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1880 Census

From Betty Judge
There are about 3,000 STRANGE names on the 1880 United States Census, I have only taken off
those born in England & Scotland

Name; Relation; Status; Gender Race Age Birthplace   Occupation   Father's Mother's Birthplace
Place: Jessup, Susquehanna; Pennsylvania, USA
FHLF 1255196; NA Film no. T9-1196; page no. 117B
Robert STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 54; ENG; Farmer; ENG; ENG
Almeda STRANGE; Wife; M; Female
Hatta STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 17; Pennsylvania At school; ENG; PA
Carra STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 14; Pennsylvania At school; ENG; PA
Charley STRANGE;Son; S; Male; W; 3; Pennsylvania; ENG; PA

Place: Forest Lake, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania (PA) USA
FHLF 1255196; page number 155B
Isaac STRANGE; M; Male; 62; ENG; Farmer
Ann E STRANGE; M; Female; 55; PA; Keeping House
Miron STRANGE; S; Male; 18; PA; At home
Allace STRANGE; S; Female; 12; PA; At school
Lillie J Allen; S; Female; 18; PA; Servant

Page number 157B
John STRANGE; M; Male; 68; ENG; Farmer
Clarinda STRANGE; M; Female; 55; PA; Keeping House
Estella Small; S; Female; 10; PA; At school

Place: Barclay; Bradford; Pennsylvania, (PA) US
FHLF 1225104 NA Film no. T9-1104 page number 100D
Morris STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 28; ENG; Mining Coal; ENG; ENG
Sarah STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 23; ENG; ENG; ENG
Mary Sullian; S; Female W; 16; PA; Servant; IRE; IRE

Page number 103A
Charles STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 50; ENG; Mining Coal; ENG; ENG
Maria STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 50; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Daniel STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 22; PA; Mining Coal; ENG; ENG
George STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 17; PA; Mining Coal; ENG; ENG
John   STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 11; PA; School; ENG; ENG
Victor STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 7; PA; ENG; ENG
Peter SHIELDS; Other; S; Male; W; 26; SCOT; Mining Coal; SCOT; SCOT

Place: Philadelphia; Pennsylvania, (PA) US
FHLF 1255178; NA film no T9-1178, page no. 198A
Joseph DAVENPORT; Self; M; Male; W; 27; ENG; Gimp Manufacturing; ENG; ENG
and family plus:
JAMES STRANGE; Other; S; Male; W; 37 ENG; Gimp Weaver; ENG; ENG

Place: New York (Manhattan);New York city-Greater New York (NY) USA
FHLF 1254874 page no 88B
Amelia STRANGE; W; Female; 67; ENG; Keeps House
Josiah STRANGE; M; Male; 35; ENG; Wine Business
Mary STRANGE; M; Female; 26; NY; Lives at home.

Place Brownville, Jefferson New York (NY) USA
FHLF 1254838; NA film no T9-0838 page no 172C
Thomas STRAINGE; Self; M; Male; W; 40 ENG; Lumber Dealer; ENG; ENG
Ellen STRAINGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 39 ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Clara E STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 17 ENG; Teaching school; ENG; ENG
Nellie M STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 13 NY; At school; ENG; ENG
Mabel A STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 9 NY; ENG; ENG
Kate B STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 1 NY; ENG; ENG
James Songhurst (or Longhurst); FinLaw; Wid; Male; W; 84; ENG; Laborer; ENG; ENG

Place: New York (Manhattan);New York City-Greater, New York (NY) USA
FHLF 1254871; NA film no T9-0871; page no 511B
John STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 20; SCOT; Sailor; SCT; SCT
Agnes STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 18; SCOT; Housekeeping; IRE; SCT

Place : MadiSon, Alabama USA
FHLF: 1254021; NA film no T9-0021, page no 113B
George STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 45; ENG; Farmer; ENG; ENG
Anna STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 42; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Alice STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 13; OH; Attends school; ENG; ENG
John C STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 12; OH; Attends school; ENG; ENG
William STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 6; OH; ENG; ENG

Place: Downieville;Sierra; California (CA) USA
FHLF: 1254083; NA film no T9-0083; page no 147A
Henry STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 50; ENG; County Clerk; ENG; ENG
Nancy A STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 37; VT; Keeping House; NH; MA
George D STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 15; CA; At home; ENG; VT

1880 Census. US Place: Akron; Peoria; Illinois (IL).USA.
FHLF 1254240.NA film No T9-02240; page no 327C
Henry STRANGE; Self; M; Male   W; 68; ENG; Farmer; ENG; ENG
Mary Ann STRANGE; Wife; M; Female W; 63; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Laura STRANGE; Dau; S; Female W; 30; IL; Seamstress; ENG; ENG
Isabelle STRANGE; Dau; S; Female W; 21; IL; Seamstress; ENG; ENG

Place: Sioux City; Woodbury; Iowa (IA) USA
FHLF 1254371 NA Film no. T9-0371 page no 373 B
Alfred STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 52; ENG; Dealer in Cattle; ENG; ENG
Sarah STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 59; ENG; Keeping house; ENG; ENG
Walter STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 29; ENG; Dealer in Cattle; ENG; ENG
Lucy STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 22; ENG; At home; ENG; ENG
Mary STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 19; ENG; At home; ENG; ENG
Charles STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 4; IA; ENG; ENG

Place: Ward 1; Bangor; Penobscot; Maine (ME) USA
FHLF 1254485; NA Film no T9-0485 page no 102B
Eliza STRANGE; Self; Wid; Female; W; 69; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Ann STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 26; ME; Seamstress; ENG; ENG

Place Ward 5 Bangor; Penobscot; Maine (ME) USA
FHLF 1254486 Page number 223D
Frances STRANGE; M; Male; 62; ENG; Farmer
Winneford STRANGE; M; Female; 53; IRE; Keeps House
Frances STRANGE; S; Male; 19; ME; Works on Farm
Catharine STRANGE; S; Female; 17; ME; At school
Jacob STRANGE; S; Male; 16; ME; Works on farm
Winneford STRANGE; S; Female; 14; ME; Servant
Joseph STRANGE; S; Male; 12; ME; Works on farm
Elizabeth STRANGE; S; Female; 10; ME; At school.

Place Somerville, Middlesex; Massachusetts, USA
FHLF 1254546 NA film no T9-0546, page no 442C
Benjamin STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 37; ENG; Travelling Salesman; ENG; ENG
Ida J STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 24; NY; Keeping House; NOVA; SCOTIA; MA
Ida A STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 3; NY; ENG; NY
Bertha STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 1; NY; ENG; NY
Ellen QUANN; Other; S; Female; W; 19; CAN; Servant; IRE; IRE

Place: Ransom, Hillsdale, Michigan, USA
FHLF 1254581, NA film no, T9-0581 , page no 242 C
Charles BURT; Self;   M; Male; W; 59; ENG; Farmer; ENG; ENG
Polly BURT; Wife; M; Female; W; 44; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Sarah BURT; Sister; S; Female; W; 76; ENG; ENG; ENG
George STRANGE; Nephew; S; Male; W; 19; ENG; Painter; ENG; ENG

1880 Census US: Place: Hillsdale, Winona; Minnesota USA
FHLF 1254637; NA film no T9-0637; page no 89C
Sarah C BARLETT; Self; Female; W; 62; NH; Keeping House; NH; NH
Minnie C BARLETT; Dau; S; Female; W; 20; CAN; NH; NH
Frederick STRANGE; Other; S; Male; W; 31; ENG; Farming; ENG; ENG

Place: Lee Mississippi USA
FHLF 1254654 NA film no T9-0654 page no 114 B
Isaac STRANGE; Self; M; Male; W; 23; ENG; Farm laborer; ENG; ENG
Sarah E STRANGE; Wife; M; Female; W; 35; MS; Keeping House; GA; AL

Place: Port Union, Butler Ohio USA
FHLF 1254997; NA film no T9-0997 page no 183 A
William P STRANGE; Self; S; Male; W; 46; ENG; Clerk in Store; ENG; ENG

Place: Scipio, Millard; Utah,(UT) USA
FHLF 1255336, NA Film no T9-1336, page no 475 A
Ann STRANGE; Wid; Female; W; 60; ENG; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Thomas STRANGE; Son; S; Male; W; 25; ENG; Day laborer; ENG; ENG

Place Fillmore; Millard, Utah,(UT) USA
FHLF 1255336; NA film No T9-1336 page no 466A
Joseph BRADFIELD; Self; M; Male; W 29; ENG; farm laborer; ENG; ENG
Mary A BRADFIELD; Wife; M; Female; W; 26; ENG; Keeping house; ENG; ENG
George BRADFILED; Son; S; Male; W; 5; UT; ENG; ENG
Joseph H BRADFIELD; Son; S; Male; W; 3; UT; ENG; ENG
Katie STRANGE; Dau; S; Female; W; 1; UT; ENG; ENG
Elizabeth STRANGE; Sister in law; S; Female; W; 20; ENG; ENG; ENG
Possibly daughters of Ann Strange above.

Place : Precinct 14; Las Animas, Colorado, (CO) USA
FHLF 1254092 NA Film No T9-0092; page no 107C
Henriquez BLANCO; Self; M; Male; MX; 31; NM; Farmer; FRA; NM
and family plus:
H. J. STRANGE; Other; M; Male; MX; 47; ENG; Store Keeper; ENG; ENG
Susana STRANGE; Other; M; Female;  MX; 47; ENG; Keeping house; ENG; ENG
Emma STRANGE; Other; S; Female; W; 20; PA; At home; ENG; ENG
Edward STRANGE; Other; S; Male; W; 19; MO; At home; ENG; ENG
George STRANGE; Other; S; W; 16; CO; At home; ENG; ENG
Foreign Born Voters of California 1872:

Name; Age; in Registration Year; Birth Location; Record Number
Strange  Henry; 35; 1866; England; 55064 (keynsham - Hnery J. or Ipswich- Henry S.)


