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STRANGE Miscellany

A collection of centralized sources and oddments
1. Society of Genealogists - Document Collection
Much of this collection concerns wills and probate matters, extraction by Ed Hanson

2. STRANGE in England 1881
You will find here the distribution of the residency of STRANGE (not variants) across English counties in 1881 - the total is 3121

3. Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations Index (1694-1850)
Here you will find the full STRANGE extract from the Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations Index held in the Society of Genealogists Library (55 records found).

4. Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations (1701-1850)
There are 66 references to STRANGE Marriage Licence Allegations here.

5. London Apprenticeship Abstracts (1568-1850)
Nine entries for STRANGE found here.
Strange Robert, son of George, Lockington, Leicestershire, joiner, to Thomas Freman, 23 May 1623, Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company.

Strange William, son of Thomas, Buckland, Berkshire, yeoman, to Jasper Wild, 27 Oct 1679, Founders' Company.

Strange Alexander, son of Alexander, St Giles Cripplegate, London, combmaker (deceased), to Robert Harrison, 1 Mar 1707/8, Glass-sellers' Company.

STRAINGE, Edward, London, salesman (deceased) to Ann MATTHEWS, 6 Dec 1708, Founder's Company.

Strange Jonathan, son of William, Hanney, Berkshire, husbandman, to Robert Wynd, 18 Nov 1712 [6 Feb 1716/7 turned over to Edward Dew], Dyers' Company.

Strange Enoch, son of Richard, 'Molton', Wiltshire, to James Hedderley, 27 Oct 1763, Paviours' Company.

Strange John, son of  ?, Westminster, Middlesex, (deceased), to Thomas Childs, 14 Jul 1774 [14 Nov 1776 turned over to James Glenn, citizen and glazier], Glaziers' Company.

Ambrose Joseph, son of William, Moor Lane, Fore St., London, weaver, to Ann widow of John Strange, 6 Sep 1790, Glaziers' Company.

Strange Benjamin, son of Edward, St Marylebone, Middlesex, coachman, to William Cook (carpenter), 15 Jul 1795, Paviours' Company.

Strange John Briscoe, son of John, Aldersgate Street, London, glass cutter (deceased), to Lewis Miles, 9 Dec 1802, Gold and Silver Wyre Drawyers' Company.

6. London Consistory Court Depositions (1700-1717)
No STRANGE references in this index.

7. Boyd's Marriage Index
An extraction of details from Boyd's Marriage Index.

8. Lookups in the Times Index and Pigot's - London
Strange, John, for Stealing Saturday February 04, 1815 Page 3, column c
Strange, John, for Robbery Friday March 31, 1815 Page 3, column d
Strange, John Chandler, Thos. and Kanaley Chas., for Burglary Tuesday January 14, 1823 Page 3, column d
Compton, John, and Thomas Strange, for Cruelty to Sheep Saturday March 26, 1870 Page 9, column f
Strange, James, for Conspiring to Defraud Saturday September 29, 1883 Page 4, column f 
Strange, James, for Conspiring to Defraud Monday September 24, 1883 Page 8, column e
Strange, James, for Conspiracy Saturday October 06, 1883 Page 4, column e
Strange, James, for Conspiracy Saturday October 13, 1883 Page 11, column e
Strange, James, for Conspiracy Saturday October 20, 1883 Page 12, column b

Strange, John, and Harris, Thos., for Stealing Thursday September 26, 1822 Page 3, column d
Strange, James, for Conspiracy Thursday November 29, 1883 Page 7, column c
Strange, James, for Conspiracy Friday November 30, 1883 Page 12, column b

Strange, John Wednesday November 09, 1864 Page 6, column a 6
Strange, John Wednesday November 17, 1886 Page 11, column f 8
Morley (John) at Manchester on the late Mr. Parnell--Strange
Strange, James Saturday April 22, 1848 Page 2, column d
(Court) Strange, James Wednesday July 26, 1848 Page 7, column c 
Strange, William James Saturday March 13, 1869 Page 5, column b 

Shipping Bill--Egypt Tuesday October 27, 1891 Page 7, column d 9
Winter (John Strange) the No Crinoline League Monday January 30, 1893 Page 2, column f 10
Winter (John Strange) the No Crinoline League Wednesday January 18, 1893 Page 6, column f

Strange, James, Wm., Run Over and Killed Tuesday January 03, 1893 Page 5, column b

Oct. 16, 1867. A boy of 15 was charged with stealing £40 from Mr. Frederick Metzner STRANGE, a merchant in Cannon Street. The boy was
sentenced to six month's hard labour.

