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The Tragic Loss of HMS Galatea
14th December 1941
The Roll of Honour was published in the The Times newspaper on 12th February 1942 - the leader read, "The Board of Admiralty regrets to announce the following casualties sustained in H.M.S. Galatea, the loss of which was announced in January last.  Next of kin have been notified:-"

We have a copy of the newspaper page and would be delighted to consult it for anyone with an interest, please contact my wife (Jean Strange) for details using the link at the top of this page.

The reason for our interest in Galatea is that a William (Billy) ROGERS, the late brother of my mother-in-law, was one of those lost on that December night in 1941.  My wife Jean would be delighted to hear from anyone connected with the ship, especially from any survivors or their relatives.

Where links are shown from the names in the information they point to photographs or more details

We have found out about the following men who lost their lives on Galatea; for most we are in communication with, or aware of, a relative and ask you to get in touch if you would like to link up with them. 
Please note:
We do not add a name from the Roll of Honour until someone with an interest
has contacted us about that person and given us permission to add his name.
AGNEW, William James, Cpl. PLY/X 1108 Aged 27 years.  He left a wife Lilian.  In contact with Grandson who works for Plymouth City Council Parks Department.  He said that one of the parks he maintains is Devonport Park which has in it a memorial dedicated to HMS Galatea. It is about 15 foot tall, 4 sided, with lead writing about the ship.  It is tucked away in the corner of the park in a quiet area not really used by the public so it is unknown by many people. Later contacted by his Granddaughter who sent this photograph of four sailors - William is on the far right.

, Alexander Massy, War Correspondent Reuters website:

ALLEN, James Leslie., A.B. D/JX162744 (known as Barney) Joined up at 15 years of age. In contact with nephews and great nephew.

ARSCOTT, Ralph Fernley, Sto.1 from Dartington, Devon.  There is a plaque to his memory in Dartington church  He had two sisters: Joan & Viola, plus a brother Victor. Contact is Victor's son. There was a family web page dedicated to Ralph but the link is broken and we cannot find a new location; if you find one please let us know.

ASHBY, Sydney F., P.O. Writer (TY) C/MX58100. In contact with two cousins.  Sydney was also known in the family as Harry.

ASHTON, Walter William, Sto.1 C/KX104682.  Aged 24 years, from North Kensington, London.
Contacted by his Niece and later a Nephew.

Ball, Codrington, Musician Royal Marine Band, Service Number RMB/X 757, aged 21.
Son of William Codrington Ball and Violet Irene Ball; husband of Kathleen Jeanie Ball and father of two young sons. We were contacted by a son.

BARMAN, William, E.R.A. D/MX74258 Aged 23 years from Barrow in Furness.
Contact cousin.

BICKERSTAFFE, Edmund, Royal Marine, PY/X100083 , aged 24.  He was engaged to be married to a friend of his sister, she remained a family friend until she died in 2004.  The family were from Hull.  In contact with great-nephew.

BICKFORD, Frederick George, Sto. 1 D/KX 104400 aged 21 years from Swansea.  Contacted by his Nephew who sent Fred's photograph, plus another of a training school class 120 HMS Arthur.

BOULTER, Lionel George T/A/Gnr (T) R.N., Aged 40 years. Contacted by his grandsons; family from Gloucestershire. There was a service held for Mr. Boulter and the Captain at a small village in Gloucestershire. Lionel is mentioned on a stone plaque in a little church in Weston Burt, Glos. as well as the Plymouth Naval Memorial.

BOWKER, Samuel, bugler Royal Marines. Aged 21 years from Manchester. Contacted by his niece.

BOWLES, Walter Benjamin Sto. P.O., C/K61589 Aged 39. He left a widow. Contacted by his Son and a grand-daughter..

BRINKWORTH, David, Sto. 1 D/KX95099 from Grangetown, Cardiff aged 21 years.  In contact with a great-niece and also a nephew who has in his possession a poem, which he believed was written onboard entitled "When the British Lion Roars" It is signed HMS Galatea 7/9/40.  Please email for a copy.

BROWNE, Bertie Cecil, Sto. 1, D/KX108551 aged 20 years from Norwich.  Contacted by his great-nephew.

BULFORD, Mervyn, A.B., D/JX152320 Aged 18 years from Fraddon.  In contact with his niece.

BURCH, Albert Edward Wedlock, E.R.A. D/MX48707  Aged 26. He left a wife Margaret and 2 children, he was originally from Plymouth.  In contact with daughter and grandson.

BUTLER, Richard Ellis, A/Commdr.  Known as 'Doughy'. Aged 42 years. Contacted by his God-daughter, now aged 87 years (2009) she remembers the Butlers who lived next door to her Granny in Blackheath, London. Later we were contacted by a great-niece who kindly provided the photograph.

CALVER, Clifford R., Warrant Engineer, Age 30, born in Plymouth.  Family moved to Gorleston on Sea, Norfolk sometime before 1925. Served his apprenticeship on the shipyard but because of lack of work joined the Navy and was stationed at Portsmouth. He served on various ships and travelled widely. He left a wife Gwendoline who died in February 2005 aged 91 years having never remarried. We were contacted by his niece. His name is recorded in the book of remembrance in Gorleston-on- Sea, Norwich Cathedral, on the war memorial at Great Yarmouth and the Plymouth war memorial.

