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Three Chinamen of Oxford?
Notes: William Strange of All Saints, Oxford, chinaman, 22au, & Mary Hope of Holywell, Oxford, 22au. 16 May 1771. At Holywell, Oxford (Oxford Diocesan Marriage Bonds). William Strange, bach of All Saints Oxford, & Mary Hope spinster of this parish, m at St Cross, Oxford, by lic., 21 May 1771 (witnesses: Francis Morley, Sarah Young). He was buried at All Saints, Oxford, 21 Nov. 1800.

William Strange, son of Francis Strange of Lyford Berks, (so he was probably from Lyford also) Yeoman apprenticed to Wm Strange, chinaman for 7 years from 1st May last Enr 20 Mar 1759 (Oxford City Apprentices, ref 2183).

Sam Sutton, son of Sam Sutton of Chipping Norton, Oxon, Woolcomber, apprenticed to William Crump of All Saints psh, glass & chinaman for 7 years from 29 Aug last Enr 27 Aug [1792]. Margin - Transfer of app to Wm Strange of All Saints psh glass & chinaman 4 Apr 1796. (Oxford City Apprentices, ref 2954). Oxford RI 1785 Trinity, no.20 [11 April: Wm Cubbige of Nettlebed, potter, £20; Wm Strainge of Oxford, glassman, & Plater smith of Nettlebed, victlr., £10, for peace with his w. Sarah]   (Oxford Quarter Sessions).

On the twenty eight day of November 1800 Letters of Administration of all and singular the goods Chattels and Credits of William Strange late of the city of Oxford China Man deceased, were granted to Mary Strange Widow the Relict of the said Deceased, being first sworn duly to administer [Bishop of Oxford's Probate Court, 109.79. Oxfordshire Record Office]  (there was another William Strange who had a "Staffordshire Warehouse" (china) in Kingston on Thames, Surrey in the 1790s. I don't know if he is any relation to your William, but since it was quite common for a number of family members to follow the same or similar trades, there might be a connection.)
i. William, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 22 July 1772; he was perhaps the William Strange bur 1800
ii. Mary, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 29 June 1773; bur. there, 23 Sept 1774
iii. Anne, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 8 June 1774; bur. there, 9 May 1775
iv. Sarah, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 24 Jan 1776
v. George, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 12 March 1777; bur there, 7 May 1779
vi. Thomas, bp at All Saints, Oxford, 6 Jan 1779; bur. there, 14 May 1779

From: Ed Hanson , 21 Feb 2003
A few months back we had a discussion about William Strange, the chinaman of Oxford, and I offered the possibility that the original William Strange was baptized at Hanney, 19 Dec 1714, and taken back there for burial, 10 Oct 1786, from the Parish of All Saints' Oxford. He married Ann Woodward at Hanney, 27 June 1765, and she was buried there, 19 Nov. 1770.  He took his nephew William Strange (son of Francis) as an apprentice in 1759. I think this part still holds, but this week I downloaded his will from the PRO site, and it seems to offer something else about the next two generations:

Will of William Strange the Elder of Oxford, chinaman, made 30 Nov 1781 with an undated codicil (acknowledged by the witnesses, 23 Oct 1786, and proved with the will at London 2 Nov 1786) mentioned his sister Eleanor Collins; nephew
William Strange; William Strange (the son of my said nephew); Robert Godfrey; nephew William Collins of East Hanney; nephew Francis Strange; niece Catherine Clifford (wife of Thomas Clifford); niece Elizabeth Coles; niece Mary Godfrey; Catherine Clifford and Mary Pearte (the wife of John Pearte), the sisters of my said nephew William Strange; nephew John Coles. Nephew William Strange and Robert Godfrey named as executors; when the will was proved Godfrey was named as the surviving executor. The codicil mentioned his nephew William Strange (conditionally, unless he should die before attaining the age of twenty one); his two nieces; Francis Strange; servant Mary Boswell; sister-in-law Mary Strange; kinsman Thomas Jones; and Mary "Godfre" (PROB 11/1147).