9. From the Law Society:
A George Frederick STRANGE qualified as a Solicitor in 1909. He was first listed in 1910 working in Reading. He then moved to Thorne in 1915. From 1930 -1951 he was in Manchester and Chapel-en-Le-Firth. 1951- 1955. He was listed in Buxton 1951 -1955 and finally in Malton 1956 - 1961.

10. The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674 to 1834

11. Pigot's 1825 - London
Strange John undertaker 684 not under it
Strange & Miles brokers stock & silkmen 3 Tokenhouse Yard 573
Strange J painter 121 Wardour St
Strange Willian & Son wholesale cheesemonger 2 Bishopsgate -without
Strange William Truss maker West Smithfield
Strange Daniel furniture broker 306 not under it

12. Ancestral File
Knowing what a pain it is to search through multiple pages on-line I thought you might like to have a copy of what is currently showing in Ancestral File under STRANGE, 1918 entries. (Need to do variants separately - unless there are any volunteers of course?).  It is a ZIP file of  a document in RTF so should be usable by all.  You can search for a specific town, dates or whatever takes your fancy using your "Find" tool, rather than have the restrictions of the on-line search facility. Do bear in mind that the links don't work of course, you will have to go on-line to get the detail.

13. Burkes Peerage
447. STRANGE of  BALCUSKIE. Maj. Timothy Edward Lumsdon. Ch. of the Name & Arms of STRANGE feudal Baron of Balcaskie, recognised by Lord Lyon, King of Arms and matriams? at LO 20/2/1995. b 29/11/1931 only son of Frank Horace Lumsden STRANGE and Joan Norah Greene d. of Edward Bernard Greene.  m 23/8/1969, married Margaret d. of William Sampson Madolick and has issue:
1) Andrew William Lumsden Jr. of Balcaskie b 22/6/1970
2) Robert James Anstrutter b 11/4/1972. address Little Holme, Purton Rd. Amesbuty Wilts. Record Type: Scottish Feudal Barons.

462. Family Name STRONGE. Incumbent, Sir James Ansolom Maxwell Stronge 10th Baronet of Tynan Abbey. Co. Armagh (Sir James STRONGE Bt. Comphill Community Clarobogon. 15 Dreudgeon Rd. Clanomar Co Tyrone.)b 17 /7/1946.  Lineage Matthew STRONGE of a branch of the STRANGE's of Balcaskie attainted by James 2nd 's 1 Parl. May 1689. leased land on Co. Derry from the Goldsmiths Corp of London, bought up more land in Cos. Tyrone and Donegal. REcord type 1999 Peerage.

445 Rt Hon Gavin Steel STRANG. R t Hn Cairn Steel STRANG PC 1997 MP for Edinburgh East & Musselburgh for 1997 educ. Morrison.

446. The 2nd Baron STRANG- lineage Christopher STRANG of Lickprivick E Kilbridge.tenant famer. The 2nd Baron STRANG of Stonesfield C. Oxford (Colin STRANG) (The Rt Hon The Lord STRANG, Stansfield Cottage West Hole Bottom, Todmorton, W Yorks. b.12 /6/1922. educ. Merchant Taylors & St Johns College Oxford. (MA.BPhil). Essex Yeo in WW 11. Philosophy Lecturer Queens Uni. Belfast 1951-3 and Kings College Newcastle 1953.  Prof. Philosophy Uni of Newcastle 1975-82, Dean of Faculty Arts 1976-79. ret 1982. Married (1) 1/7/194? (div 1955) Patricia Maria d of Meirent? Charles Avis of Johannesburg. Married (2) 21/4/195? Barbara Mary Hope (dd 12/4/1982), Prof of English Language Newcastle Uni. d. of Frederick Albert Carr of Wimbledon. Married (3) 1984 Mary Shewell, d. of Richard Miles of Sheffield and by his second wife has Christopher STRANG of Lickprivick E Kilbride, tenant farmer.

