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Beverton United Kingdom - 1851 Census
(Analysis and Detail to follow)

Family Group 1 - Princes Street, St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey
HO107/1571; F99; P22, Sched 18 {Ancestry says 58, comment left}
George BEVERTON Head Mar? 19 Potter emp 3 men, 4 lab's Lambeth, Surrey
A family of 7 JANAWAY folk were lodging with him, one was a potter and another a smith.

Family Group 2 - 23 Lambeth Walk, St Mary, Lambeth
HO107/1571; Folio: 131; Page: 18; Schedule: 59
Sarah Beverton (nee WILSON) Head Wid 58 Ironmonger Mistress Southwark, St Saviour
Sarah Beverton Dau Um 21 Ironmonger Assistant Lambeth, Surrey
Ann Phillips Mother Wid 86 Insane, Shadwell; Sarah (the Head) was Samuel's widow, she married Samuel as Sarah SIBBALD. The presence of her mother as PHILLIPS establishes she previously married a SIBBALD, was widowed and remarried to Samuel BEVERTON. Also this extract from Samuel Beverton's will (PRO Ref 11/2070): He left £20 to daughter Sarah and tools etc to sons George and Samuel also£10 to “Indecipherable name” the son of his wife before their marriage. House, plate, goods and chattels went to go wife Sarah.

Family Group 3 - 5 James Street, Lambeth, Surrey
HO107/1571; Folio: 133; Page: 22; Schedule: 125
Samuel Beverton Head 23 Tin Smith Foreman Lambeth
Jane C Beverton Wife 20 Lambeth
(Jane Catherine nee BAILEY)
Jane S (aka Sarah Jane ) Beverton Dau 1 Newington
Samuel G (Samuel George) Beverton Son 6 Mo Lambeth

Family Group 4 - Princes Road, St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey
HO107/1572; Folio: 234; Page: 17; Schedule 51
James Beverton Head 39 Brazier Southwark
Rebecca Beverton Wife 36 Croydon
{No Estherina born 1837, died 1846}
Joseph Beverton Son 11 Lambeth
Mary Ann Beverton Dau 8 Lambeth
Thomas Beverton Son 6 Lambeth
{No Agnes born 1848 but may not have died until 1856}
Margaret Beverton Dau 2 Lambeth
Rebecca Beverton Dau 3 months Lambeth

Family Group 5 - {Something} Place, The Grove, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1580; Folio and Page numbers not legible, 10th page of ED 5; Schedule 34
Sarah Beverton Serv Um 32 Southwark, Surrey; with George Cottam's household, retired West India Merchant.
Family Group 6 - 5 Pilgrims Buildings, Emmanuel, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1580; Folio and Page not legible but 50th/51st page of ED 13, Schedule 237
John Beverton Head 36 Tin Plate Worker, Metal Southwark, Surrey
Mary Ann Beverton Wife 35 Laundress Newington, Surrey
John Beverton Son 7 Camberwell, Surrey
Eliza Beverton Dau 5 Camberwell, Surrey
Marian Beverton Dau 1 Camberwell, Surrey

Family Group 7 - 22 St Edmund Street, Emmanuel, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1580; Folio and Page not legible but tenth page of ED 14, Schedule 48
George F Beverton Head 25 Tin Plate Worker Southwark St George
Agnes Beverton Wife 22 Paddington, MDX
Agnes Beverton Dau 2 Camberwell, Surrey
Selina Beverton Dau 1 Camberwell, Surrey

Family Group 8 - 47 George Stet, Emmanuel, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1580; Folio and Page not legible but sixth page of ED 15, Schedule 31
Benjamin Beverton Head 41 Tin Plate Worker Hoxton, MDX
Catharine Beverton Wife 39 Henley on Thames, OXF

Family Group 9 - 4 Marsh Place, Hamlet of Peckham, Christchurch, Camberwell, Surrey
HO107/1581; Folio: 41; Page: 27; Schedule: 116
William Beverton Head 33 Tin Plate Worker Newington, Surrey
Sarah Beverton Wife 31 Walworth, Surrey
Mary Ann Beverton Dau 9 Camberwell, Surrey
William Beverton Dau 2 Camberwell, Surrey
Thomas Lumbe Serv 16 Shop Servant Westminster, Surrey

Family Group 10 - Row 10 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
{Next to Charlotte Street in Enumeration Book}
HO107/1806; Folio: 499; Page: 23, Schedule 91
Eliza Beverton Head Mar 41 Char Woman Corton, Suffolk; No spouse, I cannot fit her in with a marriage.
Family Group No 11 - Lately Common, Bedford, Lancashire
HO107/2204; Folio: 453; Page: 3; Schedule 9
Peers BEERTON Lodger 61 Ag Lab Pennington, Lancashire; with a family called BRIMELAW {I have double checked the census image and there is no doubt that his name is enumerated as BEVERTON; so how did this lone member come to be born in Lancashire?