1964 - Death Notice
STRANGE --- Edward S. STRANGE Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, June 18, 1964 ---Services were held May 27 at Calvary Temple Church for Edward S. Strange, 90, who passed away May 23 at his home, 1528 S. Acoma Street in Denver, Colorado.  He was the Son of the Rev. T.M. and S.A. STRANGE, late of Lincoln, Kansas.  Mr. STRANGE was born in Lincoln county, Kansas, March 30, 1874. He was a devoted and faithful member of Calvary Temple Church.  He taught school and farmed in and near Lincoln County for many years, then moved to Goodland, KS., where he farmed until moving to Denver, Colo., in 1937. He was a carpenter until his retirement.  He was married to Lula HILLS April 30, 1907, and to this union 12 children were born: Gilbert, Galt, Calif.; Reva SHULDA, Fern SCOTT, Lee and Ervin of Englewood, Colo.; Erma SCOTT and Lyle, Denver; Elma WINE, Aurora, Colo; Albert, Lakewood, Colo.; Virginia WILLIAMS and Jean BIRD, Grand Junction, Colo.  One Daughter preceded him in death. He leaves to mourn his passing his wife, Lula, the children, 39 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren, his brothers and sisters: Oliver and Mary, Los Gatos, Calif.; Tom STRANGE, Della SHARP of Lincoln KS.; Rachel HANSHEW, Stromberg, Neb.; Nellie ROBERTSON, Camas, Wash.; Frances Kerr, Oakland, Calif.; and a host of other relatives and friends.

A Loss In The Attack on Pearl Harbor
From a comprehensive list of the names of all civilians and military personnel killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941. Source: United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, USS Arizona Memorial. (Honolulu, HI 96818)
STRANGE, Charles Orval F2c USN

1943 - Death Notice
STRANGE --- Aaron Oliver STRANGE Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, Nov. 18, 1943 ---Aaron Oliver Strange, Son of Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Strange, was born in Davis county, Indiana, March 11, 1865, and departed this life early Friday morning, November 12, 1948.  Mr. Strange was the Son of a pioneer, coming to Kansas with his parents in 1866. He grew to manhood under the hardships and difficulties of the early settlement in what is now Lincoln county. At an early age he confessed his faith in Christ and united with the Christian church of which his father was the first minister. He remained faithful to his Lord and the church. For nearly 17 years he was teacher of the men's Bible class.  September 28, 1886, he was united in marriage to Hattie Belle Couse. To this union six children were born: Ida Rathbun and Joseph Strange of Lincoln; John Strange, Burlingame, Kansas; Cora Seine, Denver, Colo.; Stella Rathbun, Buhl, Idaho; Earl of the home.  Aaron Strange was a good man, a kind father and a loving husband, a true neighbor in all things.  He leaves to mourn the family, wife and children, one sister, Mrs. Dora Weber of Iowa; a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephew, other relatives and friends.  Funeral services were held from his home and from the Christian church in Lincoln Sunday afternoon, November 14, 1943, at 3 o'clock. Interment was made in Lincoln cemetery.

1954 - Death Notice
STRANGE --- Alfred STRANGE Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, Feb. 11, 1954 ---Alfred Strange, a life long resident of Lincoln county, passes away at his home in Lincoln on Friday, February 5. He was 77 years of age.  Alfred Strange received his education in Lincoln schools and in the old Kansas Christian College in Lincoln. After completing his education, he taught school for 25 years. He is survived by his wife and five children. Rev R. L. Hendrickson conducted a funeral service for Alfred Strange on Monday afternoon at the Congregational Christian church. Burial was in the Lincoln cemetery.

Below is a listing of grave sites from Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis IN. It's one of the largest cemeteries in the US. Cemetery web site is

All STRANGE; Section; Lot;   Marker
1867 Jun 01; WILLIAM R.; 2; 135; No
1869 Jan 17; FANNIE; 2; 135; No
1869 Jan 17; LOIS; 2; 135; No
1889 May 14; WILLIAM R; 2; 132; No
1891 Oct 07; MARK EDWARD; 2; 135; No
1900 Jan 09; ELIZA; CA; 129; No
1901 Nov 07; "INFANT"; D; 2499; No
1904 Sep 01; MARY LOIS; 2; 135; No
1907 Apr 11; JULIA; 37; 417; No
1911 Nov 23; REV. JOHN; 32; 364; No
1914 Oct 02; JOHN; 48; 24; No
1918 Mar 26; FANNIE; F; 6023; No
1918 Jun 13; ELLA; F; 6109; No
1921 Nov 22; MORTON O.; 37; 964; Yes
1928 Aug 08; AGNES H.; 48; 24; No
1941 Jul 07; HARRY HOWLAND; 48; 24; No
1945 May 29; ONA; 95; 1074; No
1946 Feb 25; AMERICA; 99; 1965; No
1947 Jul 23; PETER; 100; 158; Yes
1958 Mar 13; LILLIAN S.; 223; 1027; Yes
1963 Feb 13; JOHN HAROLD; 223; 1027; Yes
1977 Dec 12; WALTER J; 41A; ?; No
1978 May 01; WILLIAM RALPH; 98; 442; No
1984 Nov 17; EDDIE LOUIS; 101; 3093; Yes
1985 Jun 11; JOHN H.; 48; 24; No
1985 Dec 31; FLOYD; 223; 1027; Yes
1987 Aug 13; EMILY; 41A; ?; No
1992 Jul 07; MARIAN L.; 48; 24; No
1996 Aug 03; ALBERTA; 101; 3094; No
1999 Mar 31; MINNIE L; 100; 158; Yes

STRANGE, William A. Died:  22 Jul 1934 at 89 years of age Index #: Rav 1608
"Montana Standard" Published at Butte, Montana Sunday Morning July 29, 1934
Hamilton, July 28. --- (Special)--- Last services were held by the Rev. C. R. Miller for William Strange, Bitter Root [Ravalli County]  pioneer Tuesday afternoon at the Dowling chapel, and the casket was borne to Maplewood cemetery in Stevensville for burial. Many friends attended the funeral of the venerable man, who would have been 90 years of age had he lived until August 15. His death occurred Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Magni, here.  Those to serve as pallbearers were S. J. Barclay, M. L. and Alex Chaffin, James D. St. John, Fred J. Van Blaricom and R. W. Nicol. Mr. Strange had lived in the Bitter Root valley since 1866.

New York
From Susan McVicar
The information I have so far on my Strang genealogy. Daniel Strang of Rye, NY is my 6th great-grandfather.
[Note: I have only provided direct line information (my charts are still work-in-progress) as it pertains to the Strangs.]

Self: Susan T. McVicar (b. Yonkers, NY 1957, m. Daniel W. Stock 1988, living)
Father: William T. McVicar (b. Rye, NY 1923, m. Barbara McCarthy 1955, d. 1982)
GGM: Hazel Guion DeVeaux (b. Rye, NY 1896, m. Thomas McVicar 1921, d. 1975)
GGM: Cora Estelle Field (b.NY 1868, m. Harry Burtis DeVeau 1887, d. 1953)
2nd GGM: Hannah Reynolds Strang (b. NY 1837, m. David R. Field 1857, d. 1902)
3rd GGF: Henry Strang (b. Rye, NY 1788, m. Ann Eliza Reynolds 1830, d. 1853)
4th GGF: Daniel Strang (b. New Rochelle, NY 1727, m. Mary Hubbs 1758, d. 1822)
5th GGF: Henry Strang (b Rye, NY 1704, m Elizabeth Coombs Kissam 1726, d 1743)
6th GGF: Daniel L'Estrange (b Gien, France 1650, m Charlotte H.LeMaistre 1668, d. 1706)
7th GGF: Henry D'Estrang (b.Luxembourg 1620, m. Marie Babault 1650, d. 1685)
8th GGF: Jean D'Estrang (b Orlean, France 1598, m Marie de Nordmann 1615, d.?)

My primary sources have been Hannah Reynolds Strang's marriage certificate, a volume of The History of Rye, books on early Huguenot immigration to America, the Family Search Internet Genealogy Service, various other online genealogy pages, and direct contact with other descendants of Daniel Strang. I'm determined to find out more about my 8th great-grandfather, Jean D'Estreng, and whether there is in fact a line that goes back to Sir Fulk Lestrange of Blackmere. Any suggestions or guidance you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Found on Columbia (USA) Archives Database under College of Physicians & Surgeons Obituary Database at
Lillian Strange, Graduating Year P&S 1949 Neurologist, died New York City age 40 died May 15 1952.

North Carolina
From Dorothy for William E. Strange
I am interested in receiving information about the Strange family.  My husband is William E. STRANGE, Jr. He is a retired geophysicist/geodesist. His family originated in Gum Branch, Onslow County, North Carolina.  In 1848 Carl Lott STRANGE and his family along with the FRAZELLE (FRAZEL) and BARRY families left N.C. for Texas which had become a state in 1846. As a result of my husband's profession we have lived in a number of places---Texas, Wisconsin, Hawaii, the Washington, D.C. area and are now retired in Charles Town, West Virginia which is about 60 miles from the Washington area.    Thank you, Dorothy.

Here is a family outline descendant tree and a full genealogy report based on John W. STRANGE born about 1791 in NC and married to a Rebecca born about 1792 in VA.  The information was provided to me by a correspondent and is based on research carried out by Gaylord Strange, Eldon MO and published sometime after 1986.