Le STRANGE of Hustanton Home Le STRANGE of Hunstanton Norfolk, Hereditory Lord High Admiral of the Wash, Lord of the Manors of Snettisham; Lancaster Cecelys-Rustins Huckens; Ditcham; Caley; Ringsterad and Holme. Patron of the Livings of Hustanton with Little Ringstead, Hunstanton (St Edmund) and Gt. Ringstead. Served with the Royal Norfol Regt in WW11. member of Geological Asociate. b 5/6/1`904. Educ Radley.  Lineage. The first recorded ancestor of this family is ROLAND LE STRANGE of Brittany, mentioned in deeds dated 1112 and 1122 who came to England temp Henry 1. m Matilda Le Brun . Record, Landed Gentry.

14. The Fallen
A Memorial to those lost serving the United Kingdom during WW1 and WW2

15. National Archives Death Duty Register
From Valerie Fairbrass:
The National Archives online has eight Strange entries listed in its Death Duty Register entries.
The usual facility applies for downloading at a small cost

Will of John Strange, Bricklayer of Henley upon Thames, Oxfordshire, December 15 1809 IR 26/398
Will of Rachel Strange, Widow of South Elmham St Margaret, Suffolk, July 28 1809     IR 26/395
     Marg Keable said Rachel is her gggg grandmother.
Will of Isaac Strange, Farmer of South Wingfield, Derbyshire, October 11 1809  IR 26/359
Will of Moses Strange of Bitton, Gloucestershire, May 26 1808      IR 26/346
Will of Aaron Strange of Dirham and Hinton, Gloucestershire, October 09 1806  IR 26/345
Will of William Strange of Bitton, Gloucestershire, June 12 1805     IR 26/345
Will of Anthony Strange of Bitton, Gloucestershire, June 12 1805    IR 26/345
Will of James Strange, Yeoman, April 15 1809    IR 26/296

16. The British Journal of Nursing and Royal College of Nursing

17. Society of Genealogists in their microfilm collection Minutes from the Quaker Meetings
Berkshire and Oxfordshire:
Thomas Strainge the younger of Charney [from the Witney Meeting],
buried at Farringdon, 22 Feb 1678

Katherine Strainge of Charney wife of Thomas [Witney Meeting], buried
at Farringdon, 9 Dec 1693

Thomas Straing of Charney [Witney Meeting], buried at Farringdon, 14
Feb 1701

Elizabeth Straing of Charney [Witney Meeting], buried at Farringdon,
24 Dec 1713/4

Elizabeth Straing, daughter of Josh. & his wife, of Charney [Witney
Meeting], buried at Farringdon, 27 May 1723

William Strainge, died 10 June 1676, of "Turson" Bucks [Leighton
Meeting], buried 12 June 1676 in his own orchard

none by the name of Strainge/Strange

18. Univeral British Directory of Trade Commerce & Manufacture. 1793-1798
Volume 2. part 1 (A-B)  & part 3  (E-K)
Benjamine STRANGE   Butcher & Innkeeper of Blue Bear.
STRANGE & WILLIAMS  Post Office & Inn Keeper  Kings Arms
Under Gentry:  The Misses D & S STRANGE
John STRANGE  Laceman
KETTERING   Northants 
Thomas STRANGE   Grocer
One of  Kingston Corporation  "Fifteen"  Wm. STRANGE
Benham & STRANGE   Stationers & Printers
Thomas STRANGE  Clockmaker
William STRANGE,  Staffordshire Warehouseman.  (Possibly the Chinaman' s warehouse)

