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From: Richard Carruthers (, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

P.C.C. will (14 Fox Quire [PROB 11/550 according to]) dated 7 Sept. 1714 and proved at London 18 Jan. 1715/6 by Sarah STRAINGE, relict and executrix.

1.testator: John STRAINGE of Downinton parish of Leachlade [LECHLADE], co. Glos., gent.

2. to kinsman John STRAINGE of Brinckworth [BRINKWORTH] co. Wilts. houses etc. in Downinton after death of wife & all household goods then at death of wife. If he died v.p. [vita patris, i.e. during the life of his father] then house to go to his next elder brother & in default to the youngest brother. sister BANISTER's children, Richard, John, Anne and Jane BANISTER £10 each. sister BROWN's children, William, John, Mary & Elizabeth BROWN £10 each. goddaughter Sarah HAILES of Highworth [Wilts.] £10 wives [wife's] kinsman Henry SHEPHEARD of Purton [Wilts.] £10 [THIS IS MY DIRECT FOREBEAR, he

lived 1675-1718 and was son of Samuel SHEPPARD of Purton and Hannah, née ?, his third wife] kinsman William HOOK £10 cousin Christopher HAILES children £5 each servants two sisters poor of Leachlade [sic]

12. and my will is that at the death of my wife John STRAINGE shall give to his two brothers and all his sisters £20 each out of his legacy. friend John WARD of Leachlad [sic] mercer £5

14.residue to wife Sarah sole executrix

overseer: John WARD, mercer

Source: John SADLER's Wiltshire Genealogy collections, vol. 4, Bradenstoke to Buttermere, sub BRINKWORTH parish on GSU MFM # 1526752, item 4, p. 83.