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Beverton United Kingdom - 1841 Census
(Analysis and Detail to follow)

HO107/1052; Book: 2; St George Street, Civil Parish: St Giles Camberwell; Borough: Lambeth, Surrey; ED4; F17; P26
The transcription is correct, the enumeration cannot be.

Samuel BERETON; 50; Tinplate worker; n; noted that his age enumerated as 50 should be 60.
Sarah BERETON; 55; n.
Sarah BERETON; 25; y.
George BERETON; 15; y.

The following is from an on-line site that doesn't exist now; some of these look suspicious, Ancestry was returning nil results on BEVERTON for this census - where is everyone?

Great Boughton & Nantwich
George BEVERTON; 30.
Jane BEVERTON; 30.
Richard BEVERTON; 7.
William BEVERTON; 5.
Robert BEVERTON; 3.
Margaret BEVERTON; 0.

Great Yarmouth
Sarah BEVERTON; 64.

Yorkshire, West Riding - Leeds, Otley, Pontefract & Tadcaster (Not likely)
William BEWERTON; 40.
Mary BEWERTON; 40.

Carmarthen & Llandilofawr (Not likely)
Margaret BEWERTON; 45.
Thomas BEWERTON; 75.
Many BEVINGTON, some possibles.