From Junior Ramsey  : Last Will and Testament of James Strange, Pittsylvania, VA, 3 September 1808

From Bob Weidman 10 Aug 2004   My late mother was Bertha Strange Weidman and she is the reason I have been researching my family tree.  Here is an abbreviated version of my ancestors:

1  Count Hoel Le Strange V, Duke of Brittany, (1018 - 1084)
   + Hawise (Hawisa/ Hawsie)
  2  Guy Le Strange
   3  Roland Le Strange
    4  Sir John Le Strange I, Knight in King Henry II's service
     5  Sir John Le Strange II
      6  Sir John Le Strange III
       7  Sir John Le Strange IV
          +Joan de Somery
        8  Sir John Le Strange V
         9  Hamon Le Strange, Sr.
          10  Hamon Le Strange, Jr.
            11  Sir John Le Strange, Knight in King Henry III's service
             12  John Le Strange, Esq.
                  +Alice Beaumont
              13  Henry Le Strange, Esq.
                   +Catherine Drury
               14  Sir Robert Le Strange
                15  Sir Thomas Le Strange
                     +Anne Vaux
                 16  Edmund Strange
                  17  John Strange I, (? - 1632)
                   18  John Strange II
                    19  John Strange III, (1595 - 1638) in England
                     20  John Strange IV, (1631 - 1685) in England
                          +Phebe Mitchell, (1635 - 1710)
[Note that this link is unproven, John Mayer was not certain about it and doubted if proof
would ever be possible - Mike Strange - web site owner]

                      21  Alexander Strange, Sr., (1663 - 1670) in Bideford, Devon
                           +Anne, (1667- ?)
                       22  Alexander Strange, Jr., (1691 - 1745) in St. Peter's Parish,
                           New Kent,Virginia
                        23  Benjamin Strange, Sr. (twin), (1715/16-1760) in New Kent Co, VA
                         24  Littleberry Strange, Sr., (1735 - 1814) in New Kent County, VA
                              +Frances Evans (1740 - ?)
                          25  Berry Strange, Jr, (1769 - 1842) Miry Creek, Halifax Co., VA
                               +Margaret Reese (? - 1840)
                           26  John W. Strange, Sr., (1816 - 1880) Montgomery Co., Kentucky
                                +Nellie Hudson (? - 1838)
                            27  George W. Strange (1838 - 1864) in Montgomery Co., Kentucky
                                 +Margaret J. Patton (1842 - 1905) in Kentucky
                             28  John L. Strange (1860 - 1939) in Powell County, Kentucky
                                  +Nannie Alice Vance (1862-1950) in Clark County, Kentucky
                              29  James H. Strange (1890 - 1949) in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
                                   +Dora Morefield (1894 - 1990) in Clark County, Kentucky
                               30  Everett Strange (1913 - ?)Indiana
                               30  Russell Strange (1914 - ?)Indiana
                               30  Bertha Strange (1916 - 1965)Indiana
                               30  Charles Strange (1919 - 1993)Indiana
                               30  Raymond Strange (1923 - ?)Indiana
                               30  LeRoy Patrick Strange (1924 -  )Indiana
                               30  Walter H. Strange (1926 - 1997)Indiana
                               30  Kelly Strange (1929 - )Indiana
                               30  James Strange (1934 - )Indiana
                               30  Rose Mary Strange (1936 - ?)Indiana
From Elisa  Jan 2006
One of my ancestors, Amos Strange of VA,. went to SC when he married his Irish wife FrancesBailey.  Amos fought in the war of 1812; he was a Captain & Drill Master.  In Virginia he left behind an estate and the church founded by his family.  In SC he helped establish the Campground Church Meeting Place; where he is buried. Frances, his widow went to GA to live with her son William Bradford Strange.  She was blind the last ten years of her life; she also drew a pension on the Revolutionary War on Amos. My g-g-grandfather was William Berry Strange born in SC, he  went to Marshall County, Alabama.  He married Pricilla Herndon of Chattooga Cty., GA  In the Civil war he was a CSA Captain; he was captured in Louisiana and imprisoned in Fort Hudson, Maryland.  After the war he returned to his family in Alabama and became a minister.  My G-father was born to William Berry and Pricilla in 1872 in Marshall Cty,  AL.  Samuel Lurs Strange married Samantha Gaybriel Nixon.  In 1906 William Berry dies and Samuel & Samantha move to Foard County, Texas and later to Wichita County Texas. I have much info on my line of the Strange Family all the way back to Alexander Strange who came to the USA abt. 1635 from England."

Death Notices

STRANGE --- Alice Couse STRANGE  -  Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, March 6, 1941
---Alice E. Couse, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Couse, was born in Broom county, New York, March 24, 1868. She came with her parents to Kansas at the age of nine years and with them endured the hardships of pioneer days. She received her education in Lincoln and after finishing a course from the Lincoln Christian College, she taught school for two terms.   March 31, 1889, Alice was united in marriage to James Aaron Bird. To this union six children were born, two of whom preceded her in death dying in infancy. The family lived on a farm south of Lincoln for a good many years. May 3, 1913, Mr. Bird was called to his reward and following his death she lived with her Son, Russell Bird, for several years. September 29, 1918, she was united in marriage to the Rev. Thomas Strange. He lived less that two years.  Soon after his death she went to Scammon Kansas, to care for her father and mother nearly 10 years. Since their death she returned to Lincoln and made her home for the last seven years with her Daughter Helen. An active Christian and church worker since early childhood, she was a member of the congregational Christian church, helping wherever she could.  Mrs. Strange has enjoyed the best of health and was buy continuously for others and for her church, and helping in the home. Quilting was a most enjoyable pastime of hers. She was a loving and devoted mother and grandmother, always willing to help everyone. She suffered a stroke of paralysis Monday morning, February 24, and never regained consciousness. She passed away Tuesday, February 25, at the age of 72 years, 11 months and one day. She leaves four children to mourn her untimely death; Mrs. Myrtle Hobb, Alvin Bird, Russell Bird and Helen Strange, all of Lincoln; five sisters, one brother, 27 grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon, February 28, from the Congregational Christian church, the Rev. B. S. Barton in charge, assisted by Rev. T. F. Sowers. Interment was in the Lincoln cemetery, B. G. Hall in charge.

STRANGE --- Lafayette S. STRANGE  -  Lincoln County Beacon, July 22, 1885
---Lafayette S. Strange, Son of Elder J.S. Strange, who was so quickly called to eternity by the sad accident of Saturday morning, was a young man whose many good qualities had gained for him a large circle of friends. He possessed those traits of character which would have made him a useful and respected member of society and, in the church of his choice one whose influence for good would have been felt. The parents and friends have the sympathy of the entire community.

STRANGE --- Oliver Morton STRANGE  -  Lincoln Sentinel, Aug. 27, 1964
---Oliver Morton STRANGE was born December 9, 1877, to the Rev. T.M. and Sarah A. STRANGE at Lincoln, Kansas.  He passed away at Los Gatos, Calif., Aug. 6, 1964.  He leaves to mourn his passing one brother, Thomas J. of Lincoln; five sisters, Della A. SHARP, Lincoln; Nellie S. ROBERTSON, Camas, Wash.; Rachel HANSHEW, Stromburg, Neb.; Mary STRANGE, Los Gatos, Calif.; and Frances KERR, Oakland, Calif.; nieces and nephews and a host of friends and relatives.

STRANGE --- Rev. Sarah A. Bird STRANGE  -  Lincoln Republican, March 14, 1918
---Sarah A. Bird was born in Davis County, Indiana, May 31st, 1856. Departed this life at her late home, Lincoln, Kansas, March 8th, 1918; age 61 years, nine months and eight days. She was united in marriage to Thomas M. Strange August 5th, 1871. To this union were born fifteen children, five having preceded their mother to the great beyond. At an early age she gave herself into the Master's keeping, proving herself faithful and loyal to the end. In the year 1894 she heard the definite call of her Master and was ordained by the Christian Church to go and preach the gospel, for which cause she faithfully toiled until the very last. She with her husband, labored long and hard, far and near-laboring in four states: Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas. She was a charter member of the Christian Church at Lincoln, Kansas, but going from place to place she often changed her membership; finally came back to her home church to live out her days. She was an earnest Temperance worker; was chosen president of the W. C. T. U. a number of years. Her earthly life ended at the close of day, but it began anew in a larger way in the Heavenly twilight. She leaves to mourn her loss, a husband, Rev. T. M. Strange; ten children - E.S. Strange, Barnard, Kansas; T. J. Strange, Brewster, Kansas; O. M. Strange, Lincoln, Kansas; Laura Strange, Lincoln, Kansas; Phoebe Lindenmuth, Springfield, Missouri; Nellie RobertSon, Jennings, Oklahoma; Della Sharp, McAllister, Kansas; Francis Barr, Oberlin, Kansas; Rachel Hanshew, Shelby, Nebraska; Mary Strange, Lincoln, Kansas - 27 grandchildren; two brothers, E. F. and George Bird, Lincoln, Kansas, and many other near and dear relatives and friends. Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church, Lincoln, Kansas, March 11th, 1918. services (sic) conducted by her pastor, assisted by Revs. F. M. Strange and C. E. Huff. Interment was in the Lincoln cemetery.

STRANGE --- Susan M HendrickSon STRANGE  -  Lincoln Republican, Nov. 18, 1920
---Susan M. HendrickSon was born in Davis County, Indiana, October 8th, 1835. She grew to womanhood in her native state and during the closing days of the Civil War was united in marriage to J. S. Strange.  To this union eight children were born. Six of these with her husband preceded her in death. Early in life she gave her heart and life to the Christ and was surely faithful until death.  She with her family came to Kansas, settling in what is now known as Lincoln County, then but a vast prairie, where Indians roamed at will, in the fall of 1866. Little do we know of the hardships of these early pilgrims, but we do know that to them we owe an everlasting debt of gratitude. May we reverence their memory and use their rich heritage to the glory of God.  She closed her eyes in sleep after but a few hours of suffering, November 11th, 1920. So while we celebrated Armistice day she, we believe, celebrated her coronation day.  She leaves to follow on, two children: A. O. Strange, Lincoln, and Mrs. Dorinda Webber, Fairfield, IA. Many grand children and great grand children and a large number of other near and dear relatives and friends.  Funeral services were held at the First Christian Church of which she was a charter member, November 14, 1920. Service conducted by the pastor. Interment in the Lincoln Cemetery.

STRANGE --- Thomas STRANGE  -  Lincoln Sentinel-Republican, Oct. 30, 1919
---Rev. Thomas M. Strange was born in Regalville, Ind., June 28th, 1851, and came to the end of his earthly pilgrimage Sunday, Oct. 19, 1919, at 6 p.m. He came with his parents to Kansas in the spring of 1866. They stopped near Bennington, Kans., during the summer, then in the fall they were joined by Wm. Hendrickson and family when they all moved to Lincoln county, Kansas.  Here he grew to manhood and was married to Miss Sarah Bird on August 15th, 1871. To this union was born 15 children, five of these, whit his first companion, have passed to the Great Beyond. He joined the militia June 6th, 1869, and was mustered in July 12th, 1869, serving until Dec. 1st, 1869, when he was relieved from duty. He was converted to the Christian faith in 1876. He soon heard the Master's call to the ministry and in 1883 he was ordained as a Gospel minister by the Kansas Christian Conference. During his ministry he served fifteen churches.  He leaves to mourn his departure, wife, ten children, Ed. Strange of Barnard, Kans.; Laura and Mary Oliver Strange, Lincoln, Kans.; Thomas Strange and Olla Sharp; Francis Barr, Oberlin, Kansas.; Rachel Hanshaw, Shelby, Neb.; Nellie Robinson, Oklahoma; Phoeba Lindermuth, Springfield, Mo. Besides many grandchildren and host of near and dear relatives and friends.   Funeral service was held at the First Christian Church, Oct. 22, 1919. Services conducted by R. L. Hendrickson, assisted by Revs. Bradbury and F.M. Strange. Interment in Lincoln cemetery.