Volume 5
Under nobility/gentry etc:
John STRANGE Esq  Carolina Street Bedford.
Under List of  Liveries:
John STRANGE, Whitechapel, Glaziers
James STRANGE, 2 Bishopgate St. London, Clothworkers30.  Newspaper Indexes
From Betty Judge:
These are  compiled from newspaper reports of court cases and inquests  that took place between  1860 and 1920 and involved murder; suicide; assault; accident; divorce; distaster; fraud; probate;cruelty and theft.  (70,000 entries)
There are 5 headings. Police;  Mining; World War11;  Great War and Railway.
I looked in the Police - Major Black Sheep  reports. and found:
Richard Fairbrother Strange; Draper; High St Kidderminster; Heather Olsen's cousin
Alexander Strange; Lt.Col; India Dept.
Arthur  Strange; Peckham
Charles Henry  Strange; Tunbridge Wells
Emma  Strange; Blue Anchor Alley,St Lukes
J.W. Strange; Coffee House; Ludgate Hill; Rae Fether's great grandfather
James William Strange; Tobacconist; Kennington Park Road
James William Strange; Printer; London
Joseph Strange; labourer; Cefnybedd
Joseph Strange; servant; W'hampton ?
Richard Strange; Shopkeeper; Albert Road  Aston
Samuel  Strange; Pensioner; London & Brighton
William Strange; Arthur Street; Chelsea
William Strange; Doctor; Llandvabon.

In the  Great War  1914-1918
John Stanley Strange  Lieut   Welsh Regt. - Later Captain
John Stanley Strange  Capt.        "     "
L.A.Strange  Lt. Col  Dorset/RFC
L A Strange  Lt. Col.  DSO award
George Nugent Strange  Capt.  Lancs. Fusiliers
Henry George Latimer Strange  Lieut.  R.E.

19. US Passport Applications 1880-1887 (From Heather Olsen)
W G Strange May 24, 1884 #11430
William Strange June 8, 1887 #12629

20. Sample results from the Wellcome Library; Part of the Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BE, UK.  Through its collections and services, the Wellcome Library  provides" insight and information to anyone seeking to understand medicine and its role in society, past and present. More than 30,000 readers visited in 2006, including historians, academics, students, health professionals and consumers, journalists, artists and members of the general public."
Title   The legends of the Old Testament : traced to their apparent  primitive sources / by Thomas Lumisden Strange. Imprint: London, Trübner, 1874. Author, Etc.    Strange, Thomas Lumisden, 1808-1884.
Title   Thirtieth annual report of the medical superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum, for the counties of Salop and Montgomery, and for the borough of Wenlock, 1874 / [Salop, Montgomery and Wenlock Lunatic Asylum] Imprint:  Shrewsbury : printed by S.A. Davies, 1875.  Note  Consists of a list of committee members and officers, the report of the committee of visitors (John Bather, W. Layton Lowndes, Henry Corbett), the report of the Commissioners in Lunacy (Charles Palmer Phillips, John D. Cleaton), report of the superintendent (Arthur Strange), report of the auditor (G. de Courcy Peele), statistical tables and financial statements. Unif. Title     Annual report. 1874
Title   Flowers and plants for designers and schools / photographed from nature by Henry Irving, with text and notes by Edward F. Strange. Imprint: London : Hodder and Stoughton, 1907.
Note    "Books on plant-form and design since 1854": p. 95, [1].  Author, Etc.    Strange, Edward Fairbrother, 1862-1929. Irving, Henry, 1850-
Title   Embassy to Tamerlane, 1403-1406 / translated from the Spanish by Guy Le Strange with an introduction Imprint: London : G. Routledge, [1928] Author, Etc.    González de Clavijo, Ruy, d. 1412. Le Strange, G. (Guy), 1854-1933. Subj. Name      Timur, 1336-1405.
Title   Letters to the Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell ... on the drainage of the Metropolis, state of the Thames, and waste of fertilizing matter / with an appendix, containing statements respecting the impracticability of the plan of the Metropolitan Sewage Company.  Imprint: London : W. Strange, 1847 Author, Etc.    Morewood, J. J.Russell, John Russell, Earl, 1792-1878. Metropolitan Sewage Company.
Title   Arthur Strange, M.D. Edin. In British medical journal. 1902, v. 1Note    Obituary Subj. Name      Strange, Arthur, d. 1902.
Title   A case of elephantiasis / by Wm. Heath Strange In      Proceedings of the Medical Society of London. Vol. 6 (1881-83) Note    Abstract of case presented to the Medical Society of London,  110th session, Feb. 19th, 1883 Followed (p. 378-379) by abstract of discussion Author, Etc.    Strange, William Heath.
Title   We regret to record the death of William Strange, M.D., L.R.C.S.Ed., L.R.C.P.Lond. ...In:Public health. Vol. 3 (1890-91) No. 34, Feb. Note; Obituary;  Subj. Name      Strange, William, d. 1891.
Description     The Annunciation. Engraving by R. Strange after Guido Reni. Phys. Desc.     1 print : engraving, with etching ; platemark 63.4 x 46.1 cm. Author, Etc.    Reni, Guido, 1575-1642.
Strange, Robert, Sir, 1721-1792.

