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Beverton UK Marriage Registrations
Details below are given as Quarter & Year; Name; Spouse; Registration District; General Notes. If any specific details of marriage date and place then they will be used instead.

Q4 1838 Sarah BEVERTON; Abraham PEDDINGTON or John BROWN; Manchester; born 25/2/1818 or 25/2/1818; parents Willoughby BEVERTON, & Sarah ???? or George BEVERTON and Margaret ????.


Q3 1841 William BEVERTON; Sarah Ann S. JARMAIN; Newington; born 5/5/1817.

01/12/1842 John BEVERTON;  Mary Ann BARWICK; Lambeth; born c1813; died 1899.

Q4 1844 William BEVERTON; Betty BATES; Sowerby near Halifax; Not connected yet; born c1816.

Q1 1845 Sarah BEVERTON; Abraham PIDDINGTON or John BROWN; Ashton; parents as for Sarah married 1838.
Q3 1847 George Frederick BEVERTON; Agnes ARNOLD; Lambeth; born c1826.

Q2 1848 Samuel BEVERTON; Jane Catherine BAILEY; St Pancras; bap 23 September 1827.

18 May 1856 Hannah BEVERTON; Edwin BIRKS; Rotherham; GRO Index Error: The GRO Marriage Index is in error as the name (as reported by Sandra Todd studying this name) correctly advised that it should be Bevington. This error is compounded by             an erroneous announcement in the The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent Supplement, Saturday, May 24, 1856; pg. 8; Issue 1912. The marriage was at Rotherham Parish Church. Hannah, daughter of Samuel and Sarah BEVERTON, (formerly PHILLIPS) died in 1833 at the age of 1 year and was buried 09 Aug 1833 at St Mary Lambeth.

15 Jul 1856 Benjamin BEVERTON (widower) Ann WEEKS; St John the Baptist, Shoreditch; born 2 August 1829.

Q3 1858 Sarah BEVERTON; William COX; Camberwell; born c1814; parents Samuel & Sarah.

Q1 1861 Joseph Henry BEVERTON; Catherine COOPER; Lambeth; born 1839 from death aged 57.

Q2 1863 Eliza Ann BEVERTON; William FRESHWATER; Newington; born 1845.

27/11/1864 Mary Ann BEVERTON; William Thomas COATES; St Mary, Lambeth; born 1842.

02/10/1865 Thomas John BEVERTON; Sarah Ann PIDD; Tweedmouth, Berwick; born 1844.

Q1 1871 John Edward Samuel BEVERTON; Sarah Ann CHANDLER; Lambeth; born 1843.

Q1 1871 Marian BEVERTON; John KNELL; St. Saviour; born 1850.

Q1 1872 Herbert George BEVERTON; Emma Eliza HUGHES; Camberwell; born 1852.

Q1 1874 William Thomas Jarmain BEVERTON; Mary Eva WEST; Camberwell; born 1848.

Q1 1876 Rebecca BEVERTON; Walter Alexander SPICER; Lambeth; born 1851.

Q2 1876 Margaret Ann BEVERTON; Walter BAILIE; Lambeth; born 1849.

Q3 1876 Benjamin BEVERTON; Frances Anne MOSE; Chertsey; born 1855 Q2.

Q4 1877 George Frederick BEVERTON; Emma Jane BIGMORE; Camberwell; born 1852.

Q2 1879 Benjamin BEVERTON; Ada CONNER; Lambeth; born 1856.

Q4 1881 Emily Ellen BEVERTON; OLIVER or OXLEY; Lambeth; Not connected yet; born 1857; servant in 1881.

Q1 1883 Esther Wallis BEVERTON; URMSON or WILLIAMS; Canterbury; born in USA see 1881 census with father George and mother Esther.

Q4 1883 Kate Jane BEVERTON; William John GREEN; Epsom; born 1862.

Q4 1884 George Wallis BEVERTON; Rosina MARTIN; Lambeth; born USA c1856 as 45 in 1901 census.

Q1 1888 Alice Maud BEVERTON; CHAPLIN or DWYER; Greenwich; born 1860.

Q3 1889 Margaret Ann Rose BEVERTON; George Thomas HARRIS; Fulham; born 1869 but Registered Q1 1870.

Q3 1891 James William BEVERTON; Eliza Sophia DAVEY; Camberwell; born 1862.

Q4 1895 Agnes Mary BEVERTON; George CHAPMAN; Kensington; born 1872.

Q3 1896 Emma Eliza BEVERTON; Edward James ADNETT; St. Saviour; born 1873; (sister below).

Q3 1896 Minnie Elizabeth (possibly Mary Ann E. born 1877) BEVERTON; CLAYTON or LEWIS; St. Saviour; (sister above)
Q2 1898  George Stannard BEVERTON; Eliza (aka Elizabeth) McCLATCHIE; Wandsworth; born 1898.

31/07/1898 Agnes Elizabeth BEVERTON; Arthur Francis THOMAS; Pancras; Elizabeth Agnes born 1878.

26/12/1898 Thomas John BEVERTON (age 22, bachelor, Able Seaman in Royal Navy, living East Stonehouse Plymouth, father Thomas John BEVERTON Whitesmith); in Chertsey Parish Church; Millicent Jane POTTER (age 21, spinster, living in Chertsey, Father James POTTER, Gardener); witnesses Edward BOWHAY and Mercy POTTER.

Q2 1899 George Frederick BEVERTON; Florence Louisa NUNN nee FELL; Greenwich; born 1852.

Q3 1899 Florence Jane BEVERTON; Edward George SYRETT; Camberwell; born 1872.