CARROLL, Richard, "Dick" Ldg.Smn D/JX 152988. Aged 20 years Contacted by his nephew, who told us that Dick was the son of an Irish soldier who was stationed in the Isle of Wight at the time of Dick’s birth. The family moved back to Ireland and Dick grew up around Newcastle, County Down. He used to sell lemonade on the beach at Newcastle as his mother ran a café there. He joined the Royal Navy around 1935/36 and trained on HMS Ganges. He was serving on the HMS Diomede prior to joining HMS Galatea.

CHAPPLE, Courtney John, A/Elect. Art.4 D/MX62312 Aged 23 years from Plymouth.  In contact with his cousin's daughter.

CHINNER, Richard, Royal Marine, PLY/X3617. Aged 18 from St. Just, Cornwall.  He had only been in the Marines for 6 weeks; one of 12 siblings, in contact with a niece.

, Robert (Bobby) Sto. 2, D/KX121016, 55 Mess.  Joined the Navy in January 1941, he died aged 24 leaving a wife and son aged 8 months in Foulridge, Lancashire.  We were contacted by his son who was sent copies of letters and a picture of Galatea left him by his grandparents.  Robert had been a painter in the employ of Colne Corporation, Lancashire; he had been connected with the Holy Trinity Church, Colne, and was a member of the Colne Rescue squad.

CLAPHAM John Geoffrey, Ord.Smn.  P/JX245080 Aged 28 years son of Robert Harvey and Mary Clapham of Yarm, Yorkshire. Contacted by Tony Fox who was compiling list of County Rugby Players in Stockton who died in WW2.

CLARK, Fred James, Ldg. Sto. D/KX81331  Aged 30 years from Bedminster, Bristol.
In contact with his Grand-Nephew: Steve who lives in Bankok.  Fred's niece contacted us after Steve(her Grandson) had told her about the website.  She has a photo of Fred at Weymouth when the fleet was in to celebrate the jubilee of the old King George and Queen Mary. She remembers standing on Fred's shoulders watching the King and Queen in their open carriage.

CLARKE, Frederick Charles, Leading Stoker A/Sto P.O. Ty, D/KX82306 from West Bromwich, in contact with his Grandson.

COLCLOUGH, Geoffrey Beckett, P.O. D/JX140090 Aged 23 years. Contacted by a relative researching their family history.

COLLER, Thomas John, A.B., D/SSX23198 Aged 21 years. Son of J & Clara Coller of Warwick. In contact with a Great Nephew.

CONACHER, Alex A.B., P/JX275226  Aged 22 years from Dundee.  (Listed in The Times as CONAGHER, confirmed on Commonwealth War Graves Commission website as CONACHER)  In contact with a nephew.

COULSON, W.F. (Frank), Ord. Smn., D.JX208659.  Aged 35 years. He left a wife Ivy Beatrice in Newport, Monmouthshire.  In contact with his great nephew.

COWLEY, Reginald A. Ord. Tel. D/JX213906 Aged 24 years.  In contact with Reg's friend's son. Previously worked for the Coal Board in Shirebook, Nottinghamshire and his father was the pit policeman.

COOPER, Walter, Sto.1  D/KX106023 Aged 30 from Manchester.  He left a wife: Lucy, 2 sons and 2 daughters his youngest was 8 months old.  In contact with his Grand-daughter and Great Grandson..

, Walter George, A.B., D/J105295 aged 33, born in Walthamstow, London.  He left a wife Salvina and two daughters in Sliema, Malta. In contact with the two daughters and grand children in Malta.

CRICHTON, John. Lt (E), aged 35. He left a widow Emma in Newfoundland. In contact with two of his sons.

DARKE, Norman, Boy 1, D/JX166599 Aged 17 from Torquay, Devon - In contact with his great niece.

DAVIDSON, Alexander, Royal Marine, PLY/100684 from Aberdeen, aged 21, in contact with great niece and a great nephew.

DAVIDSON, William, Sto. 2 C/KX127510 Aged 34.  Contacted by a family friend.

DE HAYES, Arthur Vernon, C/KX122092 Stoker 2nd Class.  Aged 20 years from Loughborough, Leicestershire, in contact with his brother who sent copy of News of the World article written by Reuters reporter (See below).

DENLEY, Ernest Norman P.O. Stoker, D/K62467, from Devonport, aged 37.  In contact with Grandson.

DOHERTY, Albert E., Smn. R.N.R., D/X18508A , Aged 30 from Liverpool, in contact with a niece.

DOYLE, Thomas, A.B., D/JX 253400, Aged 27 years.  Son of Peter & Julie Doyle.  He left a wife in Liverpool.  In contact with Grandson.

DUBERY, George, Royal Marines., Cpl., PLY/122256. Aged 40 years from Perranporth, Cornwall.  In contact with Grand-daughter and  a nephew.

DUNSTAN, Stephen James, Chief Petty Officer Cook, D/M 36426 Aged 44 years. Son of Henry and Phillipa Dunstan, of Truro, Cornwall; husband of Edith Muriel Dunstan, of Truro. Contacted by a reseacher.

EDWARDS, Ernest Walter, A.B., D/JX156266. Aged 44 from Devon.  Contacted by 2 of his 5 Great Grand-daughters.

ENGLISH, Samuel, Cook, D/MX56632.  Aged 30 from Wishaw, Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, contact relative of his grand daughter.

