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Clockmaker - Formed 1823, died 1866)

Clock Making in Oxfordshire 1400 to 1850  -  SOG Reference OX/G33

Page 27 Alderbury St Mary - In 1839, after the extensive restoration undergone by the church in previous years, Thomas Strange, clockmaker of Banbury, was employed to restore the clock and bring it up to date as the following entries show: Mr Strange - Repairing Church Clock … £7 10s 0d.
Ditto for two sets of new works for the minute hands and fixing … £12 10s 0d. Ditto for two new Copper Dials (6 feet) … £10 0s 0d. Richard Barnard for work at clock outside … £4 5s 3d. Beer for men while at clock 10s 9d. The clock dials of 1839 were fixed above the apices of the tower windows.

Page 32 Bodicate - St John the Baptist - A plate on the frame shows that this important clock (one of the oldest turret clocks in Oxfordshire) was improved by T. Strange, Banbury in 1843.

Page 67 Sibford Gower - The Holy Trinity, probably rebuilt in 1841 by T. Strange

Page 94 Charles William DRURY's business Banbury (early 19th century) was taken over by Thomas STRANGE about 1830.

Page 143 STRANGE, THOMAS - BANBURY (1823-1866)
C.&W., turret clocks. In Market Place 1823 to 1853; in a local exhibition in 1861. An advertisement in the County Directory for 1853 states that the business was "established upwards of eighty years", that is in 1773, which is based on the fact that he took over the business of C.W. Drury (q.v.) between 1823 and 1837. He sold "gold and silver watches of the best qualities both English and Foreign. English and French clocks, Jerome's American clocks warranted perfect from 15s upwards. Turret, House and Ornamental Clocks wound up and kept in repair by the year".

Bracket clock, 8-day, chiming, silvered arch dial. Case much carved with applied mouldings. Another 8-day, circular white dial in mahogany case inlaid with brass, spade hands (M.M Gillett).

Longcase, 8-day, circular white dial, calendar and seconds. Oak case with mahogany veneer, hood with Chippendale scrolls. Another in mahogany case.

Wall clock, 8-day, circular white dial, Case lacquered red and gold.

Longcase, 30-hour, painted arch dial, calendar. Case oak with mahogany veneer, hood with Chippendale scrolls.

Longcase, 30-hour, 12 inch, square painted dial, calendar. Plain oak case (C. Field).

Turret clocks: Repaired the Adderbury church clock and added twon2-hand dials in 1839, and maintained it annually until 1866,

Improved the clock in Bodicate church ( q.v.) about 1843.

Made the clock in Sibford Gower church (q.v.) in 1841.

Page 151 William WILLIAMS - Adderbury 1793 to 1862, maintained the church from 1828 to 1839 and thereafter probably as an agent of Thomas STRANGE (q.v.) Register Index)