21. From the Reverend Francis Kilvert's Diary 1870-1879. Life in the English Countryside in Mid Victorian Times.

Thursday 6 August 1874 Staying at Britford. (note there is a Britford south of  Salisbury) "I received this evening a wild strange unhappy note from SUSAN STRANGE begging me to come and see her as soon as possible, She was worse and in some trouble of mind about herself. She was also troubled about her daughter FANNY who grieves her sadly, by frequently lying and stealing. I told her, She must correct the girl in time. "I do flog her" she said, "And the other morning she was a naughty girl and her brother JOSEPH brought her in to me in her shimmy while I was in bed. I held her hands while JOSEPH and CHARLIE whipped her on her naked bottom as hard as ever they were able to flog her". Sun 8 August 1874. I get a message from Peckingell that little FANNY STRANGE had suddenly been taken ill and wanted to see me. I went immediately. The child was in bed upstairs. I sat down by the bed and took her little hot hand, She seemed very feverish but was quite sensible and appeared to be much softened and humbled. If so, the chastisement she had undergone may have had a happy affect and have broken her self will and cured her of her faults. Her parents very wisely have not spared her nor the rod.

22. From Berkshire Old and New.(abbreviated) - A Shocking Incident at Theale. From the Reading Mercury Monday 2 November 1835

"A few days ago a young woman, about 20 years of age, fell from the shafts of a loaded broad wheeled waggon, and one of the wheels having passed over her thigh crushed it in a most frightful manner. She was conveyed to an apartment at the CROWN, In Theale, where she now lies in agony notwithstanding her serious condition, the Surgeon entertains hopes of being able to preserve the limb."

A nurse was found to look after Mary and in the morning the Board of Guardians met and approved the payment of all expenses for this casual pauper. Their Doctor May issued a "medical order" that she be supplied with wine and ale; she also received some gin. The nurse received 5s., for sitting up with her for 10 nights. ELIZABETH STRANGE, the landlady of the Crown sent in her bills to the Guardians who paid up promptly and uncomplainingly.
22 Oct:  Oatmeal 4d , Mutton 8d, Flannel 10d, Bran 6d
23 Oct:  Mutton 8and half d
24 Oct:  Oatmeal 4d
25 Oct:   Mutton 7d. Use of bedroom 5 days and 5 nights 5s. 0d. Fire and  Candles 6s. 0d Bread, Tea and sugar 4s,0d For a shift 2s, 0d Beer 6d, For washing 2s.0d. TOTAL One Pound three shillings and 5 and a half pence.

Mary unfortunately died, there was an inquest held at the CROWN.  The Guardians allowed £1 12s. 6d. for Mary's funeral.  They also paid the following bill to the landlady of the Crown ELIZABETH STRANGE as follows:
half a pound candles 2 3/4d 3pts beer, 6d half a pound sugar 3 1/2d, wine 3s 4d, half a pound butter 3 1/2d, bran for coffin 2s 0d, 1oz. tea 3 1/2d, washing, blankets etc 2s. 0d, 1 qtr. bread 2 3/4d, Gin 6d, for use of bed and room for 10days and nights 10s. 00d, for fires 10s 00d, for a room and fire for Coroner's inquest 5s.00d -TOTAL= £1 13s 7 1/2d.