EVANS, John, A.B. Royal Naval Patrol Service, LT/JX198877. Aged 27 years. Contacted by Great Niece and by a Great Nephew in the U.S.A.Document fragment belonging to Jacky Evans

EVANS, John Lawrence, Ordinary Signalman, D/JX161588. Aged 17 years. Known as "Jacky" to the family. Before boarding the ship, Jacky had a premonition that the ship would go down, but was told by family members that he had to do his duty and go on board, which he did.  They heard that the ship had gone down. Fellow crewmates, on returning to England, told the family that they thought Jacky had not re-boarded the ship, when they had shore leave in South Africa.  Some time later they had been told that he died in South Africa, but none of this was ever confirmed. Contacted by his niece, who sent a scan of a fragment of a document that belonged to him but did not know what it meant.

FENLON, James, Sto.1,  D/KX105417. Aged 22 originally from Liverpool, moved to Banbury in Oxfordshire just before the war to work at the Whately Hotel.  He left a wife Hilda. She had a daughter Angela on 26th September 1941 a telegram was sent telling him of the birth.  A photograph of the baby sent to him later was tragically returned with the letter saying he was lost in action.  In contact with the daughter and grand-daughter.

FENTON, Leon A/Ldg. Sto. (Ty), D/KX92832. Aged 23 years.  Left wife Dorothy May in Grimsby. Served on Galatea from its commissioning.  In contact with nephew, who told us that his Father was serving in Alexandria in 1941 and met up with Leon.  They went to a cinema, during the evening a coded message was broadcast telling crew members to report back to the ship. He never saw his Brother again.  He witnessed an explosion off the coast of Alexandra, not realising it was the Galatea. His Nephew has sent us a printed copy of the "Galatea Gazette" dated September 1935-1936.  It has 125 pages (too long to reproduce here) and was originally printed at St. Joseph's Institute, Hamrun-Malta.  See picture of front page. The first page describes the Gazette as "Being an attempt to tuck a few strands of interest, parceled with strips of humour and served by C.T.Dean, C.Y.S., M.S.M.
In 2012 his nephew contacted us again having acquired a very interesting Medal with a strong Galatea connection, it is a silver Football Medal dated 1938 with just the inscription on the reverse HMS GALATEA and on the Obverse side two footballers. His Uncle Leon was a member of the Ships Football Team and he was amazed to find this on Ebay of all places being auctioned by a lady in Plymouth who had bought it in a car boot sale. He won it for £4.99 !!  When he told the lady there was a 1 in 12 chance of that Medal belonging to his late Uncle, she was as stunned as he was and offered the Medal for Nothing so they made a compromise and decided that the money should go to the Poppy Fund instead

FISHER, Donald, Supply Assistant D/MX 66177.  Aged 24 years, from Sutton Coldfield.  Contacted by a teacher researching the names on a memorial at his old school: Bishop Vessey's Grammar School.

FISHER, Robert, Able Seaman D/JX 150152. Aged 21 years from Scarva, Co. Durham, Northern Ireland. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 47 Column 1.  Contacted by a nephew.

FOGG-ELLIOT, Lancelot, Commander (E), Aged 39 from Staindrop, Barnard Castle in County Durham, one of four brothers, he is remembered on a WWII plaque at Staindrop. Contact great nephew.

FOOTE, Hubert J., Leading Steward, P/LX21849.  He was only married 3 months before the loss of HMS Galatea.  Contact: son of Hubert's widow by second marriage.

FORD, John Bensley, Ldg.Ck.(S), D/MX51362.  He came from Kingstanley near Stonehouse in Gloucestershire.  Died aged 25 leaving a wife and daughter aged 9 months.  He met his wife whilst stationed in Plymouth, where his daughter was born. In 1941 the blitz was so bad he arranged for them to move to his parents' home in Kingstanley where they stayed until after the War. In contact with his daughter.

FRIEND, Leonard, Ord. Smn, D/SSX35918. Aged 18 years from Paignton, Devon. Contact younger brother and his son-in-law.

GEDGE, Ronald Henry, Musn., Royal Marine, MNE.RMB/X721. In contact with a niece.

GILL, Ronald Kitchener, Ord. Smn C/JX 230175 from Windsor, Newfoundland.  Contacted by his niece's husband and a Great Niece.

GILLEY, William Henry P.O. Stoker, D/KX92410. From Ivybridge, Devon. Also served on HMS Hood and HMS Renown among many others. He was in the Navy for 35 years and was 50 when he died.  He should have retired in 1940 but because of the war kept on serving.  In contact with his Grandson.

GOLDING, George Frederick, Boy1, C/JX180513.  Aged 17 from Acomb, Yorkshire. Contact: nephew who found name on Royal Navy War Memorial at Chatham.

GOURLAY, Alexander, A.B., D/JX141836. Aged 24 years. Youngest of six, three boys and three girls, from Carnoustie, Angus, Scotland.
In contact with his nephew.  The family have a great number of letters and photographs of Alex, some of which originated on board HMS Galatea and we are pleased to share on this web site.

GREENLAND, Douglas Carter, Royal Marine, PLY/X3910. (known to his family as Dougie) Aged 19 years, youngest of eleven children. Contacted by two nieces.

GREENWOOD, Bernard (known as Bunny), Sto.1, D/KX112288. Aged 21 years from Garston, Lancashire. Previously worked for Gas Company. Contact is the daughter of Bunny's fiance. They had met when she was 15 years old and got engaged on her 21st birthday.  She still wears his engagement ring to this day, alongside her husband's, at aged 87 years (2006).

