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WILLS INDEX FROM 1383 to 1857
The following suporting  information, provided by Richard Carruthers, provides a valuable insight into the wills and sentences for STRANGE and variants found among Prerogative Court of Canterbury wills 1384-1858:

The PCC wills database employs the Gregorian calendar year number for dates before 1752, which affects those dates which would often be represented by the transitional double-dating system employing Julian (Old Style) and Gregorian (New Style) reckoning for dates between 1 January and 24 March until 1752, when the calendar reform was formally adopted in the jurisdiction of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

There are surname spellings may or may not denote members of the STRANGE family, but which STRANGE researchers should be aware of..  These include instances of titles of nobility employing the name STRANGE rather than instances of the surname per se.  There may, nonetheless, be a genealogical link between such titles and persons surnamed STRANGE or variant as such titles often reflect a derivation from earlier families bearing as a surname the name now borne as a title.

There are 184 documents in toto for:
Le Strange, Le Strannge, Le Strange and L’Estrange
Strannge, Strange
Strang (I find this spelling among Wiltshire folk who are also called Strange, Strainge or even Straing)
Strainge, Straing - Individual cases should be examined for what the additional name information they contain may indicate. Some discussion of this has already occurred under the lesser variants during the course of this analysis of the PCC wills and sentences collection for STRANGE and variants which I have collected, arranged chronologically, and commented on in this message. To ensure maximum coverage I used Str*ng* in the surname slot in the wills search engine which yielded 903 results from which I made my selection of 184 documents meriting inclusion in a Strange and variants one-name study.
Straunge, Stange
Strounge  - I included this variant because of its close parallel to the sound of the surname variant Straunge, a known variant of Strange. It may be, of course, that this is simply a rare instance of a variant of Strong or Stronge which also came up under my research parameters, though I eliminated those results from this survey

Title forms
Baroness Strange [subsidiary title of the Charlotte Murray 1731-1805, Duchess of Atholl, see 108 below. Baroness Strange was Her Grace’s title in her own right. Her maiden name was also Murray as in 1753 she had married her 1st cousin, John Murray, who succeeded her father (his paternal uncle), the 2nd Duke of Atholl, as the 3rd Duke of Atholl on the former’s death in 1764. The Strange title, which devolved to her on her father’s death in 1764, had come down to him via his maternal descent from James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby. The peerage was a barony by writ of summons (1628) created in error when James Stanley as his living father’s heir and was summoned to Parliament under the mistaken belief that his father enjoyed as a junior title, the more ancient title of Baron Strange of Knokyn, which had been held by members of his family from 1482-1594, when it had fallen into abeyance among coheirs. Titles/peerages created by writ rather than letters patent are heritable along female lines, whence the passage of this second Strange barony into the Murray family from the Stanleys.]

Lord Viscount Strange [where James Stanley, 1716/7-1771, the heir of Sir Edward Stanley, 11th Earl of Derby, was incorrectly called by the courtesy title, Lord Strange, hence the description commonly called. His surname is Stanley. He died before his father, and so was never became the Earl of Derby, a title his son instead inherited in 1776.]

Lord Stanley and Straunge [subsidiary titles of Sir Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby, K.G., see 10 below. His son Ferdinando, 5th Earl of Derby, died in 1594 when the baronies of Stanley and Strange fell into abeyance {see the foregoing entry} among his daughters {and later amongst their heirs}]

The Stanley's Strange of Knokyn [or Knockyn/Knockin] barony derived from the fact that George Stanley, heir of Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, K.G., had married circa 1482, Joan, Baroness Strange of Knockyn, daughter and heir of John Le Strange, 8th Lord [i.e. Baron] Strange of Knockyn. George was summoned to Parliament in his wife’s title fro 1482-1497, and died in 1497 without ever succeeding to his father’s earldom. His heir Thomas Stanley, became the 10th Baron Strange on his father’s death in 1497, and succeeded his paternal grandfather as 2nd Earl of Derby on the latter’s death in 1504. Thus a second Barony of Strange of Knokyn had been created in 1482 for the husband of the heiress of one created by writ of summons in 1299. So ultimately, these wills pertain to people with an important descent from the (Le) Strange family.