23. Various

From notes that have arrived at my door I have the following oddments which I give exactly as written by the originator.  Some have possibly been included elsewhere but most have not; many need further identification if any of you can help; it may be that one contains the missing link for someone!  I am afraid I know no more about these, they are 'as received':

Frederick B. STRANGE, Bachelor, Church Lane, Whitechapel Mary 1851 3347 Plot No
Thomas Reeve STRANGE, 19 Market St, Poplar, 1892 Private Grave
John STRANGE, Hove Independent, 1832, Hove Villa, Bowerstock Square, Hove.
Ann STRANGE Sp, m, John PECK batch, Newberry by Licence, 31.1.1818 - Susanah STRANGE, Thomas STRANGE, Stray in Swindon
Ant. STRANGE of Garwat, Gloucestershire d 13.6.1943 aged 53, wife Emily My d 1.2.1964? aged 78 (Wheatenhurst Glos)
Marsha STRANGE wife of Mr WILLIAMS of London buried 28.12.1800 Swindon.
Mary STRANGE m John BIGGS, Devizes by Lic 3.3.1827 (Swindon) Thomas & Eliza STRANGE
Mary Ann STRANGE , James RHODES, St Mary Islington by Lic 8.9.1831 (Jno CHAMBERLAIN, Richard STRANGE JR) (Swindon)
Thomas STRANGE wid WROUGHTON m Martha RUSSELL banns 11.4.1829
William HACKER, Elizabeth VOKINS (Swindon)

Christchurch Baptism, Greenwich
William Silas STRANGE 18.9.1873 Son of Susan, singlewoman

Marriage at St Lukes Parish Church Charlton
Mary Ann STRANGE m Gotthiel Louis SCHEDDBRIGHT 24.2.1835, Wits William CARVER, William FIELDWICK
Samuel STRANGE & Elizabeth BAILEY of St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey, married 21.6.1750 at Morden College (St Luke, Charlton)

1851 Census Deptford, St Paul & St Nicholas HO107/1584-85, High Street,
Martha STRANGE, 18 4/4249 (4)
John Christopher STRANGE (26, painter, f William Henry STRANGE, plasterer) m Sarah BARBER (24, f Charles BARBER, builder) 21.8.1854, St Michaels Church, Brighton Sussex, wits James WATTS, Elizabeth CHILDS

Registration District of Brigthelmston ??) Fanny STRANGE born 30 Oxford Street Brighton, 1858, St Peters, Brighton, Sussex

London Gazette Sept. 1945 p. 4822: Lily Elizabeth Weldon formerly Strange changed the name of Ralph Albert Strange to Weldon.

"England in the 17th.Century 1603-1714 " by Maurice Ashley - 1660 - 1689
The Newspaper or rather the Newsletter had by now become well established.  It had become an accepted means of reporting events and spreading propaganda during the Civil War and afterwards. ROGER LeSTRANGE edited a semi-official weekly paper called " The Intelligencer".  Later this was superceded by "The London Gazette".

There are 22 London Strange policies in the records of the Sun Fire Office, 1710 - 1863. To consult the index go to Access to Archives website and choose "search A2A" Enter STRANGE in the first field that you see on the screen and choose "Guildhall Library" in the location of archives field on the same screen. Quite a few are for the same man - John Briscoe Strange - but still a good few names there.