(Note: Check if Catherine, above, was in fact married to Thomas or John CLIFFORD)

When William made his will in 1781, his nephew William Strange (bp 1742) and Robert Godfrey were named as the executors, but when the will was probated in 1786 Godfrey was called the "surviving executor." So, it appears that William (1742) was actually the one who was buried 4 Aug 1783 at All Saints' Oxford; and he was the one who married Mary Hope in 1771 (and that she then married Joseph Holland in 1802).

This seems to imply that the second William's son -- who was also named William (bp 1772) -- was the "nephew" (actually great-nephew) named in the codicil to the 1781 will, and not yet age 21 when the codicil was made. He was probably the one who married Mary Jessett at North Hinskey in 1796; and also the one who was buried at All Saints, Oxford, 21 Nov 1800. Administration on the estate of "William Strange late of the city of Oxford China Man deceased" was granted to his widow Mary on 28 Nov 1800.

So, it seems that there were indeed three men named William Strange, each of whom followed the chinaman trade in Oxford -- the uncle William (1714-1786), his nephew William (1742-1783), and his son William (1772-1800).

                                                                                                      Any thoughts?

From Bettty Judge:
But I think the shop/china business was left to William the elders sister Eleanor and when she died to his nephew William , (who died before the elder) then Williams son.

The shop was listed in 1784,Bailey British Directory, "The Merchants & Trades Useful Companion 1784 in 4 volumes. William Strange occupation China and Glassman,Earthenware/glass Vol 1 London; Vol 2 Western Directory; Vol 3 Northern Direcory; Vol 4 Eastern Directory." He was known as William Strange, All Hallows, Oxford.

I have found an Elizabeth Strange who married a John Godfrey feb `10 1774 under Headington Parish records.Oxford , with Thomas Godrey & Hannah Strange witnesses,but I think she is the daughter of Richard Strange of Headington, who left a will, (he owned lots of land where the big hospital is now) The Godfreys are related somehow. (see the will)

It is so confusing as there is a family in Cholsey and they had a niece staying with them from Bridewell. (Not on my tree as yet??)


From: "Betty Judge
I have been trying to solve Will Strange the elder (Chinaman of Oxford) nieces & nephews mentioned in his will. I had Eleanor Stange married William Collins 3 oct 1836, and their son Wm. But though I have been through the Church Records of West Hanney with a toothcombe, cannot find a STRANGE wedding for Catherine to Thomas Clifford; nor any Strange marriages to Peart, Godfrey, Coles. I did find that Mr Will Collins Yeo. East Hanney, (his father has an Estate of 50 pound per annum,) married Elizabeth Bowl(s) daughter of Edwin Bowl(s) 28 Oct 1701 West Hanney. Son William Collins bap 17 April 1707, West Hanney, I presume is the Wm Collins married to Eleanor Strange. Daughter Frances Collins bap 13 Oct 1709 West Hanney married Robert Godfrey 29 Oct 1730 West Hanney, who could be the executor. It s a mind blowing exercise to match it all up., as there is a niece Catherine, and another called Mary. So do I presume they married Clifford & Peart,

By the way there is another Wm STRANGE married by banns to Hannah Waller 2 Oct 1826 All Saints Oxford. Could this be a son of William & Mary Jessett ?


Further from Betty Judge
I was reading the article on the Three Chinamen of Oxford. and have some more info to complete it I hope.
Eleanor Strange b 1711 East Hanney daughter of Wm & Catherine (Wise) married William Collins 3 oct 1736 West Hanney Church. Her sister Elizabeth Strange m Richard Eggleton 12 Sep 1743 Brightwell, Berks. They are Sisters of the William the elder the Chinaman.

I think the family had moved to Brightwell as the of Mary Strange ( b 1744 East Hanny (Lyford) died 1793 Brightwell, buried St Bartholomews Church Brightwell. ) married Thomas Peart (b abt 1745 Brightwell died Brightwell 80 buried St Bartholomews Church Brightwell) on 19 November 1765 at St Bartholomews Church Brightwell Berks.

Her sister Catherine Strange ( b 1746 East Hanney (Lyford) married John Clifford 10 May 1771 at St Bartholomews Church, Brightwell.

Their brother was the William apprenticed to the Chinaman.Their parents Francis & Mary (Day) Strange of Lyford .

This may now help to solve the mystery of Stan's ancestors.