PCC Wills Index - 1383 to 1557

1505 Roger le Straunge or Strannge, Knight, Hunstanton etc, Norfolk; 2 Adeane, 1506 12 February, PROB 11/15,
1514 Jane Stanley Le Strange of Hillingdon, Middlesex, 1504 03 May, PROB 11/17
1520 John Strange, St Steven, Walbroke, Wax ChandlerLondon, Islington, Middlesex; 31Ayloffe, 08 August 1520, PROB 11/19

PCC Wills Index - 1558 to 1583
1560 John Strange or Strannge, gentleman, Chesterton, Gloucester; 30 Mellershe, 15 May 1560 PROB 11/43
1567 Anthony Strange,haberdasher, citye of London; 26 Stonarde, 18 September 1567 PROB 11/49
1570 Thomas Stronge, Eling, Southants [This grant void due to death of adtrix]; 32 Lyon
1575 Robert Le Strange, Gentleman of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, Pychering, 17 November 1575 PROB 11/5745

PCC Wills Index - 1584 to 1604
1587 Robert Straunge, esquier, of Ciseter (Cirencester), Gloucester; 5 Rutland, 03 January 1588 PROB 11/72
1588 Paule Strange, or Straunge of Saint Ann Blackfriars, City of London; 51 Rutland 11 June 1588 PROB 11/72
1594 Lord Henry Strange, Earl of Derby, Derby, Darby Earle of Henrye, Lord Standley and Straunge, Lorde of Manne and thyles, one of the lords of H.M.'s Privie Counsell, K.G. etc., Lord Lieutenant, Ormiskirk, of the Counties of Lancashire and Cheshire and Chamberlain of the County of Cheshire, Yorks, Oxford, Middx; 66 Dixy 17 October 1594 PROB 11/84
1594 Thomas Strange or Stannge, gent, Chesterton, par, Ciceter, Gloucester; 43 Dixy, 10 May 1594 PROB 11/83
1596 Anthonie Straunge, Gentleman of Chesterton, Ciseter, Gloucs; 59 Drake 01 July 1596 PROB 11/88
1598 Robert Strange, husbandman, Syston, Gloucester; 33 Lewyn, 03 May 1598 PROB 11/91
1601 Reighnolde or Reginald Strange, Joiner of Saint John Zachary, City of London 13 July 1601 PROB 11/98

PCC Wills Index - 1605 to 1609
1609 Richard Strange, gent, Donington (Stow on the Wold), Gloucester; 15 Dorset, 04 February 1609 PROB 11/113

PCC wills from 1610-1857
The following list has been produced from information kindly submitted by Heather Olsen and Richard Carruthers-Zurowski; it includes all variants of the name of STRANGE.  Where will transcripts are available to me I have included a direct link to the transcript; in some cases transcribers have reatained them and their contact details are provided:

Covering    PROB
  Date       11/                             Scope

1610 Jun 21  116  Will of Helene Strainge, Gentleman of Cirencester, Gloucestershire
1610 Oct 19  116  Will of John Strange of Broad Blunsdon, Wiltshire
1613 Nov 26  122  Will of Michael Strange of Somerford Keynes, Wiltshire