GREENWOOD, John Grenville, A.B., C/JX 157662.  Aged 18 years.  Son of John and Betsy Greenwood of Alford, Lincs. In contact with a niece.

HALL, Richard, Chief Stoker, D/K66885. From Abertillery, Monmouthshire. Contact: Great Nephew,

HARRAS, Walter Sydney, Royal Marine, PLY/510. Aged 29 years.  In contact with niece.

HARRIS, Edward George, nickname "Sonny", Ch. P.O., D/J108439. Aged 34 from Bromley, Kent. Contact nephew.

HARRIS, Ronald D., Boy, D/JX166767. Aged 17 years from Droitwich.  Contact is a local history researcher and friend of Ronald's Brother.

HARRIS, William Thomas, T/A/Gnr., R.N. In contact with Daughter Janet and Granddaughter Michele. Aged 37 when he died and left behind a wife Anne May Harris, eldest son 14yrs William (Bill), 2nd eldest Anthony (Tony) 12yrs, daughter Audrey 10yrs and a fourth child Janet only 6 months old.   Can anyone identify the chap with William in the photograph?

HARRISON, John, Boy First Class, C/JX 182025 Aged 17 years from Worcester Park, Surrey.

HARTGROVE, Arthur Edwin, Ck.(S), D/MX72725. Aged 25 years from Harpoole, Northamptonshire.  In contact with Great Niece.

HARTSHORN, Frank, Sto. 2, P/SKX1028. Aged 19 years From Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Contacts: Brother-in-Law and a nephew.

HATHERLEY, Cecil, Ord. Art. 4 D/MX59502. Aged 21 years.  Contacted by a nephew.

HAYWARD, William Ronald Bevan A.B., D/JX138662. Aged 24 from Littledean Hill, in the Forest of Dean.  He had just changed shift with his shipmate Jack Lake (Ginger) when the ship was hit.  Ginger survived.  Our contact was a nephew who kindly provided this photograph. It was framed and hanging on the wall of his grandmother's cottage and was later in his mother's home.  He tells us that the flags flying are the white ensign on the stern with the Saltaire on the main mast plus a red flag with a blue square in the corner on the main mast. We acknowledge the photographer, identified on the rear of the photograph, John Abrahams, Naval Photographer, Queen Street, Portsmouth.

HENDERSON, Alexander Charles, Petty Officer, D/JX 128187.  Aged 31 years.  Son of William and Alice Henderson of St. Budeaux, Devon.  He left a widow Hannah.  In contact with his Son, Alec.

HENDERSON, Harold, James William, T/A/Wt. Shipwt. R.N.,  Aged 43 years of Stoke, Devenport. He had retired from the Navy and was on Reserve List when war was declared and he was called up.  Contact is a great niece.

HENWOOD,  Hugh Desmond, Ord. Smn., D/JX 161403. Aged 18 years from Newquay in Cornwall.  Contact is a second cousin once removed. 

HIGHFIELD, Harry, Able Seaman, D/SSX 32198 Son of Charles Henry and Edith Highfield of Firvale, Harthill. Remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 47 Column 2. We were contacted by his Great Niece who provided the photograph.

HINGSTON, F.T.F 'Tommy'. A/Shipwt 4, D/MX51883. 21 years of age and just passed his Warrant Officer exams before he went down with the ship, brought up in Plymouth.  In contact with a niece.

HITT, Dudley Baillie, Wrtr. R.N.V.R., D/DX53. Aged 20 years from Plymouth.  Contact is a niece, who sent in copies of his letters and Christmas Greetings; a slightly different newspaper article dated January 20 1942 also written by Larry Allen and a letter of condolence from his former employer.

HOLLAND, Henry J., Boy 1, C/JX171679. Aged 17 from Kent.  Contact is a niece.

HOOPER, Frederick Maurice, Boy 1st Class D/JX164028 Aged 18 years from Plymouth. He was remembered by Don Boulton - a survivor - who in fact joined in boys service at the same time as he did and was in the same class at the boys training base HMS Impregnable at Devonport. As a class of 30 boys they were drafted to the Galatea. If my memory serves me right Frederick was about 5ft 6in with dark curly hair says Don. In contact with his nephew.

HUGHES, William John Elwyn, A.B., D/JX154500. From Abertillery, Monmouthshire. He was only 20 when he died but had apparently joined the RN as a fifteen year old.  In contact with a cousin.  Photograph taken about 1940 and the woman with him is his older sister, Rowena.

IRVING, James William, Leading Seaman, D/X 142163. A Geordie, born in Wallsend.  In contact with 2nd cousin.

JACKSON, James Sto. 1 D/KX93097. From Ballydare, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Contact is a family friend.

JACKSON, Ronald Edward. C/JX172840 Telegraphist. Contact nephew.

JENKINS, Eric Fenner Rowland, Sto. 1, D/KX107449 Aged 24 years.  Contacted by a researcher in Neath, South Wales.

JOHN, Luther Gerwyn, A.B. D/SSX 20103 from Swansea. Contacted by son of his cousin who sent this photograph..

JOHNSTONE,  William (W.F.), Elect. Art.1,  D/M39328.  Aged 38 years.  Left a wife Frances Rigby from Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.  In contact with daughter's daughter-in-law.

JOLLY, Frank Samuel, Sigmn, D/JX 246779.  Aged 29 years, he left a widow in Shoeburyness, Essex.
Contacted by a Great Niece. Awaiting photograph.

