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Beverton United Kingdom - 1861 Census
(Analysis and Detail to follow)

The following Index is from a web site that no longer exists; some of these look suspicious
Elizabeth BEVERTON; 18 Stockton, Yarm
Catherine BEVERTON; 34 Walsall
George BEVERTON; 38 Walsall
Joseph BEVERTON; 66 Walsall, Darlaston
Senion BEVERTON; 13 Walsall, Darlaston
John BEVERTON; 23 Walsall, Darlaston
Mary BEVERTON; 58 Walsall, Darlaston
Alice BEVERTON; 0 Camberwell, Peckham
Lydia BEVERTON; 0 Camberwell, Peckham
George BEVERTON; 0 Camberwell, Peckham
Selina BEVERTON; 11 Camberwell, Peckham
Aagnes BEVERTON; 32 Camberwell, Peckham
George BEVERTON; 35 Camberwell, Peckham
Sophia BEVERTON; 62 Cheltenham
George BEVERTON; 23 Newcastle under Lyme
Thomas BEVERTON; 21 Newcastle under Lyme
Louisa BEWERTON; 2 Bethnal Green, Hackney Road
Louisa BEWERTON; 24 Bethnal Green, Hackney Road