                         (See Gloucester page for family of James Peto-Gundersen)
1616 Jul 26  128  Will of Gorge Strange or Strange, Shipwright of Littleham, Devon
1618 Nov 26  132  Will of John Strange alias Huycke or Huicke, Miller of Lechlade, GLS
1621 Jan 01  137  Will of Phillip Strange, Merchant of Northam, Devon
1621 Nov 06  138  Sentence of Philippi Strange of Northam, Devon
1628 May 29  153  Will of John Strange of Stanton Barnard, Wiltshire
1629 Jul 20  159  Will of Anne Strange, Widow of Chesterton, Gloucestershire
1631 Apr 26  159  Will of Robert Straunge of Somerford Keynes, Wiltshire
1631 Jun 07  160  Will of Anthony Strange, Yeoman of Siston, Gloucestershire
1631 Jul 31  160  Sentence of Robert Strange of Somerford Keynes, Wiltshire
1639 May 20  180  Will of Jane Strange, Widow of Somerford Keynes, Wiltshire
1641 Jul 14  186  Will of Thomas Strange, Glover of Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire
1646 Feb 02  195  Will of Mary Strange of Pleshey Lodge, Essex
1647 May 07  200  Will of John Strange, Merchant of Bideford, Devon
1651 Jan 23  215  Will of Alexander Strange, Vicar of Layston, Hertfordshire
1651 Feb 14  215  Will of Edward Strange, Blacksmith of Bicknoller, Somerset
1652 Feb 16  220  Will of Walter Strainge, Yeoman of Abson, Gloucestershire
1654 Nov 17  237  Will of Julian Strange of Fremington, Devon
1656 Feb 05  252  Will of John Strounge of Wootton Courtney, Somerset
1657 Nov 18  269  Will of Phillip Strainge or Straing, Husbandman of Kintbury, Berkshire
1657 Nov 21  271  Will of John Strange, Yeoman of Toddington, Bedfordshire
1658 Oct 28  282  Will of Joseph Strange or Strainge of Kensington, Middlesex
1658 Dec 24  285  Will of John Strange of Winwick, Lancashire
1659 Mar 18  288  Will of James Strange, Yeoman of Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset
1659 May 03  291  Will of William Strainge, Husbandman of Broad Blunsdon, Wiltshire
1660 Apr 10  298  Will of William Strange, Yeoman of Stanton, Wiltshire
1660 Sep 26  301  Will of Hamon Le Strange or L'Estrange of Pakenham, Suffolk
1663 Dec 22  312  Will of Edmund Strainge, Yeoman of Highworth, Wiltshire
1664 Jun 25  314  Will of William Strange, Grocer, Tyler and Bricklayer of Saint Bartholomew Exchange,
                          City of London
1664 Aug 09  315  Will of Christopher Strange
1664 Dec 02  315  Sentence of Christopher Strange of Hackney, Middlesex
1674 Jul 18  345  Will of Margaret Strange, Widow of London
1679 Jan 03  359  Will of Mary Strange, Widow and Feltmaker of Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey
1680 Jun 14  364  Will of Phillip Strange, Mariner of Woolwich, Kent
1682 Jun 14  370  Will of William Strange, Blacksmith of Turweston, Buckinghamshire
1686 May 01  383  Will of William Strainge of Great Farringdon, Berkshire
1690 Mar 26  399  Will of Katherine Strainge, Widow of Saint Andrew Holborn, Middlesex
1690 Mar 29  399  Will of Nathaniel Strange, Mercer of London
1695 Aug 22  427  Will of William Strange, Painter Stainer of London
1698 Apr 03  445  Will of John Strange, late belonging to His Majesty's Ship Vanguard
                  but in the Kings Ship Bristol, Bachelor
1699 Aug 04  452  Will of Dorothy Strange of Precinct of the Cathedral Norwich
1700 Feb 26  454  Will of Hugh Strange, Gardener of Saint Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex
1703 Mar 03  469  Will of Elizabeth Strange, Singlewoman of London
1704 Aug 04  477  Will of Adam Strange alias Stringe, Baker of Saint Clement Danes, Middlesex
1705 Mar 14  481  Will of John Strang, Merchant of Saint Michael Bordeaux, France
1705 May 02  484  Will of William Strange, Yeoman of Toddington, Bedfordshire
                  - Contact Joan Kemp
1707 May 10  494  Will of Elizabeth Lestrange, Spinster of Saint Mary Abchurch, City of London
1711 Feb 21  519  Will of Thomas Strange of Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire
1712 Jan 02  525  Will of William Strang, Mariner bound to Sea in the Marlborough of Saint Saviour,
