William  Strange unto my sister Eleanor Collins and her assigns for and during the term of her natural life  and from and after her decease unto my said nephew William Strange and his assigns for and during the term of his natural like  and from and after  the decease of the surviver of them I give  and devise the said premises to William  Strange ( the son of my said nephew )his heirs and assigns for ever. 

The Nephew William Strange  b  1742  West Hanney  died 1783 Oxford buried 4 Aug 1783 All Saints Oxford., before his uncle died.  John the  elder  also  wrote a codicil in his own hand and spellings, no date, and had another executor  John Cock .  "I give the house to my nephew  **** William Strange But if he should dey Before he shall attaine  the age of twentyone or Dey without ishew Lafeley  (?Issue Lawfully)  Begotten  then the said house to ffrancis  Strange ^^^^ his ayers  or asins ."   ** I think he meant great nephew.

The great nephew William  Strange  bap  22 July 1772 All Saints Oxford married  Mary Jessop 10 Nov  1796 North Hinksey;  no children found.  William died 1800 in Oxford buried 21 Nov 1800 All Saints.
On 28th day of November 1800 Letters of Administration of all and singular the goods Chattels and Credits of William Strange late of the City of Oxford, China Man, deceased were granted to Mary Strange widow the Relict of the said Deceased,being first sworn duly to administer  (109.79) (Bishop of Oxfords  Probate Court  Oxford Record Office)

A Mary Strange  married by licence Joseph Holland  on September 5th 1802 All Saints Oxford, witnessed by  Mary Ward and James Lush.

Francis Strange b 1716  East Hanney died 1778 Lyford, William Strange the elders brother, whose son William was the nephew apprenticed.

From Stephanie Jenkins (owner of the web site showing the details of 134 High Street:
134 High Street is within All Saints parish, and All Hallows is just an alternative name for All Saints, so all that fits nicely.  Bailey's Western & Midland Directory, 1783 lists William Strange as a china and glass-man, but I can't find anything later than that.  That was the year Cox took over the shop, so did William Strange the younger die that year?
Some records on Oxfordshire Record Office web site:

Poor Law:
Strange, William, Settlement Certificate, 24th Nov 1746, St Mary the Virgin, Oxford city Parish St. Martin (Carfax), Oxford, Par/207/5/A1/1

Shelton, Richard, apprenticed to John STRANGE, blacksmith Apprenticeship indenture, 19th Jul 1712 Watlington Parish Watlington, Par/Watlington/b/18/item 1/9

Surrender and Admission:
1 cottage & 3 and half acres of land & common pasture for 2 cows in Little Milton.
Parties :
1. Alice Jackson, widow.
2. Thomas Savage, Esq., & Rt Hon.Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Coventry, his wife Lord & Lady of the Manor of Great & Little Milton & the Prebend.
3. Alice Jackson, Hester Strange, wife of John Strange & daughter of Alice Jackson, & John Strange.
(1) surrenders to (2) and (3) is admitted; annual rent 6s 8d. Date: 29/Jun/1711 O138/8/CR1/35
(Note: 1707 Apr 14 John Strange m Hester Jackson both of Milton by licence at Oxford, St Peter le Bailey)

West Street; Crutchfield to Strange Date: 1796; BOR3/A/IX/1/701
[Ed - I believe this relates to Henley and one of my ancestors]
1 - 4 Copy across; 5 William Strange of Banbury, draper Date: 4 Jul 1876; BOR2/XXV/iv/8

Title: Lease for 14 Years; Parties
1. The Official Trustee of Charity Lands.
2. The Trustees of the Church Land Charities of St. Michael's (named).
3. a) Herbert William Strange. b) Walter Herbert William Strange, both of 6 Market Street, Oxford, Hairdressers. property: 6 Market Street, Oxford, as depicted on an attached map; rent: £212 10s. Date 03/Nov/1934; PAR211/13/9D/34

Title: Application from Walter H.H. Strange to renew his lease on the above property. Date: 23/Dec/1947;  PAR211/13/9D/35

Title: Correspondence mainly to Colonel Makins from Robert Metcalfe and Arthur Description D. Cripps relating to the purchase of Deanfield, Henley-on-Thames by Mr Strange from Mr Portal (5 items);1892; SL126/05/D/08

Title: Correspondence from P.D. Strange, to Colonel William Thomas Makins referring to a meadow behind Deanfield and the future use of it and completion of purchase of the cottage. 28/Sep/1896 - 30/Sep/1896; SL126/5/D/9

Title: Release from payment of annuity. In consideration of 342 paid to Thomas Perrin by John Strange (1) releases (2) and the premises from the payment of the annuity of 40; 19/Oct/1826; SL127/1/D/18