From May 2006
James A. Strange family of VA and Franklin Co, NC
I am searching for parents of my ggg grandparents James A. STRANGE and Sarah JANE MOORE:
James A. Strange, b. 1/2/1812 in Virginia, d. 7/24/1892 NC, m. May 1849 Mecklenburg County, VA, to Sarah Jane Moore, b. 9/15/1828 Virginia, d. 8/25/1894 NC

1860 census, NC, Franklin County, Louisburg Township, Roll 897 Page 439, family 221
James Strange, 46, M, Overseer, Born in VA
Sarah J. Strange, 32, F, Born in VA
Mary Ann Strange, 14, F, Born in VA
Martha Strange, 12, F, Born in VA
James W Strange, 7, M, Born in NC
William S. Strange, 3, M, Born in NC
Charles H. Strange, 2, M, Born in NC.

The family graveyard is located on Strange Road in Franklin County, NC. I will be glad to forward pics and information on descendents to those interested.

The following men were all in Virginia in 1810 census (2 years before James A. Strange was born). Does anyone have access to wills which might mention children's names?
STRANGE  BENJAMIN, Brunswick Co., St. Andrews Parrish
STRANGE  DAVID, Albemarle Co., St Ann Parish
STRANGE  GEO A., Fluvanna Co., No TWP
STRANGE  WM C, Fluvanna Co., No TWP

From  Sheri O'Brien
I am researching (lightly) my Strange family lineage I have an ancestor named John Sylvester Strange that I have been unable to trace. He was born about 1745 and married Anastasia Medley.

From Marcus Strange
I am Marcus W. Strange 11th generation in USA and descendant of John Strange who came to Taunton,Mass. area in early 1600's and had a brother, Lot of whom we have no record of descendants although the name, Lot has been carried down in John's line . My branch of family moved to Penn'a around 1850.
MW Strange, 310 Ruah St, Blossburg,Pa, 16912, USA

From  Rose Strange-Rogers
I am working on my family genealogy from my father's side.  My maiden name is Rose Strange.  My Father's name is David Strange and my grandfather is Harold and my great-grandfather is John Calvin Strange. Most of my distant relatives are in Austin,Texas.

From  Re: Melvary/Malvina V. Alloway STRANGE - Adair Co.,Kentucky
Name: John Claiborne Alloway STRANGE
Birth: 4 Nov 1804 Place: Wilkes Co., N.C.
Death: 1865 Place: .................................
Father: Archelous Alloway (Sr.) STRANGE (1780-1852)
Mother: Elizabeth COFFEY (1782-1853)
Marriage: 2 Sep 1829 Place: Adair Co., KY
Spouse: Sarah "Sallie" WALKUP
Birth: 1809 Place: Adair co, KY
1 F: Elizabeth STRANGE Birth: 1831
2 M: E. S. STRANGE Birth: 1833
3 M: M.S. STRANGE Birth: 1834
4 F: Melvary/Melvina V. Alloway STRANGE Birth: 1836
5 M: Orlinda L. STRANGE Birth: 1838
6 F: Georganna STRANGE Birth: 1840
7 F: Marg STRANGE Birth: 1841
8 M: Oliver STRANGE Birth: 1843
9 F: Nancy STRANGE Birth: 1846
10 F: Mary STRANGE Birth: 1848
11 M: John Clairborne STRANGE Birth: 1853

From Judy at  30 Aug 2003
My aunt has a grandfather named Starling Jack STRANGE (or perhaps Starlin Jack or Sterling Jack). She can't find anything about his parents or siblings and we can't find him in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census despite much searching in archives, microfilmed censuses, online, etc.

Jack (as he was usually called) was born in Texas in January 1856, according to the 1900 U.S. Federal Census for Robertson County, Texas. His father was listed as being born in Georgia and his mother was listed as having been born in Alabama.(However, the 1900 census for Robertson county, Texas, said that his father was born in Alabama and his mother was born in Mississippi. By the 1920 census, also in Robertson County, Texas, both parents were listed as having been born in Alabama.)

We have the same problem with Jack's birth date. Although the census said he was born in January 1856, his tombstone says he was born in 1850. His age in the family bible is very difficult to read. It says he was born January 31, 1850 (or maybe 1854) and has been crossed out to read 1856.

There seems to be some confusion about his year of birth, but his ages as listed in the censuses for 1900-1910-1920 support a birth year of 1856.

Starling Jack STRANGE's marriage is listed in courthouse records on 12 November 1878 in Falls County, Texas, with "no return". He married Nannie E. WEATHERLY (or maybe, WEATHERBY)on 14 November 1878, according to his family bible.

Nannie E. WEATHERLY (WEATHERBY?) was born in 1850 and died in 1910, according to her tombstone. The 1900 census for Nannie said that she was born in Texas in November, 1858. Her age in the 1900 census supports a birth in 1858 but the family bible says she was born 5 October 1851. She seems to have fibbed about her age on censuses, unless her husband put the wrong birth year. He wrote most of the entries but apparently all at once, so errors could creep in.  The family bible says that Nannie died 29 April 1910.  Nannie's parents were both born in Alabama, according to the censuses for 1900 and 1910.

These children were born to Starling Jack STRANGE and Nannie E. WEATHERLY (or WEATHERBY). Dates come from the family bible and are supported in censuses.

1. Carie Glendarie STRANGE was born 17 December 1879. She married Hiram? A. WALKER 3 December 1896.
2. Jettie Jewell STRANGE was born 14 December 1881. She married Duncan (Dunkin)Littleton CLARK 21 September
1898. She died 8 November 1951 in Marlin, Falls, Texas. Jettie was the mother of my aunt, so we have information on her
children and descendants.
3. Lula Mattie STRANGE was born 12 March 1884 and died 2 August 1900.
4. Thomas Jackson STRANGE was born 5 September 1886 and died 9 May 1901.
5. Jessie Elmer STRANGE was born 15 January 1888 and died March 1950
6. Eunace Pearl STRANGE was born 25 February 1890 and died 10 August 1905.
7. William Britton STRANGE was born 22 September 1893 and died 14 December 1952.
8. George Silas STRANGE was born 3 November 1896 and died 17 June 1966.

All the children were born in Texas. Starling Jack STRANGE and his wife Nannie E. WEATHERLY were living in Robertson County, Texas, at the time of the 1900-1910 censuses. The widowed Starling Jack STRANGE and an unknown girl named Hashie ?? STRANGE were boarders in his married Daughter (Jettie Jewell STRANGE CLARK's house in Bremond, Robertson County, Texas at the time of the 1920 census. Hashie was born about 1917-1918 in Texas, as were her parents, whoever they might have been.

Starling Jack STRANGE died in Harris County, Texas, on 24 January 1927.
I hope that someone is connected to this family in some way or can help with this difficult branch of my aunt's family.

From Nicole Breiding
My family are descended from William1 STRANGE who was born April 02, 1732 in York, VA. - A genealogy report may be read here Click to view file

Andersonville -
Click on Prisoner lookup then Code for info on person

Code  Last Name First Name Rank     State

For Example:
Andersonville Prisoner Profile
Code No: 68677; Grave No: NOT BURIED AT ANDERSONVILLE; Last Name: STRANGE; First Name: THOMAS O.
Rank: SERGEANT; Company: M; Regiment: 8; State: IA; Branch of Service: CAVALRY
Date of Death: not known; Cause of Death: Not known; Remarks: Nil
Reference*: ADG VOL VI 1625
Place Captured: NEWNAN, GEORGIA; Date Captured: 7/30/1864
Alternate Names: Nil; Status: SURVIVED ANDERSONVILLE
Please see - includes some STRANGE
BILL HILTON JR., "The Piedmont Naturalist"
Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History, 1432 DeVinney Road, York, South Carolina 29745 USA From Valerie Fairbrass:
Does anyone have a Vincent Strange, resident in Detroit, Michigan in the 1940s? I have found him mentioned in a will I purchased. He would have been quite elderly by that time as I believe him to have been born around 1874.

From Ed
Vincent shows up in the 1920 census of Detroit (SD 145, ED 120, Sh 7A):
Vincent O. Strange, 45, unmarried, lodger; immigrated to US, 1892; naturalized 1904; b England (parents b England); occupation: tester (elec. heater).
I don't find him in the 1930 US; or the 1881 British censuses.

From Kitty September 2010
In 2004 Kitty said, "I had a very distant Uncle by the name James Strange born 1747 in VA. Father was John born b 1747"

Junior Ramsey replied
My ancestor is John Strange b 1743 thru son Seth Strange I do not know John's father.
John Strange b Feb 2 1742/43 VA  d Nov 30 1830 Franklin co GA Md Martha b Jan 2 1746/47 VA  d 1789 Personal Tax List  Bedford Co Virginia John Strange had two sons: Seth and Starling or Sterling Strange
I am curious if anyone knows any siblings of John Strange b 1742/43.
In September 2010 Kitty provided this family tree outline; she is descended from John M. Strange born 1719 in Virginia

From Harryette Mullen said on 4 Oct 2004:
In a search of census records in Heritage Quest database, I found the following:
1820 Reuben Strange (no race given) in Frederick Co., VA.
1860 Reuben Strange, age 46, male, black, b. in VA, laborer, in Turtle Creek Township, Warren Co. OH. Others in household: Maria, 35; William, 16; Lydia, 13; George, 11; John, 19; Anna, 7; Charles 4; Calvin, 2.

I am related to an African-American Strange family in northern VA that includes Nelson Strange and his daughter Hannah Strange. Hannah married William Berry in 1852, was widowed in 1864, and married Uriah Wise in 1867 in Fauquier Co., VA. Rev. James A. Haynes (Haines) of Loudoun Co. performed their wedding ceremony at the home of James H. and Elizabeth Hathaway (which I think was called "Western View").

In 1870, members of this family lived in Fauquier Co. and worked as agricultural laborers and/or domestic servants for Euro-American Rector and Hutchinson families. Hannah and Uriah moved to Chambersburg, PA by 1878. They owned their home free and clear by 1900. Military records indicate that Uriah A. Wise, resident of Chambersburg, PA in 1890, was a Civil War veteran who served as a Pennsylvania Volunteer. Several African-Americans named William Berry also enlisted with the Union Army in USCT.

Here's a little more information on African-American Strange family in VA transcribed from Clarke Co. abstracts.
Clarke Co., VA Marriages 1865-1890 STRANGE
John 30, widower born & living in Clarke Co, VA Farm Hand parents Reuben & Betsie Strange, married 13 Jan 1867 to Clara Williams, 24, single, born & living in Clarke, parents Macklin & Evalina Williams, Af-Am.

