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STRANGE in Warwickshire
1.  Here are entries of STRANGE for Warwickshire from the 1851 Census CD for Devon, Norfolk & Warwickshire.
Name                    Rel   Born  Born                    Living

STRANGE, Ellen Elizth.  Daur  1844  Birmingham, Aston Birmingham
STRANGE, Esther  Wife 1781 Cheltenham, Gloucester Birmingham
STRANGE, George Son 1850 Birmm-WAR Birmingham
STRANGE, John Son 1846 StroudWater-GLS Birmingham
STRANGE, Joseph 1840 London-MID Birmingham
STRANGE, Richard Lodg 1804 Bath Birmingham
STRANGE, Thomas Head 1784 Cricklead-Wilts Birmingham
STRANGE, Thomas Head 1801 Kimblewick-WIL Birmingham
STRANGE, Thomas Son 1843 Crudwell-WIL Birmingham
STRANGE, William Head 1813 Chippenham-Wilts Aston

2.  Here are some burials from Betty Judge:
Birmingham - St Pauls Church
National Burial Index
1819 Nov 12 Thomas STRANGE 39

Clifton on Dunsmore - St Mary Church
National Burial Index
1672 Oct 20 Thomas STRANGE

Harbury - All Saints Church
National Burial Index
1800 Oct 23 Thomas STRANGE

Studley - Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
National Burial Index
1816 Mar 21 Joseph STRANGE 76

Warwick - St Mary Church
National Burial Index
1811 Nov 05 ??? STRANGE
1783 Aug 04 Sarah STRANGE

3. Parishes

Farnborough - St Botolph Church 1800-1887
1873 Dec 19 Ada Elizabeth dau Henry Albert, farmer, and Elizabeth Strange

1825 Jul 20 Elizabeth Strange of Farnborough age
1830 Aug 24 Sarah Strange of Farnborough age about 60 (Query NBI says 1831)
1868 Oct 26 William Strange of Farnborough age 73
1887 Feb 02 Susanna Strange of Farnborough age 79

1872 Sep 17 Henry Albert Strange 28 Bachelor Farmer of Farnborough son William Strange, Farmer m Elizabeth Griffin Spinster of Farnborough daughter James Griffin Farmer.

Leamington Priors
From the IGI
1826 May 14 Sarah, dau Richard & Elizabeth Strange
1841 Dec 13  Mary, dau Thomas Lumsden & Mary Rosa Strange   Marriage:
1824 Nov 08 Richard Strange m. Elizabeth Cheatham
Heather Olsen asks, "Does anyone know what families they belong to? Given that they were not too far from where some of my family were, I'd like to be able to assign them to someone else.

4. Oddments

From: Nicole Graham
I have noticed a few people interested in the STRANGE surname recently and came across this Monument Inscription from St. Botolph's, Farnborough, case it is of use to someone:
In memory of WILLIAM STRANGE who died October 21st 1868 aged 73 years.
Also SUSANNAH relict of the above who died Jany. 29th 1887 aged 79 years
In Memory of SARAH STRANGE who died the 21st of August 1854

From Pat de Haer Sep 2005
Persons Entitled to Vote.
Division 1 District 5 Edgbaston & Harbourne Ward (Birmingham). 1891-2
Name of Elector: Strange Cresswell, Place of Abode: 17 Church Road, House.
Division 1 District 7 Edgbaston & Harbourne Ward (Birmingham). 1891-2
Name of Elector: Strange James, Place of Abode: 16 Lodge Road, dwelling house.

From: Paul Strange
The William Strange was born in Harbury Warwickshire and had a drapers business in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Lynda Williams  <> Apr 2006
Mary Strange was born 1834 in Studley in Warwickshire, father Thomas born 1815 Wiltshire, she married  Henry Summerell at St Mary The Virgin Cardiff on 1/11/1858 and she apparently died on 15/10/1899.  Henry died in 1887. My Grandmother (now deceased)  mentioned she was sent to live with her grandmother in Portishead after being told her father had died, she would have been 10yrs old at the time or possibly younger. She was given a choice > either stay with her mother or go to her uncle, but in the end she was sent to her grandmother's.  She did not return to Cardiff until she was about 18 - 21 years old.  I  know Nailsea is not too far from Portishead.

Ann Menzies {barmenz[at]bigpond[dot]net[dot]au> asked about John Shaw Strange born c1792 and was tried at the Old Bailey for High Treason and transported to Australia for life 1820 for his part in the Cato Street Conspiracy.

Heather Olsen: I have a reference that indicates there was a wife and two children who remained in England, but I have never been able to trace what became of them.

Ann: Rumour has it that they were not married and that the children were registered under her name only. Do you know her full name it's Mary something. A request was sent for a free passage for her and the children to Australia but I have no proof of a refusal or otherwise. He states his place of birth on all official documents as Warwickshire. He married in Australia in 1829 and produced 10 little Strange's.

Heather: On Mary, all I really have is the text of a letter the prisoners' wives signed, in which Mary Strange signs on behalf of herself and two children. I certainly don't have a marriage record for them, but they might have been married, and she either remarried, or simply didn't want to go to Australia. The story that they weren't married might have been a way to make what would have essentially been a bigamous second marriage seem more legitimate. Or maybe they weren't married. Yes, John was born in Warwickshire. I descend from his first cousin. I have the family back several generations.

Found in John 'MANGE' and family in the 1861 census Warwickshire, Birmingham St Martin, District 12, page 2
In fact:
John Strange 36 b. Gloucs. Tetbury
Martha Strange [McAtha Mange!] Mangling woman
Emma 16; William 11; Fitzowen 9; Ellen Jane 6; Martha Louise 4; Alice Mary 2 and Eliza Martha Wilkins stepsister 3