Title: Lease for a year; Parties:
1. Richard Billing senior of Reading, Berks, master builder and Robert Lawrence of Reading, draper.
2. John Strange of Henley-on-Thames, bricklayer.
Property : Messuage at the corner or north side of New Street, Henley-on-Thames (boundaries given).
Date    19/Aug/1817; SL127/1/D/14

Title: Release; Parties:
1. Richard Billing senior of Reading, Berks, master builder.
2. Robert Lawrence of Reading, draper.
3. John Strange of Henley-on-Thames, bricklayer.
4. William Parker of Henley, architect. Property: As in 1/D/14. Date 20/Aug/1817; SL127/1/D/15

Title: Grant of annuity; Parties:
1. John Strange of Henley-on-Thames, bricklayer.
2. Thomas Pellum of Cross Lanes, parish of Rotherfield Peppard, bricklayer and Ann his wife.
Property: Piece of ground on the south side of New Street, Henley-on-Thames (boundaries given), also messuage and shed standing on the ground, messuage situate at the corner of the north side of New Street, since converted into 5 tenements. Consideration : 400; Date    26/Jul/1821; SL127/1/D/16

Title: Lease for a year; Parties:
1. John Strange of Henley-on-Thames, bricklayer and William Parker of the same place, architect.
2. Joseph Appleton of Henley-on-Thames, Esq.
Property: Messuage at the corner of the north side of New Street, Henley-on-Thames (boundaries given).
Date 19/Oct/1826; SL127/1/D/19

Title: Release; Parties :
1. John Strange of Henley-on-Thames, bricklayer.
2. William Parker of the same place, architect.
3. Joseph Appleton of Henley-on-Thames, Esq. Property : As in 1/D/21. Date 20/Oct/1826; SL127/1/D/20

Title: Certificate for William Strange of Oxford, Chinaman, for a share of £100 in the tolls of Oxford. This document bears a note that this security was bought in 1822 to form part of White's and Taylor's charities for apprenticing children in the parish of Oxford St. Mary Magdalen. Date: 06/May/1771 ; PAR208/13/6D/1

Title: Draft Lease for 7 Years; Parties:
1. The Trustees of the Church Lands Charity of St. Michael's (named).
2. Walter Herbert Harrison Strange, Hairdresser of 13/15 Market Street, Oxford.
Property : 6 Market Street, Oxford, with rights of access shared with the tenants of 3-5 Market Street. RENT: £165. Date    28/Jun/1932; PAR211/13/9D/32

Title: Copy of Assignment of Lease of 1,000 Years; Parties:
1) Thomas Price (as in D2/2)
2a) William Plummer of Conock Farm, Cherrington, Wilts, yeoman
2b) Richard Strange of Mannington Farm, Swindon, Wilts, yeoman
2c) William Chamberlen of South Leaze Farm, Wroughton, Wilts, yeoman
3) Walter Gallaway (as in D2/2).
Property: Tenement and water mill, with lands in Bradwell and Filkins and (specified) fields there. Consideration: £1,950 from 3, of which £1,200 goes to 2 and £750 to 1. Date: 01/Feb/1875; SL25/4/D2/5

Title: Transfer of Mortgage; Parties:
1. a) Elizabeth Godfrey of Radley, Berks., Widow of William Godfrey. b) Joseph Godfrey of Steventon, Berks., Labourer. c) Elizabeth Collins (nee Godfrey) of Oxford, Widow. d) Charles Godfrey of Marcham, Berks. Baker. e) John Fox of Benson, Labourer. f) Catherine, Wife of 1e. g) James Godfrey of Headington, Wheelwright. h) John Barnard of Charlton, Wantage, Berks., Yeoman (1g and 1h are the Executors of Richard Godfrey of Pusey, Berks., Shepherd, decd.). i) George Godfrey of East Hanney, Berks., Father and Executor of Robert Godfrey of the same, decd.). j) Charles Giles of Steventon, Administrator of his wife Frances (who along with 1b, 1c, 1d, 1f, 1g, and Richard and Robert Godfrey, were the children of Mary Godfrey, decd., and the legatees of William Strange,late of Oxford, Chinaman).
2. a) William Joy of Oxford St. Mary Magdalen, Taylor and Draper. b) Thomas Joy of the same, Taylor and Draper. c) William Thorp of the same, Mercer and Hosier. d) John Thorp the Younger of the same, Mercer and Hosier.
PROPERTY: A proportion of the Tolls for Oxford amounting to £100 on which to receive interest.
CONSIDERATION: £95. COMMENTS: 1 assign to 2 their rights to a mortgage on the above interest. 22/Jun/1822

WWI medals:
Medals awarded to Pte F. Strange  4050; Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry:
War Medal; Victory Medal silver & bronze; diameter: 36 mm,  OBLI:7057