                  Southwark, Surrey
1716 Jan 18  550  Will of John Strainge, Gentleman of Lechlade, Gloucestershire
1716 Feb 16  550  Will of Nicholas Strainge, Clothworker of London
1719 Nov 25  571  Will of David Strang, Merchant of Greenwich, Kent
1720 May 03  574  Will of John Strange, Gentleman of Coney Hatch, Middlesex
1720 Aug 02  575  Will of Jane Strang, Spinster of Greenwich, Kent
1721 Jun 05  580  Will of John Lestrange, now belonging to the Ship called the Mary
1724 Jan 02  595  Will of Samuel Strange, Cutler of London
1725 Jun 25  604  Will of Sir Nicolas L'Estrange of Gressenhall, Norfolk
1726 Mar 01  608  Will of David Strang, Merchant of East Greenwich, Kent
1726 Oct 03  611  Will of John Strange of Saint Bride, City of London
1727 Apr 24  615  Will of John Strange, Mariner of Saint Dunstans Stepney, Middlesex
1730 May 27  637  Will of Catherine Strange, Spinster of Willey, Shropshire
1730 Dec 15  641  Will of Anthony Strange, Yeoman of Siston, Gloucestershire
1733 Feb 01  657  Will of Mary Strang, Widow of Greenwich, Kent
1740 Nov 29  706  Will of John Strang, Mariner of Saint John Wapping, Middlesex
1744 Nov 29  736  Will of John Lestrange
1746 Feb 03  745  Will of Thomas Strange, Waterman of Christ Church, Surrey
1747 Nov 13  758  Will of George Strange
1751 Jan 29  785  Will of Moses Strange, Yeoman of Bitton, Gloucestershire
1753 Jan 23  799  Will of Francis Strange, Mariner of Stepney, Middlesex Link to
Canterbury PCC Wills index book (Society of Genealogists, Anthony Camp) it quoted "fpts" and
in the introduction of abbreviations it said "in foreign parts" 
1754 Jun 05  809  Will of The Right Honorable, Sir John Strange, late Master of the Rolls
1755 May 22  816  Will of Jonathan Strange, Merchant of Bideford, Devon
1757 Jan 19  827  Will of Edmund Strange of Rochester, Kent
1759 Mar 14  845  Will of Roger Lestrange or L'Estrange , Mariner belonging to His
                  Majesty's Ship the Royal Sovereign
1763 Nov 17  893  Will of Mary Strange, Widow of Rochester, Kent
1764 Mar 05  897  Will of Emilia Strange, Spinster of Saint George Bloomsbury, Middlesex
1764 Jun 05  899  Will of Robert L'Estrange , Surgeons Mate of His Majesty's Navy
1766 Mar 15  917  Will of William Strange, Cutler of Saint Bride, City of London
1770 Mar 01  956  Will of Hamon L'Estrange of Saint James's in Bury Saint Edmunds , Suffolk
1770 Oct 23  961  Will of Roger Strange, Gentleman of Tonbridge, Kent
1771 Aug 27  970  Will of The Right Honorable James Smith Stanley commonly called
                  Lord Viscount Strange
1771 Dec 04  973  Will of William Strange, Timber Measurer of Stepney, Middlesex
1772 Jun 27  978  Will of John Strange, Yeoman of Lechlade, Gloucestershire
1773 May 10  988  Will of George Strange, Mariner of Flushing, Cornwall
1775 Nov 14  1013 Will of Richard Strange, Victualler of Saint Margaret Westminster, MDX
1784 Feb 23  1114 Will of Benjamin Strange, Innholder of Windlesham, Surrey
1786 Nov 02  1147 Will of William Strange, Chinaman of Oxford, Oxfordshire
1788 Apr 22  1165 Will of John Strange, Gentleman of Bideford, Devon
1789 Dec 17  1186 Will of John Strange of Hammersmith, Middlesex
1790 Feb 01  1189 Will of James Strange, Cheesemonger of Bishopsgate Street, City of London
1790 Mar 16  1190 Will of Sarah Strange, Widow of Barking Creek, Essex
1792 Aug 29  1222 Will of Sir Robert Strange of Saint Giles in the Fields, Middlesex
1793 Apr 29  1231 Will of Dorothea Strange, Spinster of Bideford, Devon
1795 May 28  1261 Will of Edward Strange, Malster of Putney, Surrey
1797 Sep 23  1296 Will of Thomas Strange otherwise Strainge, Gentleman of Bensington, OXF                 
1798 Jul 16  1310 Will of Anne L'Estrange , Spinster of Bury Saint Edmunds , Suffolk
1798 Aug 16  1311 Will of Henry Paisley L'Estrange of Moystown , Kings County
1799 Jul 03  1327 Will of John Strange of Portland Place, Middlesex
1801 Jul 02  1360 Will of John Strange, Merchant of Northam, Devon
1803 Nov 22  1401 Will of Mary Strange, Widow of Old Street Road, Middlesex
