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Beverton United Kingdom - 1881 Census
(investigation and detail to follow)

RG11 0010/14/22 - 12 Chippenham Terrace, London, Middlesex
Elisab. C. BOVERTON; Servt; U; 19 ;St Pancras, Middlesex; Genl Servant

RG11 0770/8/9 - Fox Inn, Bisley, Surrey
Benjamin BEVERTON; Head; M; 24; Lambeth, Surrey; Publican & Traveller
Francis A. BEVERTON; Wife; M; 29; Bisley; Surrey
Ellen F. H. BEVERTON; Daur; 3; Bisley, Surrey
Benjamin J. J. BEVERTON; Son; 8m; Bisley, Surrey

RG11 0670/61/9 - 214 New Road, Camberwell, Surrey
George BEVERTON; Head; M; 49; Lambeth, Surrey; Gas Meter Maker Tin
Esther BEVERTON; Wife; M; 51; Lambeth, Surrey
Esther W. BEVERTON; Dau; U; 28; Mass Boston, USA; Dressmaker
Mary BEVERTON; Dau; U; 20; Chelsea, Middlesex
James W. BEVERTON; Son; U; 18; St Pancras, Middlesex; Law Writer
Arthur H. BEVERTON; Son; U; 13; Kenneston, Surrey; Scholar
William WALLIS; Son; U; 45; Lambeth, Surrey; Gas Fitter; Too old for son or step-son, perhaps 25 or brother confirm on original

RG11 0672/32/56 - 4 & 5 Killbourn Place, Cork St, Camberwell, Surrey
John BEVERTON; Head; M; 68; Camberwell, Surrey; Tinplate Worker
Mary A. BEVERTON; Wife; M; 68; Camberwell, Surre;y Laundress
John E. KNELL; Grdson; 9; Camberwell, Surrey; Scholar

RG11 0672/31/53 - 9 Cork St, Camberwell, Surrey
Herbert BEVERTON; Head; M; 29; Dulwich, Surrey; Slater Labourer
Emma BEVERTON; Wife; M; 27; Camberwell, Surrey
Herbert J. BEVERTON; Son; 9; Camberwell, Surrey Scholar
Emma BEVERTON; Dau; 7; Camberwell, Surrey Scholar
Mary A. BEVERTON; Dau; 3; Camberwell, Surrey Scholar
Charles BEVERTON; Son; 1; Camberwell, Surrey

RG11 0680/52/38 - 45 Blenheim Grove, Camberwell, Surrey
NOTE: Confirmed that this family should have been enumerated/transcribed as BEVERTON
Thomas S. BERERTON; Head; M; 38 Lambeth, Surrey; Gas Fitter
Sarah A. BERERTON; Wife; M; 40 Grantham, Lincoln
Margaret A. BERERTON; Daur; 10; Lambeth, Surrey; Scholar
Agnes BERERTON; Daur; 9; Peckham, Surrey; Scholar
George BERERTON; Son; 6; Peckham, Surrey; Scholar
Thomas J. BERERTON; Son; 4; Peckham, Surrey; Scholar
Rebecca BERERTON; Daur; 1; Peckham, Surrey

RG11 0682/57/30 - 26 McKerrell Rd, Camberwell, Surrey  (SE15 1G 105)
Geo. F. BEVERTON; Head; M; 29; Camberwell, Surrey; Gas Inspector
Emma J. BEVERTON; Wife; M; 29; Camberwell, Surrey
Eliz Agnes BEVERTON; Dau; U;  2; Peckham, Surrey
Geo F. John BEVERTON; Son; U; 4m; Peckham, Surrey

RG11 0694/77/6 - 177 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell
Benjamin BEVERTON; Head; M; 70; Kingsland, Middlesex; Whitesmith
Anne BEVERTON; Wife; M; 51; Bexley, Kent

RG11 0695 / 128/33 - 28 Peckham Grove, Camberwell, Surrey
NOTE: Confirmed that this family should have been enumerated/transcribed as BEVERTON
John BEVINGTON; Head; M; 36; Camberwell; Commercial Traveller
Sarah BEVINGTON; Wife; M; 33; Camberwell
Florence J. BEVINGTON; Dau; 9 Camberwell; Scholar
Albert BEVINGTON; Son; 7; Camberwell; Scholar
John A. BEVINGTON; Son; 4 Camberwell
Percey BEVINGTON; Son; 2 Camberwell
Edith BEVINGTON; Dau; 3m Camberwell

RG11 0631/101/26 - 29 Victoria Rd, Clapham, Surrey
Emily BEVERTON; Servt (dom); U; 25; Kennington, Surrey 

RG11 0617/75/19 - 414 Coldharbour Lane, Lambeth, Surrey
William BEVERTON; Head; M; 64; Southwark, Surrey; Gas Fitter
Mary A. S. BEVERTON; Dau; U; 37; Camberwell, Surrey; Housekeeper
Julia J. BEVERTON; Dau; U; 18; Lambeth, Surrey; Teacher (School)

RG11 0622/71/18 - 121 Mayall Road, Lambeth, Surrey
William BEVERTON ; Head; M; 30; Surrey; Gas Fitter
Mary E. BEVERTON; Wife; M; 26; Surrey
William J. BEVERTON; Son; 5; Surrey
Charles P. BEVERTON; Son; 4; Surrey
George S. BEVERTON; Son; 3; Surrey
Arthur BEVERTON; Son; 4m; Surrey

RG11 0515/23/18 - 57 Blackfriars Road, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey
Joseph Henry BEVERTON; Head; M; 41; Lambeth, Surrey; Corn Dealer
Catherine BEVERTON; Wife; M; 42; Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Kate Jane BEVERTON; Dau; U; 18; Lambeth, Surrey
Alice Mary BEVERTON; Dau; 11; Lambeth, Surrey

RG11 0798/12/39 - Gatton Road, Reigate Foreign, Surrey
Alice M. BEVERTON; Boarder; U; 20; Camberwell, Surrey; Governess