From: Deirdre McCabe  Date sent: Wed, 1 Sep 1999
Strange, John Title(s): Esq. Date: 1719
Societies/Clubs: Middle Temple
Subscribed to Cases argued and defended in the High Court of Chancery, published from the manuscripts of Thomas Vernon by order of the Court (Vol. 1), 1719, SALMON, Thomas. London Subject: law
Strange, William Date: 1732
Subscribed to A collection of poems, 1732, WHALEY, John. London
Subject: poetry
Moore & Strange (Company) Date: 1776
Address(es): No.2, Bishopsgate street without, London
Purpose(es): cheese mongers, food/drink(s)
Listed in The Complete Pocket Book, or Gentleman and Tradesman's Daily Journal, for ... 1776, 1776. London. Printed by J. Johnson and J. Payne
Strange, William (Male)
Address: 2, Mincing Lane, London Date: 1785
Occupations: agent, financial/brokering services(a), navy
Listed in Bailey's British Directory [for 1785]; or, Merchant's and Trader's Useful Companion, for the year 1785. In Four Volumes. Volume 1.  The Second Edition, 1785, BAILEY. London Printed for William Richardson, No. 91, Cornhill; And to be had of the Author, No. 53, Basinghall-street, and of the Booksellers in Town and Country.
Strange, James & John (Company) Date: 1790
Address(es): 2, Bishopsgate without, London
Purpose(es): cheese mongers, food/drink(s), wholesale
Listed in Bailey's London Directory; or, Merchants' & Traders' Useful Companion, for the year 1790 ... 5th Edition, 1790, BAILEY. London
Strange, William (Male)
Address(es): Oxford Date: 1784
Occupation(s): china & glass man, earthen ware/glass(s)
Listed in Bailey's British Directory [for 1784]; or, Merchant's and Trader's Useful Companion for the year 1784 ... in 4 Volumes ... Volume 1. London; Volume 2 The Western Directory; Volume 3 The Northern Directory; Volume 4 The Eastern Directory. The First Edition, 1784, BAILEY. London. Printed by J. Andrews, Little Eastcheap, and to be had of the Author, No. 53, Basinghall-street; No. 4, Queen-street, Cheapside; Mr. Long, Optician, Royal Exchange, and of every Bookseller in Town and Country.

DNA Study
From: David B. Strong Mon, 11 Nov 2002
Recently there has been an effort to initiate a DNA Study for the benefit of the many researchers and their families who have been unable to break through some of those "brickwalls" . So many of us are able to trace our lineages back several generations before coming up against a frustrating lack of records which tend to make "proof" impossible. Many of us have hunches and a lot of positive evidence pointing to lineage connections, but not enough to establish the links which make the connection. Now we have a new tool which may prove or disprove relationships, and aid us in persuing the most likely research which will prove the connection.... a DNA Study.  I have established a new webpage initiating the LeStrange-Strange-Strang-Stronge-Strong DNA Study. See:

A Royal Connection
Elizabeth 1 became critically ill with high fever on Oct 1562 at Hampton Court. She had suffered smallpox. She had no children and if she had died, there were 4 claimants to the throne, one was Lady Margaret Strange, first cousin to the Grey sisters who was thought much more suitable because her branch of the family had been unscathed by the "Northumberland" conspiracy.. Lady Margaret Strange married Henry Stanley heir to the earldom of Derby.

Note that the Grey sisters, Jane, Catherine and Mary, were daughters of Frances and Henry Grey. Frances bring the daughter of Henry V111's younger sister Mary and Chas., Duke of Suffolk.

Lady Jane Grey was executed 1554. Catherine secretly married Edward Seymour 1560 and sent to the Tower where she gave birth to a son.

Lady Mary Gray was a maid of honour at Court in 1565 married without Royal permission,far beneath her to Thomas Keyes the serjent porter. The couple were parted,never to meet again.

From Patrick Strange <> Dec 2005
I was reading a book about the WWI aeroplane, the Sopwith Camel, and came across a reference to Lt Col Louis Arbon Strange, Dorsetshire Regt and the Royal Flying Corps. It was at his instigation that a two seat training version, of this reportedly very difficult to handle machine, was constructed. 
I am still trying to solve the riddle of Thomas Strange's (Tilehurst 1780) wife, Ann Jefferys. Apart from the reference to their marriage, I can find no detail of her at all.

Source : Notes and Queries, 1927; CLIII: 103 - 104.
At random : Robert Strange was a pikeman, drawn with others from the parishes of Langport, Muchelney and Pitney,...


Notes and Queries, 1925; CLXVIII: 77 - 78.
...William STRANGE, who died November 2, 1820, Aged 69 years....
...Also of William STRANGE,* son of the above, who died in Australia July 19, 1854, aged 39 years..


Notes and Queries, 1908; s10-X: 472 - 473.
...One of them, Margery, married William Strange of Monescourt in Gloucestershire; their eldest son was named " Horneys," and their daughter...

Notes and Queries, 1927; CLIII: 103....64).--Here are a few notes about the Strange family which may be of some use to your correspondent as jumping-off points for further....