JONES, Kenneth Harry, Sto. 1, D/KX 92328  Contacted by his nephew

JONES, Patrick Roy, Sto. 1, D/KX8988205. From Devon. Contact niece and other family in Australia.

JOPE, Norman Richard., D/MX66990, Supp.Asst. Age 24 years from Plymouth.  In contact with great-niece.

KAY, Donald William, Sto., D/KX112298. Aged 25 years from Denton, Lancashire. Contact: great nephew

KEAN, Carol Reuben, Boy Telegraphist D/JX 17017 Aged 17 years from Dalbeattie, known as Bunt. Contacted by his great-niece and great-nephew. The family do not have a photograph of him, so were pleased to find him on the photograph Galatea Boys Football Team

KELLY, Samuel, A.B., D/JX 191522, Aged 21 Son of Nicholas and Honora Kelly of Windsor.  In contact with a niece.

KENNEDY, Lewis Robert Edward, Lieutenant E.  Aged 25 years.  Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. C. W. Kennedy.  He left a widow Dorothy Betty Kennedy in Wye, Kent.

KERSWILL,  Alfred Sydney, Royal Marine, PLY/X100349. Aged 27 years from Plymouth.  In contact with his Great Nephew.

KIMBER, James, A.B., D/J103361. Called back to service from the reserve.  Had only been on Galatea for a couple of months having transferred from HMS Kandahar which was sunk by a mine a few days after HMS Galatea.  In contact with his Son.

LAWRENCE, George Edward, Royal Marine, Cpl, PLY/X 2826.  Aged 24 years, he left a widow Ruby. Contacted by the niece of his best man at his wedding.

LITCHFIELD, Frederick Albert, Sto.1, D/KX 113044.  He left a widow in Kidderminster.  Contacted by

LOBB, William Henry, Sto. 1,D/KX103667. Aged 26 from Plymouth. he left a widow: Violet.  In contact with distant relative.

LOVE, Robert Albert, Royal Marine Band, Musician, RMB/X 1006.. Aged 17 years from Bournemouth, Hampshire.  Affectionately known in the family as Bobbie.  In contact with his Sister Lena.

LOVELL, Dudley Hugh, Signalman, D/JX155923. Aged 19 from Cork, Republic of Ireland.  In contact with his nephew.

LUGTON, John, Ord Tel., D/JX212512. In contact with Great niece.

MARSHALL, John James Obrien, A.B., D/JX237994. Aged 21, from Dundee. Contact Grandson.

MARKS, William Gordon, Royal Marine, PLY/X3618 . From Newquay, Cornwall.  In contact with a researcher with the same surname.

MARTIN, Albert Fredrick James, Band Master in Royal Marine Band, 2RMB/702. Aged 38 years, he was from Datchet in Buckinghamshire and left a widow. Contact: great nephew.

MARTIN, William Matthew P.O. Cook (S), D/MX/50508  Aged 28 he left a widow. Contacted by his niece.

MATCHETT, Vivian, "Twinem", A.B., D/JX184764. From Hillsborough, Co Down, Northern Ireland, aged 20/21.  He was one of 12 siblings, was interested in pigeon racing.

MAYNARD, Herbert John, Musician, Royal Marine Band,  RMB/2862.  Aged 34 years, he left a widow, son aged 5 years and daughter 1 year living in Plymouth. Our contact is his Son Colin. Herbert joined as a boy musician aged 14 years 10 months in 1921.  He served on HMS Malborough, followed by HMS Valiant, HMS Tiger, HMS Kent,HMS Ramilies, HMS Effingham, HMS Royal Oak and finally HMS Galatea. He also boxed as a boy and as a senior for the Corp.  His son has a silver oar stamped HMS Kent 1933 presented to each member of the winning whalers crew..

McCALLISTER, William,Boy 1, C/JX 188549. Aged 17 years, from Nottingham. In contact with his niece.

McHERRIE, John, Sto.1., D/SKX38. Aged 21 years from Banbridge, Co.Down, N.Ireland. Contacted by a nephew.

McLAUGHLIN, Thomas, A.B., D/JX 144906.  Aged 20 years.  Son of Barney and Ruth McLaughlin of Limavady, Northern Ireland.  In contact with a Great Great Nephew.

MIDDLETON, John Leonard Horace A.B. C/JX150204 Aged 28 years. Son of Horace and Elizabeth Middleton of Enfield. In contact with his niece.

MILLER, Joseph, A.B. D/JX 184264 Aged 22 years from Glasgow. Contacted by his cousin.

MILLS, Sydney Norman, A.B., P/JX148904. Aged 20 years.  Son of Arthur and Clara Mills from York.  Contact Nephew.

MITCHELL, Wilfred Sinclair, A.B., D/JX 148928.  Joined the Navy as a very young man, serving on HMS Emerald, Hood and Rodney before joining the Galatea on her sea trials.  Contacted by his son who sent several photographs, including one of his father in the HMS Galatea band called the "Rhythm Racketeers" in which Wilfred played guitar.
Also contacted by the grand-daughter of his niece.  The family was from Bideford in Devon where the niece still resides.

MOODY, Richard Joseph, Sto.1, D/KX 113333. Aged 21 years, left a wife.  Contacted by his niece.

MOORE, Hamilton Johnston Leader, Marine, PLY/X 3263. From Belfast. In contact with son-in-law of Brother.

