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STRANGE in Shalstone
Shalstone - St Edward the Confessor & King
Transcribed by John Moore and Heather Olsen

1712/13 Mar 10 William STRANGE s John STRANGE and Mary
1715/16 Jan 02 Mary STRANGE s John STRANGE and Mary
1720 Aug 4 Johanna STRANGE s John STRANGE and Mary born July 15
1748 May 31 William STRANGE s William STRANGE and Ann
1749 Aug 25 Richard STRANGE s William STRANGE and Ann
1752 Section is illegible
1754 Dec 25 William STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine
1755 Oct 02 Thomas STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine, private
1757 Oct 24 John STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine
1759 Nov 26 Mary STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine
1762 Apr 22 Thomas STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine
1765 Jun 17 Samuel STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine
1769 Apr 27 Elizabeth STRANGE s John STRANGE and Catherine,private, publicly May 23
1803 Jan 09 John STRANGE Maul illegitimate son of Samuel STRANGE and Elizabeth Maul
1807 Feb 03 Mary STRANGE s Samuel STRANGE and Elizabeth
1808 Nov 03 John STRANGE s Samuel STRANGE and Elizabeth
1810 Apr 01 Samuel Shirley s STRANGE Samuel and STRANGE Elizabeth, private
1812 Mar 01 Elizabeth STRANGE s Samuel STRANGE and Elizabeth, private, received in church Oct 28
1814 May 22    William STRANGE s Samuel STRANGE, yeoman of Shalstone, and Elizabeth 

1730 Sep 18 Elizabeth Strainge to Robert Jeves
1731 Jul 22 Sarah STRANGE to John Hall
1794 Oct 20 Nathaniel Stilgoe of Falcot in the parish of Wappenham [indecipherable] and  Mary STRANGE of this parish were married in this church by license, Witnesses Samuel STRANGE & Mary IBEY

1712 Sep 24 Mary ye daughter of John STRANGE
1720/21 Mar 21 Joanna ye daughter of John & Mary STRANGE
1727/28 Jan 21 Mary ye Daughter of John & Mary STRANGE died 18th
1737 Oct 03 Elizabeth ye Daughter of John STRANGE died Sept 29th
1744 Feb 05 Ellenor the wife of Wm STRANGE Affidavit Feb y 12th
1745 Apr 11 Mary STRANGE Affidavit April 16
1747 Oct 20 John STRANGE Aaffidavit October [25?]
1755 Oct 04 Thomas STRANGE Affidavit October 8
1762 Dec 21 Mary STRANGE Affidavit Dec 26
1787 Jan 12 Catherine wife of John Strainge, Affidavit recd pd 3 a
1795 May 22 John STRANGE Aft rcd 27
1805 Jun 24 John STRANGE
1813 Feb 26 Elizabeth STRANGE of Shalstone age 1
1843 Feb 17 Samuel STRANGE of Elmdon, [Helmdon] Northamptonshire, age 78
1859 Dec 19 Elizabeth STRANGE of Brackley, age 87
1876 Feb 25 Mary STRANGE of Brackley, age 70

1798 Posse Comitatus
Samuel STRANGE could provide 4 horses, 2 wagons and 2 carts.

From: Eddie Gartside  5/7 Oct 2002 My 6 times Great Grandmother, married John HALL in Shalstone on the 22nd July 1731. I believe that she was born in Mixbury 4/5/1712, and that her parents were William STRANGE  and Frances [nee RICKETTS]. John was from a fairly well off farming family from Kirtlington.

Dr William STRANGE (MD Edin) born Shalstone 1816, [Sic. see his 1814 baptism above] but family  moved to Brackley Northants soon after. President of British Medical Association c 1882 source:  Midland Medical Miscellany vol. 1 no 10 - October 1882 p 153 biographical article and portrait picture.

From Heather Olsen 28 Feb 2003 Subject: John Shaw STRANGE and the Cato Street Conspiracy
I have recently corresponded with someone who is researching the John Shaw STRANGE who was transported to Australia in 1820 for his role in the Cato Street conspiracy. I have tentatively tied this John into the Shalstone, Buckinghamshire STRANGE family, but was wondering if anyone on the list has done any research on him?

From Bob STRANGE Feb 2006
John Shaw STRANGE, got mixed up in a plot to murder the then British Prime Minister in 1820 and was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered at the Old Bailey (possibly one of the last men to receive such a barbaric sentence) Fortunately he had pleaded guilty and so, while others of the gang were duly hanged and beheaded in public, John was transported with a life sentence to Australia on board the ship "Guildford." Then, the story gets really intresting, because from being convicted of England's worst crimes and receiving England's most terrible sentence, he seems to have prospered in the Newcastle, Au, penal colony and actually became a "constable" who caught other prisoners rustling cattle to supplement the (near-starvation) rations. He was released and then caught another criminal gang - an act which earned him a full pardon from the NSW governor. He married, went on to father various children, and died a relatively old man in Dubbo, a few hundred miles from Sydney. A fabulous tale of "poacher turned gamekeeper." Anyone interested in hearing more can always contact me.

From Peter Rogers Jun 2007
John Shaw STRANGE was my Grand Fathers Grand Father.
From: Heather Olsen 18 Apr 2003 Subject:William STRANGE of Shalstone More details on various William STRANGEs in Shalstone:   Parish records show: William STRANGE ye son of John & Mary STRANGE was baptized March ye 10th 1712 [1712/13-- HO]   The account book of Henry Purefoy, lord of the mannor of Shalstone, indicates that in 1739, he paid 4 pence to William STRANGE, son of Goodman Shalstone STRANGE, for crying a sale of cattle. No sign of this Shalstone STRANGE in the parish records.   While at Bath in 1742, Purefoy wrote two letters to his tenant, William STRANGE.   Parish records:  1744 Ellenor the wife of Wm STRANGE was buried Feby 5th Affidavit Feby 12th   The map of the graves in the churchyard indicates that a William STRANGE was buried in the grave next to Ellenor in 1745, but I did not find this in the burial records. The dates in this map are not terribly reliable.   Children of William and Ann STRANGE baptized in Shalstone:  William, bap. 31 May 1748 Richard bap. 25 Aug 1749   A letter written by Henry Purefoy 9 Apr 1750 references his former tenant Goodman William STRANGE, who had recently moved to Blagrove. Apparantly William had not paid the proper toll on the turnpike when going there.   Ed adds: It looks like there must have been another William of Shalston who doesn't show up in the baptismal register. I would also guess that "Goodman Shalstone STRANGE" would mean Goodman  STRANGE of Shalstone to distinguish him from another, although Purefoy does later refer to "Goodman William STRANGE".