Service Records:
Known Warrant Officers, NCOs and Privates who served with one of the Oxfordshire regiments
1   Cpl STRANGE, Joseph (9235)
2   Pte STRANGE, Harry (202795)
3   Pte STRANGE, Joseph (3282)
4   Pte STRANGE, H. (21470)
5   Pte STRANGE, W. (4392)
6   Pte STRANGE, F. (266524)
7   Pte STRANGE, Frank (47341)
8   Pte STRANGE, John (19563)
9   Pte STRANGE, William (26718)
10  Pte STRANGE, Harry (35941)
11  L/Sgt STRANGE, H. (5381843)
12  Cpl STRANGE, Hercules R. (266962)
13  L/Cpl STRANGE, F. (8866)
14  Pte STRANGE, Fred James (19253)
15  L/Cpl STRANGE, George (7490)
16  Pte STRANGE, James (8938), 16 June 1916
17  Pte STRANGE, R. (6342), Died in service 1906
18  a/Sgt STRANGE, Francis (6916), 9 March 1917
19  L/Cpl STRANGE, George Albert (1943), 1 February 1915
20  Sgt STRANGE, Leslie William (5387927), Died in service 4 January 1945
21  Pte STRANGE, William Arthur A. (16773), Killed in action 20 June 1915
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From Maria Thompson in April 2007
My husband's 3x great grandmother was Mary Ann Strange, baptism 1825 Feb 20 in Nettlebed, Oxon to Samuel (blacksmith) and Sarah Strange. I believe she may have been the granddaughter of James Strange and Martha Franklin. Samuel was bap in 1800 in Nettlebed according to information found on Pedigree Resource files on [Ed - The Pedigree entries are not based on extracted data from registers, indeed they do not say that Samuel was christened in Nettlebed, they say he was born here. This is almost certainly a guess based on his age at death and place of burial. Indeed the parish register records I have for Nettlebed are a complete record. I would try contacting the submitter and discuss source information: Bernice P POTTER, 2568 No. Valley View Drive Layton, Davis, Utah 84040. For Samuel's birth place there is he possibility of 25 Dec 1802 West Hanney, Berkshire mother Martha. I would be very cautious about this submitted Pedigree, if you go right to the top of it there is Thomas STRAUNGE it says born 1640 and 1660. In fact there is a baptism in Watlington: 1662 May 11 Thomas Straunge, son of Thomas & Anne but the Pedigree file says the son was called John! It even has the gross error of the marriage of Thomas STRAUNGE and Ann BEESLEY as 30 Sep 1961 instead of 1661!  Where does she get birth of Richard as being Wallingford? In Nettlebed there was a baptism:1810 Jul 29, Richard Strange, son of James & Martha and the only mention of a Henrietta in Benson is a burial:Henrietta STRAINGE, d Thomas & Hannah, bur 28 July 1806]

[Ed- Might this be the marriage of Samuel and Sarah in Henley on Thames? 1821 Mar 11Samuel STRANGE otp Bachelor to Sarah NEWPORT otp  spinster Witnesses: William ....... ? and Ann TURNER X.

There were no children to this couple in Henley.  This is still a possibility for Sarah's burial in Henley - extracted from my page on Henley]

Maria says: I believed that he had died before the census records began as I  have not been able to find either Samuel or Sarah in any of the  census.  Mary's age varied greatly between census' - 17 in 1841; 33 in 1851; 35 in1861; 50 in 1871; 59 in 1881; 63 in 1891 and 76 in 1901.

I have realised that there are actually 2 Mary Stranges within my husbands family tree!! I was working on one, and have now just come across the other, so I am going to have to look at that one as well now. His other line is Mary Strange married 1741 in Maulden, Beds to Thomas Willison bc1708 in Toddington.  I have found several Mary Stranges born Toddington, so will have to look at this further.

Betty Judged offered:
James Strange  b 7 Oct 1776 Nettlebed son of  Robert Strange and Mary Pocock, married Martha Franklin b 1778 Rotherfield Peppard, 17 Feb 1790 Rotherfield Peppard, they had 8 children including Samuel  STRANGE b 1800

Maria surprised us with:
I have just discovered a third line in my husbands tree which has a 'Strange' within it (this is now 3 of his 4 grandparents lines!!).  This time I have Hannah Strange b c1830 Halstead living in 1841 with what I believe is probably her mother and stepfather Thomas and Mary Warren, along with brothers George Strange age 15 and David Strange age 8.  In 1851 David becomes Moses David Strange age 18 b Halstead living with Thomas Warren in Halstead, whilst Mary is living elsewhere in Halstead age 53 b Earls Colne. I can't find any birth for Hannah to show who her father was.