MORGAN, Ernest (Ralph), Ch. Sto., DK62331. Aged 37, left a wife Gwendoline and one son aged 4 years. He was from Barry in Glam. South Wales and joined the Navy at an early age. Ralph was stationed in Plymouth with his wife when his son Trevor was born in 1937. War came and incendiaries coming through the roof of their home in Devenport drove Gwen and Trevor back to South Wales. They were still there when the dreaded telegram arrived notifying them of Ralph's death. After Gwen's death in her effects a telegram was found dated and timed on the 14th Dec. shortly before midnight which Ralph Morgan sent to his wife and son wishing them a Happy Christmas. We don't know how long the 'gram took to reach them, but the ship must have been hit moments after it was sent?
In contact with Trevor and his wife in Alberta, Canada where they have been for the past 33 years.

MORGAN, Thomas Lewis, A.B., D/JX127239. Aged 32 years.  Contacted by a Grand-daughter and later by a Grandson..

MUIRHEAD, William, Sto. 2, D/KX118130. Aged 26 years from Bootle, Lancashire.   Contact Son and daughter-in-law.

MUSTOE, Desmond, P.O. Wireless Telegraphist, D/JX 138312. Contacted by his sister.

NEWTON, Leonard, Ord. Siglmn. P/JX258445 Aged 27 years from Whitworth, Lancashire. Contacted by a cousin.

NOLAN, William, Ord. Smn. D/JX254044. Aged 28 years, from Liverpool. Contacted by his nephew.

NORRIS, Ronald Frederick Lionel, Marine, PLY/X3730. Aged 19, he is commemorated on panel 59, column 3 of the Plymouth Naval Memorial on the Hoe overlooking the Sound.

O'NEILL, Dennis Stephen, A.B., D/SSx31956. Believed to have served in the wireless room. He was from Dublin, Republic of Ireland.  Contact: nephew.

ORCHARD, Albert Frederick Charles, Ord. Smn, D/JX253704. Aged 26 years from Ridge, near Wareham, Dorset, he left a wife Edith.   Contacted by a nephew.

ORCHARD, Kenneth Russell, Ord. Smn, D/JX206269, Aged 25 years, son of Dr. James Russell Orchard and Eleanor Hope Orchard from Bristol.  In contact with a nephew..

PALFREYMAN, Charles Sydney Ch.P.O. ERA3, D/MX54262. Believed to have served aboard her from her launch. In contact with a great nephew.

PARSONS, David J., A.B.,  R.N.V.R., D/MD/X2995. Aged 22 years from Wallasey, Cheshire. Contact: Great niece.

PEARCE, Claude Henry, E.R.A. 4, D/MX64418. Aged 23 from Truro, Cornwall. Contact friend of widow. Also contacted by Claude’s niece Sandra, who sent this photograph in 2020. His siblings were Eilean Rose, Harold Morgan, Katherine Madge and Eric Pearce
PEARCE, Harry Nicholas, Sto.1 D/KX 104144 from Plymouth.  Contacted by his nephew's wife on his behalf.

PEARCE, Norman Trevanion, E.R.A. 3, D/MX54210. Aged 28 from Flushing in Cornwall. We have been contacted by his daughter who was only 5 months old at the time of the sinking..

PILGRIM, Thomas Edward, A.B.  P/JX 203079.  Aged 24 from Belvedere, Kent. He had 2 sisters and a brother. His name is on the Portsmouth memorial.  Contacted by his nephew

PITMAN, James, A.B., D/JX217172. Aged 26 years from West Newton, Somerset. In contact with Great Niece.

PUGH, Richard, Sto. 1st Class D/KX95051. Aged 21 years. Son of Thomas & Catherine Pugh of Dowlais, Glam. He left a widow Emily also of Dowlais. Contacted by a Great Niece who has a sports/athletics medal of his from the ship.

PURCHASE, Reginald, Mechn. 1st Class, D/K 62203, Aged 40.  Son of Thomas and Mfanwy Purchase.  He left a wife Beatrice Purchase in Devonport.   In contact with husband of Granddaughter.

RADFORD, Ronald James, Leading Telegraphist, D/JX 152327.  Aged 21 years.  In contact with a niece.

RENFREW, Alexander, Ord. Smn. D/JX215017. Aged 21 years, from Glasgow.  In contact with a Great Niece.

REYNOLDS, William, aka "Billy", Signalman, P/SSX25066. From Birkdale, Lancashire.  Aged 21 according to the CWGC but 18 according to his friend Gordon Johnson). His parents were William and Lily Reynolds of Birkdale.  Gordon's story about his friendship is on Billy's page.

RICHARDS, Harold Francis, Sto. P.O., D/KX61858. Contact:  Great Grandson.

RICHARDS, Paul Henry, Ordinary Seaman C/JX181949. Aged 17 Years from Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial Panel 45 Column 1.  Contacted by a niece.
ROBERTS, Samual George, P.O. Cook, D/MX49456.  He is commemorated on panel 55 column 2 of the Plymouth Naval Memorial.  In contact with a cousin.

ROBINSON, Harry, Royal Marine, PLY/X100433. Aged 21 years from Darwen, Lancashire. In contact with nephew.

ROBINSON, James Totten, Ldr.Smn. D/J 106611.  Aged 35 years. Son of John and Bella Robinson. He left a widow Emily Jane Robinson in Portland, also a Son. We were contacted by his granddaughter who told us that her husband was also in the Navy and in the 1980's was stationed on the new Galatea.  Apparently it was the practice to lay a wreath where HMS Galatea went down on their way through the Med.