1806 Jun 07  1445 Will of Dame Isabella Strange, Widow of East Acton, Middlesex
1806 Jul 15  1447 Will of Maria Strange, Spinster of Bideford, Devon
1806 Aug 21  1447 Will of The Most Noble Charlotte Duchess of Atholl Countess of Atholl and
                  Baroness Strange, Dowager Widow
1808 Aug 29  1484 Will of Edward Strange of Tunbridge Wells, Kent 29 August
1808 Nov 16  1489 Will of Alice Strange, Spinster of Shitlington, Bedfordshire
1811 Aug 21  1525 Will of Lawrence Strange of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex
1811 Oct 15  1526 Will of Grace Strange, Widow of Cerne Abbas, Dorset
1811 Dec 11  1528 Will of Eleanor Strange, Widow of Warwick, Warwickshire
1814 May 13  1556 Will of Sarah Garlick heretofore Sarah Strange, Wife of Pisford, NTH
1815 Aug 22  1572 Will of John Strange, Yeoman of Sturminster Newton Castle, Dorset
1817 Sep 01  1596 Will of Daniel Strange, Sadler of Old Market Street Bristol, GLS
1820 Mar 04  1627 Will of William Strange, Gentleman of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
1821 May 22  1644 Will of William Strange, Gentleman of Toddington, Bedfordshire
                  - Contact Joan Kemp
1821 Jul 27  1646 Will of William Strange, Wheelwright of Silsoe, Bedfordshire
1822 Jan 26  1652 Will of Robert Strainge, Yeoman of Highworth, Wiltshire
1823 Mar 05  1668 Will of Robert Thomas L'Estrange , Gentleman, Lieutenant on
                  Half Pay in the Royal Wagon Train of Saint Pancras , Middlesex
1823 May 10  1671 Will of William George Strange, Surgeon's Instrument Maker
                  of Saint Bartholomew the Less, City of London
1824 Feb 28  1682 Will of Edward Hilder Strange, Innholder of Sunbridge Wells, Kent                  
                  [N.B. place name should read Tunbridge Wells, RHBC note, 28 October 2003]
1824 Oct 20  1691 Will of William Strange, Fruiterer of Cookham, Berkshire
1825 Aug 30  1703 Will of Jane Strange, Spinster of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey                 
1826 Apr 22  1711 Will of John Strange of Foley Place Portland Chapel, Middlesex
1826 Jul 11  1714 Will of Susanna Strange, Spinster of Highworth, Wiltshire
1826 Jul 13  1714 Will of Robert Strange, Yeoman of South Marston, Wiltshire
1826 Jul 31  1715 Will of James Strange, Draper of Swindon, Wiltshire
1829 May 09  1756 Will of Charlotte Strange, Widow of Kettering, Northamptonshire
1830 May 15  1771 Will of Thomas Strange, Blacksmith and Farrier of Nettlebed, Oxfordshire
1830 Sep 18  1776 Will of Ann Strange, Wife of Abingdon, Berkshire
1831 Oct 19 1791A Will of John Strange, Blacksmith of Ellesmere, Shropshire
1831 Nov 05  1792 Will of Sarah Strange, Wife of Banbury, Oxfordshire
1831 Nov 16  1792 Will of Daniel Strang, Dyer of Trowbridge, Wiltshire
1832 Oct 11  1807 Will of George Strange, Tailor of Lambeth, Surrey
1833 Mar 22  1813 Will of John Strange, Master Mariner now Master of the Brigantine of Saint George
                  in the East, Middlesex
1833 Nov 02  1824 Will of Elizabeth Strainge, Widow of Hanover Square, Middlesex
1836 Dec 01  1870 Will of John Strange, Yeoman of Ampney Crucis, Gloucestershire
1836 Mar 04  1859 Will of William Strange of Upton, Essex
1836 Dec 29  1870 Will of Edward Strange, Yeoman of Doynton, Gloucestershire
1837 Apr 10  1877 Will of John Salters Strange, Bachelor of Trowbridge, Wiltshire
1839 Feb 19  1906 Will of Frances Collis otherwise Strange, Spinster of West Ham, Essex
1839 Feb 21  1907 Will of Thomas Strange, Silversmith of High Wickham, Buckinghamshire
                  - Contact Heather Olsen
1840 Apr 11  1926 Will of Joseph Strange, Beast and Sheep Salesman of Clerkenwell, Middlesex
1840 May 28  1928 Will of Francis Strange, Gentleman of Hoxton, Middlesex
1840 Nov 25  1936 Will of James Strange
1841 Aug 19  1950 Will of Sir Thomas Andrew Strange of No 31 Upper Harley Street, Middlesex
1841 Dec 10  1955 Will of Lucy Williams formerly Strange, Wife of Albion Street Hyde Park, Middlesex