On a website  for makets and fairs, before 1516 , one can seach under names, places or counties.
Betty found 4 Straunge's.
Lorde Straunge 1498  Chorley Lancs
Johan Straunge wife of  above 1498 Chorley lans
Peter le Straunge 1377  Little Fransham Norfolk
Roger le Strange 1304  Cheswardine, Shropshire.

A Bedfordshire Stray from Luton
From: Shelley Hilton on 1 Feb 99
I have Emma HILTON, b. 20 Feb 1869 (d/o James and Ellen Hilton), Watford, Herts.  Emma married Harry STRANGE of Luton, Beds., son of George STRANGE, on 15 July 1890 at the Congregational Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am assuming that Emma and Harry moved back to England because the family bible records her death as 4 Jan, 1948, Wickham, Herts.

Chelsea, MDX, (etc) Links
From: Rita Robinson  my STRANGE'S are:-
WILLIAM STRANGE b. ? 5th april 1795 St. Luke's Chelsea. married February 2nd 1816 St. Botolphs, Bishopsgate, London, to JANE SILVERWOOD b. 1790, Petersburg. U.S.A. their children:-

THOMAS SILVERWOOD STRANGE b. 1819 Enfield, London.
GEORGE STRANGE b. 1820 Holborn, London.
WILLIAM HENRY STRANGE b. 1821 Enfield. London
MARY JANE STRANGE b. 1823 Broadway, Deptford, Kent. (my ancestor)
RALPH STRANGE. b. 1830 Newington, surrey
WILLIAM STRANGE b. 1831 London City, (might not be of the same family)
ALFRED MIDDLETON STRANGE b. 1833 Newington, Surrey.

I got this list from the LDS Library in Durban, so it may not all be correct. On Mary Jane's birth it mentions that William Strange was a Grocer by trade, and then in the trade directory I found that a William Strange was a Cheesemonger and had a couple of shops in Chelsea and Broadway. On the 1851 census we found that Jane Strange was widowed, and living on an annuity, and giving her birth place as Petersburg, but not which Petersburg, the address at which she was living was 52 Dorset St. the parish of St. Brides, London. she had living with her at the time, her daughter Jane (which I suppose is Mary Jane) and son William.

Audrey STRANGE's family
Mrs Audrey STRANGE, of Welling in Kent, advised Mrs SYMES in 1992 that there did not appear to be any connections with her husband's family (no details given but I understand her interests are in London, Nottinghill Gate and Wandsworth).

STRANGE marriage in India
From: Andrew Sellon Date sent: Tue, 16 Jan 2001
On checking an Indian list I found, from the Times of India, the following marriage in 1863, hoping it may be of some interest to someone: 
STRANGE - WRAY: December 14th, at Madras, Mr James Henry Strange, to Agnes Alexia, daughter of Mr Thomas W Wray.

Barbara Lawrence's London/SSX Family
Original from Mrs Barbara Lawrence to Betty Judge in 1995:
My own family connection is that my mother's grandmother was Fanny margaret STRANGE b 1858 (All STRANGE unless stated):
1. William Henry STRANGE (plasterer) b c1800, possibly London
2. John Christopher b 1828 MDX (painter) m Sarah BARBER 1854 May 31
3. William Henry b 1855 Jan 1Brighton SSX
Fanny Margaret b 1858 April 20 Brighton SSX
John Charles Brighton SSX

Barbara said that her sister (Mrs SYMES) noted the following and she says that the family mentioned must surely have something to do with Henry STRANGE and Margaret SHEPHERD:
Census Piece RG12 Folio 510
17 (or 11?) Grove Street, Deptford
George SHEPHERD H M Deptford
Charlotte SHEPHERD D S Deptford
Susan STRANGE V S Shrewsbury?

Pam Mayhew's references
From correspondence from Pam Mayhew , Norfolk, with Betty Judge in 1995:
Her grandmother, Alice STRANGE, was born 27 May 1881, the 2nd eldest child of William and Susan STRANGE. The eldest child was Martha and the youngest William (no location given).
She also had a birth certificate that turned out not to be her folks:
Alice May STRANGE born 11 May 1880 at 447 Lower Alfred Street, Southampton to William Herbert STRANGE, Locomotive Stoker, and Alice STRANGE, formerly PEARCE.