ROBINSON, John, Smn. R.N.R., D/5892D.  Aged 37 years, he left a widow  Contacted by his Grand-daughter.

ROGERS, William Lewis, "Billy", A.B. Signals, P/JX224055. From East Dereham, Norfolk, aged 25.  Was conscripted at the beginning of the war.  He left a wife, Amy, and son David aged 12 months.  He was educated  at the Paston School, North Walsham.  He was interested in cricket and football.  Billy was my uncle.

ROOTH, Edwin, A.B., D/SSX 26731. Aged 20 years.  Son of William and Elizabeth Roth.  Contacted by a niece.

ROWARTH, Ronald Ralph, Telegraphist, D/JX162699. Aged 18 years from Cheshire.  WOULD HIS NEPHEW HOWARD WHO CONTACTED US BACK IN 2006 PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AGAIN..

SAIT, Cuthbert Eric, Ch. P.O. Steward, P/L 12818. Contact: Granddaughter.

SANDFORD, Walter, a.k.a. 'Snowy' because of his blond hair, Sto. 1, D/KX113340. From Blackburn.  He had recently married Lilian on a weekend leave.  She always thought that he would come back as the telegram had said 'presumed dead'.  However, in 1945 she married again and 8 years later had a daughter, who contacted us with their story.

SCHOLES. John, Musician Royal Marine Band, RMB/X569 Aged 22 years. Son of Thomas May Scholes and Jane Scholes of North Harrow, Middlesex. He is remembered in St. Mathews Churchyard, Little Lever, Bolton.  Contacted by a volunteer for the IWM memorial website.

SCILLEY, William James, Chief Engine Room Artificer, D/MX 56707. Aged 51 years. Son of Henry George and Mary Jane Scilley; husband of Sophia Scilley, of Peverell, Plymouth. Contacted by his great-grandson  who provided the photograph.

SCOTT, Eric, A/Ord. Art.4, C/MX 53226. From Gillingham, Kent.  In contact with his nephew.

SEAGROATT, John Thomas, A.B., C/JX126523. Aged 31 years.  Contacted by a nephew. There is a one-name study of the name Seagroatt on the internet where relatives can get in touch with each other..

SEAMARKS, William George, Mech. 2, D/KX84870.  Aged 26 years.  In contact with Nigel Seamarks, Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.

SEDDON, Kenneth, Boy 1st Class, D/JX180666. Aged 17, from Crescent Road, Bolton, Lancashire, Contacts: a great nephew and a step-brother.

SEVIOUR, Douglas Henry, Sto.1, D/KX111627. From Mells in Somerset.  Contact: a nephew

SEXBERY, Desmond Walter, Ord. Smn., C/JX181923.  From Norwich.  He left a brother Ken and three sisters, Rosemary, Molly and Audrey.  Contacted by brother Ken who also supplied the photograph of Desmond.

SHERLOCK, John James Bruce, Wrtr., D/MX69177.  Aged 25 years.  He left a wife Phyllis Marion of Acton, Middlesex.  In contact with distant cousin.

SHUTTLEWORTH, William, Petty Officer, D/JX130557.  He left a daughter, in contact with her daughter-in-law.

SIDDELL, Edward, Royal Marine, PLY/X 694.  In contact with his Granddaughter who sent this photograph of his passing out parade around 1924. He did his training at Lympston barracks in Devon.  Edward is pictured on the third row from the front and is third from the left

SILVERWOOD, John, E.R.A. 5, D/MX74211. Aged 20 years, from Burley, Lancs.  Contact cousin and a niece. There are 3 surviving brothers Raymond, Marshall & Douglas, one of whom we are now in contact with.

SIMCOCK, James William, Sto. 1, C/KX96631.  Aged 21 years from Sandbach Cheshire.  Contact: nephew.

SMITH, Cyril John, Telegraphist D/KX 104400 Royal Navy Volunteer (Wireless) Reserve. Aged 23 years from Kingsthorpe, Northampton. Contacted by his Nephew who told us that Cyril worked for the BBC at Daventry Empire Radio Transmitter before the War and was also a keen radio amateur. He had previously served on HMS Capetown, HMS Nile and HMT Morroto before joining HMS Galatea in 1941. He is also remembered on a Roll of Honour at Broadcasting House in London, which was unveiled in 1948 with a service of remembrance.

SMITH, John Thomas, Royal Marines, Cpl., PLY/X1635. Aged 22 years. Contact: Son.

STANYON, Leslie Lawton, He preferred to be called Bob Stayon, Sto. P.O.,, D/KX83357. Aged 33. In contact with great niece.

STREET, Harry, A.B., D/SSX26649. Aged 22 years.  Left a widow: Christina and Son:Jack  Contact: Nephew.

STRUTHERS, Arnold, Sto. 1 D/KX 88702. Aged 23 years, left a widow Mary Ann Golightly from Tyne Dock, Co.Durham.  Contacted by his Great Niece who was helping her son with a school project.

SUMMERS, James Stephen, A.B., D/SSX 16877 Aged 27 years from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.  Contacted by his niece in Holland

SURKITT, Trevor, A.B., D/JX154609. From Cambridge, age 19, in contact with Malcolm Surkitt and a daughter of Trevor's cousin

SYKES, Alfred Edward, A.B., D/SSX 29970.  Aged 20 years from Chadderton in Lancashire.  Contacted by his nephew.