Q4 1899 William Herbert BEVERTON; Margaret Louisa Ida MULLER; Lambeth; born 1875; Did Margaret die, or were they divorced before 1928?.

Q2 1900 Selina BEVERTON; Maurice WELLS; Greenwich; born 1850.

29/09/1901 Percy Charles (aka Charles Percy) BEVERTON; Cora May MORGAN; Camberwell; born 1879.
Q1 1902 Sarah Ann BEVERTON; Christopher Halsey LLOYD; Fulham; she was born PIDD.

Q1 1903 Albert Edward BEVERTON; Kate BUSWELL; Camberwell; born 1873.

Q4 1903 Arthur Herbert BEVERTON; Bessie Florence WILKINSON; Lambeth; born 1867.

Q4 1903 Benjamin BEVERTON; Amy FRIEND; Camberwell; born 1883; grocer.

Q2 1904 Ada Elizabeth BEVERTON; Frederick Robert MOREY; Camberwell; born 1882.

Q2 1904 George Frederick John BEVERTON; Emily Harriett HEWITT; Islington; born 1881.

Q4 1904 Ann Rose E (index error) (confirmed both names below) BEVERTON; Fulham; Same Vol and Page No.

Q4 1904 Rose Ann Elizabeth (on original index) BEVERTON; Joseph WARD; Fulham; born 1882; parents Thomas & Sarah PIDD.
Q3 1905 Rebecca Alice BEVERTON; George PEARCE; Chertsey; born 1880; parents Thomas & Sarah PIDD.

Q4 1905 Albert BEVERTON; Mary Ellen FARR or Elizabeth PARKINSON; Bolton; birth not known, possibly Index or transcription surname error.

Q3 1906 Ernest Henry James BEVERTON; Esther BICKNELL; Guildford; born 1883.

Q1 1909 Ellen Frances Beatrice BEVERTON; George WISHART; Guildford; born 1878.

Q3 1909 Arthur Jarmain BEVERTON; Edith Mary EMBLEN; Wandsworth; born 1880.

Q2 1910 Adela Maud BEVERTON; Jethro COLMER; Wellington,Somerset; born 1886.

Q2 1910 Florence Mary BEVERTON; William Edward FISK; Newport, M.; born 1883.

Q4 1911 William Frederick BEVERTON; Florence Emily Osborne; Camberwell; born 1884

Q2 1912 Albert BEVERTON; Lily RYDE; Camberwell; born 1887.

Q1 1913 Ernest Harold BEVERTON; Kathleen M. COOK; Lambeth; born 1855; parents not identified. Changed his name to REEVES on 14 Dec 1948 of "Barnell" Station Road Romsey, Southampton County, Ref: London Gazette 21 Dec 1948

Q1 1913 Joseph Henry BEVERTON; Ethel Elizabeth Emily HERRIDGE; Fulham; born 1885 Q2, died Q1 1968; lived at 6 Effie Mews.

Q3 1913 Rose or Rosie Emily BEVERTON; Arthur SPENCER; Camberwell; born 1888.

Q2 1914 Edith Maud BEVERTON; Frank E.N. PAILTHORPE; Croydon; born 1881.

Q4 1915 Harry Edward/Edwin BEVERTON; Grace Emily NOWELL; Lambeth; born 1891.

Q4 1916 Aubrey John BEVERTON; Ellen CHERRY; Croydon; born 1876.

Q3 1918 Wallis James BEVERTON; Elsie M. RIGGS; Isle of Wight; born 1892.

21 Nov 1918 Eva Mary BEVERTON; Ernest Oliver BAND; Lambeth; born 1896.

Q3 1919 Joseph James BEVERTON; Alice M.W. HAMMOND; West Ham; born 1892.

Q1 1920 Enoch BEVERTON; Clara ROBINSON; Walsall; born when and to whom? Probably another index error.

Q4 1922 Lucy Georgina F BEVERTON; Ernest TEBBUTT; Hampstead; born 1900, killed 1941.

Q1 1923 Florence L {nee FELL} BEVERTON; John Edward MOORHOUSE; Hampstead; born c1871.

Q2 1924 Joseph H. BEVERTON; Daisy HUMPHRIS; Wandsworth; born 1885 Q2.

Q3 1925 Winifred Ada BEVERTON; Desmond W.G. LEE; Edmonton; born 1904.

Q4 1925 Ruby Isabel BEVERTON; Ernest G. HOLLICK; Chertsey; born 1891.

Q2 1926 Alice Esther BEVERTON; Walter J. G. NEW; Isle of Wight; born 1896.

Q3 1926 May BEVERTON; Frank JONES; Bromley; born 1904.

Q1 1927 Eva Mercy BEVERTON; George William HAGGER; Lambeth; born 1903.

Q3 1927 William Thomas BEVERTON; Ivy Winifred SMITH; Wandsworth; born 1902.

Q4 1928 Harold George BEVERTON; Violet J GOODRICKE; Bucklow; born 1894.

Q4 1928 William H BEVERTON; Eliza M. E. LONGHORNE; Lambeth; born when and to?; This William may have been who also married Margaret MULLER in 1899.

18/05/1929 George Benjamin BEVERTON; Ethel Eliza THURLEY; St Mark's, Noel Park, MDX born 1908.

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30/07/1932 Frederick BEVERTON; Lillian Rose HART; Wandsworth; born 1910.

26/03/1955 Martha BEVERTON; Albert LINSCOTT; Camberwell; Martha was 56, it was Albert's second marriage and was also Martha's, formerly KEVAN, second wife of William Frederick BEVERTON.