James, 21 widower, b & l Clarke, Farm Hand, parents John & Jane Strange, m 5 Oct 1867 to Helen Smith, 21, widow, b & l Clarke, parents James & Ann Smith (Different surname not given), Af-Am.

Stephen, 22 widower b & l Clarke, Farm Hand, parents John & Jane Strange, married 29 Oct 1870 to Millia A. Williams, 21 single b & l in Clarke Co parents Edward & Sallie Williams, Af-Am couple

Stephen, 26, widower, born & living in Clarke, Farm Hand, parents John & Jane Strange, mar on 3 Mar 1874 to Delilah Robinson, 21, single, b & l in Clarke, parents Henry & Louisa Robinson, Af-Am couple

Reuben, 23, single b & l in Clarke, Farm Hand, parents John & Cloe (Chloe) Strange, married 14 Aug 1879 in White Post, Clarke, to Catherine Williams 17, s, b & l Clarke, parents Edward & Sallie Williams, Af-Am

Abbreviations: b & l (born and living in); m (married); s (single); Af-Am (African American)

Black people with this surname are scattered in records for several Virginia counties, including Frederick, Clarke, and Fauquier.

Replying to another researcher:
The Reuben Strange you were seeking could be related to the one who left Virginia for Ohio. His wife was Mariah or Maria. (1860, Turtle Creek; 1880 Salem, Warren County, OH)

I also noticed that "Reuben and Betsie Strange" are named as parents of John Strange who married Clara Williams in 1867. (Clarke County, VA Marriages 1865-1890) The parents of John Strange appear to be the son "Reuben Jr." and daughter-in-law "Betsey" mentioned in the record you have for the elder Reuben Strange.

My relative Hannah Wise -- maiden name Hannah Strange -- could be related to Richard Strange who also lived in Fauquier County in 1870. They may be related to an older Richard Strange who lived with his wife Sarah and son John in Winchester, Frederick County in 1860 and 1870. The elder Richard Strange in Winchester was employed as a whitewasher. The one in Fauquier County was a laborer. Richard and Sarah in Winchester could be the son and daughter-in-law of the emancipated Reuben Strange you mentioned in your post.  I have not yet determined whether my Strange family is related to others in Alexandria, including the Methodist minister Jacklin Strange (1836-1922). He traveled all over the state establishing new churches. He and his wife Hannah (Weaver) Strange also lived for a time in Hampton, Virginia. They had an account with the Freedman's Bank in Richmond. Jacklin Strange of 807 Duke was listed on voter rolls in Alexandria. He also was a trustee of Wilberforce University.  I hope some of this information may be useful to your project.

From , Harryette Mullen
I've compiled the following (partial) information on members of the African-American Strange family in Virginia & Ohio.

1817 -- Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Strange, Reuben (& wife Courtney) freed by Edward McGuire
Descendants: Courtney (m. Moses Leonard); Richard (m. Sarah); Reuben Jr. (m. Betsey) ----------------------
1820 -- Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia Strange, Reuben (race not recorded) Strange, Judy
(race not recorded)
1850 -- Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia
Strange, Richard, 36, laborer
Sarah, 37
James, 25, laborer
Reuben, 15, laborer
Angeline, 12
Wallace, 10
Richard, 7
John, 5
1860 -- Turtle Creek Township, Warren County, Ohio
Strange, Reuben, 46, laborer, b. VA
Maria, 35, b. LA
William, 16, b. OH
Lydia, 13
George, 11 (also with Rachel McGuire)
John S.,19
Anna B., 7
Charles C., 4
Calvin, 2
1870 -- Rochester, Warren County, Ohio
Strange, Ruben, 52, farm laborer, b. VA
Maria, 45, keeps house, b. LA
William, 25, farm laborer, b. OH
Mary, 7, at school
Calvin, 12, at school
Amos,16, barber
1870 -- Greenway Township, Clarke County, Virginia
Strange, Reuben, 16, works on farm, b. VA
1880 -- Greenway, Clarke County, Virginia
Strange, Reuben, 24, laborer, b. VA
(wife) Catharine, 17, keeps house, b. VA
1880 “ Salem, Warren County, Ohio
Strange, Reuben, 67, laborer, b. VA
(wife) Mariah, 59, keeps house, b. TN
(son) John, 31, laborer, b. VA
1910 -- 2nd Ward Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio (address: 243 Grant Street)
Strange, Maria, (wid), 86, own income, b. LA
(son) George, 62, own income, b. OH
(d-law) Mary, 42, wash woman, b. OH

From Jerry D. Warren on 25 Oct 2004

Susannah Strange, b. 7/26/1760 in VA or NC. She married Conrad Cornelison, (b. 5/28/1763 in Loudountes, VA) on 2/15/1785 in Rowan Co., NC.  They had children:
Malinda, b. 10/4/1804 in KY who married Thomas Warren
William Wilson, b. 1794
John, b. 11/14/1785

Jerry, my records show that Susannah Strange was actually the widow of Richard Strange when she married Conrad Cornelison. Her maiden name was Skinner. I have more data on Cornelison and Skinner which I will be glad to share if you are interested.
Nancy Cornelison Roberts

From Lori Lee Bennett :
My great-great grandmother Rachel Cecenia Strange b: 1822 married Thomas Dorsett b: 1814 in Chatooga, GA. They were both born in Laurens, SC. But I don't have any contact with the Strange line, only the Dorsetts

From Junior Ramsey 01 Dec 2004

My 3x Strange GF was Seth STRANGE who married Mary DABBS.
I tentatively have a John STRANGE, maybe as his father. I do not know who his wife was but probably had 2 sons, my Seth and a
Sterling/Starling. I do not know who John's parents are.

John Strange b Feb 2 1742/43 VA d Nov 30 1830 Franklin co Ga Md Martha b Jan 2 1746/47 VA d November 28, 1830

1789 Personal Tax List Bedford Co Virginia - John Strange

NOTE: John Strange was born VA 1743 1776 Revolutionary War Soldier late 1770s family moved to Union Co SC early 1780s 1785-1799 Served on Petty Jury in Union Co SC Then lived in Franklin Co Ga. His desc lived Ala, then Collinsville or Meridian Ms, then to Falls Co TX and Comanche Co Tx.
John Strange had two sons: Seth and Starling or Sterling Strange

.... 2 'Eli' Harrison Ramsey b: c1789 Chester Co., SC d: Dec 1835
Franklin Co., GA Burial: Franklin Co., GA
........ +Elizabeth Strange b: 1806 Franklin Co., GA m: Feb 29, 1820
Franklin County, GA d: Bet. 1879 - 1881 ? TX
Ramsey, Eli married Strange, Elizabeth on 29 Feb 1820 in Franklin County,
Georgia [ kids]

NOTE: daughter of Seth Strange b 1772 d 1851 Franklin Co Ga & Mary Dabbs b June 14 1777 Elizabeth Strange Ramsey remarried to Bailey Smith January 19, 1847 aft HH Ramsey died. From Early GA Marriages, pg 74 Book 37,000-book in Lubbock City County Library, Lubbock TX Letter Oct 5 1983 to NSDAR Gywn Ann Shannon from Judy Hughes 1850 Census Elizabeth Smith HH Hal 'Eli' Harrison Ramsey

From Janith Dixon on 28 Mar 2005
I have searched and found John strange and Nancy Jane Edwards have the following:
John S STRANGE 3-18-1843 in Martin county Indiana d:3-29-1929 in bunker Missouri; this is my gg grand father
Jesse STRANGE 1845
Margarte STRANGE1847
Mary Ann STRANGE1849
James O STRANGE 9-9-1850
Charles Thomas 1857
William H STRANGE 1860
Henry A STRANGE1862
Elizabeth STRANGE1867
From Sheila Strange  Kraemer on 7 Apr 2005
I am a descendant from Alexander Strange New Kent,VA. and from his son Julius. I would love to know any information on them before they came to the USA. Julius's son William came to Kentucky from Halifax, VA and I can find very little on him. I have pictures of the old St. Peter's Parish in VA where some of them are buried, but they had no stones. Beautiful place.

From Duane Dec 2005
I am searching for the Strange family in South Carolina that produced Leecie Ann  Strange b. 1868 - Have minimal information on her father William J. Strange and  nothing more on him or his wife Only have Leecie's sibling information from one census record. If anyone recognizes these names and can point me in the right direction, I'd most appreciate it. Any connection at all will help! Even if it's just her siblings information and their children. I'll include what info I have at the bottom of this message.

Leecie Ann Strange b. 1868 Barnwell County, SC d. May 18, 1901 (Buried Home Place near Girard, Burke Co, GA) m. Jan 25, 1890 Screven Co, GA Thomas Mead b.Nov 5, 1952 Burke Co, GA d. May 18, 1924

Leecie in the census:
(Lived in Burke Co, GA in 1900 with Thomas, John, Alma, Annie, Tom, & Tealy)
(Lived in Bull Pond, Barnwell Co, SC in 1880 with Parents, L.E., Joyce, Mary, Minnie, Katie, William, Jennie & Esther) (Lived in Bull Pond, Barnwell Co, SC in 1870 with Parents, Florence, Louis, Henry? J., & Mary M.) d. May 18, 1901 (Buried Mead Home Place near Girard, Burke Co, GA) m. Jan 25, 1890 Screven Co, GA Thomas Mead b. Nov 5, 1952 Burke Co, GA d. May 18, 1924
Leecie's Father:
Willin / William J. Strange b. 1827-1835 d. Unknown m. Ann E. Unknown b. 1844 SC d. Unknown
William in the Census:
(Lived in Bull Pond, Barnwell Co, SC in 1880 with A. E., L.E., Joyce, Mary, Leecie, Minnie, Katie, William, Jennie & Esther) (Lived in Bull Pond, Barnwell Co, SC in 1870 with Ann, Florence, Louis, Henry? J., Mary M. & Loutry? A.)