1841 Dec 23  1955 Will of John Strange of Circus Road Saint John's Wood in the Regents Park, Middlesex
1842 Jan 11  1957 Will of John Strange of Enfield, Middlesex
1842 Feb 14  1958 Will of Mary Strange, Spinster of Kettering, Northamptonshire
1842 May 05  1963 Will of John Strange, Gentleman of Yelvertoft, Northamptonshire
1843 Apr 12  1978 Will of Samuel Strange, Gentleman of Helmdon, Northamptonshire
                  - Contact Heather Olsen
1843 Nov 17  1989 Will of Robert Strange, Coachmaker of Mile End Road, Middlesex
1845 Mar 31  2014 Will of Thomas L'Estrange , Lieutenant General in Her Majesty's Army of York
                  Terrace, Regents Park , Middlesex
1846 Feb 02  2031 Will of Solomon Strang, Gentleman of Woolwich, Kent
1846 Jun 08  2038 Will of Edward Strange of Heston, Middlesex
1847 Aug 04  2061 Will of Elizabeth Strange, Wife of Naples, Kingdom of Sicily
1847 Aug 27  2061 Will of John Strange, Farmer of Harrow, Middlesex
1848 Jan 11  2068 Will of Joshua Freeman otherwise Freman Strang, China Merchant of Woolwich, Kent
1848 Jun 26  2077 Will of Hannah Strange, Widow of Rye, Sussex
1848 Jun 26  2077 Will of James Strang of Salisbury, Wiltshire
1848 Sep 05  2081 Will of William Strange, Yeoman of Nettleton, Wiltshire
1849 Feb 08  2088 Will of Ann Strange, Widow of Kensington, Middlesex
1849 Apr 05  2092 Will of Isabella Katharina Strange of No 12 Laura Place Southampton, Hampshire
1849 Jun 20  2095 Will of Maria Strange of Saint Andrew under Shaft, City of London
1849 Jul 20  2097 Will of William Strange, Gentleman of Lambeth, Surrey
1849 Aug 20  2098 Will of Aaron Strange, Yeoman of Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire
1850 Apr 05  2112 Will of Sophia Strainge, Spinster of Bensington, Oxfordshire
1851 May 09  2133 Will of John William Strath Strange, Upholsterer Grocer of Marylebone, Chelsea, Mdx
                  Please note that this is in fact two wills that have become entangled in the
                  indexing somehow. When looking at this will on the documents online site Valerie
                  Fairbrass found one will for John Straith, upholsterer and a second will for William
                  Strange, Cheesemonger of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.
1852 Apr 10  2150 Will of The Honorable Ann Dundas otherwise Strange, Widow
                  - Contact Andrew Sellon whoremarked, "A 3rd great grandmother of mine,
                  on my paternal mother's side"
1852 Aug 12  2158 Will of William Strange, Cowkeeper of Greenwich, Kent
1852 Sep 18  2159 Will of William Strange, Watchmaker of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
                  - Contact Heather Olsen
1852 Dec 13  2164 Will of Thomas Strange, Quarryman, Slater and Plasterer of Ampney Saint
                  Peter, Gloucestershire
1853 Apr 27  2171 Will of John Strange , Farmer of Toddington , Bedfordshire
                  - Contact Joan Kemp
1853 Jul 20  2176 Will of Thomas Strange, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Appleford, BRK
1854 Dec 13  2203 Will of Frances Strange, Spinster of Brighton, Sussex
1856 Jan 23  2226 Will of John Holder Strange, Gentleman of No 8 Park Place Highbury, MDX
1856 Mar 03  2229 Will of Francis Strange, Wine Merchant of Abingdon, Berkshire
1856 Mar 18  2229 Will of Thomas Strange of Padworth, Berkshire
1856 Apr 09  2231 Will of Joseph Strange, Yeoman of Sturminster Newton, Dorset
1856 Apr 21  2231 Will of Ann Strange, Widow of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Somerset
1856 Aug 15  2238 Will of Isaac Strange, Butcher of Keynsham, Somerset
1857 Mar 19  2248 Will of Elizabeth Strange of Bedford, Bedfordshire
1857 Jul 08  2255 Will of Mary Elizabeth Strange, Wife of Abingdon, Berkshire
1857 Sep 14  2258 Will of Robert Anstruther Strange of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex
1857              Administration: Intestate William LeStrange;
                  administrator:  E.M. LESTRANGE; Residence:  Bethnal Green, London;
                  Court Where Granted:  London - £20.