SYMONS,  John Henry, Leading Wireman, D/MX62466. Aged 21 years from Cheswardine, Shropshire.  In contact with nephew.
TAIT, Robert William, Royal Marine, PLY/X2204. Aged 21 years, from Edinburgh.  Contact:  nephew.

TALBOT, Frank Avery, Warrant Engineer R.N. Aged 32 years  contact: Granddaughter

TAYLOR, Ernest John, Mech.1st Class D/KX82250. Aged 28 years, Son of Charles Edward and Mary Ann Taylor of Folkestone.  In contact with his niece.

TAYLOR, Leonard, Petty Officer DJX 129819 Aged 29 years.  He left a wife Thelma of Peverall, Plymouth.  Contacted by wife of his Great Nephew and later by his Great Niece.

THOMAS, William, Chief Engine Room Artificer, D/MX53003. Age 29 from Penryn, Cornwall. DOB 07.10.1912 Did apprenticeship with Silley Cox & Co., The Docks, Falmouth 1928-33. Joined RN 1936. Married Roma Trethewey at Plymouth Dec. 1940, no children, contact nephew.

THOMPSON, Arthur Edward, A.B., D/JX184898. Aged 22 years from High Clarence, Co. Durham.  Contacted by his nephew.

THOMPSON, Robert Forsyth, A.B., D/SSX17232. Aged 24 years from Bellshill, Lanarkshire.  In contact with two great-nieces.

THOMPSON, Thomas Francis, Sto. 1, D/KX 108206. Aged 21 years

TOMS, Joseph William, A.B. D/SSX17063. Aged 23 years from Truro, Cornwall. He left a widow: Ruby. He is remembered by a person researching their local church war memorial in Devoran, Cornwall.

TROUGHTON, Robert Walter, Signalman. D/JX 211616.  Son of Walter and Ellen Elizabeth Troughton.  He left a widow Elsie Wilhelmena in Banstead, Surrey.  We were contacted by a school in Epsom that were doing some research into their "Old Boys" that were killed in WW2.

TUFTS, Clifford James, Petty Officer D/J 107649. Aged 33 years from Southery, Norfolk. He left a widow Constance Mary. Contacted by his niece.

WAKEFIELD-SMITH, Charles,Royal Marine,PLY/X3308. Aged 22 years from Wandsworth, London.  He left a widow Ella.  In contact with Nephew.

WALL, Lionel Hugh, Ord. Smn., P/JX 253338, Aged 27 years from Weston Supermare. He left a wife Gwendoline.   In contact with his Son in Canada.

WALTERS, Edwin Luke, Sto. 1. D/KX11898. Aged 21 years, from Droitwich.  Contact local history researcher.
Also contacted by his Great Nephew.

WALTHEN, Albert Edward, Cpl. PLY/X99 Royal Marines. Aged 30 years of Stoke, Devonport.  He left a widow Majorie.
We have been contacted by his Grandson.

WALTON, William Henry, Ldg. Sto, D/KX84374. He was 28 at the time of his death and married to Alice, he was the son of James & Bertha Walton of Higher Openshawe, Lancashire. In contact with his nephew.

WELLS, Roy Gordon, Ord. Smn., C/JX230230. Aged 26 years from Newfoundland. Contact great-nephew.

WHITLOW, Thomas, Engine Room Artificer 4th class,  D/MX 61565 from Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire.    Contacted by his great nephew.

WICKS, George Alfred, A.B., P/JX151473. Aged 20 years. He boxed for the Navy under the name of Buddy Wicks.  His sister thinks he is possibly on the 'Galatea Crew in Alexandria' photograph, "the one on the right with arms folded"  Contact: Niece.

WILLIAMS, Albert John, Eng. Room Artificer 4th Class, D/MX157887. Aged 22 from Caerphilly.  Heard from his niece in Australia but she did not leave a contact address.

WILLIAMS, Henry (Harry), Telegraphist, D/SSX28272. Aged 20, son of Henry and Evelyn Williams, Ancoats, Manchester.  In contact with nephew.

WILSON, Arthur Grosvenor, A.Ldg.Smn, D/SSX166596. In contact with his son who was 3 months old at the time the ship sank.  He has sent copies of photographs of Galatea in the ports of Alexandria, Haifa, Limassol and Silema Creek in Malta and several others of the members of the ship's company; these can be found in the Gallery.  Also contacted by his nephew; we were able to put him in touch with his long-lost cousin. For further information about his life please see

WILSON, Herbert, P.O. Sto. D/KX 80034.  Aged 31 years.  He left a widow.  He is remembered on Panel 52 Column 1 of the Plymouth Naval Memorial.  Contacted by his Grandson, son of Herbert's youngest daughter.

WILTSHIRE, Arthur Frederick, Sy Ch. P.O., D/M39186. Aged 34 from Devon.  Left a wife in Ivybridge, Devon.  Contact: Niece and later also his Grandson.

WORRALL, Herbert, A.B., D/JX192852. Aged 22 years from Tyldesley, Lancs.
He was transferred to Galatea from his usual ship HMS Devonshire because of fog delaying personnel.  In contact with cousin, who ascertained this information from Herbert's girlfriend of the time..

YENDLE, William James, A.B., D/JX156766. Aged 20 years from Falmouth, Cornwall. 
Contacted by deputy editor of The Packet Group of Newspapers who was writing an article about the concern of the sisters of A.B. Yendle about a local memorial garden where they place poppies every year.

Continues with information about Survivors.