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Extracts from Strange Wills and Administrations (Toddington area)

Joan Kemp March 2003
Accession No:
ABP/R 1560:15,F.74 (not transcribed) John Strange of Chalton
ABP/R 1563:16,f.76d (not transcribed) Richard Strange of Houghton Regis
ABP/W 1545-7/278 (not transcribed) William Strange of Houghton Regis
ABP/W 1572/48 (not transcribed) Thomas Strange of Houghton Regis
ABP/W 1575/95 (not transcribed) Alice Strange, widow, Houghton Regis
ABP/W w1593/34 (not transcribed) William Strange of Houghton Regis
ABP/W 1606/76 (not transcribed) Henry Strange of Houghton Regis, weaver

ABP/1618/144 Name: William Strange (NB Will very difficult to decipher)
Date written: 23 Mar 1618; Date executed: ............; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Chalton, Tuddington; Details Daughter, Prudence; Godson (?Grandson); William Peddar, son of Thomas Peddar; Goddaughter (?Granddaughter), Rebecca Peddar; daughter of Robert Peddar of Holton; Thomas Peddar; Robert Peddar; John Peddar; daughter Elizabeth's children Robert Peddar & Alne Peddar, daughter Alne Peddar's children; Son, John, Richard ?Pirat;
Executors Son, John

ABP/W 1636/29 Name: Thomas Strange (NB Will very difficult to decipher)
Date written: June 1636; Date executed: ............; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Houghton Regis; Details: Only daughter, Judith Strange, Wife, Judith, Brother, William Harding (?);
Executors Wife, Judith; Brother, William Harding, Overseer

ABP/W 1657/263 Name: John Strange the Elder
Date written: 10 Jun 1657; Date executed: ..........; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Chaulton, Tuddington; Places: Chauton (field bought from Thomas Carrington), Fancott. Something (?) from William Parsons of ?Sundon & from John Coppard, ? from Hugh Charg? & his wifeDetails: Daughter, Mary, Son, Francis, Son, John, Son, William, Daughter, Annie, Three grandchildren, Elizabeth Peddar
Executors Son, William

PRO Prob 11/484 Image Reference 411 Name: William Strange
Date written: 11 Apr 1704; Date executed:? (In Latin); Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Chaulton, Toddington; Places: Chaulton; Details: Wife, Katherine Strange; Daughter, Elizabeth Salter, wife of Richard Salter; Grandchildren Richard Salter, William Salter, John salter, Thomas Salter, Elizabeth Salter
Executors: Wife, Katherine Strange; Witnesses: Elizabeth Bradwin, Thomas Bradwin

ABP/W 1717/15 Name: Thomas Strainge
Date written: 3 Nov 1716; Date executed: ? 1717; Occupation:Husbandman; Abode: Apsley Guise; Details: Father, John Strainge; Father-in-Law, John Gregory; Wife, Elizabeth; Daughter, Elizabeth Strainge (undewr 21 at time of writing)
Executors Wife, Elizabeth

ABP/W 1737/44 Name: John Strange
Date written 18 Mar 1729; Date executed ?? **; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Fancott, Toddington Places: Middle Mead, Harlington, Bedford; Fancott, Toddington; Details: Wife, Alice Strange; Son, William Strange; Grandson, William Strange; son of son, William Strange; Grandchildren, sons & daughters of son, William Strange; Son, John Strange; Grandchildren, sons & daughters of son, John Strange-viz John Strange, Stone Strange, Elizabeth Strange, Mary Strange; Son, Thomas Strange; Grandaughter, Elizabeth Strange daughter of son Thomas Strange; Son, Francis Strange
Executors Wife, Alice Strange

ABP/A 1731/51 Name: Francis Strange
Letters of Administration; Date executed: Jul 1731; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Toddington
Administrator: John Strange of Chalton; Yeoman, brother of Francis Strange; John Stone of Toddington; George Hensman

ABP/W 1740/58 Name: Alice Strange (widow)
Date written: Jul 1737; Date executed: 29 Apr 1740; Abode: Toddington; Places: Fancott (fields in occupation of Henry Bomil?); Fields at Fancott occupied by William Strange the Younger; Details in court rolls of Manor of Toddington; Details: Son, William Strange, yeoman ('aforesaid = William Strange the Younger?'); John Strange, son of the said William Strange
Executors: Son, William Strange

ABP/W 1750/47 Name: William Strange
Date written: 22 Sept 1750; Date executed ??? ***; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Toddington; Places: Toddington; Lands held as detailed in court rolls of Toddington; Details: Wife, Sarah ... Strange; Son, William Strange; Son, John Strange; Son, James Strange; Son, Thomas Strange; Son, Joseph Strange; Daughter, Mary Wilison, wife of Thomas Willison; Son-in-law John Medcraft
Executors: Son-in-law John Medcraft

ABP/W 1759/35 Name: John Strange
Date written: 6 July 1753; Date executed: 11 July 1759; Occupation Gentleman; Abode: Chaulton, Toddington; Places: Fancott;Details: Wife deceased; Son, John Strange; Bequest to wife of late brother, Francis Strange; Son, Stone Strange; Daughter, Elizabeth........ & her husband John Melen **?; Daughter, Sibley
Executors Son, John Strange