Here are references to persons with Strange or variant as part of their forename from PCC wills index:
1734 Sep 18   667 Will of Sir Strange Jocelyn of Hydehall, Hertfordshire           
1737 Nov 18   686 Will of Strange Pickard, Merchant of Fort Marlborough on the West Coast
                  of the Island of Sumatra, East Indies           
1824 Aug 19  1689 Will of Jane Strange Smythies, Widow of Colchester, Essex           
1825 Sep 27  1703 Will of Robert Strainge Barry, Farmer of Jury Street Aldgate, City of London
1837 May 03  1878 Will of Walter Strange Page, Gentleman of Rochester, Kent
1839 Mar 21  1908 Will of Anne Strange Webb, Widow of Great Horkesley, Essex
1841 Feb 23  1940 Will of Reverend John Strange Dandridge, Rector, Clerk of Rousham, OXF
1845 Mar 27  2013 Will of The Venerable James Strange Butson, Clerk, Archdeacon of Clonfert, Galway.                 
1849 Aug 04  2098 Will of Joseph Strange Michell, Yeoman of Hazlebury Bryan, Dorset
1852 Nov 08  2162 Will of John Strange Winstanley, Auctioneer of Paternoster Row, City of London
1856 Mar 24  2229 Will of Frank Strange Harris, Auctioneer and Wine and Spirit Merchant of
                  Abingdon, Berks

Here are references to persons with Strange or variant as where mentioned in another's will;from the PCC wills index:
1827 Jan 18  1723 Francis Strange, of no 28 Myrtle Street, Hoxton, cooper appeared personally on 24th
                  March 1827 to attest to the handwriting of the will of William Gibb,
                  dated 18th January 1827. No other mention of Francis in the will.