Leecie's Siblings: Florence C. Strange b. 1860 SC, Louis E. Strange b. 1864 SC, Henry? Joyce Strange b. 1865 SC, Mary M. Strange b. 1867 SC, Minnie Strange b. 1871 SC, Katie Strange b. 1873 SC, William Thomas Strange b. 1875 SC Jennie Hampton Strange b. 1876 SC, Esther Strange b. 1879 SC

From Pamela Evans  Jan 2006
I am just starting out on my search for my Strange ancestors and I was wondering if any of you knew any info on the following line:

1 David Strange
  + Anna Belle Lewis
    2 David Crenshaw Strange B 20 Nov 1893 Lexington, KY;
      + Leona McCauley
        3 Russell Crenshaw Strange B 27 Jun 1914 Lousiville, KY;  D Jan 1982 Louisville, KY
          +  Elvira Beberdick

On U.S. Social Security Death Index:
David STRANGE         
                        Birth Date: 20 Nov 1893
          Death Date: Feb 1970
          Social Security Number: 401-07-6857
          State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Kentucky
          Death Residence Localities
          ZIP Code:   40204
                         Localities: Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky

From various sources March 2006 (thanks to Elisa and Lori)

The preceding 17 generations are the usual claim back to Le Strange through the unvalidated link between Alexander and supposed parents .John Strange 1635 Bideford and Phebe Chandler Mitchell d:1710 Elizabeth City, VA

18 Alexander Strange 1665 Bideford d:02 Sep1725 St Peters Parish, New Kent, Va
   + (1) Prima Uxor (first wife) m:1684 New Kent, VA
     19 Henry Strange b 1685 St Peters, New Kent, VA; d 1746, New Kent VA
        + Mary Liptrot c1724 King & Queen County VA; b1695 Henrico, Va d:1750 New Kent, VA
        20 Edmund Strange 09 Jan 1729 St Peters, New Kent, VA
           + Mary ????
           21 Amos Strange b 1 Nov 1759 St Peters; d:01 Jun 1842 Spartanburg, Laurens, SC
              Colonial Miltia of Virgina, Captain &  Drill  Captain

It is said  Amos left the Estate and Church formed by his forefathers to marry the Irish Lass-  Frances Bailey.  He returned to Virginia several times trying to reclaim his Estate but, we do not know what the records are on it. .I assume since he stayed in South Carolina & helped  form the Church there, he was unsuccessful on re-establishing his Virginia ties.  Frances Bailey went to Georgia and spent the last ten years of her life  in the home of her son . She was blind in the later  yrs. of her life.

              + Francis Bailey 15 Jul1789 Laurens, SC; b Oct 1774
See next family for the descent from Amos Bradford Strange, an earlier child, to Elisa
                22 William Bradford Strange 08 Dec 1791
                   + Mary L Fowler 08 May 1797 m:12 Nov 1811 Spartanburg, Laurens, Sc
                    23 Rachel Cecenia Strange 12 Jun 1822 d:1859 Gunterville, Marshall, Al
                       + Thomas Dorsett 1814 Spartanburg
                         24 William Thomas Dorsett 06Apr1844 Chatooga,Ga
                            d:08 May 1811 Wingo, Graves, Ky
                            + Martha Elenor Milburn 15 Nov 1845 Milburn,Ky
                              d: 30 Jan 1929 Wingo, Graves, Ky
                              25 Frederick Grady Dorsett 09 Dec 1889 Fancy Farms, Graves,
                                 Ky d:06 Oct 1954 San Mateo Co, Ca

                                 + Martha Jane Sisson 25 Jan 1889 Cuba, Graves, Ky
                                   d: 03 May 1980 Martinez,Contra Costa, Ca

                                   26 Ernestine Dorsett 04 Mar 1913 Cuba, Graves, Ky
                                      d: 28 Mar 1987 Martinez, Contra Costa, Ca

                                      + James Oscar Tucker 30 Jul 1900 Decatur, Tn
                                        d: 08 Oct 1935 Louisville, Jefferson, Ky
                                        27 JoAnne Tucker 13 Feb 1934 Louisville, Jefferson,
                                           Ky d:18 Jun 2002 Concord, Contra Costa, Ca
                                           + Dee Gale Humrich 06 Sep 1934 Holly, Kiowa, Co
                                           28 Lori Lee Humrich 31 Mar 1958 San Francisco, Ca

From Elisa J. Strange-von Rice, Phoenix, Az. July 2006
From parent Amos Strange and Francis Bailey at generation 21 above:

22 Amos Bradford  Strange b 01 Nov 1789 Spartanburg, South Carolina;
   d 1875 Sand Mountain, Marshall County, Al
   + Mary Ann Henderson 22 Jul 1828 Spartanburg, South Carolina; b 1809 Berlin, Germany
     Family moved from South Carolina to Tennessee where they stayed for a short time and
     then moved on to Marshall  County, Alabama
   23 William Berry Strange b 24 Mar 1833 Spartanburg, South Carolina
      d 06 Aug 1906 Marshall County, Alabama
      +(1) Mary (or is it Priscilla?)Herndon ( 10 children including my G-father
      +(2) Mary Peugh 19 Mar 1889 in Marshall Cty., AL.b 23 Aug 1863 Georgia, USA
           two children, a son who lived and a daughter who died at about age  9
      +(3) Saphronia Caldonia 28 Sep 1896 Marshall Cty., AL; d dsp May 1911.Saphronia was a
           school teacher in Marshall County Alabama bef marriage to William Berry Strange

Military: Captain  Confederate States of America; Georgia  Infantry; Captured at Point Lookout, Louisiana and transported eventually to Yankee Prison Camp located at Port Hudson, Maryland; released on Oath of Allegience in 1865 and had to make his way back to Alabama by himself.  Occupation: Minister -Assumed he was a Baptist Minister, my father thought this to be the case.  He also was a land owner, owning a farm where his family lived.  Verification by Bureau of Land Management Records and Census Records. It is said he married everyone in Marshall and DeKalb, County, Alabama. His name can be found on lots of old  Vital Records of Alabama. It is said  William Berry Strange was a much loved and honored man of Marshall   County, Alabama.

From +(1) Mary above:
            24 Samuel Lurs Strange b 02 Feb 1872 Martling, Alabama; d 22 Oct 1957
               + Samantha Gaybriel Nixon 24 Feb 1892 Dekalb County AL;
                 b 28 May 1872 Marshall County, Alabama;
                 daughter of John B.Nixon. & Ahenoam ( Hincy) Childress-Nixon

Samuel Lurs was a Steamboat Pilot in his Youth piloting on the Tennessee River. He owned a farm per  BLM records where his family lived and the first children of he &  Samantha were born. It is recorded that in approximately 1905 Samuel rode a white  horse from Alabama to Texas looking for farm land to move his family to. In  early 1906  Samuel rented  three  boxcars  on a  train and loaded up his  family, household, farm equip and livestock and  went to Texas. I will also note here that Samantha Gaybriel Nixon- Strange's Grandparents were Isaac Childress and the Webbs of  Marshall County who were all Methodist Ministers. Samanthas's sisters all married Methodist ministers and her brother John b. Nixon, Jr. was also a Methodist minister.  Samantha preached in her younger days in Texas and was a Midwife.

                 25 Bert William Garland Strange b 03 Jun 1906 Texas;

Bert was the 6th child of Samuel and Samantha and the first born in Texas.   There is a discrepancy in records to Samuel's middle name; sometimes it is listed as Lusers and sometimes  as Lewis.  My father's birth certificate says  LURS.  Samuel did have an uncle Samuel Lewis ( brother of  his father) Samuel Lewis did not move to Alabama or Texas.  There is also a discrepancy in the year  Samuel & Samantha moved to Texas.  My fathers birth certificate  says he was born in Texas in 1906.  I have also verified  this with his sisters who all said he was definitely born  in Texas.   Samuel & Samantha farmed in Texas from 1906 to 1934-1935. First in Foard Cty. & then in Electra  ( Wichita Cty.).    In 1934-35 they moved across the RED RIVER from Wichita County into  Jefferson County, Oklahoma where they already owned a farm which was being farmed by their oldest son Otis Webb Strange and his family had  been living on.  They farmed this place a few years & sold out.   They bought a home and two city blocks of land in Stephens County Oklahoma.   They lived in Comanche, Oklahoma for the rest of their lives.

Bert left the home of his parents at the age of 12.  He had a dispute with his mother and just left.
He went to the King Ranch in Texas where he was taken in and given a job as assistant to the  Horse caretaker.  He lived in the bunkhouse with all the men who worked for King Ranches...  As he got a little older he was made assistant to the head vetenarian of King Ranches.   Here he learned a profession that he would practice all his life.   He learned to cowboy and even started participating in Rodeo's, often winning money for the Calf Roping.   He had saved his earning and purchased him a horse and saddle.  But, even now Bert did not think he was getting ahead fast enough.. So he rode into town and got a job as assistant to the night  Baker at a bakery.  He would ride to town when his day job at the ranch was finished and work until  10-11 o'clock at night in the Bakery.   Ride his horse back to the Ranch and get up early to take care of the Horses.  He became Head Veternarian at the Ranch.

When Bert was about 27 years of age he had saved enough money to buy him a new Model A. Ford.  ( They cost abt. $400.00-500.00 at that time)  He bought him a new car and decided to go visit his parents.  He had not seem them in  13-14 years. He goes to Electra and was speeding up into their circular drive in front of the house and turns his new car over right at the front door steps. He was probably showing off- of how successful he was, finally coming home in a new car.  His mother never let him forget about it but Dad would just shrug his shoulders and say, " Those dam cars were top heavy anyway", then he'd laugh. 

($400.00  - 500.00  seems like a small amount of money now-a-days but when your working for $20.00-30.00 a month it was probably hard to save that amount.    Daddy never went back to King Ranches as a employee but for many, many years King Ranches contacted him when they were in trouble with a very expensive horse that was sick.   He was a veternarian when I was little.  He and mother bought a small little strip of buildings that was a Gas station, Grocery store, and a Garage and ran them when I was in the first grade.  When I was  in the 2nd grade the King Ranches  sent a chauffeured automobile for Dad and took him to Texas treat one of their expensive horses.   I had never seen a auto  with a chauffeur before and I was very impressed.    On  March 1, 1933  Bert W. married my mother  Frances W. Wall  who is decendant of  Evan Wall c1379-1450 in Lancashire, England. which went on down to descendant Thomas Wall II, b More Hall in Garstang, Lancashire,  to James Wall  1593-1650 and Isabel Travers.   Thomas Wall, 11  was one of the first settlers in the state of Maryland, USA. He died in Maryland, USA.  His son, Joshua Wall, Sr. 1655-1744 born in Maryland USA, Joshua  Sr.'s  son  Joshua, Jr. was born in Brunswick County, Virginia.   The Wall family owned a small fleet of ships that hauled immigrants to the USA and tobacco back to England.  My mother decended from this family.  She was born  1-7-1916 in Hunt County, Texas.

