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Berkshire Wills for STRANGE

Calendar of Berkshire Wills 1508-1858 - Index for STRANGE etc

Volume 1 - 1508 to 1652
Year Name Place Reference
1531 STRANGE, John Charney, Longworth A. 177
1545 STRANGE, Richard b Radley A. 231
1546d STRANGE, John Charney, Longworth B. 4
1558 STRANGE, William Sotwell D. 220
1564 STRANGE, John Charney, Longworth Batell 181
1566 STRANGE, John Sotwell F. 11
1569 STRANGE, Robert Stanford F. 211
1573 STRANGE, Joan Charney, Longworth F. 364
1574 STRANGE, Edmond Charney, Longworth F. 436
1574 STRANGE, James Charney, Longworth F. 421
1584 STRANGE, John Ardington G. 436
1587 STRANGE, John Bradfield H. 173
1594d STRANGE, Philip Charney No Ref given
1599 STRANGE, Dorothy Charney, b. Longworth J. 502
1599 STRANGE, Thomas Charney J. 436
1600 STRANGE, Katherine Charney Ad. J. 596
1609 STRANGE, John Stanford-in-the-Vale K. 523
1612 STRANGE, John Abingdon Ad. with will L. 270
1612 STRANGE, John Burfield L. 289
1612 STRANGE, John Charney Ad. 82 ii
1614 STRAYNGE, Alice Stanford in the Vale L.478
1625 STRANGE, Joan (wife of John, Yeoman) Long Wittenham Will D/A1/118/82a and Inventory D/A1/118/82b
1633 STRANGE, John Speene No Ref given
1635 STRANGE, Margaret Charney No Ref given
1647 STRANGE, John Pusey No Ref given
Volume 2 - 1653 to 1710
1661 STRANGE, John (husb.) Pusey W. Invs. (2) 120/85
1662 STRINGE, Catherine (wid.) Newton, Buckland W. Admon. Inv. Acct. 120/112
1662 STRANGE, Elizabeth (wid.) Pusey W. Inv. 120/101
1676 STRANGE, Rd. (yeo.) Ardington W. Inv. 121/76
1673 STRAING, William (sen, husb.) East Hanney Admon. Inv. 169.85; 214/162
1674 STRANGE, Francis (husb.) Buckland W. Com. 121/67
1680 STRANGE, Ann (spin.) East Garston W. Inv. 121/112Â
1684 STRANGE, Thomas East Hanney Ws. (2) Inv. 121/149
1685 STRANGE, John (bach.) Letcombe Regis Admon. Inv. 169.87; 215/36Â
1701 STRANGE, Robert (yeo.) Sutton Wick, Sutton Courtenay W. 122/105
1701 STRANGE, Thomas (yeo.) Charney Bassett W. Inv. 122/101
1703 STRANGE, als. PAGE, Mary (w. of Robert, victualler) Reading St Lawrence Admon. 169.90; 215/151
1705 STRANGE, John (labourer) Moulsford Admon. Com. Inv. 169.91; 215/167; 234/56
1706 STRANGE, Anne (wid) Mouldford, Cholsey W. Inv. 122/158Â
1706 STRANGE, William (yeo.) East Hanney W. Inv. 122/166Â
Volume 3- 1711 to 1858
1718 STRAING, Richard Probate and Inventory D/A1/123/59; MF543
1721 STRAING, Richard (butcher) Ardington Will D/A1/124/90; MF544Â
1739 STRAING, William (yeoman) Abingdon Admin Bond; Inventory D/A1/216/57Â
1745 STRAING, Thomas (husbandman) Charney Bassett Will; InventoryD/A1/124/135; MF544Â
1752 STRANGE, Adam (yeoman) Admin Bond D/A1/216/198Â
1769 STRANGE, Adam (husbandman) Will Admin Bond D/A1/125 MF544Â
1780 STRANGE, John (yeoman) Admin Bond D/A1/216/198Â
1793 STRANGE, Henry (yeoman) Tilehurst (Theale) Will D/A1/125/120 MF544Â
1800 STRANGE, Rose (widow) Admin Bond D/A1/216/272Â
1803 STRAING, Francis (widower) West Hanney (Lyford) Admin Bond D/A1/231/33Â
1842 STRANGE, Elizabeth (widow) See 1. below Tilehurst Admin Bond D/A1/231/198Â

1. Sally Daffarn said on 28 December 2003, "This lady I believe was Elizabeth Daffarn (1842) born in Bray in 1790 to William and Elizabeth Daffarn. She married a Paul Stange in 1805 had 2 children in 1805 (Henry) and 1806 (William) before he died in 1807." Her gravestone shown below reads "Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Strange who departed this life Nov 1st 1843 aged 64yrs"

"Introduction to Abstracts of Probate Documents ( This is a collection of about 1000 abstracts of probate documents relating to people residing in the neighbourhood of the towns of Hungerford and Wantage in Berkshire. Since Hungerford is on the County boundary there is some spread into Wiltshire and to a lesser extent into Hampshire and Oxfordshire."

Only two of interest to the name study, extracted in summary:

1576 Will of Henry Edes, Charnam Street, Hungerford, Wiltshire - PCC will 10074 ..... and 40s to brother Christopher Strainge .....

1573 Will of Thomas Waldron, Eastborn, Chipping Lambourn, Berkshire - PCC will 10502 ..... to Agnes Straunge the wife of John Straunge of Ardington one young heifer with calf to Edward the son of the said John Straunge 6 ewes .......

Index for STRANGE etc
Berkshire wills from various courts
Index for STRANGE etc
From the Society of Genealogists
(Ref SOG Shelf Ref BK/G76)

Pt 1     1555 to 1730 From Wiltshire Record Office - nil
Pt 2A  1582 to 1668 Probate of the Court of the Dean and Cannons of Windsor in the Peculiar Court of Wantage from the Oxfordshire CRO - nil
Pt 2B  1668 to 1840 (As Pt 2A) - nil
Pt 3     1520 to 1840 Consistory Court of Sarum - Wills for Berkshire only in the Wiltshire Record Office:
Year Name Place Reference
1584 STRANGE, Robert (husbandman) East Hendred W. Inv.
1605 STRANGE, William (husbandman) Charlton W. Inv.
1625 STRANGE, John (yeoman, husband of Joan) Long Wittenham W. Inv.
1820 STRANGE, Ann (widow) Theale Will

Berkshire Wills of Farringdon (1547 to 1854),
Inkpen (1508 to 1653) and Archdeaconary (1653 to 1710)
(Ref SOG Shelf Ref BK/G81)
1687 STRONGE, Ann (spinster) Farringdon Adm Bond D/A/2/72