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Beverton Marriages
Marriage Licences
London Marriage Licences for Kent at St Andrew by the Wardrobe.
25 April 1629 John ALCHORN of Faversham, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Anne BEVERTON, of St Catherine Cree Church, spinster 23, daughter of Simon BEVERTON citizen, and cloth worker deceased

Marriages (mostly IGI listed in place by county and date order)
Richard BEVERTON; 19 Jan 1561; Abingdon; to Jone HARRIS
Edwarde BEUERTON; 21 Apr 1600; Hungerford; to Ellen WITTNAM

Sarah BEVERTON; 18 Apr 1789; St Mary'S, Stockport; to Peter FOGG
Sarah BEVERTON; 27 Jan 1845; Mottram in Longdendale; to Abraham PEDDINGTON

Thomas BEVERTON; 09 Jul 1682; East Meon; to Margery MIDLTON

Simon BEVERTON; 16 Feb 1603; Harbledown; to Mary SQUIRE {SQUIER}
Mary BEVERTON; 24 May 1624; Canterbury; Richard BONDE
Thomas BEUERTON; 08 Apr 1638; Saint Alphege, Canterbury; to Dorothy PLUMMER
Marie BEVERTON; 21 Apr 1642; Saint Peter, Canterbury; George MAY
Mary BEUERTON; 01 Apr 1655; Saint Alphege, Canterbury; to William GILHAM
Squier {Squire} BEUERTON; 17 Dec 1649; Saint Dunstan, Canterbury; to Katharn PERRY
Thomas BEVERTON; 25 Dec 1649; Saint Mary Bredin, Canterbury; to Marie BLANKET
Squire {Squier} BEVERTON; 25 Sep 1662; Saint Mary Bredin, Canterbury; to Frances REEVE
Mary BEVERTON; 04 Oct 1665; Hackington; to Samuel BRIGHT
Thomas BEUERTON; 03 Feb 1669; 20 Jan 1669; Canterbury; to Margaret FISHER
Frances BEVERTON; 09 Mar 1689; Holy Cross, Canterbury; to John FRIEND; A John BEVERTON Born 1706 was possibly John Friend's father-in-law and Executor of John Friend elder's will, he was a brewer in Canterbury   
Lydia BEVERTON; 07 Apr 1689; Saint Mary Bredin, Canterbury; to Nathaniel RICQUEBOURGH
Ann BEUERTON; 03 Oct 1711; Cathedral, Canterbury to George GRIMES
Elizabeth BEVERTON; 30 Jun 1734; Saint Peter, Canterbury; to John ORMOROD
Dorothy BEVERTON; 23 Jun 1754; Cathedral, Canterbury; to Isaac BLANCHER
William BEVERTON; 19 Jun 1770; St Paul's, Canterbury; to Ann Rose
James BEVERTON; 06 Nov 1836; Saint Alphage, Greenwich; to Rebecca RUDGE

William BEVERTON; 09 Oct 1786; Cathedral, Manchester; to Mary SIMPSON
ESTHER BEVERTON; 18 Oct 1796; Cathedral, Manchester; to William HUDDLESTON
Sarah BEVERTON; 02 Dec 1838; Cathedral, Manchester; to John BROWN

Mary BEVERTON; 05 Apr 1600; St Michael On The Mount, Lincoln; to John KIDDE

John BEUERTON; 24 Nov 1685; Saint Bride Fleet St; to Mary BELINGAM
John BEAVERTON; 12 Sep 1712; Aske'S Hospital Chapel, Shoreditch; to Mary LEVIT
Mary BEVERTON; 22 May 1796; Saint Leonard's Shoreditch; to John CORDELL
Samuel BEVERTON; 25 Dec 1802; Christ Church, Spitalfields, Stepney; to Sarah WILSON
Samuel BEVERTON; 16 Apr 1848; Old Church, Saint Pancras; to Jane Catherine BAILEY
Benjamin BEVERTON; 15 Jul 1856; Saint John The Baptist, Shoreditch; to Ann WEEKES
Margaret Ann Rose BEVERTON;  05 Aug 1889; Hammersmith; to George Thomas HARRIS; born 28 Dec 1869

Simon BEVERTON; 24 Oct 1705; All Saints, South Lynn; to Ann CATALIN both of Kings Lynn; Clerk

JOANE BEVERTONE; 1597; Cuddesdon and Wheatley; to Raffe FREEMAN

John BEAVERTON; 29 Jul 1804; Wrockwardine; to Jane TAYLOR
Elizabeth BEVERTON; 06 May 1811; Frodesley; to John HOTCHKISS
Mary BEAVERTON; 29 May 1815; Frodesley; to John BRASIER

John BEVERTON; Apr 1730; Gnosall, Stafford; to Mary FOWKE

Susanna BEVERTON; 10 Sep 1826; Gorleston With Southtown; to James Lee JULENS       

Samuel BEVERTON; 03 Apr 1825; Saint Saviour, Southwark; to Sarah SIBBALD
Benjamin BEVERTON; 25 Jun 1833; Holy Trinity, Newington; to Catherine Margaret OWEN
William BEVERTON; 19 Aug 1841; Newington, Surrey; to Sarah Ann S JARMAIN
William BEVERTON; 01 Jan 1871; Lambeth; to Ellen TANNER
Benjamin BEVERTON; 23 Sep 1876; Bisley, 22, traveller, bachelor of St Mary's, Lambeth; father James BEVERTON to Frances Ann MOSE, 25, spinster of Bisley
George Stannard BEVERTON ; 10 Apr 1898; Wandsworth, London; father William Thomas Jarmain BEVERTON;  mother Mary Eva West; to Eliza McCLATCHIE
Ernest Henry James BEVERTON; 09 Jul 1906; Guildford; father Benjamin BEVERTON; to Esther BICKNELL
Frederick BEVERTON; 30 Jul 1932; Wandsworth, London; father George Stannard BEVERTON, mother Eliza McCLATCHIE to Lillian Rose HART

Edmund BEVERTON; 20 Feb 1615; Wootton Bassett; to Alice MILLS
Elizabeth BEVERTON; 31 Jul 1769; Lydiard Millicent; to John HOLLISTER
John BEVERTON; c1837; Swindon, Wiltshire; to Elizabeth MARTIN


Timothy BEWERTON; 23 Oct 1638; Rothwell; to Elizabeth Roberts