It is said in the history of the Wall family that they came to the USA in search of Gold but, the only gold they found was in the tobacco fields of Virginia. The Wall family had several son's who fought in the Revolutionary War and several who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War.

Bert & Frances have four daughters, I am the oldest  Elisa Jeane Strange-von Rice b 24 Feb1934.   In WW11  Bert was classified as 4 F  because of severe stomach ulcers.   He went to Washington State and worked on a Federal shipyard and on what would become the nuclear plant in Washington.   He was then made General Foreman of Edwards Air Force Base in California and built the first barracks and hangers.   There was no housing for families so, mother & us kids lived in Bakersfield and Dad came home on weekends to be with us.

After WW11, Bert was a independent building contractor in Bakersfield, CA but did not like the Unions.  He was a Texan and never liked to take orders, he had rather give them than take them.  He drove over to Phoenix, Arizona and decided on a town Southeast of Phoenix, Casa Grande, Arizona to set up his building business.   In the fall of 1945  he built his first buildings in Casa Grande, a grocery store for a gentlemen by the name of Russel German and a new house to move us too.   During the Xmas Holiday 1945  he returned to Bakersfield and moved us to Casa Grande, Arizona.    I  went back to school after January 1st, 1946 to Casa Grande Public School. At first I hated it as it was dirty and dusty and nothing like my loved school in Bakersfield, CA. which was modern and had up to the date classes.   For instance I took French Classes in Bakersfied in the fourth grade, Casa Grande had nothing, it was a cultural  shock.  It was a town of about 2000 and most of the houses were Adobe or old clapboard that had been moved in from someplace else.  I got in serious trouble with my Dad by telling him I thought he had moved us straight to  HELL. 

Bert bought several streets of land and began building house after house directly across from the school and down east of the Grocery.  He built affordable housing for soldiers coming home who had new families and no place to live.  After building street after street of houses and all that land was filled up he built commercial and residential buildings all over the Casa Grande Valley; towns of Coolidge, Florence, Eloy, Maricopa & Stanfield all have residential & commercial buildings built by Bert's Company.

He also owned a farm service business of combines, trucks and other farm services to the cotton farmers and ranchers of the Casa Grande Valley and in Colorado.  No matter what Bert was engaged in he always had registered horses boarded someplace and participated in local and Phoenix parades.

In 1958  the family sold out and went to the Cattle & Quarterhorse breeding Ranch of the family in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  Here Bert returned to his veterinarian past and was even offered a job teaching at the  Stillwater Ok. University as a teacher of Veterinary Medicine..  He declined the job as he was very involved in raising registered Quarterhorses and having them trained for the race tracks.   His horses ran at Turf Paradise in Phoenix, Reidosa Downs,  New Mexico and Louisiana Downs plus many more places.  Bert won many trophies for his horses.   The Family formed a Trail Club for young riders in the Shawnee area that still exists today.  Bert was a lifetime member of the Quarter Horse Association, the Appoloosa Association and an honored member of the Paint Horse Association.

Elisa said [edited],
"I have been curious since reading that the Strange Family " Alexander Strange" and descendants stayed in Virginia so long  ( about a century and a half) and each of them seemed to be Christened or died at New Kent County, (formerly Bisland)  St. Peters Parish (Episcopalian).  I found the index to the Vestry records via a Google search and located Alexander Strange and family;more than thirty entries; mostly christenings & births & deaths. The deaths of Alexander and wife Anne are included

I found that the monetary  system was all in pounds of tobacco; I saw a shilling mentioned only once.  It seems that the congregation started in the late 1600's and they built the church 1701-1703.  The minister was very proud it was a brick church; it is mentioned many times and it tells how many pounds of tobacco was bartered for its construction.  They later added a steeple and accessed the members again for pounds of tobacco.  Apparently the Episcopalians tell you how much your tithe is going to be; in this case so many pounds of tobacco. If it was not paid they reminded you it was due, and how delinquent.

I then went back and pulled up all the vestry records and read them; what a history lesson in the Colonies!

Martha Dandridge was a member of St. Peters Parish. She and George Washington were married in this very church in 1757.  The Stranges were here 50 years before Martha and George.

They sometimes refer to the church as the " Church of the First Lady". Another interesting  fact; the De La Warr family came to Virginia from England.  The oldest son of De La Warr became the first governor of Virginia and one of their other son's became the second governor of Virginia. Their Youngest son, Nathaniel, is in the vestry records as Colonel DeLaWarr...  The DelaWarr  wife &  Mother  was  Elizabeth Strange.

The Stanley, DelaWarr, and a couple of other families of the Virginia Company were directly related to the Stranges.  These were not farmers; it is evidenced by the excavations of the colony. There was no farm equip. whatsoever and things like gold jewelry and items ordinary working class people would not have possessed back in those days.  In one place it even refers to one as "Lord Strange".

In the Amos Strange writings it said he left his very large estate and the church of his forefathers in Virginia to move to South Carolina to marry the Irish lass Frances Bailey.  Also in St Peter's vestry records it mentions a Le'Strange.  Amos was supposed to be instrumental in the establishment of a church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  He is supposed to be buried in the Camp Meeting Grounds - what was this church?   I will be trying to find these records.  Since Amos was in the Revolutionary War was he acquainted with the de la Warrr ( Strange ) and the  Colonel Nathaniel De LaWarr and George Washington?"

I am looking for info on this family has (descendants of Peter Strange)

Generation No. 1
Child of PETER STRANGE is:
2.      i.      SUSIE REBECCA2 STRANGE, b. 21 Nov 1846, Brooklyn, Nassua, New York; d. 04 Jul 1927, Hastings, Aadams, Nebraska.

Generation No. 2
2.  SUSIE REBECCA2 STRANGE (PETER1) was born 21 Nov 1846 in Brooklyn, Nassua, New York, and died 04 Jul 1927 in Hastings, Aadams, Nebraska.  She married DAVID WESLEY LOWELL 18 Mar 1868, son of JOSHUA LOWELL and CHARLOTTE DISBROW.  He was born 15 Sep 1843 in Aurieville, Montgomery, New York, and died 19 Feb 1909 in Hastings, Adams, Nebraska.
According to 1880 Census:

Name; Rel; Status; Gender; Race; Age; Birthplace; Occupation; Father's/ Mother's Birthplace
David LOWEL; Self; M; Male; W; 35; NY; Threshing Grain; NY; NY
Susan LOWEL; Wife; M; Female; W; 33; NY; Keeping House; ENG; ENG
Mary LOWEL; Dau; S; Female; W; 10; IL; NY; NY
Hatty LOWEL; Dau; S; Female; W; 8; IL; NY; NY

Source Information: Census Place Akron, Peoria, Illinois, Family History Library Film   1254240
NA Film Number   T9-0240 Page Number   327D  

3.      i.      HATTIE ESTELLA3 LOWELL, b. 21 Aug 1872, Peoria, Illinios; d. Jun 1916, Hastings, Adams, Nebraska.

Michael {mscottstrange[at]ellsouth[dot]net said in November 2006:

The information that I have on my descent is derived from research that I have done is mostly from and from a book published by a Strange in Indiana. The descent that I have does follow the John Strange -Phoebe Mitchell line. I cannot speak to its reliability as I haven't done any research on the source documents (other than recent US documents) myself. It sounds as though there may not be much documentation for it  in any case. The only thing that I can say is that I have seen it repeated by several different sources.

The information that I have is as follows:

Name; Birth; Location; Death; Location; Spouse
Michael Scott Strange Jr.; 1/12/1968; Columbia, SC; n/a; n/a; Kristen Trapp
Michael Scott Strange; 7/12/1943; Sumter, SC; n/a; n/a; Judith Dantzler
Frank Dwight Strange; 1/31/1910; Sumter, SC; 3/1985; Sumter, SC; Lois Weldon
Hartwell Cutino Strange; 12/20/1859; Clarendon County, SC 3/28/1938; Virginia Troublefield
William Thomas Strange; 09/13/1833; Clarendon County, SC; 1906; Sumter County, SC; Ann J. Scarborough
William Strange; 1805; Richland County,SC; 1875; Clarendon County, SC
James Strange; 1765; Richland County,SC; 1825; Clarendon County, SC
Henry Strange; 1744; Lunenburg,VA; 01/01/1794; Richland County, SC; Mary Ellis
Mitchell Strange; 08/11/1726 Kent, VA; 1788; Chester, SC; Elizabeth Tucker
Henry Strange; 1685; Kent, VA; 1746; New Kent, VA; Mary Liptrot
Alexander Strange; 1665; Bideford, Devon, England; 09/02/1725; New Kent, VA ; Prima Uxor(1), Anne(2) John

The remainder has been removed to avoid repetition and speculation on this web site.

Robert Henderson-Askew said in November 2006
I descend from Anne Strange b 1704 daughter of, Alexander, of New Kent, VA who married John Askew in 1723.

AliceAnne Brunn replied: I think we may be related, since my ancestor is also from VA in the colonial period (pre 1735).  We just don't know who his parents were. His wife was Cloe Cornwell, daughter of Peter Cornwell; their son was Washington Strange.  They moved from VA to KY after the French & Indian War and later to MO, where my mother, grandmother, and ggfather grew up.  My ggfather was William Patton Strange.  I do have a male cousin (Strange surname) who is available for DNA testing if I can talk him into doing it for me.

Mark Strange said
I have a William Henry Strange in my line of decent born in Halifax Co VA early to mid 1750's. He is the youngest son of Edmond & Mary Strange. There are a lot of William Stranges in Virginia during colonial times. I found: William Strange I (1732-1829) Parentage unknown, born York County VA 4-2-1732, moved from VA to Garrard County Kentucky about 1799. Married Chloe or Cloe Cornwall. A son named Washington who died age 96 in Garrard Co 12-12-1829. His descendants marry into the Grigsby Family, Woolf family and Shepherd family. A William Grigsby ends up in Missouri in 1832. No mention of William Patton Strange.

Robert added, this is how the line goes [Ed - primary source proof would be great to see as the late John Mayer, in his book the "The Stranges of Aquitaine and Anglia", said he was unable to make any case for a London connection (much less Hunstanton). His strongest guess was that the Devon family came from a branch that had previously migrated to Ireland.]