ABP/W 1767/20 Name: John Strange
Date written: 2 Mar 1767; Date executed: 2 May 1767; Occupation: Yeoman; Abode: Chalton, Toddington; Places: Upper Samshill, Westonning, Harlington, Stopsolen (?), Chaulton, Fancot; Details: Wife, Elizabeth;Brother, Stone Strange of Chaulton; Daughter, Elizabeth (under 25 yrs); Son, John (under 21 yrs); Friend, Edward Fleet of Chalgrave
Executors: Wife, Elizabeth; Son, John Strange

ABP/A 1770/10 Name: Stone Strange
Letters of Administration; 
Date executed: 12 Sept 1770; Occupation: Farmer; Abode: Toddington
Administrator: Mary Strange, widow of Stone Strange; Edward Fleet of Chalgrave, Farmer; John Strange of Toddington, Baker

ABP/W 1781/15 Name: William Strange the elder
Date written: 27 Jan 1781; Date executed: 24 Mar 1781; Occupation Yeoman; Abode: Shillington (Shitlington); Places: ShillingtonDetails: Only son, William Strange; Daughter, Mary wife of George Nash; Grandchild William Cranfield; Grandchild Elizabeth the wife of Charles Waller; Brother-in-law Matthew Rolfe
Executors: Only son, William Strange; Brother-in-law Matthew Rolfe

ABP/W 1784/53 Name: John Strange
Date written: 21 Jun 1784; Date executed: 10 Nov 1784; Occupation : Baker; Abode: Toddington; Places: Fancott, (occupied by ? Morris, purchased by from 'one Medcraft'; Toddington (occupied by Edward Ashby, Shoemaker); Land purchased from Johnson Sandon; Hockliffe, occupied by William Inwards; Details: Brother-in-law, George Strange; Brother-in-law, Richard Strange; Sister-in-law, Elizabeth Strange;Son-in-law, Thomas Fox of Toddington; Son, William Strange; Daughter, Sarah, wife of Thomas Fox; Alice Strange (2 daughters specified); Friend, Thomas Gregory of Toddington, schoolmaster
Executors: Thomas Fox; Son-in-law, Thomas Fox; Daughter, Sarah Fox (wife of Thomas); Daughter, Alice Strange

ABP/A 1804/10 Name: William Strange
Letters of Administration; Date executed: 16 May 1804; Abode: Christ's Hospital, Mddx
Administrator: Ann Strange, widow, of Flitwick; widow & next of Kin to William Strange

ABP/W 1811/13 Name: William Strange
Date written: 27 Apr 1811; Date executed: - ; Occupation: Wheelwright; Abode: Silsoe, (NE Toddington, nr Ampthill); Details: Elizabeth Giddings, daughter of John Giddins of Silsoe; Brother, John Strange; Brother, Matthew Strange; Sister, Elizabeth Kempson; Sister, Mary Putnam
Executors: William Wyman of Clophill; James Kempson

PRO Prob 11/1644 Image reference 19 Name: William Strange
Date written: 3 Mar 1814; Date executed: 22 May 1821; Occupation: Gentleman; Abode: Toddington; Places: Toddington; Details: Son, John Strange, Baker; Son, William Strange, Yeoman; Daughter, Elizabeth Ellen, wife of John Goodman of Water Eaton, Bucks;
Executors: Thomas Garlick (?) of Tebworth (?); Thomas Parker of Woburn

ABP/A 1820/6 Name: Matthew Rolfe Strange
Letters of Administration; Date executed; 12 Jun 1820; Abode: Maulden
Administrator: Charlotte Strange, widow; James Kempson

ABP/A 1820/5 Name: Sarah Strange
Letters of Administration; Date executed: 12 Jun 1820Administrator: Elizabeth Kempson, Shillington (sister of Sarah Strange, spinster); Charles Rix, Hemel Hemsett, Miller

ABP/A 1820/4 Name: John StrangeLetters of Administration; Date executed: 12 Jun 1820; Abode: Shillington
Administrator: Sarah Rix of Hemel Hempsted, widow of John Strange, late of Shillington; James Kempson of Shillington, Farmer

ABP/W 1832/7 Name: George Gurney Strange
Date written: 16.Nov 1831; Date executed: 13 Feb 1832; Occupation: Farmer; Abode: Of Leagrave, Parish of Luton; Places: Cottages & land at Chalton, Toddington; Details: Son, Joseph Strange; Daughter, Mary, widow of William Inwards; Son, Philip Strange; Son, George Strange; Daughter Elizabeth strange, wife of Thomas Wilson; Daughter Sophia, wife of James mayes; Son William Strange; Daughter Lucy Strange; Alfred, reputed son of daughter Lucy Strange
Executors: Son, Joseph Strange; Friend John Cook (Houghton Regis)

PRO Prob 11/2171 Image Ref 1172 Name: John Strange (the Elder)
Date written: 8 Nov 1852; Date executed: 27 Apr 1853; Occupation: Farmer; Abode: Toddington; Details: Wife, Mary Strange; Brother-in-law, Thomas Fowler of 1 Church Villa, Victoria Road, Kentish Town Mddx, Gentleman
Executors: Brother-in-law, Thomas Fowler; Witnesses: James Fowler, Common Brewer, Woburn, Beds; Ann Strange, Toddington, Beds