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Beverton United Kingdom - 1871 Census
(Detail to follow)

Family Group 1 - St Giles, Camberwell
George F BEVERTON ; Head; 45 (c1826); Southwark, SRY
Agnes BEVERTON; Wife; 42 (c1829); Marylebone, MDX
George BEVERTON; Son; 19 (c1852); Camberwell, SRY
Alice M BEVERTON; Dau; 10 (c1861); Camberwell, SRY

Family Group 2 - Camberwell, St George
Benjamin BEVERTON; Head; 60 (c1811); Kingsland Road, MDX
Anne BEVERTON; Wife; 41 (c1830); Welling, KEB

Family Group 3 - St Mary, Newington
George BEVERTON; Head; 43 (c1832); Lambeth
Esther BEVERTON; Wife; 41 (c1830); Lambeth, SRY
Esther W BEVERTON; Dau; 18 (c1853); Boston, USA
George W BEVERTON; Son; 15 (c1856); Cambridge,USA
Mary BEVERTON; Dau; 10 (c1861); Chelsea
James W BEVERTON;  Son; 8 (c1863); Kentish Town
Arthur H BEVERTON; Son; 3 (c1868); Newington

Family Group 4 - Camberwell, St Giles 
John BEVERTON; Head; 56 (c1815); England
Mary Ann BEVERTON; Wife; 56 (c1815); England
Herbert BEVERTON; Son; 19 (c1852); England
Benjan {Benjamin} BEVERTON; Son; 14 (c1857); England
{plus Eliza FRESHWATER; grand-daughter}

Family Group 5 - Lambeth, St Mary
William BEVERTON; Head; 53 (c1818); Southwark, SRY
Mary A S BEVERTON; Dau; 28 (c1843); Wyndham Rd, Camberwell, SRY
William T J BEVERTON; Son; ;22 (c1849); Pleasant Row, Old Kent Road
Julia P BEVERTON; Dau; 8 (c1863); Brixton, Swan Place, SRY

Family Group 6 - Camberwell, Peckham
Thomas BEVERTON; Head; 27 (c1844); Lambeth, SRY
Sarah BEVERTON; Wife; 28 (c1843); Grantham, LIN
Margarett BEVERTON; Dau; 1 (c1870); Lambeth

Family Group 7 - St Pancras, London
Selina BEVERTON; Servant; 21 (c1850); MDX;  With John HEAD and family

Family Group 8 - Lambeth, St Barnabas, Kennington First
63 Lark Hall Lane RG10; Piece: 673; Folio: 144; Page: 17.
Note this family is incorrectly transcribed on as BREARTON but is correct on another web site.
JOSEPH H BEVERTON; Head; Mar 31 (c1840); Greengrocer  Lambeth; {Joseph Henry}
CATHERINE BEVERTON; Wife; Mar 32 (c1839); Bloomsbury, St Giles
KATE F BEVERTON; Dau; 8 (c1863); Lambeth; {Kate Jane}
ALICE M BEVERTON; Dau; 2 (c1869); Lambeth; {Alice Mary}
BENJAMIN BEVERTON; Bro; 16 (c1855); Assistant in business; Lambeth
REBECCA BEVERTON; Sis;  Mar 19 (c1852); General servant; Lambeth

Note that a family in Mendham, Suffolk transcribed by 1901CensusOnLine as BEVERTON is definitely BRERETON as enumerated. Another family transcribed in Kimbolton as BEVERTON are certainly BEVAN.