Anne Strange 1704-1784 = John Askew 1705-1780 Lunenberg Va.
Alexander 1665-1725       = 2nd. w.  Anne 1667 -29 Jan 1718  New Kent Va
John  1631-1685 Bideford, Devon = Phoebe Chandler Mitchell 1635 Northam
John 19 Oct 1595 Northam,Devon d. Tetburn, St Marys Dev.= Mary Arnell (1607 Hennock,Dev)
John 1547 London, M.   d. Bedfordshire 19 Sep 1593
Edmond 1527 Hunstanton, Norfolk. Eng.  d 1564 London, M.
Thomas LeStrange 1494 Hunstanton, Norfolk = Anne Vaux 1508 Harrowden H.

From Tony Strange <anthonystrange[at]comcast[dot]net >
Anthony Brian Strange.  I am the Last Living Male of Strange Descent on this Line
Birth: Savannah, Georgia
Parents: John Henry.  Strange, Jr. and Melonie Newman
Spouse 1: living   Spouse 2: living
John Henry Strange, Jr.
Birth: Living, Richland, South Carolina
Parents: John H.  Strange and Nellie Mae Pleasant 
Spouse 1: living   Spouse 2: living
John Henry Strange
Birth: 22 June 1905  Richland, South Carolina Death: 3 July 1974
Parents:  William T.  Strange and  Maggie ?
Spouse: Nellie Mae Pleasant; Birth: 1 March1908; Death: 14 May 1994
William T.  Strange
Birth:1880 Richland, South Carolina; Death:  8 Sept 1954
Parents: Henry W. T. Strange and Annie Martha
Spouse: Maggie ?
Henry W. T. Strange
Birth:1855 Gadsden Twp, Richland, South Carolina; Death:11 May 1930
Parents: Henry J. T. Strange and Charlotte Dinkins
Spouse: Annie Martha
Henry James Thomas Strange   Henry James Thomas Strange
Birth:  1823 Richland, South Carolina;  Death: Unknown
Parents:  Henry Strange and Phoebe Snowden  
Spouse:Charlotte Dinkins Birth:1825; Marriage:c1845 Gadsden Twp, Richland, South Carolina
Henry Strange   Henry Strange
Birth: 1802 Richland, South Carolina; Death:1865
Father:James Strange
Spouse: Phoebe Snowden; Marriage: c1820 Richland, South Carolina
James Strange
Birth:c1765 Richland, South Carolina; Death: c1825 Clarendon, South Carolina
Parents:  Henry Strange and Mary Ellis
Spouse: Unknown  Marriage: c1784 South Carolina
Henry Strange
Birth: 1744 Lunenburg, Virginia; Death: 1 Jan 1794 Richland, South Carolina
Parents: Mitchel Strange and Elizabeth Tucker
Spouse: Mary Ellis Birth: Unknown  Marriage: c1765
Mitchel Strange
Birth: 11 Aug 1726 New Kent, Virginia; Death: 1788 Chester, South Carolina
Parents: Henry Strange and Mary Liptrot
Spouse: Elizabeth Tucker  Birth: Unknown Lynchburg, Virginia; Marriage: c1744 Virginia
Henry Strange
Christening:  c.1700 St. Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia    Death:1746   New Kent, Virginia
Parents: Alexander Strange and Anne
Spouse: Mary Liptrot Marriage: c1724 St.  Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia
--------------------------------Alexander Strange
Birth: c1663 Virginia
Death: 2 Sep 1725 New Kent, Virginia
Parents: John Strange and Phebe Mitchell
Spouse: Anne Birth: c1667 Virginia; Death: 1/29/1718 St. Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia
Year and Place of Marriage: unknown
From Pam <pamtempson[at]yahoo[dot]com> January 2007
My dad: Ronald Lynn Strange was born on 16 Jul 1945 in Lima, Allen, OH,USA and is still living.  His father, Herbert L. Strange, was born 7 Jan 1910 in Frankfort,Clinton,IN, USA and died 12 Nov 1969 in Lima, Allen, OH, USA. Herbert's father, Walter Armadell Strange, was born 17 May 1889 in Frankfort, Clinton, IN, USA and died 19 Mar 1965 in Lima, Allen, OH, USA.  I think that Walter's Father was Murphy Columbus Strange from Jefferson, TN, but I'm not sure of this. I have spouse information for the above individuals as well if this will help.

Melgersma observed:
There is a Walter A Strange born May 1889 living with his parents Frank (Born Feb 1866) and Mary (Born Oct 1867) in Center Township, Clinton, Indiana in the 1900 census. It lists his siblings as Ira, Frances, Hazel and Mary. Murphy Strange does not seem to have a son named Walter in the 1900 census.
Betty Judge added:
This was submitted by an LDS member  on the :
Murphy Columbus Strange b 6 Feb 1854 Jefferson Tennessee (died 3 Aug 1919)  was son of James M Strange and  Sussannah Henderson who married 9 Aug 1839.  They also had  9 other children.

1880 census  Jefferson  Tennessee (Distrrict 5.)  1255264  T9-1264  513A
James M Strange Self Married Male white 63 Born TN Farmer  fathers birthplace North Carolina ,mothers  b Virginia
Susan Strange  wife M female  white 58 b TN keeping house  fathers; b TN  mothers b TH.
Joseph H Strange  son Single male white 20 b TH Farm Hand fathers b TN mothers b TN
Mary S Strange  dau.   single female  white 16 TH at home  fathers b TN mothers b TN
James M Strange b 1815 Jefferson Tennessee  (died 11 Jan 1896)  son of James  M Strange  (b 1787 N Carolina  died 1877) and Sarah Lane.(? Virginia) 

1880 Census  German, Madison, Missouri 1254702 T9-0702  554A
Murphy C Strange self M male W 25 b TN laborer father  b TN mother b TN
Mary F Strange  wife M female W 23 b VA Housekeeping father b VA mother b VA
Lucille A Strange dau S female W 6 b TN  father b TN mother b VA
Martha EStrange dau S female W 5 b TN father b TN mother b VA
William H Strange son S male W 1 TN  father b TN mother b VA
Charles C Strange other S male W 5mths b MO father b TN mother b VA
Joseph L Strange brother S male W 20 b TN Laborer father b TN mother b TN
Murphy Columbus Strange's parents were  James M Strange and  Martha Sue Ann Henderson,   he married  Mary F Palmer 30 dec 1874.
The above info  submitted by David R Minson  607 East Pinto Court,  Gilbert AZ 85296.

More from Pam:
I am now trying to identify the parents of Walter Armadell Strange b: 17 May 1889 Frankfort, Clinton,Indiana, USA d: 19 Mar 1965 Lima, Allen, OH, USA.  His first wife and the one I am related to was Myrtle Irene Snodgrass b:2 Jun 1889 Rensselaer, ,Indiana, USA d: 28 Aug 1956 South Bend, ,Indiana, USA. Melgersma found a Walter A Strange born May 1889  living with his parents Frank (Born Feb 1866) and Mary(Born Oct 1867) in Center Township, Clinton, Indiana in the 1900 census. It lists his siblings as Ira E. Strange 7, Francis R. 5, Hazel E. 3 and Mary M. 1 but I don't think this is the correct person, because the siblings conflict with those listed in the obituary that my grandmother passed down to me.  The obituary says:"Walter A. Strange, 75, of 1918 Wendell, was dead on arrival at Memorial Hospital 8:45 a.m. Friday following a heart attack.  He was born May 17, 1889, in Frankfort, Ind., and retired five years ago after 52 years as a freight agent of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Mr. Strange was a member of Market Street Presbyterian Church, Free and Accepted Mason Lodge 706, Elks Club and Rotary Club.  A 32nd degree Mason, he had been a member of the group 50 years.  Survivors include his wife, Alverda; three sons, Norman of 687 1/2 S. Main, Herbert L. of 1142 Catalpa and Paul E. of Newark; a daughter, Mrs. L. W. (Lois) Kohlhorst of Marion; a brother, Carol of Frankfort, Ind.; and two sisters, Mrs. Charles (Marie) Jones of Park Forest, Ill., and Mrs. Margaret McKinney of Indianapolis, Ind"

Walter Armadell Strange B 17 May 1889 Frankfort, IN D 19 Mar 1965 Lima, Allen OH Buried Chapel Heights Cem Marion OH Freight Agent, Pennsylvania Railroad parents: Francis Strange and Mary J.Spouse Myrtle Irene Snodgrass (1889-1956) her parents Jesse W Snodgrass and Emma L Holloway Marriage 12 May 1909. Children with Myrtle are listed as:
Norman   1912 IN
Lois         1918 IN
Herbert L.1910 IN
Paul E       1916 IN
Spouse Alverda Wise 1893-1973

Francis Strange born 1866 died 1935 married Mary J. 1887 Frankfort, Clinton IN Mary J. born 1867 Center Clinton IN Children:  Francis R. Mary J.:  Walter Armadell, Ira E, Hazel E. Parents: Henry Strange and Margaret.  Henry born 1844 Jackson Clinton IN Mary J. spouse unknown Children: Margaret, Marie, Carl

Possible solution to name discrepancies:
1910 Fed Census Center Township, Clinton, Indiana April 15, 1910 District 46
Frank A. (44) and Jennie M. (42) Strange
Children Ruth F (15), Hazel E (13), Mary M (11), Annie M (7) and Carl T (11/12)
They have been married 23 years and have had 7 children 6 are living All born in Indiana including parents of Frank and Jennie.  Frank works for himself and is a Grain Dealer
(Note: Mary (wife) is now enumerated as Jennie and Frances is now Ruth)

1910 Fed Census Indiana, Clinton, Center Township Frankford Ward District 49
Walter A (21) and Myrtle J (21) Strange They have been married 0 years and have no children All born in Indiana including parents Walter and Myrtle. Walter lists his occupation as a telegraph operator

1920 Fed Census Center Township, Clinton, Indiana June 20 & 21, 1920 District 42
Frank (52) and Jane  (51) Strange
Children Harold (11), Ruth Emmet (23) (widowed)
Granddaughter Hellen Emmet (1 10/12)
Everyone and parents born in Indiana except now Jane's Mother Pennsylvania. Frank's occupation is Clerk in a Grocery Store. Ruth's occupation is Clerk in a Dry Goods Store
Walter A Strange Home in 1920: Columbia, Whitley, Indiana Age: 30 years  Estimated birth year: abt 1890. Birthplace: Indiana
Walter A Strange 30 Walter is working as a ticket agent for the railroad 
Mertyl Strange 32 
Hebert Strange 10 
Norman Strange 8 
Paul Strange   4 1/12 
Lois Strange   2 1/12